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大学生 -- :7:31 来源: 大学生Michael: 泽泓Scolfield: 仲铨Lincoln: 桂帆T-bag: 捷驰宿舍3人:M:(ing book) "rules students" the book is so hard to understand,it's a little boring..Scolfield,what are you doing ?S: (刚开始没应答,忙于dota) i'm dota ing...Oh,no..I lost again(中文说:队友不给力啊).what a day! I lost five times today.I couldn't dota any more..And Lincoln ,what are you busy with ?大学生L: nothing,just watching .M: which kind of are you watching ?I guess it's American,right?L: Yeah,American .. of course.clever boy,you know I like American movies very much.but this movie I'm watching is not that funny.Hey..guys,it's holiday ,is there any fun we can have?S: Say..I remember there's a party tonight at E5.M: Oh,yes,I almost gorget it.there's a fellowship gathering tonight,which can be a goodchance to make some friends..you know..L: with some beautiful girls,right?S: Yeah,that's really wonderful,you know ,I like this kind of gathering party..pretty girls are everywhere..M L :haha..we know what you mean.L : all right.it's a deal.four of us should go to the party together.M: OK..but where is T-bag ?S: T-bag..T-bag 进来L: T-bag,where have you been?M: we have a good news .S: Yeah,there's a party tonight,and we can have fun ,would you come with us?T-bag: (装悲剧ing..)sorry ,I don't want to,I'm not in a good mood.L: come on ,man,what's wrong with you?T: oh,well it's about my father;my family told me that he got hurt when riding a bike. S、M、L: it's really a pity.3人将进入PARTY场地时:S: look at those four beautiful girls,as I say:pretty girls are everywhere!M: Yeah,you are actually right,I really wanna make acquaintance with them.L:不悦S:come on,Lincoln,we are having party..L: wait a minute ,we are having fun while our good friend T-bag is in trouble.I don'tthink it's appropriate.We're good friends.M: yeah,you're right.we should do sth T-bag.S: ..OK,GOOD BYE,PRRETY GIRLS.PPT:(决定去做某事) hours later:宿舍:T:装不爽3人进来后,T: why are you come back so early?Is the party funny?L: Yeah,the girls are prrety,but we..S: WE got sth you.M: 将一张纸递给T-BT: oh,my god ,it's a plane tiket my home,that's so sweet of you..you go to buy tiket me instead of having fun at the party..THANKS,GUYSM: dont't thank us.WE are friends ,as the > says:treat all of your friends just like your family at home.L: Yeah,we're brothers.several days later:T-bag comes backT-bag: hey,guys I'm back.L: hey,T-bag,Is evething OK?M: en..how about your father?T: well,my father's hurt isn't very serious,he'll OK in a month or not.S: en..YOU are a dutiful son.L: that's really great.T: Hey,what's are you watching just now?L: WELL,we're watching funny .S: It's Japanese not American.T: Oh,Let me see how funny it is.. 大学生 英语 话剧我的童年 My Childhood -- :3: 来源: I have somememories at the age of three. At that time, I went outside with my parents andgrandmother. When I went to kindergarten, I had mates. I don’t like kindergarten,because it’s not free at all. I want to stay at home with my families. And then,I went to primary school. Now, I am still a primary student. But I like primaryschool. I have more friends and I learn a lot, Chinese, math and English. I likeEnglish. This is my Childhood.:偷不来的缘分和爱情 -- ::9 来源: 姻缘天注定,爱情是偷不来的Tom和Jhon住在同一个公寓,Tom总是趁Jhon睡着以后偷看他的信,还把Jhon的书给偷了 0姻缘天注定,爱情是偷不来的Tom和Jhon住在同一个公寓,Tom总是趁Jhon睡着以后偷看他的信,还把Jhon的书给偷了Tom知道Jhon今天要去见信中的人,Tom决定要偷偷跟Jhon去这场话剧很熟悉对不对?J指Jhon Blandd;M指Meynell;T指Tom ;W指the fat womanJhon in the thought: "Oops, I lost her book, How can I do? Today I would go and meet the Meynell." Jhon anxiously around, suddenly, his face showing a smile, he thought one way to meet Meynell. with the lettersJ在想着:“糟糕,我把M给的书给弄丢了我该怎么办呢?