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重庆药流打孩子需要多少钱重庆爱德华盆腔炎多少钱北碚输卵管照影价钱 £250,000 gold coin found in child#39;s pirate treasure collection熊孩子玩具箱内发现价值25万英镑金币An 18th-century gold coin worth up to £250,000 has been discovered in a child#39;s pirate treasure collection.在一个熊孩子的海盗宝藏玩具箱内,发现了一枚价值25万英镑18世纪的金币。The anonymous owner had been given the rare Queen Anne Vigo five guinea piece as a youngster by his grandfather.据这位匿名的金币主人回忆,这枚稀有的安妮女王维戈五基尼金币是祖父在他小时候给他的。With no idea of its value he kept it in his toy box for pirate games, until it was packed away and forgotten about.当时,他对金币的价值一无所知,直接把它放到了自己海盗游戏的玩具箱中。后来,这个箱子被打包放起来,渐渐遗忘。But when his grandad died, he rediscovered the coin and gave it to his own son to play with – before experts told him it was one of 20 made of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships in Vigo Bay, Spain, in 1702.但祖父去世后,他重新发现了这枚金币,并把它给自己的儿子玩——直到专家告诉他,这枚金币是由英国1702年10月23日在西班牙北部维哥湾从西班牙财宝船上得到的20枚中的一枚。The man said: ;My grandad travelled all over the world during his working life and collected many coins from the various countries he had been to.这位先生说:“我祖父年轻时因为工作走遍了世界各地,他从他到过的国家也收集很多硬币。”He gave me bags of coins to play with throughout my early years because I was into pirate treasure.“我小时候很喜欢海盗宝藏,于是,他就给我一包硬币拿来玩。”;As time passed, these coins went back into bags and boxes and were forgotten about, until I rediscovered them after my grandad passed away.“但随着时间的推移,这些放在袋子和盒子中的硬币渐渐被遗忘,直到祖父去世后我才重新发现它们。”;I looked back through the coins , remembering the stories I made up about them when I was small, and then gave them to my own son to play with and put into his own treasure box. My little boy has been playing with this coin as I did all those years ago.;“这些硬币让我回想起小时候给它们编的故事。后来,我把它们给我儿子玩,并放进了他的玩具箱。我儿子一直喜欢玩这些硬币,跟我小时候一模一样。”The man, of Bishop#39;s Stortford, Essex, eventually took it to experts after suspecting it might be worth something.这位来自英国埃塞克斯的先生后来觉得这枚金币可能价值不菲,就拿去给专家鉴定。Gregory Tong of Boningtons auctioneers, in Chelmsford, instantly recognised its value as one of fewer than 15 known examples.本宁顿拍卖行的拍卖商Gregory Tong一眼就认出来它的价值——目前存世量还不到15枚。It is expected to fetch up to £250,000 at auction next month.这枚金币下个月将通过拍卖行以25万英镑的价格出售。The coins, made out of treasure captured by the British fleet, were struck in 1703 as part of a propaganda campaign to detract attention from the British failure at Cadiz the previous year.这些金币是用英国船舰截获的宝藏在1703年为了宣传纪念而制。主要是为了分散1702年英国在西班牙加的斯遭遇失败事件的注意力。The treasure was delivered through London and received at the Royal Mint by then Master of the Mint, Sir Isaac Newton.当年截获的宝藏被送往伦敦,由皇家铸币局的主人艾萨克·牛顿爵士所收,最后制成这些金币。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201611/476626Former Fat-Shaming Bully Apologizes on Reddit After Gaining Over 100 Pounds Himself嘲笑胖子的人,自己却变成了胖子Sadly, body shamers are everywhere. In the last few weeks alone, trolls called photos of Simone Biles in a swimsuit ;ugly; and ;gross,; Amy Schumer#39;s social feeds were filled with hateful comments after she was cast in an upcoming Barbie movie, and Lena Dunham felt the need to defend her un-Photoshopped Glamour cover.爱嘲笑别人身材的人,哪里都有。几周前,还有人发帖骂体操女将Simone Biles的泳装照又丑又恶心。微胖女星Amy Schumer宣布出演真人芭比电影的消息后,她的社交主页也骂声一片。莉娜·杜汉姆因自己未PS的Glamour杂志封面照片备受争议,还决定出来说点什么。