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  • Life doesnt always present you with the perfect opportunity at the perfect time 生活不会总在完美时间将完美机遇放到你的面前Opportunities come when you least expect them 机遇经常出现在你最不指望它们出现的时候or when youre not y for them 或是你没有做好准备的时候Rarely are opportunities presented to you in the perfect way 机遇很少会以完美方式出现在你的面前in a nice little box with a yellow bow on top 放在扎有蝴蝶结的精美礼品盒中Here, open it, its perfect, youll love it 给 打开它 它很完美 你会喜欢它的Opportunities, the good ones 好的机遇theyre messy 都很杂乱and confusing and hard to recognize 令人困扰 难于辨别Theyre risky 风险很大They challenge you 挑战不小But things happened so fast 不过一切都会很快发生because our world is changing so much 这是世界的快速发展使然You have to make decisions without perfect information 你需要在没有完美信息的情况下作出决定You have to make decisions based on the fact that the world 你做决定时 需要考虑到世界is going to continue to change 会持续变化Believe that the status quo will be supplanted by something better 需要相信现状总会被更好的事物所取代that someones crazy business idea will become real and important 有些人的疯狂经营理想会实现 并变得很重要Believe that this technology however small today is going to be big in the future 相信现在看起来很不起眼的技术 以后会产生深远影响It could make life better, easier, more meaningful 会让生活更好 更容易 更有意义for millions of people maybe billions 造福数以百万计 甚至数以十亿计的人Believe that this groundbreaking cancer research is going to save lives 相信这个开创性癌症研究将能挽救无数生命Believe that next year, Johns Hopkins Lacrosse will win a national championship 相信明年 约翰霍普金斯长曲棍球队能够获得全国冠军Look, I know 看 我知道that the opportunity I had with Google may seem one-of-a-kind 谷歌给我的这种机遇可能看起来像是独一无二的but think how much our world has changed since youve all grown up 但想想在你们成长起来的这段时间里 世界变化了多少think of the new companies, technologies, discoveries just in your lifetimes 想想这期间出现了多少新公司 新技术 新发现Smartphones came out when you were in high school 智能手机在你们读高中的时候出现and now you cant live without them 现在你们已经离不开它了201512/413806
  • And the Athabasca River drains downstream to a range of Aboriginal communities.阿萨帕斯卡尔河下游即原住民聚集地。In Fort Chippewa, the 800 people there,奇普怀恩堡有800位居民,are finding toxins in the food chain,食物链中含有毒性物质,this has been scientifically proven.已经科学实。The tar sands toxins are in the food chain,食物链中含有沥青砂这种毒性物质,and this is causing cancer rates up to 10 times what they are in the rest of Canada.导致当地癌症发病率比加拿大其他地区高十倍。In spite of that, people have to live,尽管如此,人们需要生存,have to eat this food in order to survive.需仰赖食物维生。The incredibly high price f flying food into these remote Northern Aboriginal communities and the high rate of unemployment makes this an absolute necessity for survival.空运到这片遥远北方原住民小区的天价食物和当地的高失业率使当地物产成了赖以为生的必需品。And not that many years ago, I was lent a boat by a First Nations man.几年前,我向原住民借了一条船。And he said, When you go out on the river,他说,当你沿河航行时,do not under any circumstances eat the fish.千万别吃鱼。Its carcinogenic.那是致癌物。And yet, on the front porch of that mans cabin,然而,在那名男子家门口,I saw four fish. He had to feed his family to survive.我看见四条鱼,他必须藉此养家糊口。And as a parent, I just cant imagine what that does to your soul.身为父母的我,无法想象这对心灵的影响。And thats what were doing.这正是我们目前所做的事。The boreal forest is also perhaps our best defense against global warming and climate change.北方森林或许亦是对抗全球暖化及气候变迁的最佳防线。The boreal forest sequesters more carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem.北方森林吸收的排碳量胜于任何现存的生态系统。And this is absolutely key.无疑是十分重要的生态环境。So what were doing is,但我们所做的是,were taking the most concentrated greenhouse gas sink,将温室气体吸收率最大的环境,twice as much greenhouse gases are sequestered in the boreal per acre than the tropical rainforests.每英亩北方森林吸收的温室气体比热带雨林多两倍。And what were doing is were destroying this carbon sink, turning it into a carbon bomb.我们所做的是,摧毁这个碳汇,将它转变成碳弹。201511/408970
