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Yesterday my daughter was clinging to my leg, and Dont go.昨天我女儿抱着我的大腿,喊:别走。And you looked at me and said, you have to tell that story.然后你看着我说,你一定要讲这故事。I said, on the TED stage? Are you kidding?我说在TED讲台上?你在开玩笑么?。Im going to get on a stage and admit my daughter was clinging to my leg? 我要走到台上承认女儿抱我的大腿?And you said yes, because if you want to talk about getting more women into leadership roles,you have to be honest about how hard it is.而你说是的, 因为如果我要谈到 为更多女性争取领导职位就必须坦诚那是多么艰难的。And I did. And I think thats a really important part of the journey.所以我讲了这个故事 我想这真是历程中至关重要的部分。The same thing happened when I wrote my book. I started writing the book. I wrote a first chapter,I thought it was fabulous. It was chock-full of data and figures.当我写书时也发生过同样的事 我开始写书,写了第一章。我觉得它真的很棒里面全是数据和图表。I had three pages on matrilineal Maasai tribes, and their sociological patterns.我写了三页纸有关母系的马赛部落 以及她们的社会形态。My husband it and he was like, this is like eating your Wheaties.我丈夫读了之后,他说读起来就跟Wheaties 牌麦片一样。No one-and I apologize to Wheaties if theres someone-no one, no one will this book.没有人会,如果在座有 Wheaties 员工我先道歉,没人,没有人会读这本书。And I realized through the process that I had to be more honest and more open,and I had to tell my stories. My stories of still not feeling as self-confident as I should.从中我意识到我必须更真实也更坦诚必须讲自己的故事,在很多情况下自信心不足的的故事。in many situations. My first and failed marriage. Crying at work.我第一次婚姻失败了,上班时哭闹。Felling like I didnt belong there, feeling guilty to this day.觉得自己不属于那里 至今都觉得自责。And part of my journey, starting on this stage, going to Lean In, going to the foundation, is all about being more open and honest about those challenges.我的部分经历,从这个讲台, 到《向前一步》,到基金会都是关于更开放坦诚面对那些挑战。so that other women can be more open and honest,and all of us can work together towards real equality.从而让其他女性也能更开放坦诚,这样我们大家就可以 一起为真正的平等而努力。PM: I think that one of the most striking parts about the book,我认为这本书 最引人注目的其中一点。and in my opinion, one of the reasons its hit such a nerve and is resonating around the world,is that you are personal in the book, and that you do make it clear that.在我看来,它能引起如此大的轰动、 在全世界得到共鸣的其中一个原因就是你写的是自己 你把这点写得很清楚。while youve observed some things that are very important for other women to know, that youve had the same challenges that many others of us have.而你看到一些东西 对于其他女性来说也是很重要的。当你面对同样的挑战 就和我们面对的一样。as you faced the hurdles and the barriers and possibly the people who dont believe the same.你所面对的关卡和障碍 或许其他人并不相信同样的东西。So talk about that process: deciding youd go public with the private part, and then you would also put yourself in the position of something of an expert on how to resolve those challenges.那么说说这个过程吧 首先决定公开谈论个人的经历然后从专家的角度去看看如何解决那些挑战。After I did the TED Talk, what happened was-you know, I never really expected to write a book, Im not an author, Im not a writer.在我完成那场 TED 演说后 发生的事就是你知道,我从未想过写书 我不是作者,也不是作家。and it was viewed a lot, and it really started impacting peoples lives.那场演说点击率很高 确实影响着大家的生活。I got this great-one of the first letters I got was from a woman who said that she was offered a really big promotion at work, and she turned it down.我收到大量的 — 收到的第一封信来自一位女性,她说得到一个很好的晋升机会 但她拒绝了。