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ShenzhouVn Spacecraft神舟七号载人航天飞船The Shenzhou VII spacecraft, as China#39;s third manned mission, was launched on a LM-2F launch vehicle at 21:10 0n September 25 , 2008. ; will be the first to carry a full complement of three astronauts, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng. At 16:30 0n September 27, 2008, Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang opened the hatch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and went outside. Zhai, who became China#39;s first-ever space walker, waved to the camera at this historic moment. For his 20 minute space walk, Zhai wore a Chinese-made Feitian suit, which is being highlighted as the first indigenous space suit. Liu Boming who did not actually exit the craft, wore a Russian-made Orlan space suit. With the successful space walk, China has become the third country, after the ed States and Russia, to do so. At 17:37 September 28, 2008, the Shenzhou VII spacecraft landed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.“神舟七号—毪船是中国第三个载人航天器,是中国神舟号飞船系列之一,在北京时间2008年9月25日21时10分由长征2F火箭发射升空。神七上载有三名宇航员分别为翟志刚、刘伯明和景海鹏。北京时间2008年9月27日16点30分,景海鹏留守返回舱,另外两人分别穿着中国制造的“飞天”舱外航天和俄罗斯出品的“海鹰”舱外航天进入“神舟七号”载人飞船兼任气闸舱的轨道舱。翟志刚出舱作业,刘伯明在轨道舱内协助,实现了中国历史上第一次的太空漫步,令中国成为第三个有能力把太空人送上太空并进行太空漫步的国家。飞船于北京时间2008年9月28日17点37分成功着陆于中国内蒙古四子王旗。 /201603/430106

  This year, Ford, announced it was opening a research and innovation centre in Silicon Valley. But it’s not just computer geeks that the great American carmaker is hiring these days. It has recently taken on a plethora of social scientists as well, in its research labs in Michigan and around the world.今年,福特(Ford)宣布将在硅谷(Silicon Valley)建立一个研发与创新中心。但是这家美国汽车巨头聘用的并不只是计算机怪才。最近,福特还为位于密歇根乃至世界各地的研究实验室聘请了大批社会科学家。These psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists are trying to understand how we interact with our cars in a cultural sense. It is a striking development and one worth pondering in a personal sense if, like me, you spend much of your life rushing about in a car.这些心理学家、社会学家以及人类学家正试着从文化角度来理解我们是如何与自己的汽车互动的。这是一个引人注目的动向,也是一个值得从个人角度深思的议题——如果你像我一样,每天花费大量时间驾车奔波。In the early days of the company, Ford executives did not seem to be overly concerned about “culture”. The founder, Henry Ford, was cavalier about his customers, famously declaring: “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” But while the company has become far better at offering a customised service since Ford’s day, its cars generally seemed to have been designed by clever engineers who tended to assume that everyone liked the same things that they did: mostly flashy gadgets.在公司创立的早期阶段,福特的高管似乎并没有过度担忧“文化”。创始人亨利#8226;福特(Henry Ford)对顾客漫不经心,他有一句“名言”:顾客想要什么颜色的汽车就能拥有什么颜色的汽车——只要它是黑色的。”但是,尽管自从福特时代以来,该公司已经在提供定制化务方面取得长足进展,但总体而言,迄今福特汽车似乎都是由高智商的工程师们设计的,这些人倾向于假定,每个人都喜欢他们所喜欢的东西:大多是花里胡哨的小玩艺。These days, Ford executives have realised that it is not good enough to create cars simply according to what seems cool to its (mostly male) engineers in Michigan. They need to take a much wider and more imaginative view of consumer tastes.如今,福特的高管已经意识到,单纯依据其密歇根工程师(绝大多数为男性)认为炫酷的喜好来造车是不够的。他们需要从一个更开阔、更具想象力的视角来看待消费者的口味。That is partly because of globalisation — and, in particular, the fact that Ford (like all carmakers) is more reliant on the Chinese market for sales. Unsurprisingly, Chinese consumers often have radically different ideas of what makes a great car, especially if they are female.