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President Barack Obama won two straight elections for the White House, but during a talk with students at a town hall on race and sports he discussed a few times when he did not always come out on top.美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马曾连赢两届总统大选,但在市政厅举办的一场与青年学子的交流座谈会中,奥巴马多次公开提到,自己也并不是一直都占据上风。Obama recounted the fallout from his first presidential debate in his ultimately successful 2012 election race against Republican Mitt Romney.奥巴马回想起2012年大选时,在首场辩论和共和党对手米特·罗姆尼唇舌战后的心路历程。;I had that first debate, which was roundly panned. Everybody said you were terrible,; Obama said at the town hall hosted by ESPN#39;s The Undefeated at North Carolina AT State University.奥巴马在运动频道ESPN旗下网站The Undefeated于北卡罗来纳农工州立大学主办的座谈会上表示:“我首场辩论的表现恶评如潮,大家都说我表现很差。”;What is true is that I#39;ve always kind of hated these debate formats, so it wasn#39;t my best performance.;“事实上,我平常就蛮讨厌这种辩论形式,所以没交出最好表现。”He said what really inspired him to ;dig deep; for the second debate was seeing young volunteers around the country.奥巴马还提到,促使他全力以赴第二场辩论的动力来源于当时全国各地的青年志愿者们。While they put on a brave face, Obama said he could tell they were worried about the race.虽然他们故作坚强,但是自己能够从他们的脸上看出担心选情的情绪。;I just thought to myself these kids are pouring their hearts and souls into making calls and knocking on doors, I#39;m not going to disappoint them,; he said.奥巴马说道:“我跟我自己说,这些孩子们付诸了全部的心力,又是打电话,又是敲门拉票,我不能让他们失望。”Obama also described his experience losing his first campaign for a U.S. congressional seat in 2000 and how it humbled him. Without that defeat, Obama said he did not believe he would have went on to win his Senate race in 2004.奥巴马也提到2000年首次参选国会失利让他懂得谦卑,要不是有那次失败经验,他可能没办法再接再厉,进而在2004年赢得联邦参议院席次。;What is true about politics that is similar to sports, though, is when you lose, you lose publicly,; he said. ;It#39;s a hard feeling. One of the benefits of defeat is to take some of the vanity out of what it is you#39;re trying to achieve.;“政治和运动差不多的地方就在于,失败时,会搞得众所皆知,那感觉不好受。被打败的好处之一,就是你对努力想达成的目标,会少了点虚荣之心。” /201610/474560

Marriage Rules You Should Break应该打破的结婚常规The two of you should do everything together; work out every disagreement (without actually fighting); spend every night in the same bed; and never, ever be bored. Say what?! These and other so-called ;rules; for marriage need some serious debunking. And it#39;s not just because rules your mother may have passed on are outdated; some may be downright damaging. In fact, ;breaking some marriage #39;rules#39; may be the best thing you can do for your relationship,; says Barbara Bartlein, psychotherapist and author of Why Did I Marry You Anyway? Here are the rules you can break with confidence.夫妻应该一起做每一件事;解决每一次纷争(并没有真正的吵架);每晚都睡在同一张床上;永远都不能无聊。还能说什么呢?我们真的要重新解读这些和其它一些所谓的结婚“规则”了!因为你母亲传授给你的这些规则不但落伍,而且还可能有损夫妻感情。事实上,“打破一些结婚‘常规’可能是恋情中你能做的最好努力,”《我为何要嫁给你?》一书的作者兼心理治疗师芭芭拉#8226;巴特琳说道。下列这些常规你绝对可以打破!1. Never go to bed angry.1. 永远不要带着怒气睡觉。