and she told her best friend she turned it down, and her best friend said, you really need to watch this TED Talk.她告诉最好的朋友她拒绝了升职 她最好的朋友说你真的要看看这个TED演说。And so she watched this TED Talk, and she went back the next day, she took the job,she went home, and she handed her husband the grocery list.结果她看了这场 TED 演说后 第二天回去就接受那份新工作回到家,把超市购物单递给丈夫。And she said, I can do this.而她说她能做到的。201412/351451America, at its best, is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected.正处于鼎盛期的美国珍视并期待每个人担负起自己的责任。Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience. And though it requires sacrifice, it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life not only in options, but in commitments. And we find that children and community are the commitments that set us free.鼓励人们勇于承担责任不是寻找替罪羊,而是在呼唤人类的良知。虽然承担责任意味着牺牲,但同时也带来一种更深刻的成就感。我们实现,不能仅仅通过选择还要通过承担义务来充实我们的人生。我们发现,只有对整个社会和我们的孩子们履行我们的义务,我们才能获得自由。Our public interest depends on private character, on civic duty and family bonds and basic fairness, on uncounted, unhonored acts of decency which give direction to our freedom.我们的公共利益依赖于我们独立的个性、公民的义务,家庭的纽带和基本的公正;依赖于无数的、默默无闻的正当的行动,正是这些向我们指明了自由的方向。Sometimes in life we are called to do great things. But as a saint of our times has said, every day we are called to do small things with great love. The most important tasks of a democracy are done by everyone.生活中,我们有时被召唤去做一些伟大的事情。但是,正如我们这个时代的一位圣人所言,每一天我们都被召唤带着伟大的爱去做一些不起眼的小事情。一个民主制度最重要的任务是由大家每一个人来完成的。I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my convictions with civility, to pursue the public interest with courage, to speak for greater justice and compassion, to call for responsibility and try to live it as well.In all these ways, I will bring the values of our history to the care of our times.我对生活和对这个国家的领导遵循着这些原则:谦恭地坚信自己,为公众的利益勇往直前,为更伟大的公正和同情而辩护,呼吁责任并为此努力实践。我要通过所有这一切方式,用我们历史上传统价值观来哺育我们的时代。 /201307/246579Now, I understand-- I understand that we all know this has been a tough fight, but the Democratic Party is a family.如今,我明白了——我明白大家都知道这是一场艰苦的战斗,但是民主党是一个大家庭,And now its time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the country we love.现在是时候为了我们共同的理想、共同价值观、所爱的国家走到一起,齐心协力了。We may have started on separate journeys, but today our paths have merged.我们也许来自不同的道路,但今天我们的路合并在了一起,And were all heading toward the same destination, united and more y than ever to win in November and to turn our country around, because so much is at stake.我们朝同一个目的地进发、比以往任何时候都要团结和有准备,要在11月赢得总统竞选胜利,使我们的国家彻底不同,因为这个国家正处于危险之中。We all want economy that sustains the American dream, the opportunity to work hard and have that work rewarded, to save for college, a home and retirement, to afford that gas and those groceries, and still have a little left over at the end of the month, an economy that lifts all of our people and ensures that our prosperity is broadly distributed and shared.我们都想要一种经济,一种能够撑美国人梦想的经济,一种让我们有机会努力工作并从中得到回报,让我们在花钱上大学、买房子、交养老金、加汽油、添置生活用品之后,仍能在月末有一点剩余的钱的经济,一种能够振奋所有人的经济,并保广泛繁荣且为大家所分享的经济。We all want a health care system that is universal, high-quality and affordable--我们都想要一种健康医疗体系,一种普及的、高质量的、负担得起的健康医疗体系。so that parents dont have to choose between care for themselves or their children or be stuck in dead-end jobs simply to keep their insurance.这样,爸爸妈妈们不再需要在为自己还是为孩子治病之间做出抉择,为交保险费而再陷入没有出路的工作而无法自拔。This isnt just an issue for me.对于我来说,这不只是个问题,It is a passion and a cause, and it is a fight.而是一种、一项事业、一场战斗,I will continue until every single American is insured, no exceptions and no excuses.我将继续战斗,直到每一个美国人都得到保,没有例外,没有借口。201411/340435

