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内蒙古自治区医院做体检多少钱呼伦贝尔市医院肛肠科Danny Sullivan dreams of gardening and spending time with his grandchildren, but that#39;s just a fantasy. Retirement is out of his reach, at least for the foreseeable future. 丹尼#12539;沙利文(Danny Sullivan)梦想著有一天能够空闲下来,伺弄伺弄花草,享享天伦之乐,但在可以预见的未来,这种日子对他来说仍旧遥不可及。 The 62-year-old founder of a small catering company spends his days helping stock bars with beer and ice, wooing potential new clients and juggling the 20 to 30 different events his firm handles daily. 沙利文今年已经62岁,还在经营着自己一手创办的一家小型餐饮公司,他每天要么帮着酒吧补充啤酒和冰块,要么花时间招徕潜在客户,要么就是忙着公司每天承接的20-30种不同类型的酒席订单。 #39;I am so tired,#39; he says. #39;I don#39;t know that I#39;ll ever be able to retire.#39; 他说,“我累死了,都不知道这种日子哪天才能到头。” The weak economy has been tough for small-business owners across the board, with their total revenue inching up by just 3% since 2007 and declining in fields such as construction (-12%), real-estate services (-3%) and retailing (-2%), according to financial-software maker Intuit Inc. But for millions of entrepreneurs in their 60s and 70s, the consequences have been particularly vexing. 经济低迷让全美各地的小企业主们大伤脑筋。根据财务软件供应商Intuit Inc.的统计,美国小企业自2007年以来总收入仅小幅增长3%,某些行业更是出现了下滑,如建筑业下滑12%、房地产务业下滑3%、零售业下滑2%。有数以百万计的小企业主已经到了六七十岁的年纪,使得问题显得更加严峻。 Many of them are stuck in #39;business purgatory,#39; unable to retire and forced to hang on for a recovery that economists say could still be a long way off. 很多人被自己的生意困住,无法退休,只能忍受煎熬,苦苦等待据经济学家预计还有很长一段时间才可能到来的经济复苏。 Mr. Sullivan has struggled to sell Arguello Catering Inc., the Redwood City, Calif., business he started 21 years ago, at a price anywhere near the 0,000 or so he figures he needs to stop working. He reckons that about 70% of his nest egg is tied up in the 25-employee company. 沙利文位于加州红木城(Redwood City)的餐饮公司Arguello Catering Inc.已经创办了21年,现在他想把公司转手,并且希望能够卖到差不多85万美元的价钱,因为他认为只有这样才能够保自己的退休开销。Arguello Catering现有25名员工,沙利文估计自己的退休金中有70%左右都被困在了公司。 Its annual revenue has fallen to roughly million from million before the recession, Mr. Sullivan says. He has tried, without success, to boost the business#39;s value by branching into new markets, expanding hours of operation and adding healthier options. He says he got three offers for Arguello this year, but they were far too low. 沙利文表示,Arguello Catering的年收入已经从经济衰退前的300万美元下降至200万美元左右。虽然他试过开拓新市场、延长营业时间、增加健康菜谱等不同手段,希望提高公司的价值,但似乎都没有成功。沙利文称今年有三个潜在买家跟他接触过,但他们的出价都太低了。 Nearly half of the 799 small-business owners surveyed in August by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International, an executive-mentoring organization, expect to retire after age 65, with 38% saying that their planned retirement date is later than they had predicted five years ago. In addition, 56% said most of their retirement nest egg is tied to their business. 《华尔街日报》和高管培训机构Vistage International在8月份联合调查了799位小企业主,其中近半数预计自己会在65岁以后退休,38%的人表示自己现在的退休计划较五年前有所推后,56%的人表示自己的退休金大部分都被生意占用着。 Baby boomers, in many cases, were blindsided by the recession and its effect on their retirement plans, says George Vozikis, director of the Institute for Family Business at California State University in Fresno. 加州州立大学弗雷斯诺分校(California State University in Fresno)家族企业学院的院长乔治#12539;沃兹克斯(George Vozikis)表示,很多婴儿潮一代都被这次的经济衰退打了个措手不及,退休计划也受到了影响。 #39;Boomer entrepreneurs grew up believing in the American dream that you could start a business and eventually sell it for a good return or pass it onto your kids,#39; adds Aaron Chatterji, associate professor at Duke University#39;s Fuqua School of Business in Durham, N.C. #39;Because of the financial crisis and subsequent recession, that is more difficult today.#39; 位于北卡罗来纳州德罕市(Durham)的杜克大学福库商学院(Fuqua School of Business)的副教授亚伦#12539;查特吉(Aaron Chatterji)补充表示,“婴儿潮一代的企业家都是被美国梦熏陶着长大的,他们对创办企业并最终卖个好价钱或传给子孙的理想深信不疑,但现在,因为金融危机及随之而来的经济衰退,要实现这个理想有点难了。” Judy Lawton, 69, says she would like to sell the small staffing company she started 27 years ago. She figures she needs to sell it for close to million to live comfortably. But her company was hit hard by the job-market slump, and its revenue is down by about 60% from before the recession. 69岁的朱迪#12539;劳顿(Judy Lawton)表示,想把自己经营了27年的小型人力资源公司转让掉。她估摸着需要卖到接近200万美元的样子,才能让自己的退休生活比较舒适。但劳动力市场的低迷对她的公司造成了不小的影响,现在的收入比经济衰退前下降了60%左右。 Ms. Lawton says she continues to work 12-hour days, meeting with prospective clients sometimes until late at night. She says she can#39;t afford to inexpand her business, which is down to 13 employees from 35 a few years ago. She recently sold her office building for .1 million to help pay off a 0,000 Small Business Administration-backed loan that she secured to survive the recession. 劳顿表示,现在她仍然每天工作12个小时,有时候很晚了还要跟潜在客户会面。她说自己没办法扩大业务,现在公司的员工已经从几年前的35人减少到13人。最近,她作价310万美元卖掉了办公楼,以偿还自己为了应对经济衰退困难期而借入的90万美元小企业持贷款(Small Business Administration-backed loan)。 Ms. Lawton listed her business for sale last year through a broker, but all of the offers she received were #39;insulting,#39; she says: as little as 0,000, plus installments that would vary depending on performance. 去年劳顿通过中介挂牌出售自己的公司,但收到的意向报价都低得“让人生气”。她说,有的报价只有25万美元,还要求根据公司经营情况分期付款。 #39;You don#39;t work for almost 28 years at [building] a company and give it away,#39; says Ms. Lawton, adding she won#39;t settle for what she considers a low offer, given the strong reputation and client base she has cultivated. 劳顿说,“我辛苦经营了将近28年的公司,可不是为了就这么拱手送人的。”她表示,她的公司已经在业内建立了良好的声誉,积累了很好的客户基础,因此,她是不会接受低价转让的。 She hasn#39;t taken a vacation in years because she can#39;t afford to travel. #39;The economy has stolen my retirement,#39; she says. 劳顿已经多年没有休假了,因为不敢走开,她说,“经济偷走了我的退休生活。” #39;The average business coming to market has lower earnings [than] it did in 2007-2008, therefore the prices are lower,#39; says Barry Evans, partner at Acquisition Services Group, a business brokerage in San Diego. #39;If a business has lost 20% of its earning power in the past few years, it will sell for at least 30% less today.#39; 位于圣迭戈(San Diego)的企业转让中介机构Acquisition Services Group的合伙人巴里#12539;埃文斯(Barry Evans)表示,“平均来看,现在挂牌转让的企业的盈利水平比2007-2008年要低,所以转让价也降低了。如果一家企业在过去几年盈利能力下降了20%,那么它如今的售价至少要少掉30%。” Andy Birol, a small-business consultant in Pittsburgh, says many of his older clients are at a crossroads: #39;They either have to sell for far less than they need or deserve to get out, or they have to muster up the energy to recommit themselves to the business,#39; he says. #39;They#39;re conflicted.#39; 匹兹堡的中小企业顾问安迪#12539;比罗尔(Andy Birol)表示,他有很多年长的客户现在都在犹豫:“是将企业低价或折价转让,还是打起精神继续经营下去?