Where did this one come from? Turns out, it may go as far back as the Bible, which advises not letting the sun go down on your anger. But trying to work through a problem when you#39;re tired and stressed won#39;t get you anywhere, says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, psychologist and author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. ;Agree to disagree for now, and to revisit the issue when you#39;re rested.;这句话出自何处?原来,这句话可追溯到《圣经》,书上建议太阳落山后就不要生气了。但如果你试着在很累、压力很大的时候解决问题,那么肯定不会有什么进展的,伊丽莎白#8226;隆巴尔多士说道,她也是一位心理学家,同时还是《快乐的你:你快乐的终极处方》一书的作者。“暂时同意意见不一致,等休息好了再来解决问题。”2. Always be 100% honest.2. 总是百分百诚实。In marriage, no-holds-barred honesty is not always the best policy. For example, ;you don#39;t need to share details of past relationships,; says Bartlein. ;That invites comparisons, and when you compare, someone comes up short.; The bottom line: You need to be polite and caring when it comes to your partner#39;s feelings.在婚姻中,毫无顾忌的诚实并不总是最好的做法。例如,“过往恋情的细节就不要和对方说了,”巴特琳说道。“细说过往会带来比较,当你比较的时候,某人就会伤心了。”底线:当触及另一半的感受时,你需要表现得彬彬有礼、还要呵护她/他。3. You should never sleep in separate beds.3. 永远都不要分床睡。Um, snore much? It#39;s a myth that couples always sleep better and more cozily together than apart. One partner may be a toss-and-turner, or one may hit the hay early while the other keeps a ing light burning till the wee hours. So if one of you occasionally decamps to the guest room, don#39;t sweat it. ;Getting a good night#39;s sleep is crucial to the health of your mind, body and marriage,; says Dr. Lombardo. Just be sure a separate-bed habit isn#39;t about avoiding physical intimacy.额,老是打呼噜?夫妻们在一起睡觉总比分开睡更舒、更踏实,这一点是说不清道不明的。夫妻一方可能老是翻身,又或是一方看书直到凌晨而另一方早已呼呼大睡。所以如果偶尔有人去客房睡觉,那就别担心了。“晚上睡个好觉对你的身心和婚姻都至关重要,”隆巴尔多士说道。但一定要确保分床睡并不是为了逃避身体亲密。4. Boring is bad.4. 无聊就糟糕了。The problem with this so-called rule, says Bartlein, is when couples confuse a calm, predictable union with a bad one. ;Better to have a safe, relaxed, #39;boring#39; life together in the everyday. You can always inject excitement with vacations and activities.;巴特琳说这一所谓规则的问题就在于:夫妻有时会将可预测的平静时光误以为是件糟糕的事。“最好每天都一起度过安全、放松、‘无聊’的时光。这样出去度假或参加活动时,你们就总能激动不已啦。”译文属 /201701/489789

A stranger#39;s selfless gift leads to love陌生人无私的礼物引发一段佳缘There are always a lot of people to thank on a wedding day, but the bride-to-be at a church outside Chicago had one person to thank over all others: a total stranger who made it possible.婚礼这天会有很多人需要感谢,但这个在芝加哥城外教堂的准新娘要特别感谢一个人:这个让她活下来的陌生人。Several years ago, out of the blue, 27-year-old Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease. Doctors said she had just a few months to live.几年前,27岁的Heather Krueger出乎意料被查出肝病4期。医生表示,她的生命就剩几个月了。;They immediately told me I was going to need a transplant,; Heather said. There was not much time to find a donor.“他们当时建议我进行肝脏移植,”Heather回忆道。但没有时间去找现成的捐献者。;By that time I could really feel my body shutting down,; she said.“那段时间,我明显感到身体机能在逐渐衰弱,”她说。Enter our hero. Chris Dempsey is a code enforcement officer for the village of Frankfort, Illinois. He said he was in the break room one day when he overheard a guy talking about this woman who needed a liver donor.