And that brings me to my first major我写《半边天》的两个信条之一of two tenets of ;Half the Sky.;是从这里得到启发的。And that is that这一个信条就是the central moral challenge本世纪of this century最大的伦理道德挑战is gender inequity.是性别不公。In the 19th century, it was slavery.在19世纪是奴隶制。In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism.在20世纪是极权主义。The cause of our time这两点直接导致is the brutality that so many people全世界这么多人因为性别face around the world because of their gender.而受到不公正待遇的残酷现实。So some of you may be thinking,你们中有些人可能在想,;Gosh, thats hyperbole.“天哪,这有点太夸张了。Shes exaggerating.;她是在夸大事实。”Well, let me ask you this question.那么请让我提出这个问题。How many of you think there are more males or more females in the world?你们中多少人认为世界上的男性比较多,或者女性比较多?Let me take a poll. How many of you think there are more males in the world?我们来问卷调查吧。多少人认为世界上男性比较多?Hands up, please.请举手。How many of you think -- a few -- how many of you there are more females in the world?多少人认为世界上女性比较多?Okay, most of you.好了,绝大多数。Well, you know this latter group, youre wrong.之后举手的,你们都错了。There are, true enough,百分之一百的事实是,in Europe and the West,在欧洲和西方国家,when women and men女人和男人have equal access to food and health care,在饮食和医疗享有同等待遇,there are more women, we live longer.女性比男性多,因为女性寿命较长。But in most of the rest of the world, thats not the case.然而在其他地方,事实正相反。In fact, demographers have shown人口统计显示,that there are anywhere between 60 million目前人口中,and 100 million存在着missing females in the current population.约6000万到1亿的女性人口缺口。And, you know, it happens for several reasons.原因有几个。For instance, in the last half-century,比如,20世纪后50年内more girls were discriminated to death死于歧视的女孩than all the people killed on all the battlefields比整个20世纪内死于战场的人in the 20th century.还要多。Sometimes its also because of the sonogram.还有一个原因是超声波的使用。Girls get aborted before theyre even born资源的稀缺when there are scarce resources.导致女孩甚至在出世前就被抛弃。This girl here, for instance,比如,这个女孩,is in a feeding center in Ethiopia.当时在埃塞俄比亚的一个补给中心。The entire center was filled with girls like her.整个中心都是和她一样的女童。Whats remarkable is that her brothers, in the same family,值得注意的是,她的亲生兄弟们,were totally fine.却全部安然无恙。In India, in the first year of life,在印度,from zero to one,从零到一岁之间,boy and girl babies basically survive at the same rate男婴和女婴的存活率相同,because they depend upon the breast,因为都靠母乳喂养,and the breast shows no son preference.母亲的乳房不会多爱儿子一点。From one to five,从一岁到五岁,girls die at a 50 percent higher mortality rate整个印度,than boys, in all of India.女孩的死亡率比男孩高50%。The second tenet of ;Half the Sky;《半边天》的第二个信条,is that, lets put aside the morality of all the right and wrong of it all,让我们暂且不去争论道德理论和对错,and just on a purely practical level,在最现实的层面,we think that我们认为,one of the best ways to fight poverty and to fight terrorism战胜贫困和恐怖主义的最佳途径is to educate girls就是让女孩接受教育,and to bring women into the formal labor force.让女人成为正式劳动力。Poverty, for instance.拿贫困来说。There are three reasons why this is the case.我有三个原因。For one, overpopulation is one of第一,人口过剩the persistent causes of poverty.持续地导致了贫困的发生。