今天要去和M见面了”J焦急地走来走去,突然,他的脸上露出了笑容,他想到了一个办法,就是带着M的信去见她Tom was his friend, looks 0 years old, Tom and Jhon live in the same apartment , Tom is always peeking Jhon’s letter after Jhon fell asleep .Whatsmore,Tom stoled Jhon’s book. Tom knew Jhon went to see the letter of today, Tom decided to secretly follow Jhon;Tom是Jhon的朋友,看起来有0岁了,Tom和Jhon住在同一个公寓,Tom总是趁Jhon睡着以后偷看他的信,还把Jhon的书给偷了Tom知道Jhon今天要去见信中的人,Tom决定要偷偷跟Jhon去On the scene at the station to meet 情景一 在车站上的见面When Jhon knew she was not Meynail in front of him, his heart is really go down ah! He could only watch girl far away and how he hoped to leave with her, but he can not, because Meynail on her back.当Jhon知道他前面的少女不是Meynell时,他的心里真的好失望啊!Jhon只能眼睁睁地看着少女远了,他多么希望和她一起离开,可是Jhon不可以,因为Meynell就在少女的后面John slowly towards the woman.John慢慢地走向这个妇人J: "I’m very happy to see you, I am J, you are M, right! I'm very sorry, I put the book which you gave me to lose, but I brought the letter which you wrote to me, and they are in my bag, I put them up and confirm you to look at. "J:“非常高兴见到你,我是J,你是M,对吧!我非常抱歉,我把你给我的书给弄丢了,不过,我带了你写给我的信了,它们就在我的包里,我拿起来给你看一下确认一下”J then busy looking her letter, and this woman looked at the Jhon while waiting the letter . At this time, T was holding a book and went to the womanJ便低下头去翻找她的信,而这个妇人一边等着信一边打量着J.就在这时,T拿着一本书跑到妇人的面前T: "Meynell, you don’t believe him, I am the real Jhon, you see, I have this book as evidence. Also, he stole my letter."T:“M,不要相信他,我才是真正的J,你看,我有这本书为还有,他偷了我的信”T gave the book to this woman. The woman looked at the book and was surprised to see themT说完把书给了这个妇人妇人看了一下书,惊讶地看着他们W: "This book is really to me, and it is a token of my most important, I can only believe the master of this book."W:“这本书确实是我的,而它是我最重要的信物,我只能相信这本书的主人”Finished, the woman looked toward Tom, She doesn’t listen to Jhon's explanation,The the woman went on a hotel dining. 说完,这个妇人看向了T,不听J的解释,就和T一起去了高速公路附近的大饭店用餐了J: "It seems that we are no copies of the predestined."J:“看来我们是有缘无份了"J helplessly watched them run away, then he looked at the sky, left in frustrationJ无奈地看着他们走远,又看看天空,沮丧地走了Scenario at the hotel,情景二 在饭店里J sadly came to the big restaurant near the highway.And in his hand is the letter which Meynell has no time to , Then he sat on a table, put the letter on the table,He y to leave this sad city after having dinner. He didn’t think,In fact, the real Meynell was sitting in front of him, the letter is being looked at on the table by MeynellJ伤心地来到了公路附近的饭店,手里还拿着来不及给M看的信,他坐在一个饭桌上,把信放在桌上,准备吃了饭就离开这个伤心的城市他没有想到,其实真正的M就坐在他的前面,正在看着桌上的信M: "Nice to meet you, I am M, you are J, right! Is not just the elder sister call you to see me here, and I'm sorry, I just wanted to see what kind of a person you are."M:"Nice to meet you ,我是M,你是J,对吧!