就在这时,我们的英雄上场了。Chris Dempsey是伊利诺伊州法兰克福镇的法律执行官。他说自己在偶然在休息室听人说起有个女人需要肝脏捐献。;I spent four years in the Marine Corps and learned there never to run away from anything. So I just said to myself , #39;Hey, if I can help, I#39;m going to help,#39;; Chris said.“我在海军陆战队呆了4年,明白没什么需要逃避的。所以就告诉自己,‘如果我能帮上忙,就要去行动,’”Chris回忆道。Keep in mind he had never met Heather, but got tested to see if he was compatible. And when he found out he was, they finally met for the first time.这时的他和Heather从未见面,只是去检查过自己是否符合捐献条件。当得知自己符合时,他们才有了第一次会面。;We had lunch together, discussed what the whole process was going to be,; Heather said. He even treated her meal!“我们一起吃了午餐,谈论着整个意志过程会是怎样的情况,”Heather说。这顿饭还是Chris请的。Not long after, they checked into the University of Illinois Hospital. The transplant -- which involved removing about half of the donor#39;s liver -- went off without a hitch.不久,他们一起住进了伊利诺伊大学医院。移植手术需要切掉捐献者一半的肝脏,但整个过程非常顺利。Afterward, Chris and Heather remained close. They got so close, in fact, that he was at her wedding last weekend.这之后,Chris和Heather走的很近,他们关系已经亲近到Chris上周去参加了她的婚礼。He had to be, really. Because what is a wedding without a groom?他也不得不去。因为婚礼上哪能少了新郎?And so it was, that year-and-a-half after giving her part of his liver, she gave him all her heart.所以这才是故事的结尾,他为她捐献出自己的一半肝脏之后的一年半时间里,她为他献出了自己全部的真心。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201611/473301

A Princeton University polling expert who said he would eat a bug if Donald Trump got more than 240 electoral votes has followed through on his promise.普林斯顿大学一位民调专家在总统大选前表示,如果特朗普赢得240票以上,那么他就会吃虫子。如今,他兑现了这一诺言。Sam Wang, of the Princeton Election Consortium, made good on his Twitter word on CNN last Saturday.普林斯顿选举团的Sam Wang士上周六在接受CNN采访时,兑现了他在推特上的承诺。Wang ate from a can of gourmet-style crickets and added in some honey.他吃掉了一个罐子中的一些美味的蟋蟀,还添加了一些蜂蜜。He said John the Baptist ate locusts and honey in the wilderness, and he considers himself to be in the wilderness as well.Sam Wang表示,施洗约翰在荒野里吃过蝗虫和野蜜,他觉得自己现在也像是在荒野里。Wang says on the consortium#39;s website that polls failed, but that his analysis ;amplified; that failure.在该团体的网站上,Sam Wang表示,民调失败了,而他的预测“放大了”这个结果。He apologized for ;underestimating the possibility; of Trump winning.他为自己“低估了特朗普胜选的可能性”而道歉。Wang is a data scientist and neuroscientist at Princeton in New Jersey, US.Sam Wang现在是美国新泽西州普林斯顿大学的一名数据专家,同时也是一位神经系统科学家。 /201611/479806A hard rain was falling on a summer’s day in 2009 when the call came into the police in the New Jersey shore community of Long Branch. 2009年夏天的一天,当新泽西海岸区朗布兰奇(Long Branch)的警局接到电话时,外面正下着暴雨。A dishevelled old man had been spotted walking around in the storm and staring into the windows of a vacant house with a for sale on it.有人看到一个头发凌乱的老人在暴风雨中游荡,盯着一套贴着在售标志的空房的窗户往里看。A 24-year-old officer was sent to investigate and found a strangely saturated senior citizen at the scene. 一名24岁的女警官被派去查看,她在现场发现了一个浑身湿透的奇怪老人。Dressed in a hooded raincoat and black sweat pants stuffed into his boots, he carried no identification and told a tale that seemed to be on the tall side.