And you know, when you educate a boy,一个接受了教育的男孩,his family tends to have fewer kids,倾向于生更少的孩子,but only slightly.不过这种倾向很弱。When you educate a girl,而一个接受了教育的女孩,she tends to have significantly fewer kids.会强烈地倾向于少要孩子。The second reason is第二个原因it has to do with spending.与消费有关。Its kind of like the dirty, little secret of poverty,某种意义上,可以说是贫困的which is that,肮脏的小秘密,not only do poor people穷人不仅仅take in very little income,收入少得可怜,but also, the income that they take in,而且,他们也不懂they dont spend it very wisely,如何理智地花钱。and unfortunately, most of that spending is done by men.很不幸,大部分消费都是由男人决定的。201510/402130Well, one month later,一个月,之后I had a lot of data, and I was able to do another analysis.我收集了大量数据,足够再分析一回And as it turns out, content matters a lot.结果发现,内容很重要So smart people tend to write a lot --聪明的人,往往写很多 — —3,000, 4,000, 3、4千5,000 words about themselves,甚至5千字,自我介绍which may all be very, very interesting.也许真的,非常非常有意思The challenge here, though, is that但,很难匹敌the popular men and women最受欢迎男女are sticking to 97 words on average精选的that are written very, very well,97个字even though it may not seem like it all the time.虽然我们不一定,感觉得到The other sort of hallmark of the people who do this well高手们的另外一个杀手锏is that theyre using non-specific language.是不特定语言So in my case, you know,以我为例,你看;The English Patient; is my most favorite movie ever, ;英国病人;是我,最喜欢的电影but it doesnt work to use that in a profile,但它不适合,放在个人档案里面because thats a superficial data point,因为这是一个,肤浅的数据点and somebody may disagree with me有人可能,会有不同意见and decide they dont want to go out with me并且,决定不和我约会because they didnt like sitting through the three-hour movie.仅仅因为他们不愿意,花三个小时看一场电影Also, optimistic language matters a lot.还有,积极正面的语言很重要So this is a word cloud看这些关键词highlighting the most popular words that were used里面是,最常用的词语by the most popular women,最受欢迎女性,都在用words like ;fun; and ;girl; and ;love.;比如 ;有趣; “女孩”,还有 “爱”And what I realized was not that I had后来,我意识到to dumb down my own profile.没必要写一个,低智商简介Remember, Im somebody who said还记得吗,我说that I speak fluent Japanese and I know JavaScript我能讲流利的日语,并且熟悉网页编码and I was okay with that.这些都,没问题The difference is that its about being more approachable重点是,怎么写,让自己显得更亲切and helping people understand让别人知道,the best way to reach out to you.怎么采取主动And as it turns out, timing is also really, really important.除此之外,时机也非常重要Just because you have access当我们拿到to somebodys mobile phone number别人的,手机号码or their instant message account或者,聊天帐号and its 2 oclock in the morning and you happen to be awake,碰巧凌晨2点还没睡doesnt mean that thats a good time to communicate with those people.也许不是,联系他们的好时机The popular women on these online sites最受欢迎的女性spend an average of 23 hours一般会等 23小时in between each communication.再进行,下一次沟通And thats what we would normally do这也是我们,in the usual process of courtship.约会时的常规And finally, there were the photos.最后,轮到照片了All of the women who were popular所有,受欢迎女性showed some skin.都会,露一些They all looked really great,她们,看起来很棒which turned out to be in sharp contrast形成,鲜明对比的to what I had uploaded.是我当时,上传的照片Once I had all of this information,掌握了,这些信息之后I was able to create a super profile,我建立了一个,超级档案so it was still me,我,还是我but it was me optimized now for this ecosystem.只是,在这个生态系统当中,更优化的我And as it turns out, I did a really good job.