部分原因是全球化,尤其是福特(就像所有汽车制造商一样)现在更依赖于中国市场增长销售的事实。并不奇怪的是,中国消费者(特别是女性消费者)对什么才是好车往往有着截然不同的观点。A second reason why Ford is becoming more interested in culture is that the nature of cars is being transformed in a surprising way. Back when Henry Ford started making his Model T, the task of building cars was a job for technical engineers. Today, it also involves computer experts since cars now contain a dizzying amount of software.福特对文化的兴趣日益浓厚的第二个原因在于,汽车的本质正在以一种出人意料的方式发生转变。当年亨利#8226;福特开始打造其T型车(Model T)时,制造汽车是技术工程师的工作。而现在,研发汽车的过程还涉及计算机专家,因为汽车包含了令人眼花缭乱的各种软件。That has prompted tech companies to jump in. Last month, I listened to some engineers at Viv Labs, a Silicon Valley start-up created by the founders of Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri. They explained how we would soon be using cars embedded with artificial intelligence. Companies such as Google are creating self-driving cars and even Apple is rumoured to be creating a car of its own — a move that would probably create even more waves than last week’s launch of the Apple Watch.这促使技术公司加入进来。上个月,我与Viv Labs的几名工程师聊了聊,这是由苹果(Apple)人工智能助手Siri的创始人建立的一家硅谷初创企业。他们向我解释,我们将在不久的未来使用搭载人工智能的汽车。谷歌(Google)等公司正在打造无人驾驶汽车,甚至有传言称苹果也在研发自己的汽车——此举很可能将比上周发布的Apple Watch掀起甚至更大的波澜。As competition from the tech sector heats up, this is not only putting traditional car markets under pressure but also fostering creative thinking about the future of travel. Executives at Ford are now trying to look at the whole business of carmaking in a wider sense — both by hiring social scientists and by working with consultancies such as ReD, a group that specialises in social science research.来自科技行业的竞争日益升温,不仅让传统汽车制造商承受压力,还为未来旅行育创造性的思维。现在,福特高管正尝试以一个更开阔的视野来审视整个汽车制造业务——通过聘请社会科学家,并与专门从事社会科学研究的ReD之类的咨询机构共同合作。“We are looking at the bigger cultural context of cars,” explains Christian Madsbjerg, co-founder of ReD, who says that while Ford used to design cars “inside-out” (based on what engineers wanted), it is now trying to create them “outside-in” (based on what consumers want to experience). Or as Parrish Hanna, Ford’s global director of human machine interface, argues, what Ford is trying to do is promote “innovation” while using social scientists as consultants.“我们正在寻找汽车更大的文化内涵,”ReD的共同创始人克里斯蒂安#8226;马斯比耶尔格(Christian Madsbjerg)解释道。他称,福特过去设计汽车是“由内而外”(根据工程师的要求来设计),而如今它正试着以“由外而内”(根据消费者想要的体验)来打造汽车。或者正如福特全球人机界面总监帕里什#8226;汉纳(Parrish Hanna)所称的那样,福特尝试去做的是促进“创新”,并请社会科学家担任顾问。Though it remains to be seen what type of car will emerge from Ford’s new centre, I applaud the project for two reasons. The first is somewhat partisan: I trained as an anthropologist and have always lamented the fact that the discipline tends to be woefully under-appreciated and under-resourced. If companies such as Ford are now hiring social scientists, it might give anthropology a badly needed boost. Indeed, groups such as ReD say anthropologists are now cropping up in an increasing range of companies, such as Samsung, Adidas, Carlsberg, Lego and so on.尽管福特新的中心会研发出何种车型尚有待观察,但我出于两个原因而赞赏该项目。第一点多少有点偏袒之意:我曾经学习成为一名人类学家,并且一直对该学科倾向于被严重低估及资源不足耿耿于怀。如果福特之类的公司现在开始聘请社会科学家,这或许会给人类学带来一个亟需的推动。事实上,ReD等集团称,人类学家如今在越来越多的公司中崭露头角,比如三星(Samsung)、阿迪达斯(Adidas)、嘉士伯(Carlsberg)、乐高(Lego)等。The second, more important reason this trend is interesting is that it could point to a bigger shift in business attitudes. Back in Henry Ford’s day, the power relationship between corporate executives and consumers was imbalanced; these days consumers can band together to express their preferences — and change their tastes at lightning speed.