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哪里看不孕不育好重庆新桥医院重庆市第二人民医院卵巢囊肿治疗It will be another year before the cubs can hunt for themselves.小狮至少还需要一年时间才能学会独自狩猎Without their mothers skill and experience,如果没有母狮的技术和经验they would never survive their first winter.它们肯定无法活过第一个冬天Battered by hurricane-force winds, these slopes are now lifeless.凛冽的山风在崖坡上呼啸肆虐,生命根本无法在此扎根Further north, they hold other dangers.在更远的北方,它们还潜藏着其它危险Moving at 250 miles an hour, an avalanche destroys everything in its path.雪崩时速可达250英里/小时,足以摧毁路过的一切In the American Rockies, 1 00,000 avalanches devastate the slopes every winter.位于美国的落基山脉,每年冬季会发生10万次毁灭性的雪崩This huge mountain chain continues the great spine that runs from Patagonia to Alaska.巨大的山系脊梁从巴塔哥尼亚一直延伸到阿拉斯加。The slopes of the Rockies, bleak though they are, provide a winter refuge for some animals.尽管落基山地荒凉凄冷,却能为一些动物提供越冬场所A mother grizzly emerges from her den after six months dozing underground.灰熊妈妈正走出巢穴,长达6个月的地下冬眠结束了Her two cubs follow her and take their first steps in the outside world.两只小熊紧跟着它们的母亲,第一次踏足这个陌生的户外世界。201703/498190重庆哪里看妇科便宜 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478385江北通输卵管要多少钱