事实明,我做得很不错I was the most popular person online.成了婚恋网,最受欢迎的人And as it turns out, lots and lots of men wanted to date me.后来,特别特别多男人想和我约会So I call my mom, I call my sister, I call my grandmother.我又打电话给,妈妈,,和姥姥Im telling them about this fabulous news,告诉她们,这个好消息and they say, ;This is wonderful!她们说 ;真棒 !“How soon are you going out?;“什么时候开始约会呀?;And I said, ;Well, actually, Im not going to go out with anybody.;然后我说 ;嗯,我不会跟任何一个约会的;Because remember, in my scoring system,因为,记得吧,要在计分系统they have to reach a minimum threshold of 700 points,至少达到700分才行and none of them have done that.这些男士们,都还不够They said, ;What? Youre still being too damn picky.;她们就说 ;什么?你还是太挑剔了;Well, not too long after that,然后,没过多久I found this guy, Thevenin,我发现这个人,戴文宁(Thevenin)and he said that he was culturally Jewish,他说他,接受犹太风俗he said that his job was an arctic baby seal hunter,还说他的工作是,猎捕北极小海豹which I thought was very clever.我觉得,这个说法很有意思He talked in detail about travel.他详谈了很多,关于旅行的事He made a lot of really interesting cultural references.引用了各种,有趣的文化He looked and talked exactly like what I wanted,他外表和谈吐,都是我想要的and immediately, he scored 850 points.当场就,拿下850分It was enough for a date.够约会了Three weeks later, we met up in person三个星期之后,我们见面for what turned out to be a 14-hour-long conversation谈了足足14小时that went from coffee shop to restaurant从咖啡店,到餐厅to another coffee shop to another restaurant,到另一家咖啡厅,再到下一家餐厅and when he dropped me back off at my house that night那天晚上,他送我回家之后I re-scored him --我重新评估1,050 points! --1,050分!--thought, you know what,看来this entire time I havent been picky enough.我一直还,不够挑剔Well, a year and a half after that,一年半之后we were non-cruise ship traveling我们去旅游,当然没有坐游船through Petra, Jordan,在约旦的,佩特拉when he got down on his knee and proposed.他单膝下跪,求婚A year after that, we were married,一年之后,我们结婚and about a year and a half after that, our daughter,又过了一年半,我们的女儿Petra, was born.佩特拉,出生了Obviously, Im having a fabulous life, so --可以看到,我很享受这段精人生,不过the question is, what does all of this mean for you?问题是,这一切对你有什么意义?Well, as it turns out, there is an algorithm for love.事实可以明,爱有计算规则Its just not the ones that were being presented with online.但不是我们,在网上看到的那些In fact, its something that you write yourself.而是,你自己写出来的So whether youre looking for a husband or a wife所以无论你要,寻觅另一半or youre trying to find your passion还是,找回or youre trying to start a business,又或者,要创业all you have to really do is figure out your own framework只需要,真真切切地,找出自己的框架and play by your own rules,按自己的规则,进行发挥and feel free to be as picky as you want.爱多挑剔,就多挑剔Well, on my wedding day,最后,在我的婚礼上I had a conversation again with my grandmother,我和姥姥,又谈了一回and she said, ;All right, maybe I was wrong.她说 ;好吧,也许是我错了“It looks like you did come up with“看来,你确实做了”a really, really great system.“一个,很棒很厉害的系统“Now, your matzoh balls.“可是,你的玛索球”They should be fluffy, not hard.;“该松软些,不能太硬了”And Ill take her advice on that.这个意见,我赞成201505/375694