他身着连帽雨衣和黑色运动裤,裤腿塞进靴子里,他未随身携带任何身份件,说的话也让人难以相信。I asked him what his name was and he said, ‘Bob Dylan’, said the officer, Kristie Buble. 我问他叫什么,他说,‘鲍勃#8226;迪伦(Bob Dylan)’。Now, I’ve seen pictures of Bob Dylan from a long time ago and he didn’t look like Bob Dylan to me at all#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I wasn’t sure if he came from one of our hospitals or something.警官克里斯蒂#8226;布勃莱(Kristie Buble)称,好吧,我很久以前见过鲍勃#8226;迪伦的照片,在我看来那个人一点都不像鲍勃#8226;迪伦……我当时不确定他是不是从哪家医院或其他类似地方跑出来的。Indulging the soaked-through fellow, the officer put him in her car and took him to the place where he said his tour bus was parked. 这位女警官没有为难那位浑身湿透的老人,她把他带到车上,送他去他说他的旅游车停放的地方。There, she found out that this Bob Dylan was the real McCoy — a discovery that made its way into the newspapers and provoked considerable amusement about the lack of historical consciousness among the US generations that followed the baby boomers.在那里,她发现这位鲍勃#8226;迪伦就是本尊——这个发现登上了报纸,引发了不少对美国婴儿潮后的几代人缺乏历史意识的调侃。This week, the hooded wanderer seen in Long Branch was back in the news because the Swedish Academy selected him as the 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, raising again the question of what to make of him.上周,这位曾出现在朗布兰奇的穿着连帽雨衣的流浪汉再次出现在新闻报道中,因为瑞典文学院(Swedish Academy)将他选为2016年诺贝尔文学奖(Nobel Prize for Literature)得主。这再次引发了该如何看待他的问题。The Swedish authorities knew Dylan well and honoured him for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition. 瑞典文学院很了解鲍勃#8226;迪伦,嘉奖他在美国歌曲的伟大传统中开创了新的诗性表达。Theirs was the Dylan who became the voice of his generation, expressing the young’s unease with the conformity of the postwar era and providing the poetry that animated the fights for civil rights and against the Vietnam war.他们眼中的鲍勃#8226;迪伦是这样一个人:为他那一代人发声,表达年轻人对战后时代的循规蹈矩的不安,创作的诗歌激励了人们争取公民权利的抗争以及反对越战运动。But the furtive fellow picked up by the police in New Jersey deserves to be part of the story, too. 但当时被新泽西警察局带走的那个鬼鬼祟祟的人也应该成为故事的一部分。For if there is one thing that has typified the former Robert Allen Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota, in recent decades it has been his resistance to being too closely identified with the pop star version of Bob Dylan.因为,最近几十年,来自明尼苏达州希宾(Hibbing)、本名罗伯特#8226;艾伦#8226;齐默尔曼(Robert Allen Zimmerman)的他身上最典型的特征,就是他对与流行歌手鲍勃#8226;迪伦这一身份过于紧密地联系在一起的抵制。Now 75, Dylan still seems to live by the credo he set forth in his magisterial 1964 song, It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding): He not busy being born is busy dying. 如今已经75岁的迪伦,似乎仍然在依照他在1964年的经典歌曲《没事儿,妈妈(我不过是在流血)》(It’s Alright, Ma(I’m Only Bleeding))中提出的信条生活——没在忙着出生的人就在忙着死去(He not busy being born is busy dying)。His challenge has been that so many fans treat such words as if they were scriptural — as president-to-be Jimmy Carter seemed to do when he referenced the lyric at the 1976 Democratic convention in a bid to curry favour with younger voters. 他的难题一直是,太多的粉丝把这些歌词当作圣经来对待——就像之前尚未当选总统的吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)在1976年的民主党全国代表大会上,为了迎合年轻选民而引用迪伦的歌词时那样。