  • Once we have defined our idea of success, the experts tell us that we should set some goals and then work out the actions or steps needed to reach them. Analyst Richard St John, speaker at the Big Ideas forum several years ago, did this by asking 500 other participants --who ranged from Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch to Goldie Hawn and Al Gore--to tell him what was their secrets of success. From these interviews, he came up with this list of eight steps:一旦我们对成功有所定义,专家们就会告诉我们要建立目标,并采取相应的措施达成目标。几年前曾在伟大思想论坛演讲的分析家理查德·圣约翰就曾做了一项关于成功的秘诀的调查。这项调查采访了500人,包括比尔·盖茨、鲁伯特·默多克(传媒大亨),还有歌蒂·韩以及阿尔·戈尔(前美国副总统)。通过这些调查,他总结出了成功的八个步骤:Step 1 passion--find something that you are passionate about that you would do for love, not money, and the dollars will follow.第一步:。寻找你所热爱的工作,这样,工作就是出于热爱而不是为了金钱。金钱也会随之而来。Step 2 work--there is no substitute for hard work but if you love the work you do, then its not so hard. You become a ;workaholic;.第二步:工作。工作的辛苦是无法避免的,但是如果你热爱自己的工作,自然就不会觉得很辛苦。你也会变成“工作狂”Step 3 good--be very good at something. Practice, practice, practice until you are perfect.第三步:专长。一定要在某一方面十分突出。练习,练习,不断练习直到非常熟练为止。Step 4 focus--on one thing so that all your energy and effort pour in one direction.第四步:专注。锁定一个目标,并为之投入全部精力和努力。Step 5 push--push yourself through shyness, self-doubt, and negative thoughts. And if this is too hard, he says, call your mother and she will do it for you.第五步:鞭策。努力让自己摆脱害羞、自我怀疑和消极思想的困扰。如果做不到这点,那就告诉你的母亲,她会帮助你。step 6 serve--find some way to serve others. Millionaries do this by providing something of value to others willing to pay for it.第六步:务。寻找为别人务的机会。百万富翁为别人提供有价值的务,而那些人也愿意为之偿付金钱。Step 7 ideas--look for ways to keep generating new ideas and act on the best of them.第七步:思想。不断让自己迸发新思想,并将其中最好的付诸行动。Step 8 persist--never give up no matter what is thrown at you.第八步:坚持。不管有多艰难,永远不言放弃。 /201308/252684
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Im Joe Biden.女士们先生们,我是乔拜登。Im filling in for President Obama, who is abroad.我代替身在国外的奥巴马总统在此演讲。I want to talk to you today about the minimum wage and the overwhelming need to raise the minimum wage.我今天想跟大家谈谈最低工资标准以及提高这一标准不可阻挡的趋势。Theres no reason in the world why an American working 40 hours a week has to live in poverty.我今天想跟大家谈谈最低工资标准以及提高这一标准不可阻挡的趋势。But right now a worker earning the federal minimum wage makes about ,500 a year. 但现在一个拿着联邦最低工资的工人每年只能得到1.45万美元。And you all know thats incredibly hard for an individual to live on, let alone raise a family on.众所周知,这些钱一个人生活都勉为其难,更不用说养活一家人了。But if we raise the minimum wage to .10 an hour, that same worker will be making ,200 a year.但如果我们将最低工资标准提高到每小时10.10美元,同一个工人一年就能挣到2.02万美元。And with existing tax credits would earn enough to bring that family or a family of four out of poverty.再加上现有的税收优惠政策,就足以让一个四口之家脱离贫困。But theres a lot of good reasons why raising the minimum wage makes sense.但除此之外提高最低工资标准还有大量正当的理由。Not only would it put more hard-earned money into the pockets of 28 million Americans, moving millions of them out of poverty, its also good for business.不仅是让这些辛苦钱能进入2800万美国人民的口袋,让数百万人脱离贫困,这对企业也有好处。And let me tell you why.下面我将为你们讲述个中缘由。