Another very unique thing for China is that,另一件在中国特别的事情是for this chart at the bottom,从图表底部you can tell that there are more than 700,000可以看出每年有超过70万的engineering graduates each year.工科毕业生Engineering - meaning computer science-related engineering.这里的工科指的是与计算机相关工程科学So the talent pool there is huge.中国有着巨大的人才库But many of them are not so experienced.但他们中的多数人缺乏工作经验When I started this company back almost nine,大约是9到10年前,公司成立初期ten years ago, I started to recruit talents,我们开始招聘人才,招聘工程师recruit engineers, and I wrote in the job description职位介绍由我亲自执笔that requires five-plus years of related experience.要求具有五年以上的相关工作经验Then I found that I couldnt find anyone in China because结果在中国没有人符合要求nobody at that time really focused on technology.因为那是没人致力于技术研究Multinational companies usually hire跨国公司常常雇佣工科学生engineering student to do pre-sells, to do technical support.去做售前顾问,或者,技术持Theres little research,那时候,根本没有研究little development, little innovation at that time.何谈发展,何谈创新So for us to train the students,这就需要公司对学生to train the engineers to become more experienced以及工程师进行培训in developing innovative products,使其在开发产品创新性方面更有经验but thats where the opportunities are.这也是机会所在If you are experienced,如果你经验丰富if you have, say, better ways of managing engineering team,如果你有更好的管理方式this is a very good space you can be in.百度欢迎你加入You can really manage a lot of people.你可以管理很多人There are a lot of people that can do work,人们的工作能力毋庸置疑and if you have a more efficient way如果你能够有效管理to manage a large crowd of engineers,一个大的团队you can be very competitive in the technology world.那么在这个领域,你的竞争力就提升了Well, this is the real purpose Im here.这就是我来到这里的真正目的Baidu welcomes talents like you! So what kind of people we like?百度欢迎你们这样的精英! 那么我们选材的标准是什么呢?We like people who fit in our culture.第一,能够适应百度文化And we like people who is competent,第二,能够胜任工作who can do the job that we require them to do.也就是能够完成公司要求的工作的人And more importantly,更重要的是we like people who have the desire and ability to learn quickly.有求知欲,并且有快速学习的能力Because this is a fast-changing market.市场时刻都在变化Its a fast-changing industry.这个行业也在变化Its very exciting, but if you think you这很令人兴奋,但如果你认为know everything you dont need to learn,你什么知道,你不需要学习了you dont belong to us. I always need to learn.那么请你退出百度,因为人总是在学习Everyone from our company need to be y to每一位公司员工都要做好准备learn new things almost on a daily basis.几乎每天都要学习新的东西So thats very important. Whats our culture?这很重要Its simple and reliable. Simple means theres no politics.我们的文化是;简单可依赖; ;简单;意味着没有政治Theres no ladder, no differences between CEO没有阶级划分and an average engineer on the surface.表面上看来,普通员工和CEO也没有差别And reliable means everyone is competent.;可依赖;意味着每个人都能胜任工作They can deliver the job thats assigned to him or her.他们能够完成指定的工作They are very smart. They are intelligent. They can be counted on.他们聪明伶俐,他们才华横溢,他们值得信任So thats the culture of Baidu.这就是百度的企业文化201503/366155Hi, everybody.This weekend is Memorial Day—a time to pay tribute to all our men and women in uniform whove ever given their lives so that we can live in freedom and security.This year, the holiday is especially meaningful.Its the first Memorial Day since our war ended in Afghanistan.大家好!本周末是阵亡将士纪念日。这是我们缅怀那些为了让我们享有自由和安宁的生活而牺牲自己生命的男女将士的日子。今年,这一节日的意义显得尤为特别。因为这是阿富汗战争结束之后的第一个纪念日。On Monday, at Arlington Cemetery, Ill join our Gold Star families, veterans, and their loved ones to remember all our fallen heroes, including the more than 2,200 American patriots who gave their lives in Afghanistan.And I plan to share a few of their stories.下周一,在阿林顿公墓,我将与我们的金星家庭、退伍军人以及他们的亲人们一起纪念所有逝去的英烈,这其中包括2200多名在阿富汗牺牲的爱国人士。下面,我将向大家介绍一些他们的事迹。