Following his period of pop stardom, Dylan quickly began turning away from the legions of people turning to him as their oracle.在流行歌星的人生阶段过去之后,迪伦开始迅速远离那些把他视为神明的人。Whatever the counterculture was, I had seen enough of it, he wrote in his memoir — Chronicles: Volume One — of his state of mind by the late 1960s. 不管反主流文化是什么,我都看够了,在回忆录《编年史》(Chronicles: Volume One,较早的一个中文版名为《像一块滚石》)中,他这样描述自己在1960年代末之前的思想状态。I was sick of the way my lyrics had been extrapolated, their meanings subverted into polemics and that I had been anointed as the Big Bubba of Rebellion, High Priest of Protest, the Czar of Dissent, the Duke of Disobedience, Leader of the Freeloaders, Kaiser of Apostasy, Archbishop of Anarchy, the Big Cheese.我厌倦了我的歌词被揣测,歌词的意义形成了论战,我被神化成了‘反叛的大佬’(Big Bubba of Rebellion)、‘抗议的大祭司’(High Priest of Protest)、‘异见的沙皇’(Czar of Dissent)、‘不从的公爵’(Duke of Disobedience)、‘寄生虫的领袖’(Leader of the Freeloaders)、‘叛教之皇’(Kaiser of Apostasy)、‘无政府主义的大主教’(Archbishop of Anarchy)和‘大人物’(Big Cheese)。The solution in recent years has been what he calls the Never-Ending Tour, with Dylan hiding in plain sight as a wandering minstrel, maintaining the musical flame carried before him by such heroes as Woody Guthrie and Big Bill Broonzy (his journeys have included visits to the old homes of other songwriters — leading to speculation that his mission in Long Branch was to see a house there that had once been occupied by Bruce Springsteen).近年来,他的解决办法是他所说的永无止境的旅行(Never-Ending Tour)——迪伦像游吟诗人一样隐藏在大庭广众之中,传承伍迪#8226;格思里(Woody Guthrie)和大比尔#8226;布伦齐(Big Bill Broonzy)等前辈曾传递过的音乐火焰(他的旅程包括拜访其他词曲作家的故居,这让人们猜测他去朗布兰奇是想看一看布鲁斯#8226;斯普林斯廷(Bruce Springsteen)曾经住过的房子)。These songs didn’t come out of thin air, he said at a music industry gathering in Los Angeles last year. 这些歌不是凭空诞生的,去年他在洛杉矶的一场音乐行业盛会上表示,I learnt lyrics and how to write them from listening to folk songs#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;sang nothing but these folk songs and they gave me the code for everything that’s fair game.我从听民谣中学习了歌词以及如何撰写歌词……只唱这些民谣,它们给了我一切可抒写对象的密码。The results are not meant to be easily understood. 以这种方式写出的歌曲注定不能轻易被理解。These songs of mine, they’re like mystery stories, the kind that Shakespeare saw when he was growing up, Mr Dylan said. 我的那些歌,就像莎士比亚成长时期所看过的那类神秘故事,迪伦称,They were on the fringes then, and I think they’re on the fringes now. 当时它们就属于边缘,我认为它们现在仍然属于边缘。And they sound like they’ve been on the hard ground.它们听起来像是一直在硬邦邦的地面上。Not everyone thinks that merits a Nobel. 并非所有人都认为这配得上得诺贝尔奖。More conventional literary types wondered why the Swedish committee failed to recognise writers — such as New Jersey’s native son Philip Roth — known for publishing books rather than cutting records and doing shows. 较传统的文学人士想知道为何瑞典文学院未嘉奖一些因著书而闻名的作家——比如新泽西土生土长的菲利普#8226;罗斯(Philip Roth)——而是选择了以出唱片和演出为主的歌手。Some critics detected the hand of self-indulgent, self-involved baby boomers.一些批评人士认为这是自我纵容、以自我为中心的婴儿潮一代的手笔。