他们现在非常矛盾。” Fourteen years ago, when Dan Cawley, 60, started real-estate brokerage Cawley Chicago Commercial Real Estate Co. in Downers Grove, Ill., he planned to gradually sell shares to his employees so he could retire by 70. But the recession hit just at the wrong time. 今年60岁的丹#12539;考利(Dan Cawley)14年前在伊利诺斯州唐纳斯格罗夫市(Downers Grove)创办了房地产中介公司Cawley Chicago Commercial Real Estate Co.,他本来计划将自己的股份慢慢转让给员工,这样到70岁时他就可以退休了。但经济衰退来袭,打乱了他的计划。 #39;The employees, they were concerned about the financial viability of the company,#39; he says. #39;I wasn#39;t even sure if we#39;d survive. This grandiose plan was blowing up.#39; 考利说,“员工们开始担心公司的财务存续能力,连我自己现在都不确定公司能否存续下去,这个宏伟计划只能泡汤了。” Last year, the company started offering property-management and consulting services and business has improved. 考利的公司从去年开始提供物业管理及咨询务,生意有所好转。 Today, Mr. Cawley spends his 10-hour workdays training his sales team, meeting with landlords and property owners and running staff meetings. He also travels the country to build relationships in other states. 现在,考利每个工作日要工作10个小时,培训销售团队,会见开发商和业主,主持公司内部会议。有时,他还要在美国各地出差,到其他州开发和维护客户关系。 He has delayed his retirement plan for five years. He hopes to sell his first installment of shares next year. 考利已经将自己的退休计划推后了五年。现在他希望明年能卖掉自己的第一批股份。 #39;Every dime is in the company,#39; he says. #39;I have no alternative savings, except Social Security. And I certainly can#39;t live on that.#39; 他说,“我的每分钱都投在公司里了,除了社保,再也没有别的储蓄。光靠社保的钱,显然是不够的。” /201209/198882兴安盟治疗膀胱炎多少钱 托克托县不孕不育医院

呼市253医院做流产多少钱U.S. investigators say a suspect in Mississippi has been arrested in connection with a poisoned letter sent to U.S. President Barack Obama.美国调查人员说,在密西西比州逮捕了一名与寄给奥巴马总统带毒信件事件有关的嫌疑人。The FBI said suspect Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested Wednesday in Corinth, Mississippi. Investigators did not provide further details.美国联邦调查局说,嫌疑人柯蒂斯星期三在密西西比州的科林斯被逮捕。调查人员没有透露更多细节。However, an FBI intelligence bulletin seen by reporters said the suspect April 8 letter to Mr. Obama and a second one addressed to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker were postmarked in Memphis, Tennessee and contained some identical wording.但记者看到的一份联邦调查局情报简报说,4月8号寄给奥巴马的带毒信件和寄给韦克尔参议员的带毒信件上的邮戳显示寄出地点是田纳西州的孟菲斯,而两封信件中的某些措辞完全一样。Both letters preliminarily tested positive for ricin, a highly poisonous chemical compound that is deadly in amounts as small as a grain of salt.这两封信件都初步检测出带有蓖麻油毒素,这是一种毒性极强的有毒化学制剂,极少量即可致命。Investigators said both letters were intercepted at mail screening facilities away from the White House and Senate offices and consequently did not place either the president or the senator in immediate danger. 调查人员说,这两封信件分别被白宫和参议院的信件检查机构截获,因此没有对奥巴马总统和韦克尔参议员构成威胁。 /201304/235835土默特左旗医院电话 和林格尔县治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱

鄂尔多斯妇科专家挂号President Barack Obama has managed to retain a narrow lead in his race for re-election despite a spate of bad economic news and surging GOP optimism about Mitt Romney#39;s prospects, a new Wall Street Journal/N News poll finds.《华尔街日报》和美国全国广播公司(N News)最新民调显示,尽管近期经济方面不利消息频传,尽管美国共和党人对罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)的选战前景越来越乐观,但美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)仍在谋求连任的竞选中保持了微弱的领先优势。The president outpolls Mr. Romney, his presumed Republican rival, 47% to 44%, a lead within the survey#39;s margin of error and similar to the advantage he enjoyed a month ago. Mr. Obama#39;s lead is wider in swing states, where the campaigns have battled most intensely.民调显示,奥巴马的持率为47%,超过将成为其对手的共和党候选人罗姆尼44%的持率。奥巴马的这个领先优势在民调的误差范围内,与他一个月前享有的优势差不多。奥巴马的领先优势在;摇摆州;较大,那些州也是选战最激烈的地方。The poll highlights challenges facing both candidates. While Mr. Obama retains a durable base of support, his standing among white, working-class voters, which was low to start with, continues to erode. Interest in the campaign isn#39;t nearly as intense as it was four years ago among young people and Latinos, who were important to Mr. Obama#39;s victory in 2008.这次民调凸显出了两位候选人各自面临的挑战。虽然奥巴马仍拥有牢固的持基础,但他在白人工薪阶层选民中的声望持续下降,而且他在这些选民中的声望一开始就不高。年轻人和拉美裔选民对奥巴马竞选的兴趣远不及四年前那么浓厚,而这些人的持对奥巴马2008年成功当选美国总统十分重要。At the same time, more people viewed Mr. Romney unfavorably than favorably by a 6-point margin, with nearly one-quarter of those polled viewing him ;very negatively,; twice the level found in December. Mr. Romney#39;s business background, which he has made a central element of his candidacy, is a draw for many, the poll found. But it is viewed negatively by even more people.与此同时,不喜欢罗姆尼的人比喜欢他的人多了六个百分点,近四分之一的被调查者对他持非常负面的看法,这一比例是去年12月的两倍。罗姆尼将自己的商业背景作为选战的重要卖点,民调显示,这一点吸引了很多人,但同时有更多人将其视为负面因素。Overall, the survey presents the presidential race as both tight and stable. ;It looks like a dead heat on a merry-go-round,; said Peter Hart, the Democratic pollster who conducts the Journal survey with Republican Bill McInturff. ;There is the appearance of motion, but the horses#39; positions haven#39;t changed.;民调显示,这次总统竞选整体而言格局稳定且势均力敌。美国民主党民调专家哈特(Peter Hart)说,两个人难分胜负,这就好像是坐旋转木马一样,外表看是在动,但木马的位置并没有改变。这次民调由哈特与共和党人麦金塔夫(Bill McInturff)共同完成。Mr. Obama#39;s advantage is more pronounced in 12 battleground states which, taken as a group, favor him 50% to 42%. His larger lead in those states, which include Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia, could reflect the impact of negative ads aired by his campaign that have criticized Mr. Romney#39;s record as a businessman and portrayed him as out of touch with middle-class voters.奥巴马在12个;摇摆州;的优势更为明显。若把这些州当作一个整体,它们与美国其它州对奥巴马的持率分别是50%和42%。奥巴马在这些州(包括内华达、科罗拉多、宾夕法尼亚和弗吉尼亚等)的较大领先幅度或许可反映出他打出的负面竞选广告所产生的影响。这些广告批评罗姆尼作为生意人的过往经历,将罗姆尼描绘成一个与中产阶级选民脱节的人。;There are two campaigns─the one being fought out in the press, and one in swing states,; said Mr. McInturff. ;We#39;re seeing some indications that the advertising could be having an impact.;麦金塔夫说,现在出现了两个竞选,一个是在媒体上进行的,一个是在;摇摆州;进行的,我们发现有一些迹象显示,竞选广告可能有不小影响。The poll of 1,000 adults was conducted June 20-24, after a month that seemed to offer much to buoy Mr. Romney. His fundraising was strong, the May jobs report was weak, and Mr. Obama was widely criticized for saying the private sector was ;doing fine.; Republican confidence grew after an effort by labor unions and their Democratic allies to recall Wisconsin#39;s Republican governor failed.这次民调在6月20日至24日期间采访了1,000名成年人,而此前一个月似乎传出了很多可提振罗姆尼选情的消息。例如,他在竞选筹款方面的表现十分强劲,以及5月份美国就业报告疲弱,奥巴马因说私营部门;表现还行;而遭到普遍批评。在工会及其民主党盟友罢免威斯康星州共和党籍州长的努力失败后,共和党的信心得到增强。 /201206/188478 呼和浩特男科咨询乌兰察布挂号网



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