Now, at least one body-shaming bully is trying to make amends with the people he used to harass. On Tuesday, Reddit user roundrobinator posted to the weight loss subreddit LoseIt an ;Open Letter of Apology.; ;I am the one who was giving you dirty looks in the grocery store. I am the one who rolled their eyes at you in the restaurant. ; he says at the beginning of his screed. Later, he reveals what caused his change of heart: After a lifetime of being thin, he ruptured his Achilles#39; tendon and gained 119 pounds, and became the butt of the same types of jokes and insensitive comments he used to dish out. He wrote the apology letter shortly after a random passerby made pig-snorting noises at him.不过令人欣慰的是,有个曾经嘲笑过别人身材的人,最近试图站出来对他伤害过的人道歉。上周二,Reddit上一位叫roundrobinator的网友在“减肥”专栏发了篇“公开道歉信。”“我是曾在商店对你们投过鄙视眼神的人;我也是在饭店对你们翻白眼的人。”他在长文的开头这么说。随后,他分享了自己改变想法的心路历程:自己之前一直都很瘦,后来跟腱撕裂养伤期间,胖了119磅,切身体会了被人嘲笑肥胖的体验。在陌生路人对他开玩笑,发出猪哼哼的声音后不久,他觉得是时候写这封道歉信了。;[I hoped] that someone like me who#39;s never been big and tended to judge those who are would this and just go out into the world with somewhat of a different perspective the next day,; roundrobinator told Health via Reddit. (He declined to provide his real name.) He also said he wants to be a more body-positive role model for his daughter.“我希望那些像我之前一样的瘦人和那些喜欢以貌取人的人,看到此文后能有所改变,”roundobinator(他拒绝提供真名)通过Rediit告诉Health网站。他说自己也想以身作则,给女儿树立一个身体自信的正能量形象。The letter received an outpouring of positive comments—more than the anonymous writer says he ever could have imagined. He says other Reddit users have offered him health advice books they#39;ve written, complimentary consulting services, and simply words of support on his journey to reclaim his own health.这封信获得的如潮——原作者也没想到会是这个结果。他说Reddit网友中,有人给他提供自己写的有关健康建议的书,有人提供免费咨询务,还有人鼓励他重拾健康。Regardless of the author#39;s motives, he concludes his apology with a message we wish we saw more often: ;I know now that you are so much more than your weight.;无论道歉信作者的初衷是什么,他在结尾说的话,也是我们希望更多人能明白的:“你本人比你的身材重要的多。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/489110重庆市妇幼保健院不孕不育费用

沙坪坝市不育不孕哪家医院好万州输卵管造影 医院 Half of fathers want less stressful job to help more with child-rearing一半的父亲都希望减轻工作压力,从而有更多的时间带孩子More than half of millennial fathers want to be demoted into a less stressful job in order to be better fathers, according to a report released on Monday. As experts warn of a “fatherhood penalty” for men who want to be more involved in the upbringing of their children, 53% of millennial fathers told researchers they wanted to move to a less stressful job, while 48% would take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.星期一发布的一项报告表明:一半多的千禧一代父亲都希望自己被降职到压力更小的岗位,以成为更好的父亲。专家警告:对于想要更多参与到孩子教育中去的男性而言,有一种“父亲惩罚”,但53%的千禧一代父亲都告诉研究员,说他们想要调到压力更小的职位,48%的父亲愿意减少薪资,以更好的平衡生活和工作。One-fifth of fathers said their employer was unsympathetic about childcare, expecting no disruption to work, while 44% had lied to their employer about family-related responsibilities that “get in the way” of work.五分之一的父亲说他们的老板都对看孩子没有兴趣,仍期待他的员工不停歇的工作,而44%的父亲不得不就“打断”工作的家庭责任问题对他们的老板说谎。The 2017 Modern Families Index, published on Monday, found that while nearly half of working fathers (47%) want to downshift to a less stressful job because they cannot balance the demands of work and family life, and just over a third would be willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance, those figures increase for younger fathers – indicating a seismic change in workforce mentality.