Growing up in Arizona, Wyatt Martin loved the outdoors.To him, a great day was a day spent fishing.After high school, he enlisted in the Army because he believed that the blessings he enjoyed as an American came with an obligation to give back to his country.亚利桑那长大的怀特·马丁酷爱户外活动。对他而言,最美妙的日子就是出去钓鱼。高中毕业以后,他登记参军,因为他认为作为一个美国人,他得到了这个国家给予他的幸福,而他有责任回报祖国。Ramon Morris was born in Jamaica, and as a teenager came to Queens.Like so many proud immigrants, he felt a calling to serve his new country and joined the Army.He fell in love, got engaged, and the thing he wanted most was to make the world safer for his three-year-old daughter.雷蒙·莫里斯生于牙买加,十多岁的时候来到纽约皇后区。与众多满怀自豪感的移民一样,他感觉到为新的祖国务的召唤,走进了军营。之后他遇到了他的另一半并定下终身,他最大的希望就是让他三岁大的女儿生活的这个世界更安全。In their lives, Specialist Wyatt Martin and Sergeant First Class Ramon Morris travelled different paths.But in December, their paths intersected as the final two Americans to give their lives during our combat mission in Afghanistan.技术专家怀特·马丁和上士雷蒙·莫里斯,这两个人的人生轨迹各异。但去年的十二月,两位在阿富汗的一次战斗任务中牺牲,结束了他们的人生旅程。This weekend also reminds us that, around the world, our men and women in uniform continue to serve and risk their lives.In Afghanistan, our troops now have a new mission—training and advising Afghan forces.John Dawson was one of them.From Massachusetts, he loved the Bruins and the Pats.In April, he gave his life as an Army combat medic—the first American to give his life in this new mission.This Memorial Day, well honor Corporal Dawson as well.这个周末也提醒我们,在世界各地,我们的男女将士依然在冒着生命危险为国务。在阿富汗,我们的部队有了一项新的使命,为阿富汗军队提供训练和指导。约翰·道森就是其中的一位。他来自马萨诸塞州,是棕熊队(冰球)和爱国者队(橄榄球)的粉丝。今年四月,身为军医的他献出了自己的生命,这也是在这场新的任务中牺牲的第一位美国人。在这个纪念日里,我们也要纪念道森下士。Like generations of heroes before them, these Americans gave everything they had—not for glory, not even for gratitude, but for something greater than themselves.We cannot bring them back.Nor can we ease the pain of their families and friends who live with their loss.与这些人一样,以前的无数英烈们,他们付出了所有一切,不是为了荣耀,也不是为了得到感激,而是为了那些比他们自身更伟大的东西。我们无法让他们重生。也无法抹平他们的牺牲带给他们家人朋友的伤痛。But we are the Americans they died to defend.So what we can do—what we must do—is fulfill our sacred obligations to them, just like they fulfilled theirs to us.We have to honor their memory.We have to care for their families, and our veterans who served with them.And as a nation, we have to remain worthy of their sacrifice—forever committed to the country they loved and the freedom they fought for and died for.但我们正是他们用生命捍卫的美国人民。因此我们可以做、必须做的就是承担起我们对他们的责任,就像他们当初为我们付出一样。我们要记住他们,关心他们的家人,以及和他们并肩战斗过的退伍军人。全国人民都要牢记他们的牺牲代表的价值:永远爱护他们深爱的祖国,永远热爱他们为之战斗乃至牺牲生命换来的自由。Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, and may God bless our fallen heroes and their families.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快,愿上帝保佑我们逝去的英烈和他们的家人。201506/378992

