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重庆妇科医院那家比较好重庆急性乳腺炎Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped working out? A new study on identical twins published in thlt; journal Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise explores exactly that, and the results are dramatic.想知道停止锻炼后会发生什么吗?一项由《每日医学》,《体育科学》和《运动探秘》共同公布的研究表明,双胞胎们在测试后发生了戏剧性的变化。In the study, Finnish researchers looked at 10 pairs of identical twin men. Each set of twins was in the ir mid-30s, and each had been brought up in the same household. Since they were identical, they also shar ed the same DNA. The only difference was that though they had maintained the same level of physical act ity for most of their lives, one twin had cut way back on exercising in the past few years due to work or family pressure; on average, the active twin worked out at least twice a week, while the less active twi n exercised less than twice a week. The research team put each twin through a host of medical tests to ge t a sense of their overall health.茌研究中,芬兰研究人员选择了10对同卵双胞胎。每对双胞胎都是30多岁,每对双胞胎的日常起居都泪同。当然,因为是同卵,所以他们也拥有完全相同的DNA。仅有的不同是,虽然他们在大多数时候进行相同等级的锻炼 ,但其中一个双胞胎在过去几年里因工作和家庭压力削减了运动;平均来说,常运动的双胞胎每周至少运动两次.同时,少运动的双胞胎每周运动不到两次。研究团队对每名双胞胎都进行了多项药理检查,以获得他们全部的健康状况。The results revealed big differences between each twin. While the more active twins had lower body fat percentage (20.7 versus 24), better endurance levels, and normal insulin sensitivity, the sedentary twins had about seven more pounds of body fat, worse endurance, and insulin sensitivity that showed signs of early metabolic disease. Not only were their bodies different; their brains diverged as well. The athletic twins had more gray matter (the information processing part of the brain), particularly in areas that controlled balance and motor function.结果揭露了每对双胞胎之间巨大的差异。常运动的双胞胎拥有更低的体脂肪率(20.7:24),更好的耐力,和正常的胰岛素敏感度,少运动的双胞胎脂肪多出7磅多,耐力差,胰岛素敏感度更显示出早期代谢病的症状。不仅身体状况不同,他们的大脑也出现差异。运动双胞胎拥有更多脑灰质(大脑中负责信息处理的部分),尤其是负责平衡和运动功能的部分。The study was small, but the takeaway is clear: Quitting your fitness routine can trigger body and brain changes that mess with your cardio fitness and strength and set you up for chronic conditions such as di abetes, says Jordan Metzl, M.D., sports medicine physician and author of The Exercise Cure. (Metzl was no t part of the study.) And considering that the less active twins in the study had only recently become co uch potatoes, these changes can sneak up on you a lot sooner than you#39;d think. ;Muscles begin to atrophgt; after just a few days of being sedentary,; says Metzl. ;Organ damage and changes in overall functioning w ill follow.;运动医学专家和运动治疗机构负责人乔丹吉米麦特奏(他并没有参与这项研究)说,这个研究规模较小,但结论却很淸晰:退出健身计划会触发身体和大脑的改变,弱化心肺的功能,还会导致一些慢性病,比如糖尿病。考虑到少运动双胞胎只在最近才变得懒散,这些改变可能比你想象得更早已发生在你身上。” “缺乏运动只要几天就会导致肌肉萎缩,”吉米麦特奏说,“而器官总体功苜獅员伤与改变随后就会开始。” /201503/365848重庆三峡中心医院取环需要多少钱 Recently, a friend showed me her mobile phone, with a despairing sigh. The screen was a mosaic of photos of a goggle-eyed baby, taken from every conceivable angle, sometimes holding chirpy, handwritten messages. “It’s overwhelming my inbox!” she muttered, explaining that four months earlier she had become a grandmother to the infant, who lived in a different city. A decade ago, that would have meant she only saw the baby every month — say, over a holiday meal.最近,一位朋友带着一声绝望的叹息,把她的手机给我看。屏幕上是一个睁大眼睛的婴儿各个角度照片的拼接图,有的照片还附带了快活的手写信息。“这塞满了我的收件箱!”她嘟囔着,解释说屏幕上是她那4个月前刚出生的孙子。孩子和父母在另一个城市生活。