是不是刚才那个大叫你来这边见我的,对不起,我只是想看看你是怎样的一个人”J listened to voices and raised his head, In front of him was his first sight of young girl, ah, how happiness his mood becomes!J听着声音抬起了头,他的面前正是他一见钟情的人啊,他的心情变得多么的愉快啊!J: "Yes, I am J. Dear Mis M, can you tell me how this is going on in the end ah? I can’t understand? However, I am really very happy to see you, you are the original real Meynell, my intuition is correct. "J:“是的,我就是J亲爱的M,你能否告诉我这到底是怎么回事啊?我现在还没弄明白呢?不过,见到你我真的非常开心,原来你就是真正的M,我的直觉是正确的”M: "Yes, you are not wrong. When I first saw you,I saw you don’t hold the book, but my sense tells me that you are J ,whom I have been looking . Do you know why we have the same sense ?M:“是的,你没有错当我第一次见到你,虽然你没有拿着书,但我的意识告诉我,你就是J,我所一直盼望的那个人你知道这是为什么吗?”J: "I know, because our hearts are with each other, and our hearts are tied closely to."J:“我知道,是因为我们心中有彼此,而我们的心也是息息相通的”J had gotten all suffered at the station because he has found true love, to him, in the front of him is his most important person - the beautiful M.J早已忘记了在车站所遭受的一切,因为他已经找到了真爱,他的面前,就是他最重要的人——美丽的MThey looked at each other so deeply, and windows of the sky, is a blossoming shy of sunset, flush the city他们就这样深情地望着对方,而窗外的天空,是一朵朵害羞的晚霞,红透了这个城市 英语 话剧 剧本My school --19 :: 来源: My schoolOur school is Xing Qi Primary. Its very big and beautiful. There is a big pond a near the playground. There are there teaching buildings. There are over fifty. Teachers and one thousand students in my school. They work and study hard. We like our school!A Man`s Worth Caot Be Measured by His Looks --19 :19:3 来源: A few days ago, I saw one of my classmates cheating on the ing exam. I was so surprised that she did such a thing. It made me feel sad and confused. Why did she cheat? Maybe she just wanted to get higher grades and didn't want to lose face. But at any rate, cheating is a vile action.   I told one of my friends about our classmate's cheating, and she found it hard to believe. Even though the girl has a good temperament, our impression of her has changed.   Now, I no longer trust people based on their looks. Maybe someone looks honest, but he or she has bad intentions. Can we tell by looks alone? So, I've lost faith in society.

一次野餐 A Picnic -- ::53 来源: I had a picnic with my parents last week. It was asunny day .We started at seven o’clock. We went to the park by car. This parkis very big. I think there were one thousand people there. I felt hungry whenwe got there. We drank juice and ate delicious foods. After eating, we playedon the park .At five o’clock, we went home.It was a happy day.上个星期我和父母进行了一次野餐那是一个晴朗的日子,我们七点出发我们驾车到公园,公园很大,我觉得里面有上千人当我们到达公园的时候我觉得肚子饿,我们喝了一些果汁,吃了美味的食物吃完我们就在公园里面玩,然后五点我们就回家了这真是快乐的一天

关于高尔基 Gorky -- :3:5 来源: I learn a story about Gorky from my elder brother. He loves books, such as life. Once, his room is on fire.He picks up the books at first. He doesn’t care anything except books. He isnearly killed in the fire in order to save his books. He says books inspire histalent and mind. Hearing his story, I feel ashamed. I go to my room to tidy mybooks right away.我从哥哥那里了解到高尔基的一个故事他爱书如命有一次,他的房间失火了他首先拿起的是书除了书,别的他什么都不在乎为了抢救那些书,他差点被烧死他说书启示着他的智慧和心灵听着他的故事,我感到了很羞愧我马上走回自己的房间收拾我的书

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