Fear is whispered in our ears and shouted in our faces. Faith must be fostered by the man or woman you see every day in the mirror. The former forever snaps at our heels and our synapses and delays our course. The latter can spur our book heels to be wandering, stimulate our creativity, and drive us forward.恐惧在我们耳畔低吟,在我们面前咆哮。信念必须由你每天在镜子里看到的自己——男性或女性——来培养。前者永远猛咬我们的后脚跟,阻碍我们前进的道路,后者可以鞭策我们探索的步伐,激发我们的创造力,驱使我们前行。Fear or faith: which will be our master?各位,恐惧或信心,何者将成为我们的主宰?Three men found that they could no longer sleep because of their deep-seeded lives fears. This is a story Im telling. Their lives were in the state of stasis because of their constant worreis. So they set out on a pilgrimage to find a wise man who lived high in the mountains, so high up above the tree line, that no vegetation grew, no animals live, not even insects could be found so high up in the mountains in that thin air. When they reached his cave, the first of the three said:有三名男子发现,因为深藏于心的恐惧,他们无法入睡。这是我要讲的一个故事。因为他们不断地忧虑,他们生活在抑郁的状态。所以他们踏上朝圣的路,决心找到一个住在高山上的智者,山非常高,高过林木线,空气稀薄,没有植被,没有动物,甚至没有昆虫。当他们走到他的洞穴,为首的朝圣者说:;Help me, wise man, for my fear has crippled me!;“救救我,智者,我的恐惧快折磨死我了!”;What is your fear?; asked the wise man.智者说:“你的恐惧是什么?”;I fear death,; said the pilgrim, ;I wonder when it is going to come for me.;“我怕死,我不知道它何时来临。”朝圣者说。;Ah, death...; said the wise man. ;Let me take away this fear, my friend. Death will not come to call until you are y for its embrace. Know that and your fear will go away.;“啊,死亡……让我帮你去除这种恐惧,我的朋友。死亡不会拜访我们,直到我们准备好同死亡相拥。知道这一点,你的恐惧会自行消失。”201406/307245And I think what Im trying to say to you is that each and every one of you can make a difference. So as you study and as you become smarter, and as you become richer, think about these millions of people that need your help. Now, you maybe ask yourself the question, what can I do? Well, let me tell you. Even though you maybe have no money or nothing, you can go out and help a child that has not yet learned yet how to . You maybe can go out and help a person that is physically handicapped, to lift them up and to take them outside so they can see the world. There are so many different things that you can do. You maybe can take a person that is mentally disabled, to take them to a soccer game. There are all kinds of things that the individual can do to reach out and to help.我想跟你们说的就是,你们每一个人都可以产生深远影响。所以,当你们不断学习变得更加精明时,当你们变得富有时,想想有数百万人还需要你们的帮助。现在你们或许会问自己,我能做什么呢?让我来告诉你们,即使现在你没有金钱,你什么都没有,你们仍然可以去帮助那些甚至还不会读书识字的孩子。你们可以去帮助残疾人,把他们扶起来,带他们出去看看外面的世界。你们可以做许许多多不同的事情。你们可以带一位智障人士到足球场观看比赛。每个人都可以用各种方式伸出自己的援助之手。Imagine what could be accomplished if the dreams of Chinas 1.3 billion individuals could be unleashed. Imagine what could happen. Each of you here has the power of the individual within you, you have the power of your dreams within you, and these are tremendous powers. Youre young, youre educated, and you are the very best China has to offer. My young Chinese friends, I believe in your dreams. I believe that you can achieve them, and I believe you can make a difference, a big difference. All you have to do is just make the commitment. All you have to do is create the action and commit, and say, ;Lets do it.; Go out and do it. Im asking you. Do it for yourself, do it for China, and do it for the good of the world. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you.试想一下,如果中国13亿人,每个人都去实现自己的梦想的话,将会创造出什么?将会发生什么?你们每一个人都有个人能力,都拥有自己的梦想,而这些就是巨大的力量。你们风华正茂,受过良好的教育,你们是中国最优秀的年轻人。年轻的中国朋友们,我相信你们的梦想。我相信你们能够实现这些梦想。我相信你们可以有所作为,而且大有作为。你们必须要做的就是作出承诺。你们要做的就是付诸实际行动并全力以赴,并要说:“让我们去做!”去实现你们的梦想吧!我恳请你们,为你们自己而努力,为中国而努力,为全世界的利益而努力。非常感谢大家听我讲话。谢谢大家。201404/284436

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