若是换到10年前,她只能一个月见到孩子一次,比如在节日聚餐的时候。But not in 2015. In the past month, the doting parents have taken to dispatching baby photos to all their friends and family on a daily basis. And now — to her utter bewilderment — my friend has been asked to send text messages to the infant. The idea is that these “texts” can be posted online to show that the grandparents are constantly thinking about their new grandson, and thus enable the family to “connect”. “It’s crazy,” she giggled, explaining that she didn’t want to cause offence but could not quite bring herself to send texts to a four-month-old. “What do I do?”但在2015年,情况不同了。上个月,宠爱孩子的父母开始每天向所有的朋友和家人发送孩子的照片。而现在,让我的朋友非常迷惑的是,他们要求我的朋友给孩子发文字消息。这其中的想法是,这些“文字”能够公布到网上,以彰显祖父母时刻在思念着他们刚出世的孙子,从而让整个家庭“联系起来”。“这太疯狂了,”她咯咯直笑,解释说她不想惹恼家人,但她真的没办法给一个4个月大的婴儿发送文字消息。“我该怎么办呢?”It is a peculiarly 21st-century dilemma. As linguists and anthropologists know well, the way that human families define themselves and communicate with each other has changed numerous times over the millennia. But the past decade has produced a shift in the pattern of family communications that is more speedy and intense than anything seen before.这是一个21世纪特有的窘境。语言学家和人类学家非常了解,千年以来,人类家庭诠释自身以及成员间互相沟通的方式发生了无数次改变。但在过去十年,家庭沟通方式发生的转变比以往任何一次都要迅速和剧烈。Never mind the fact that the internet has suddenly linked the entire globe; social media and mobile phones have enabled us all to disappear into cyber space, colliding and connecting — however we choose. That is not just reshaping work but altering domestic space, creating new forms of cyber family traditions, even during the holidays.不必担心如下事实:互联网在突然之间将全球连接在一起;社交媒体和手机让所有人消失在网络空间之中,发生不受我们自身控制的相互碰撞和连接。这不仅重塑了我们的工作环境,也改变了我们的家庭空间,创造出新形式的网络家庭传统,甚至是节日传统。For many people, this shift seems frightening. Last month, for example, Newmarket Holidays, one of the UK’s largest tour operators, conducted a survey of grandparents that showed that more than three-quarters thought that their relationship with their grandchildren was different from the relationship they had with their own grandparents — and that more than half feel that the difficulty in sharing Christmas traditions is due to computer games taking the attention of their grandchildren. Another third blamed mobile phones and TV for distracting the kids and undermining the type of traditional Christmas activities that the grandparents thought were crucial to maintain family ties (such as talking, playing board games or singing songs).对很多人来说,这种转变似乎很可怕。比如,英国最大的旅行社之一Newmarket Holidays上个月对祖父母进行了一项调查。结果显示,超过四分之三的受调查者认为他们与孙辈的关系不同于他们和自己的祖父母的关系,超过一半的受调查者感到与孩子分享圣诞节传统存在困难,原因是电脑游戏占据了孙辈们的注意力。另有三分之一的受调查者指责手机和电视让孩子分心,削弱了他们认为对维系家庭关系起关键作用的圣诞节传统活动(比如聊天、玩棋盘游戏或者唱歌)。Other surveys in the US reflect this concern. Between half and two-thirds of adults today say that children are too obsessed with social media, and fear that the rapid proliferation of electronic gadgets is creating a more individualistic, alienated society. It is little wonder, then, that one of the fastest-growing categories of self-help books is the one which tells people how to maintain social connections — and quality family time — in the face of this digital onslaught. No doubt some of those books have been handed around as Christmas presents (along with a vastly bigger mountain of electronic gadgets).美国的一些其他调查也反映了这种忧虑。现在有一半到三分之二的成年人认为儿童对社交媒体过于沉迷,他们担心电子玩意儿的迅速普及正在造就一个人们更强调个性、彼此更疏远的社会。所以,这也难怪增长最快的一类自助图书,是教人们如何在这种数字攻势下维持社会关系、保和家人一起度过宝贵时光的书。毫无疑问,一些人将这种书作为圣诞礼物(与大得多的一堆电子器件一起)送给家人朋友。