I’m a Dylan fan, tweeted Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh, the author of Trainspotting, but this is an ill-conceived nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile, gibbering hippies.我不是迪伦粉,苏格兰小说家、《猜火车》(Trainspotting)的作者欧文#8226;韦尔什(Irvine Welsh)在Twitter上写道,但这是从语无伦次的老嬉皮士发臭的前列腺扭下来的一个欠妥的怀旧奖项。In a way, the controversy showed that Dylan has not lost his touch. 在某种程度上,这种争议表明了迪伦宝刀未老。He has a talent for inspiring mixed feelings. 他拥有激发起复杂感情的天赋。Anyone who likes him at all has a relationship with him#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;that’s just about as personal as any they have with the people they actually know, Richard Hell, the punk rock pioneer, wrote in a recent collection of nonfiction. 每一个确实喜欢他的人都和他存在关系……这种关系就像他们与真正认识的人之间的关系那样私人,朋克摇滚先驱理查德#8226;黑尔(Richard Hell)在最近的散文集中写道,He’s been that useful, meaningful and exasperating all your life long.在你有生之年中,他一直都是那么有用、有意义、又令人恼火。Still working things out intellectually with Dylan himself, Mr Hell, 67, said he was pleased to see him win the Nobel. 仍然和迪伦本人一起解决脑力问题的黑尔现年67岁,他称,很高兴看到迪伦赢得诺贝尔奖。You have to smile, he told the Financial Times. 你必须微笑,他向英国《金融时报》表示,He’s an incomparable genius. 他是个无与伦比的天才。Yet a part of the old New York punk wondered whether the new Nobel laureate might turn his back on the academy once again — and take a walk.不过这位纽约老朋克也有一点儿好奇,想知道这位新诺奖得主又会不会拒绝瑞典文学院,独自走开。It would be funny, Mr Hell said, if he refused it.这会很有趣,赫尔称,如果他拒绝领奖。 /201610/472560

Boris Johnson laid into Tony Blair over his #39;condescending#39; bid to reverse the EU referendum vote today - saying people should switch off the TV when the former PM appears.(英外交大臣)约翰逊痛斥(前英国首相)布莱尔“反对脱欧”的言论——在电视上看到前首相,那就把电视关掉吧。The ex-premier demanded that voters stop worrying so much about immigration and #39;rethink#39; their decision before the country goes #39;over a cliff edge#39;.前首相呼吁大家不要再担忧移民问题了,应该“重新考虑”一下脱欧的决定,才能“悬崖勒马”。But Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson delivered a devastating response, #39;I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on with his condescending campaign,#39; he said.但外交大臣约翰逊无情回应道“下次布莱尔呼吁人们抵制脱欧的时候,我要呼吁大家在布莱尔出现在屏幕上时关掉电视。”In an hour-long address that was dismissed by critics as an attempt to #39;resurrect his political corpse#39;, Mr Blair:批评家们认为布莱尔长达一个小时的演讲就是为了让他自己的政治倾向起死回生。在演讲中,布莱尔:Called on Remain supporters to keep fighting against Brexit and raised the prospect that the referendum result could be overturned in a second referendum or general election.呼吁留欧派继续坚持反对脱欧,并指出二次公投或大选可以改变初次公投结果。Lashed out at the way the referendum was conducted with #39;hideous abuse#39; of patriotism, and accused Theresa May or pursuing #39;Brexit at any cost#39;.怒斥公投结果是滥用爱国主义的产物,指责特雷莎·梅不顾一切代价脱欧的行为。Argued that immigration fears were overblown and leaving the EU would only cut numbers by 12 per cent.指出移民问题并没有那么严重,脱欧也只能减少12%的移民。Blamed the #39;debilitation#39; of the Labour Party under veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn for letting the Brexit vote happen.指责工党在左翼政客杰里米·科尔宾的带领下变得软弱无力,竟然能让脱欧公投这种事发生。