Theres clear data that shows fair wages generate loyalty of workers to their employers, which has the benefit of increasing productivity and leading to less turn over.统计数据明确显示,公平的工资待遇将使员工对雇主效忠,从而使得企业提高生产效率,减少成本出。Its really good for the economy as a whole because raising the minimum wage would generate an additional billion in additional income for people who need it the most.进而将对整个经济带来好处,因为提高最低工资标准将让最需要提高收入的人分享190亿美元的额外收入。The big difference between giving a raise in the minimum wage instead of a tax break to the very wealthy is the minimum wage worker will go out and spend every penny of it because theyre living on the edge.提高最低工资标准而不是为富人减税,其差别就在于,受益于最低工资的工人会用好这每一分钱,因为这是他们生活的保障。Theyll spend it in the local economy. 他们的消费有利于本地经济发展。They need it to pay their electric bill, put gas in their automobile, to buy fundamental necessities.他们需要用这些钱付电费,为汽车加油,购买生活必需品。And this generates economic growth in their communities.这将为当地经济带来发展动力。And Im not the only one who recognizes these benefits. 我不是唯一一个意识到这些好处的人。Companies big and small recognize it as well.大大小小的公司也意识到这一点了。I was recently in Atlanta, Georgia, and met the owner of a small advertising company, a guy named Darien.最近我在佐治亚州的亚特兰大的时候,与当地一家小广告公司的老板达利恩见面。He independently raised the wages of his workers to .10 an hour. 他自己将公司员工的最低工资标准提高到了10.10美元每小时。But large companies, as well, Costco and the Gap—theyre choosing to pay their employees higher starting wages.而像是Costco和GAP这样的大公司都已经为员工开出了更高的底薪。A growing list of governors are also raising wages in their states-the minimum wage.提高最低工资标准的州也呈现增长趋势。They join the President who raised the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors like the folks serving our troops meals on our bases. 他们与总统一起提高联邦合同承包商为员工付的最低工资标准,例如军事基地为部队提供食品的工人就享受到了。Theyre all doing this for a simple reason.大家这么做的原因很简单。Raising the minimum wage will help hardworking people rise out of poverty.提高最低工资标准将帮助辛勤劳动的人们脱离贫困。Its good for business. Its helpful to the overall economy.这对企业有好处,对整个经济也有好处。And theres one more important benefit.还有更重要的好处。Right now women make up more than half of the workers who would benefit from increasing the minimum wage. 当下女性占到劳动力的一半以上,她们将从提高最低工资标准中受益。Folks, a low minimum wage is one of the reasons why women in America make only 77 cents on a dollar that every man makes.各位,最低工资标准是一份工作男人能挣到1美元而女性只能拿到77美分。But by raising the minimum wage, we can close that gap by 5 percent.而我们可以将这一差距缩小5%。And it matters.这至关重要。It matters to a lot of hardworking families, particularly moms raising families on the minimum wage.对大量工薪家庭,尤其是对依靠最低工资收入供养家庭的母亲更为重要。And one more thing, folks—its what the American people want to do.还有一件事是美国人民想做的。Three out of four Americans support raising the minimum wage.那就是全美3/4的人都同意提高最低工资标准。They know this is the right and fair thing to do, and the good thing to do for the economy. 大家都知道这是正确的、正当的事情,是对经济发展有好处的事情。So its time for Congress to get behind the minimum wage bill offered by Tom Harkin of Iowa and Congressman George Miller of California—the proposal that would raise the federal minimum wage from .25 an hour to .10 an hour.因此,国会现在应该正式对待爱荷华州的Tom Harkin和加利福利亚州的George Miller议员共同提出的最低工资议案,该议案将联邦最低工资标准从7.25美元每小时提高到10.10美元每小时。So ask your representatives who oppose raising the federal minimum wage—why do they oppose it?因此,请问问反对提供啊联邦最低工资标准的国会议员,他们为什么反对。How can we look at the men and women providing basic services to us all, like cleaning our offices, caring for our children, serving in our restaurants and so many other areas—how can we say they dont deserve enough pay to take them out of poverty?我们怎么能眼看为我们提供基本务的人,比如为我们清扫办公室、照顾我们的的孩子、在餐馆务以及其它领域为我们务的男男女女,他们怎么就不能得到足够的工资摆脱贫困呢?The President and I think they deserve it. And we think a lot of you do too.总统和我都认为他们应该得到这些。So, folks, its time to act.我们认为你们很多人都应该得到。Its time to give America a raise.因此提高全美的工资标准,是行动的时候了。Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.谢谢聆听,祝大家周末愉快。God bless you all and may God protect our troops.愿上帝保佑大家,愿上帝保佑我们的军队。 201404/284376