But while it is easy for parents (like me) to worry that iPads, iPhones and Instagram are undermining the family, it is not always that simple. As Danah Boyd, a digital anthropologist, points out, our cyber behaviour needs to be viewed in a much bigger social context. Take the oft-cited concern that electronic media are separating children from their parents (or grandparents). To a casual observer, this might seem self-evident, given how much time children tend to spend online, roaming cyber space or chatting with friends.但是,尽管父母们(比如我)很容易担忧iPad、iPhone和Instagram正在削弱家庭关系,可事情并不总是那么简单。数字人类学家丹纳#8226;伊德(Danah Boyd)指出,我们在网络上的行为需要放到一个大得多的社会背景下进行理解。一个常被提及的忧虑是,电子媒体正使孩子与他们的父母(或者祖父母)的关系更为疏远。以此为例,对一般的观察者来说,考虑到孩子们在网络漫游或者与朋友聊天等在线活动上花了多少时间,这一点似乎是不言而喻的。But, as Boyd points out, what children are doing online today is simply an extension of what they used to do in the real world. In the past, kids often wandered the streets (or woods and fields) with relative freedom, and used that time to explore boundaries and congregate with friends. But now that this has been curtailed by protective parents, children are roaming in cyber space instead. While Twitter or Instagram might be new, what is not new is the idea that teens want to escape — even at Christmas.但是,就如伊德指出的,今天的孩子们在网络上做的事情不过是过去他们在真实世界里做的事情的延伸。过去,孩子们经常相对自由地在街道上(或者树林和田野中)漫游,并且花时间探索边界,与朋友们聚在一起。但现在,想保护孩子的父母限制了这些活动,因此孩子们转而在网络空间中漫游。尽管Twitter或者Instagram或许是新事物,但青少年哪怕是在圣诞节的时候都想要逃离,这种想法却并不是新鲜事。Similarly, while the rise of social media might undermine the type of family traditions that grandparents say they love, it is also creating new links. Parents today can monitor what teenagers are saying to each other far more closely than before. Kids can talk — or Skype or FaceTime — with their relatives all over the world on Christmas Day. Family news or holiday snaps can be shared on social media platforms.类似的,尽管社交媒体的兴起或许削弱了祖父母喜爱的一些家庭传统,但同时也创造了新的关联。当今的父母们可以更严密地监控青少年谈话的内容。孩子们可以通过Skype或者Facetime在圣诞节这天与世界各地的亲人聊天。家庭新闻或者节日照片能够在社交媒体平台上分享。Then there is the innovation of sending “texts” to babies. To some people (such as my friend) that might sound bizarre; to others (like my friends’ children) it seems normal. Either way, the key point is this: in today’s cyber world we have extraordinary freedom to reshape our family web as we choose. And that is rather an inspiring development to consider — particularly as another holiday season draws to a close. 6还有关于给婴儿发送“文字”的新颖做法。对一些人(比如我的朋友)来说,这听上去可能很怪异,但对另一些人(比如我朋友的子女)来说,这或许很正常。不管怎样,关键点是在今天的网络世界里,我们有很大的自由,按照自己的心意重塑家庭网络。这是一种值得我们思考的、令人相当鼓舞的新情况,尤其是在下一个节假日到来之前。 /201501/354732重庆三峡中心医院首页

重庆市妇幼保健院妇科Resigns over sexist remark性别言论引起热议The English scientist and Nobel laureate Tim Hunt, who sparked criticism after saying women in laboratories ;fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry;, has resigned from his position at UCL university.实验室的女人们;会爱上你,而当你批评她们的时候,她们又会哭泣;——英国科学家、诺贝尔奖得主蒂姆·亨特这一番关于女性的言论激起了广泛谴责,他本人也因此从伦敦大学学院辞职。Hunt made his inflammatory, sexist remarks at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea.亨特在韩国参加世界科学记者大会时发表了这些具有性别歧视倾向的刺激性言论。Reaction to his resignation on social media was mixed.社交媒体上对于他辞职的反应不一。Many people praised UCL for standing by its principles; however some questioned whether the outcome was a curb on free speech.许多人称赞伦敦大学学院能够坚持自己的原则,但也有人质疑这一结果是否限制了言论自由。 /201506/380420重庆哪家医院治疗霉菌阴道炎最好 重庆新桥医院妇产中心