这种趋势有意思的第二个也是更为重要的原因是,它可能指向商界态度的整体转变。在亨利#8226;福特的时代,企业高管与消费者之间的实力关系是不平衡的;如今消费者可以联合起来表达自己的喜好——并以闪电速度改变自己的口味。So when you next get into a car, it is worth taking a look around and thinking about what you might tell an anthropologist if they were sitting in the passenger seat. Could you imagine a radically different way of driving? Does the way we imagine “cars” meet what you really need? And if it does not, how might we — or those brainiacs in Silicon Valley — redesign the experience? I daresay the answer would make Henry Ford spin in his grave.所以,当你下一次坐进汽车里时,你应该环顾四周并想一想,如果人类学家就坐在副驾座位上,你或许想告诉他/她些什么。你能想象出一种完全不同的驾驶方式吗?我们想象的“汽车”体验是否满足了你的真正需求?如果这未能满足你,我们——或者硅谷的天才们——该如何重新设计这种体验?我敢说,亨利#8226;福特地下有知的话也会忙活起来。 /201503/366462


  Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a viral tool that claimed to be able to guess your age from a single photo.今年早些时候,微软发布了一款能看照片猜年龄的工具,并疯狂传播开来。Outraged 20 year-olds took to social media when they were told they looked 40, while middle-aged men were given a boost when the software said they looked 30.20多岁的年轻人被告知看起来像40岁,气愤地诉诸社交媒体。而中年人则备受鼓舞,因为软件说他们看起来像30岁。Now, Microsoft is doing the same thing with emotions, with a new online tool that they say can reveal how a person is really feeling in their images.如今,微软正兴致勃勃地做着同样事情——发布一款能够显示图片中人真实感受的网络工具。When tested on celebrities, it found Kate Middleton was elated on her wedding day, with the Duchess of Cambridge scoring a 100 percent rating on happiness.经过对各位名人的测试,该软件发现凯特·米德尔顿在她的婚礼上非常开心,剑桥公爵夫人的开心度达到了100%。Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian#39;s #39;neutral face#39; in a photo snapped while with husband, Kanye revealed that she was around 70 percent happy.而同时,在偶然拍到的一张金·卡戴珊与老公坎耶的合影中,卡戴珊“平淡的表情”表明,她的高兴大约占70%。The remainder of her emotions range from contempt to anger and disgust.剩下的情绪则包括蔑视、愤怒和厌恶。And while Taylor Swift may appear elated, her image shows that she#39;s only around 40 percent happy.而尽管泰勒·斯威夫特看起来兴高采烈。照片表明,她的开心只占40%。According to Microsoft, when accepting the Video of the Year award for #39;Bad Blood#39;, the singer was also 10 percent surprised.根据微软的信息,在因《敌对》(Bad Blood)获得年度最佳视频奖时,这位歌手的情绪中还有10%的惊讶。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump#39;s look at Senator Marco Rubio yesterday betrayed contempt mixed a degree of happiness.昨天,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看向参议员马可·鲁比奥的表情出卖了他。那是种蔑视混合着某种程度的开心。The software will take any photograph you upload, identify the faces, and then give each a score based on a series of different emotions.该软件能接受任何图片上传,识别面部,然后按照不同的情绪分别打分。It provides a rating for anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise - and anyone can test a trial version here.它可以评估愤怒、蔑视、厌恶、恐惧、快乐、悲伤和惊讶——任何人都可以用试用版进行测试。You can upload your own images of your own face, which must be at least 36 pixels square and smaller than 4MB.你可以上传自己的正面照,但图片必须至少为36正方形像素,小于4MB。To see how the software thinks you#39;re feeling, hover over the rectangle around face and you#39;ll see different emotions graded on a scale from zero to one.要获得软件对你感受的认知,请将鼠标悬停在面部周围的矩形区域内,就会出现从0~1的不同感情评分。A score of one suggests that you#39;re feeling that emotion 100 percent.1分表示目前这种情绪达到100%。Chris Bishop, head of Microsoft Research Cambridge, showed off the emotion tool earlier today in a keynote talk at Future Decoded, a Microsoft conference.在今天早些时候在微软会议Future Decoded的主题报告上,微软剑桥研究中心主任克里斯·毕修普展示了这款情绪测评软件。