Mr Blair said: #39;I accept right now there is no widesp appetite to re-think. But the people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do so.#39;布莱尔说道:“我知道大家现在都没有心思重新思考这个问题。但是大家决定脱欧的时候不了解脱欧条款,现在大家都知道了,那他们就有权改变自己的主意。我们的任务就是要说他们这样做。”Mr Johnson said: #39;This is a discussion we had most of last year and it came out very firmly in favour of leaving the EU.对此,约翰逊回应说:“这是我么去年一直在讨论的问题,结果毋庸置疑就是脱欧。”‘We heard all these arguments last year - not a thing has changed - and I think it really is insulting the intelligence of the electorate to say that they got it wrong.’“去年我们就一直听到种种争论,但是一切都并未改变,而且我认为说选民的决定是错误的简直就是在侮辱大家的智商。”Tory MP Dominic Raab said the public just wanted the government to #39;get on with making a success of its new place outside the EU#39;. #39;Tony Blair, who allowed uncontrolled migration from the EU when Labour was in power, refuses to accept the decision people made last June,#39; he said.#39;He wants to go on putting the question over and over again until he gets a different answer.前保守党部长拉夫指出,公众只是想让政府在欧洲之外成功找到一个新的落脚点,而布莱尔,这个在工党执政期间允许大量欧洲移民不受控制地涌入英国的人,拒绝接受人民去年六月所做的决定,他只是想一遍遍地提出问题直到他得到自己想要的为止。Meanwhile, Mrs May has warned that hundreds of thousands of jobs in the EU depend on ties to Britain.与此同时,特雷莎·梅警告说欧盟无数的工作机会都依赖英国。The PM also pledged that the UK will not seek to #39;cherry-pick#39; which parts of membership it wants to keep after Brexit.她还保英国脱欧后也不会择优挑选那些会员身份。 /201702/493733Archaeologists have found the world#39;s oldest fish hooks in a cave on the Japanese island of Okinawa.近日,在日本冲绳岛上的一个山洞里,考古学家们发现了目前全球最古老的鱼钩。The pair, dating from about 23,000 years ago, were carved from sea snail shells and found with other ancient relics, according to a paper.根据一篇论文显示,这对鱼钩可以追溯到大约23000年前,由海螺贝壳雕刻而成,同时发现的还有其他古代遗迹。It is thought humans inhabited the island from at least 30,000 years ago, surviving despite scarce resources.人们认为至少三万年前就有人类定居在冲绳岛上,尽管资源稀少,但是还是顽强存活了下来。The findings suggest a wider use of advanced maritime technology in that era than previously thought.和之前的看法相比较,这些发现表明那个时期人们更加广泛地使用先进的海事技术。Modern humans first moved to offshore islands some 50,000 years ago.大约在五万年前,现代人类第一次搬迁到沿海岛屿上居住。While fishing has been essential for early humans to sp around the planet, it is unclear how the technology evolved, with evidence limited to sites in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.尽管捕渔在早期人类全球迁徙时发挥了十分重要的作用,但是却并不清楚这种技术到底是如何改进发展的,仅在印尼和巴布亚新几内亚的一些遗迹中发现了考古据。;The new evidence demonstrates a geographically wider distribution of early maritime technology that extended north to the mid-latitude areas along the western Pacific coast,; according to the National Academy of Sciences.据美国科学院表示:“这一新据表明,早期海事技术的地理分布范围更广,顺着西太平洋沿岸传播到了中纬度地区。”The fish hooks predate ones found in Timor, thought to be at least 16,000 years old, and Papua New Guinea, from at least 18,000 years ago.此前东帝汶曾发现过古代的鱼钩,距今至少16000年,巴布亚新几内亚也发现过距今至少18000年的鱼钩。Also found in the cave were two partially carved fish hooks, tools, beads and food debris.考古学家们在这个山洞里同时发现了两枚部分雕刻打磨的鱼钩,工具、珠子、以及食物残骸。 /201609/468189

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