周一发表的2017年登家庭指数发现:虽然近一半的上班族父亲(47%)由于无法平衡工作需求和家庭生活而想要降职到压力更小的工作岗位,而三分之一以上的父亲愿意减少薪资以更好的平衡生活和工作,但这些增加的人数都是年轻父亲——这就表明劳动力心态发生了天翻地覆的变化。Among the 2,750 parents across the UK who contributed to the Modern Families Index, men were twice as likely as women to think that flexible working would have a negative impact on their career. Experts warn that if companies do not change working practices to suit both men and women, they risk losing out on the best talent of future generations.登家庭指数的数据来自英国2750位父母,在这些人当中,认为弹性工作会对职业生涯造成负面影响的男性是女性的两倍。专家警告:如果各公司不改变工作方式以更好地适应男员工和女员工的要求,那么这些公司可能就会失去后代的最佳人才。The women and equalities select committee has launched an inquiry into the treatment of fathers in the workplace, amid fears that they are more likely to face discrimination if they ask for part-time or flexible working than mothers.女性和平等委员会已开展了职场中父亲待遇的调查,因为委员会担心如果这些父亲要求兼职或弹性工作时间,那么他们可能会比母亲更易遭受歧视。“The Modern Families Index shines a much-needed light on the experiences of British fathers in the workplace,” said Maria Miller MP, chair of the select committee. “Many fathers want to take a more active role in caring for their children and our committee’s inquiry into the gender pay gap last year found that sharing caring responsibilities equally between mothers and fathers is the key to reducing the gender pay gap.”“登家庭指数强调:在职场中,需要加强对英国父亲经验的重视,”委员会主席玛利亚#8226;米乐议员说道。“许多父亲想要在照顾孩子中扮演更积极的作用,去年委员会在调查性别收入差距中发现:父母同等共享育儿责任是降低性别收入差距的关键。”译文属 /201701/489787重庆怎样治疗宫颈炎

渝中区专治不孕不育的医院 Cardiovascular diseases have been named the biggest killer of Chinese people in both urban and rural areas, according to a recently released report.据最近发布的报告表明,心血管疾病已经成为了中国城镇人口和农村人口的第一大杀手。Data in the report showed that 44.6 percent of deaths in rural areas and 42.51 percent of deaths in urban areas were caused by cardiovascular disease.报告中的数据显示,农村地区44.6%的死亡人口、城镇中42.51%的死亡人口是由心血管疾病造成的。Thanks to China#39;s efforts to control hypertension, the number of deaths caused by hemorrhagic strokes has seen a decline, said Wang Wen, an expert from the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases.国家心血管疾病中心的专家王文表示,由于全国上下对于控制高血压疾病的努力,因出血性中风引起的死亡人数已经大大减少了。However, the death rate from ischemic strokes continues to rise, which indicates a need for comprehensive intervention, as ischemic strokes are closely related to smoking and dyslipidemia.然而,由缺血性中风引起的死亡人数却持续上升,这意味着国家还需要加强综合干预,因为缺血性中风和吸烟以及血脂异常密切相关。The report pointed out that hypertension is the most dangerous factor for cardiovascular disease.该报告还指出,高血压是心血管疾病中最危险的因素。Wang said that the prevalence of hypertension among Chinese citizens over the age of 18 is currently 25.2 percent, five times higher than the figure back in 1959.王文说18岁以上的中国公民中高血压的发病率普遍在25.2%,这个数字时1959年时候的数据的5倍。China is now striving to reduce hypertension in order to safeguard against cardiovascular disease, Wang added.王文补充道,中国现在正致力于减少高血压发病,以预防心血管疾病。 /201609/468887重庆爱德华医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱重庆市爱德华治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱

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