#39;The exciting thing has been how much interest there is and how diverse the response is,#39; said Ryan Galgon, a senior program manager within Microsoft#39;s Technology and Research group.“令人兴奋的莫过于其中的趣味性与回应的多样性,”微软技术研究部门高级项目经理赖恩·加尔贡(Ryan Galgon)说道。The software is based on machine learning, which means it gets smarter as it receives more data.这款软件基于机器学习原理,也就是说接受的数据越多,软件就越聪明。It#39;s the basis for major breakthroughs including Skype Translator#39;s real-time translation and Microsoft#39;s Cortana personal assistant.包括Skype Translator的实时翻译、微软小娜个人助手等重大技术突破都是建立在该原理之上。In the case of something like facial recognition, the system can learn to recognise certain traits from a training set of pictures it receives.在面部识别等情况下,系统能够根据此前输入的一整套训练图片识别某些情绪特征。It can then apply that information to identify facial features in new pictures it sees.随后,它便可以使用这些信息识别图片中的面部特征。Galgon said developers might want to use these tools to create systems that marketers can use to gauge people#39;s reaction to a store display, film or food.加尔贡说,研究人员希望用这些工具开发各种系统,供营销商测试人们对商品摆放、电影或食物的反应。They might also find them valuable for creating a tool, such as a messaging app, that offers up different options based on what emotion it recognises in a photo.他们可能还会用来开发应用,如消息传送app,这种应用能根据图片中识别的情绪提出不同选择。 /201511/410624

  If you#39;ve had the same iPhone for a couple of years or more, you#39;ve probably started to notice its performance slowing down a little, especially on newer versions of the software. Apple has even been sued for the slow performance in iOS 9 when it is used on an iPhone 4s.如果你这几年一直用的是同一部苹果手机,你一定注意到它的运行速度变慢了,更新到最新系统后尤其如此。甚至曾有用户因iOS 9操作系统在iPhone 4s上运行太慢而起诉苹果公司。But for anyone not up to taking such drastic measures, a solution has emerged that can provide an immediate speed boost by clearing up memory in the phone#39;s App Store.但不是每个人都愿意采取这样的过激之举。对于其他人来说,新的解决办法已经出现了:清空苹果应用商店的内存,手机就能立即提速。San Francisco developer Zachary Dryer shared the hidden trick on Twitter, revealing that pressing a series of buttons in the iOS App Store can get rid of a backlog of stuck app updates.旧金山程序员扎卡里·德赖尔在推特上分享了这个小窍门。他透露,点击苹果应用商店的一系列图形按钮,可以清空因应用更新卡住而积压的数据。On the App Store, press any one of the five buttons along the bottom of the app 10 times in a row to clear the cached memory. This is data that is meant to be held temporarily but can continue to take up precious resources due to a software error.在应用商店,连续点击下方五个按钮中的任一按钮十次,可以清空缓存。这些数据本该是暂时保存的,但会因为软件的错误而持续占用宝贵的内存。As long as the same button is pressed in succession, the screen should go white for a couple of seconds and return to the App Store#39;s homepage, with any app update backlogs cleared.连续点击同一个按钮,手机会白屏几秒钟,然后返回到应用商店主页。此时,因应用更新而积压的所有数据已被清空。This is a useful trick if your App Store gets stuck, which can mean app updates not coming through, but should also provide a speed boost. The trick will also work on the iPad.应用商店运行慢时,这招很管用。尽管它意味着应用更新失败了,却能帮助提速。这招也适用iPad。According to the developer, the trick works in iTunes, iBooks, App Store and the Apple Watch app, but not in Podcasts, Music, Game Center or iMessage.这位程序员称,这招对清理iTunes、iBooks、应用商店以及苹果手表应用的缓存都很奏效,但不适用播客、音乐、游戏中心和iMessage应用。 /201601/420512