合川永川区治疗子宫内膜炎哪家医院最好的In this American English pronunciation , were going to talk about linking and the TH sound.在这个美式英语发音视频中,我们来讨论一下连读和TH音。Ive been getting a lot of questions about this recently.最近我收到了很多关于这个的问题。Understandable, since the TH sound is in some very common words, and linking is such an important concept in American English.这是可以理解的,因为TH音在很多单词里都很常见,而连读在美式英语里也是一个很重要的概念。Of course, I cant go over every combination of linking with the TH.But in this , were going to take 10 examples.当然,我不可能讲解每个带有TH音的连读组合。但是在这个视频里,我们会举10个例子。Well watch them in slow motion, and well discuss what the mouth is doing to link the sounds.我们将会看这些例子的慢动作,并且讨论在连读这些单词时嘴应该怎样做。Lets get started.;This thing.;Here were linking the S with the TH.让我们开始吧。;This thing.;这里是S音和TH音的连读。Here the tongue comes through for the first TH sound, tongue tip stays just behind the bottom teeth as they come together for the S, and the tongue comes through again for the TH.在这里,第一个TH音时舌头穿过上下两排牙齿,S音结束后牙齿合上时舌头停留在下排牙齿后面,然后在第二个TH音时舌头再次穿过牙齿。So the movement from the S to the TH is quite simple.因此,这个从S音到TH音的动作十分简单。Teeth go from being closed, with the tongue just behind the bottom teeth to parting with the tongue coming through.一开始牙齿是合着的,然后舌头停在下排牙齿后面,最后舌头再穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;This thing.;Here were linking the Z with the voiced TH.;Was that.;让我们再看一遍。;This thing.;这里是Z音和TH音的连读。;Was that.;Even though the sounds are different than the previous example, the mouth position is the same for both sounds.即使这个音和先前的例子不同,嘴型都是相同的。However, in this case theres going to be a difference.然而,在这个情况下会有一点区别。Teeth close for the Z sound, but the tongue tip doesnt really come through the teeth for the TH.发Z音时牙齿合上,但在发TH音时舌尖并没有完全穿过牙齿。Thats because you can get away with making the voiced TH sound, especially at the beginning of an unstressed syllable, by pressing the tongue behind the closed teeth.这是因为在读发音的TH音时,尤其是在非重读音节之前,将舌尖放在合上的牙齿之后也是可以的。So, the tongue tip will press behind where the teeth come together, but not actually come all the way through like it does for the unvoiced TH.因此,舌尖要放在合上的牙齿之后,但并不像发音的TH音一样完全穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;Was that.;Here Im linking a stop T with the voiced TH.Something interesting happens here.;Sit there.;让我们再看一遍。;Was that.;这里是顿音T和发音的TH音连读。这里发生了一些有趣的事情。;Sit there.;Rather than the tongue going up into the stop T position, it simply comes out of the vowel, straight into the TH position.舌头并没有到达顿音T的位置,而是在元音结束后直接到达了TH音的位置。However, I dont leave the stop T out. I still stop the sound before voicing the TH -- ;sit there, sit there; -- so that we get the feel for the stop T.然而,我没有把顿音T省略。我在发TH音之前会停顿——;sit there, sit there;——这样就有了顿音T的感觉。But rather than taking the tongue tip to the roof of the mouth, I make the stop while bringing the tongue tip through the teeth.但是我没有把舌尖放到上颚,我是在舌尖位于牙齿之间时停顿。Lets watch again.;Sit there.;Here were linking the V sound with the voiced TH.Its quite straightforward.让我们再看一遍。;Sit there.;这里是V音和发音的TH音连读。它十分简单。You will clearly see both mouth positions.;Of these.;Lets watch again.你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Of these.;让我们再看一遍。The bottom lip comes up making contact with the top teeth for the V sound, then the lip pulls down and the tongue comes through the teeth for the TH sound.发V音时,下唇要与上排牙齿接触,然后下唇放松,舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。;Of these.;Here were linking the P with the voiced TH.Again, its quite straightforward.Youll clearly see the mouth position of both sounds.;Of these.;这里是P音和发音的TH音连读。同样,它也十分简单。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Hope the.;The lips come together to make the P, and as they part, the tongue tip comes through the teeth to make the TH.;Hope the.;双唇接触,发出P音,当它们分开时,舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Watch again.;Hope the.;Here were linking the unvoiced TH with the ST consonant cluster.;North star.;再看一遍。;Hope the.;这里是不发音的TH音与ST辅音集群的连读。;North star.;The tongue comes through the teeth, to make the TH.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Then the tongue tip pulls back and touches just behind the bottom of the front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,在牙齿合上时碰到前排牙齿的下端,发出S音。Then the tongue tip will go up to the roof of the mouth to make the T.Lets watch again.;North star.;然后舌尖向上颚移动,发出T音。让我们再看一遍。;North star.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the F consonant.Youll be able to clearly see both mouth positions.;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音和辅音F连读。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;With funny.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, and the bottom lip raises to touch the bottom of the front top teeth for the F sound.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后下唇接触上排牙齿的下端,发出F音。Watch again.;With funny.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the W consonant sound.;Both will.;再看一遍。;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音W连读。;Both will.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, then pulls back and the lips form the tight circle for the W while the tongue tip is just behind the bottom front teeth.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后收回舌头,发W音时,双唇形成一个圆形,舌尖刚好在上排牙齿的下端。Watch again.;Both will.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking to the K consonant sound.;Health code.;再看一遍。;Both will.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音K连读。;Health code.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。For the K, the tongue tip comes back in the mouth and goes down, touching behind the bottom front teeth.发K音时,舌尖移动到嘴的后面,并且向下接触上排牙齿的下端。The back part of the tongue raises and touches the soft palate, which is why you see a dark space in the mouth.舌根部分抬起,接触软腭,这就是你在嘴里看到一部分黑色的原因。Watch again.;Health code.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking with the S sound.;South side.;再看一遍。;Health code.;这里是不发音的TH音与S音连读。;South side.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.Watch again.;South side.;舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。再看一遍。;South side.;Then the tongue tip comes back into the mouth and lightly touches behind the bottom front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,稍抵上排牙齿的下端,牙齿合上,发出S音。I hope this study in linking words with the TH will make it easy for you to link any word with the TH that you may come across.我希望这次关于TH连读的学习会使你在遇到任何与TH连读的单词时更轻松一些。Practice word pairs like the 10 here, or other word pairs, and do them slowly. And practice them over and over.练习这10个词组,或是其他词组,慢慢来练习。一遍又一遍地练习。Repetition really will help you become more comfortable linking with the TH sound.反复练习真的会帮助你更习惯带有TH音的连读。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516336重庆治疗妇科疾病医院哪个好 From the first time I saw refugees I saw them in front of me, not in the television.我第一次见到难民,他们就活生生的在我眼前,而不是在电视里。Its a huge difference.两者之间差别很大。I never forget that I could have been in their position.我知道我的处境也可能和他们一样。You could see many people using their phones 24 hours per day trying to connect.你会看到很多人一天24小时都在试图用手机尝试联系。Everyone understood that Wi-Fi was so important in the camps to get a channel of communication with their relatives大家都明白无线网络在营区是非常重要的,可以与亲人交流,to say hello, that Im here, Im alive, I need help.可以向他们问好并告诉他们,我在这里,我还活着,我需要帮助。Thousands of people arrived there and the original camp expanded five times.数以千计的人抵达那里,最初的营区已经扩张了五倍。We were there to help, to install Wi-Fi everywhere.我们在那里提供帮助,给各处安装无线网络。In almost every deployment there were people from Google.几乎每一种岗位上都有来自谷歌的人。We do have a lot of people with an engineering mindset, and a lot of people want to help.我们确实有很多人都有工程意识,很多都想要去提供帮助。And this is one of those things that Ilias can do in about two, three minutes这种事情伊利亚斯只需要两三分钟,and so far Ive been on it for about 15.而到目前为止我已经花了15分钟了。But Im gonna get it eventually - We started expanding the connectivity to 60 camps all around Greece.但是我最终会完成的——我们开始给希腊的60多个营区接入网络。- This is an antenna thats going to beam it down to the school down there.这是一个天线,它的信号可以发送到那边的学校。We are trying to take care of the needs of the refugees我们尽力关照到难民的需求,and we are trying to give them the best life that we can offer them.并且尽可能的给予他们最好的生活。The fact they have Internet help them to believe for something else and that was something amazing.拥有网络的事实可以帮助他们相信一些其他的事情,那太令人惊奇了。- I feel pretty good about being able to give people connectivity我觉得能给人们建立这种连通性是很棒的,but its a little more special when its people that you know really need it.但是当你知道人们真正需要它的时候,这种感觉就更特别了。- It reminds them that there is another world. They are not alone.它提醒人们,还有另外一个世界,他们并不孤单。201706/515306重庆三峡中心医院百安分院查激素

九龙坡不孕不医院A puma, the lion of the Andes.美洲狮,安第斯山区的狮子Pumas are usually solitary and secretive.美洲狮通常独来独往,隐秘莫测To see a group walking boldly in the open is extremely rare.这么一大家子在光天化日之下外出实属罕见Its a family, a mother with four cubs.这个家庭由一只母狮和4只小狮组成She has just one brief summer in which to teach them their mountain survival techniques.母狮只能利用这个短暂的夏天教会小狮在山区生存的技能Rearing four cubs to this age is an exceptional feat,把4只小狮养到这么大是很了不起的业绩but she does have an excellent territory, rich in food and water.那是因为它有一片富饶的领地,食物和水都很充足Although the cubs are now as large as their mother,虽然小狮已长到和它们的母亲差不多大they still rely on her for their food.它们仍需要依靠母狮获取食物201703/497652 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481054重庆市第一人民医院顺产多少钱重庆看妇科哪个医院最好



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