  • Our financing Organization provides a simple, single point of contact for financing, leasing and re-marketing products. It also offers innovative ;technology refresh; programs that will automatically upgrade a customers assets and dispose of the obsolete technology. And HPs commitment to be the best customer service organization in China has been a key differentiator and ingredient to ongoing development of our relationships. Our customer service unit was the first to receive ISO 9002 certification in China for total quality. To this day, none of our competitors has yet succeeded in achieving this distinction. We are also committed to bring our proactive consulting services to our customers, opening one new customer support center every two to three months throughout China — most recently in Zhengzhou and Tianjin. Next week we will open our sixth full branch office in Shenzhen. And well open branches in Wuhan and Nanjing in mid-year, which will combine sales with customer support services. In the fall we will add a major call center with more than 150 staff, which will be opened as part of our new China HP Headquarters Office in Beijing. In total we will have more than 10 branches throughout China by the year 2000 offering both sales and support services — plus several other offices dedicated only to support services.我们的金融机构为我们产品的融资、租赁和再经销提供了单一的联系点。它还推出了独具创意的“技术更新”计划,该计划可自动更新客户的资产,并可处理过时的技术。惠普决心成为中国最佳的客户务机构,这是我们不断发展目前关系的关键因素。我们的客户务部在中国最先荣获 ISO 9002质量书。时至今日,我们的竞争对手没有一家获此殊荣。我们还承诺,为我们的客户提供超前的咨询务。在中国,我们每隔两至三个月就设立一个新的客户持中心,最近,我们在郑州和天津开设了客户持中心。下周,我们将在深圳设立我们的第六个分公司。年中我们将在武汉和南京设立分公司,它们将同时负责销售和客户持务。今年秋季,我们将增设一个主要的反馈中心,有150多名员工,它将成为我们在北京新设的中国惠普总部的一个部门。到 2000年,我们在中国将有10 多家分公司从事销售和持务。其他还有一些机构主要从事持务。201410/338216
  • Now, think how much progress weve aly made. When we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions. Could a woman really serve as commander-in-clief? Well, I think we answered that one.现在,想想我们已经取得了多大的进步。当我们刚刚起步时,到处有人问我一个同样的问题:“女人真的能够领导国家吗?”那么现在,我想我已经回答了这个问题。Could an African-American really be our president? And Senator Obama has answered that one.“黑人可以成为美国总统吗?”奥巴马议员已经回答了这个问题。Together, Senator Obama and I achieved milestones essential to our progress as a nation, part of our perpetual duty to form a more perfect union.奥巴马议员和我一起建立了一块对于我们国家的进步到头重要的里程碑,这是我们永远的责任——造就一个更完美的国家的一部分。Now, on a personal note, when I was asked what it means to be a woman running for president, I always gave the same answer, that I was proud to be running as a woman, but I was running because I thought Id be the best president. But--but I am a woman and, like millions of women, I knew there are still respects and embraces the potential of every last one of us.这里,就我个人的观点,当被人问起成为竞选美国总统的女人意味着什么,我总是给他们同样的,我以我是一个竞选总统的女人为自豪。但我参加竞选是因为我曾想成为最棒的总统,但是,我是一个女人,像无数的女人一样,我知道那仍然有许多往往是没想到的障碍,我想建立一够尊重和包容我们每个人的美国。 /201308/250842
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