长寿江津区产科生孩子哪家医院最好的Tremendous progress has been made in treating heart disease, but it is still the biggest killer of Americans, accounting for one in seven deaths. Here are answers to some common questions about the symptoms and treatment of heart attacks and narrowed aortic valves.在治疗心脏疾病方面,人们已经取得了长足的进展,不过它仍然是美国最大的死亡原因,大约每七个死亡病例中,就有一人是死于心脏病。以下是关于心肌梗塞和主动脉瓣狭窄的症状及疗法的一些常见问题和解答。How do you know if you are having a heart attack?如何判断自己会不会患心肌梗塞?Most people feel pain, pressure or squeezing in their chest. What doctors call the Hollywood heart attack — a person suddenly clutches his or her chest and falls to the ground — is unusual. In addition to or instead of chest pain, about a third of people have symptoms that include abdominal pain, heavy sweating, back pain, neck pain, nausea and vomiting. Many people mistakenly dismiss such symptoms, said Dr. Mary Norine Walsh, the vice president of the American College of Cardiology.很多人感到疼痛、压力、胸闷,不过医生们称作“好莱坞心梗”的症状——也就是一个人突然抓住胸口,颓然倒地——并不常见。大约有三分之一的人除了胸口疼之外,还会有腹痛、严重出汗、背痛、颈痛、恶心、呕吐等症状,或者只有上述症状而并无胸口疼。许多人会错误地忽视这些症状,美国心脏病学会(American College of Cardiolog)副会长玛丽·诺林·沃尔什(Mary Norine Walsh)说。How can you decide if symptoms other than chest pain are actually from a heart attack?该如何断定胸口疼之外的这些症状,实际上来源于心梗呢?If your symptoms come on suddenly, or if they worsen over a period of hours or days, you should assume they are caused by a heart attack and go to an emergency room.如果症状突如其来,或者在几小时或几天的时间里加剧,就应该认为它们是由心梗诱发的,应当去急诊室求医。Do women have different symptoms than men?女性的症状会与男性不同吗?Probably not, but women are more likely to delay seeking help and doctors are more likely to dismiss their symptoms. That is especially true if the woman is younger, Dr. Walsh said. Women tend to on average have heart attacks about 10 years later than men, so doctors may dismiss worrisome symptoms in middle-aged women.可能不会,不过女性推迟求助,以及医生对她们的症状不予理会的可能性都更高。沃尔什表示,如果女性更年轻一些尤其如此。女性患心梗的时间往往比男性平均晚大约10年,因此医生可能会对中年女性的一些令人担忧的症状不予考虑。What should you do if you are having heart attack symptoms?如果有心梗症状应该怎么办?Call 911 for an ambulance to take you to the emergency room immediately. Do not try to drive yourself or have a friend or family member drive you. Paramedics can take an electrocardiogram on the way to the hospital that shows if you are having a heart attack and transmit it to the hospital. So as soon as you arrive, the medical staff is prepared and waiting. The paramedics can also administer oxygen and medications to ease your pain before you reach the hospital. And an ambulance is less likely to get stuck in traffic.打急救电话,请对方立即派救护车接你去急诊室。不要试图自己开车,或是让朋友或家人开车送你去。急救护理人员可以在去医院的路上给你拍心电图,并将其传给医院。心电图能显示你是不是心梗发作了。因此,你一到医院,医务人员就已经准备就绪,在等候了。急救护理人员还能在你到达医院之前,给你输氧并提供缓解疼痛的药物。同时,救护车堵车的可能性也更小。How can you find out if your local hospital is able to treat heart attacks quickly?怎么能知道当地的医院是否有能力快速治疗心肌梗塞?Time is of the essence when you are having a heart attack, and while most hospitals today are much quicker than they were a decade ago, some are faster than others. Often, paramedics know which hospital is best and will take you there. You don’t want to waste time fighting with paramedics when you are having a heart attack. “I have had patients drive three hours to come to my hospital when they were in the middle of a heart attack because they thought they needed to come to a big medical center,” Dr. Walsh sayid. “If paramedics say, ‘We’ll get you to this hospital,’ go,” she added.心梗发作时,时间至关重要。尽管现在大部分医院的行动都比十年前更迅速了,但其中一些还是比其他的更胜一筹。通常,急救护理人员知道哪家医院最好,并会把你送到那里去。