  It took three days — three long, often confusing and frustrating days — for me to fall for the Apple Watch. But once I fell, I fell hard.我用了三天,漫长的、时常感到困惑和沮丧的三天,才爱上Apple Watch。但一旦爱上了,就爱得颇为深沉。First there was a day to learn the device’s initially complex user interface. Then another to determine how it could best fit it into my life. And still one more to figure out exactly what Apple’s first major new product in five years is trying to do — and, crucially, what it isn’t.首先,用了一天时间来学习这款设备的用户界面,它一开始有些复杂。然后又用了一天确定如何对它进行最佳设置,以适合我的生活。还要用一天来弄明白,作为苹果(Apple)五年来推出的首款重要的新产品,它试图实现什么,以及更为关键的——它不打算实现什么。It was only on Day 4 that I began appreciating the ways in which the elegant 0 computer on my wrist was more than just another screen. By notifying me of digital events as soon as they happened, and letting me act on them instantly, without having to fumble for my phone, the Watch became something like a natural extension of my body — a direct link, in a way that I’ve never felt before, from the digital world to my brain. The effect was so powerful that people who’ve previously commented on my addiction to my smartphone started noticing a change in my behavior; my wife told me that I seemed to be getting lost in my phone less than in the past. She found that a blessing.到第四天时,我才开始体会它的好处,我手腕上这款650美元(约合4000元人民币)、外形典雅的电脑并非只是又一块显示屏那么简单。它能把刚刚发生的数码事件第一时间通知给我,让我做出及时的应对,但又不用去摸手机,这样一来,它就成了我身体的自然延伸,以一种我以前从未感觉到的方式,将数码世界和我的大脑直接连接在了一起。这种影响如此之大,以致于之前曾说我痴迷于智能手机的人,都开始注意到了我的行为变化;我妻子对我说,我似乎不像过去那么沉迷于手机了。她认为这是上天的恩赐。The Apple Watch is far from perfect, and, starting at 0 and going all the way up to ,000, it isn’t cheap. Though it looks quite smart, with a selection of stylish leather and metallic bands that make for a sharp departure from most wearable devices, the Apple Watch works like a first-generation device, with all the limitations and flaws you’d expect of brand-new technology.Apple Watch远非完美,并且不便宜,从350美元起,扶摇直上可以到1.7万美元。尽管看起上去相当漂亮,选用了时尚的皮革和金属腕带,并由此显得与大部分可穿戴设备截然不同,但Apple Watch的表现还是像个第一代设备,有着人们对一项全新的技术所能猜到的一切制约和缺陷。What’s more, unlike previous breakthrough Apple products, the Watch’s software requires a learning curve that may deter some people. There’s a good chance it will not work perfectly for most consumers right out of the box, because it is best after you fiddle with various software settings to personalize use. Indeed, to a degree unusual for a new Apple device, the Watch is not suited for tech novices. It is designed for people who are inundated with notifications coming in through their phones, and for those who care to think about, and want to try to manage, the way the digital world intrudes on their lives.此外,不同于之前具有突破意义的苹果产品,Watch的软件要求用户经历一个学习过程,这一点可能会阻碍一些人。对大部分消费者来说,Watch不是那种买来就能完美使用的东西,因为只有在用户通过拨弄各种软件设置,进行完个性化定制后,它才会处于最佳状态。实际上Watch不太适合科技新手,这一点的严重程度,是在以往的苹果新产品中不多见的。它的设计,面向的是被手机通知淹没的人,或是愿意去思考数码世界对生活的打扰,并试图去管理它的人。Still, even if it’s not yet for everyone, Apple is on to something with the device. The Watch is just useful enough to prove that the tech industry’s fixation on computers that people can wear may soon bear fruit. In that way, using the Apple Watch over the last week reminded me of using the first iPhone. Apple’s first smartphone was revolutionary not just because it did what few other phones could do, but also because it showed off the possibilities of a connected mobile computer. As the iPhone and its copycats became more powerful and ubiquitous, the mobile computer became the basis of a wide range of powerful new tech applications, from messaging to ride-sharing to payments.然而,即便并非为所有人准备,苹果在这款设备上还是摸索到了一些东西。Watch的实用性已经足以明,科技业对可穿戴电脑的迷恋,可能很快就会结出果实了。在这一点上,过去一周使用Apple Watch的经历,让我想起了用第一款iPhone时的情景。苹果的第一款智能手机具有革命性的意义,不仅是因为它做到了鲜有其他手机能做到的事情,还因为它显示出了联网的移动电脑的可能性。随着iPhone及其追随者变得越来越强大和普及,这种移动电脑成了强大新技术的广泛应用的基础,无论是即时通讯,拼车务,还是付应用。