心梗发作时,你是不希望把时间浪费在和急救护理人员斗争上的。“我有病人心梗发作了还自己驱车三小时来我所在的医院,因为他们认为自己需要来大型医疗中心,”沃尔仕说。“如果急救护理人员说,‘我们会送你去这家医院,’那就去吧,”她接着说。There is no national registry you can consult to find out how long it takes the hospitals in your area to open a blocked coronary artery with a balloon after your arrival at the emergency room. These statistics — known as door to balloon time — are generally measured by the hospital’s median time, which is the point at which half are opened faster, and half slower. If you want to know your hospital’s median door to balloon time, you will have to call each one and ask for it. If they do not provide it, you can ask if they take certain steps that speed treatment. Do paramedics transmit a patient’s electrocardiogram from the ambulance en route to the emergency room? Does the emergency room doctor the EKG and send out a single call to summon the cardiology team? Are the team members on call required to be within 30 minutes of the hospital?目前没有全国性的登记资料供你查询,以了解在到达急诊室后,你所在地区的医院要用多久才能替你打通被阻塞的冠状动脉。这些统计数据,即从入院到血管打通的时间,一般是用医院的中位数时间来衡量的。以这个时间为标准,一半比它快,一半比它慢。如果想知道你要去的医院的中位数时间,你得挨个打电话问。如果医院拒绝提供,你可以问问它们会不会采取某些加速治疗的措施。在去急诊室的路上,急救护理人员会从救护车上传输患者的心电图吗?急诊室的医生会读取心电图并用一个电话就叫来心脏病医疗团队吗?待命的团队成员会被要求在30分钟之内赶到医院吗?What are the symptoms of a severely narrowed aortic valve?主动脉瓣严重狭窄有什么症状?Cardiologists say there are three classic symptoms of this disease of aging: shortness of breath, a feeling of heaviness and pain in the chest, and fainting. Such symptoms are often mistakenly attributed the normal process of slowing down that comes with old age. Six months ago, an 85-year-old woman might have been driving a car and doing her own grocery shopping, said Dr. Michael Mack of Baylor Health Care System. Now she is doing none of those things. Her children notice but say: “Well, she’s 85. What do you expect?” If a doctor is consulted, he or she may chalk it up to anemia or a thyroid problem. Many older adults with severe aortic valve disease are never diagnosed, said Dr. Howard Herrmann of the University of Pennsylvania.心脏病医生表示,这种老年病有三种典型症状:呼吸急促、感到胸闷胸口疼、昏厥。这种症状往往会被错误地归咎于伴随衰老而来的正常的行动迟缓。六个月前,一个85岁的老太太可能还自己开车去采购食品杂货,拜勒医疗保健系统(Baylor Health Care System)的迈克尔·麦克(Michael Mack)说。现在,这些事情她一样都做不了。她的孩子注意到了,但会说:“毕竟她都85了,还能指望什么?”如果咨询医生,可能会把这归结于贫血或甲状腺问题。宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)的霍华德·赫尔曼(Howard Herrmann)说,很多患有严重的主动脉瓣疾病的老年人从未被诊断出来。How can a doctor know if symptoms are caused by a narrowed aortic valve?医生怎么知道症状是不是主动脉瓣狭窄造成的?The doctor can hear a heart murmur in the patient’s chest. An echocardiogram can reveal the narrowed artery and the extent of the damage.医生能听到患者的心脏杂音。超声心动图能显示动脉变窄,以及受损的程度。Should everyone with a severely narrowed artery have it replaced?所有主动脉瓣严重狭窄的人都应该更换主动脉瓣吗?Now that there is a procedure, transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR, that allows doctors to replace valves without doing open-heart surgery, high risk patients who would have been considered at too great a risk of dying from open-heart surgery have a chance to have a valve replacement. But, Dr. Herrmann cautioned, some patients are still too frail to benefit or have another disease like cancer or dementia that limits life expectancy.有一种手术叫经导管主动脉瓣置换术(transcatheter aortic valve replacement,简称TAVR),能让医生不做开胸手术就置换掉瓣膜。这样,被认为可能死于开胸手术的高危患者,就有换瓣膜的机会了。但赫尔曼告诫,一些患者还是会因为太过虚弱,而无法从这种手术中获益,也可能同时患有癌症或失智等其他缩短预期寿命的疾病。 /201506/383084 重庆新桥医院妇科重庆人流手术大概要多少钱



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