Similarly, the most exciting thing about the Apple Watch isn’t the device itself, but the new tech vistas that may be opened by the first mainstream wearable computer. On-body devices have obvious uses in health care and payments. As the tech analyst Tim Bajarin has written, Apple also seems to be pushing a vision of the Watch as a general-purpose remote control for the real world, a nearly bionic way to open your hotel room, board a plane, call up an Uber or otherwise have the physical world respond to your desires nearly automatically.同理,Apple Watch最令人兴奋之处不在于设备本身,而是在于它作为第一款主流可穿戴电脑可能开辟的科技新天地。穿戴在身体上的设备显然可以在医疗和付领域大有作为。正如科技分析师蒂姆·巴加林(Tim Bajarin)在文章中所写的那样,苹果似乎还在推动这样一种设想的实现:把手表作为真实世界里的一款多功能遥控器,一种几近用意念一般打开酒店房门、登机、叫车的方式,让物理世界能接近自动地回应自己的愿望。These situations suggest that the Watch may push us to new heights of collective narcissism. Yet in my week with the device, I became intrigued by the opposite possibility — that it could address some of the social angst wrought by smartphones. The Apple Watch’s most ingenious feature is its “taptic engine,” which alerts you to different digital notifications by silently tapping out one of several distinct patterns on your wrist. As you learn the taps over time, you will begin to register some of them almost subconsciously: incoming phone calls and alarms feel throbbing and insistent, a text feels like a gentle massage from a friendly bumblebee, and a coming calendar appointment is like the persistent pluck of a harp. After a few days, I began to get snippets of information from the digital world without having to look at the screen — or, if I had to look, I glanced for a few seconds rather than minutes.这些情景表明,这款手表可能会把我们带向集体自恋的新高度。然而,在我使用这款设备的一个星期里,我开始思考相反的可能性——它也可能会解决智能手机带来的社交忧虑。Apple Watch的最巧妙的功能是“轻拍引擎”——通过用不同的模式轻拍你的手腕,提醒你关注不同的数字化通知。当你逐渐熟悉了这些提醒的区别后,它们会在你的潜意识里留下深刻印象:来电和提醒是急促连续的跳动,短信提醒像是一个友好的大黄蜂的温柔,行事历安排像是不断地拨弄一把竖琴。几天之后,我不需要看屏幕就可以获得来自数码世界的信息提醒了——或者,如果我需要看的话,也只需花上几秒钟扫一眼,而不是好几分钟。If such on-body messaging systems become more pervasive, wearable devices can become more than a mere flashy accessory to the phone. The Apple Watch could usher in a transformation of social norms just as profound as those we saw with its brother, the smartphone — except, amazingly, in reverse.如果这种穿戴在身体上的消息系统更加普遍,可穿戴设备就不光是手机的一种酷炫的配件。Apple Watch可以引入一场智能手机曾经引发的那种深刻的社会规范变革,只不过是向相反的方向,这让人喜出望外。For now, the dreams are hampered by the harsh realities of a new device. The Watch is not an iPhone on your wrist. It has a different set of input mechanisms — there’s the digital crown, a knob used for scrolling and zooming, and a touch screen that can be pressed down harder for extra options. There is no full on-screen keyboard, so outbound messages are confined to a set of default responses, emoji and, when you’re talking to other Watch users, messages that you can draw or tap.目前,这些梦想在一款新设备的严峻现实前被压抑了。这款手表并不是手腕上的iPhone。它的输入机制不同——它有一个数字表冠,即用来滑动和放大屏幕的旋钮,还有一个可以通过增大按压力度调出其他选项的触屏。Apple Watch没有可以显示在屏幕上的全键盘,因此它发出的信息仅限于一系列默认回复和表情符号。当你与其他Apple Watch用户沟通时,还可以画图或轻拍。The Watch also relies heavily on voice dictation and the voice assistant Siri, which is more useful on your wrist than on your phone, but still just as hit-or-miss. I grew used to calling on Siri to set kitchen timers or reminders while I was cooking, or to look up the weather while I was driving. And I also grew used to her getting these requests wrong almost as often as she got them right.这款手表还严重依赖语音指令和语音助手Siri,后者在手表上比在手机上用处更大 ,但也很不稳定。我越来越习惯于在烹饪的时候用苹果语音助手Siri来设置厨房的定时器或提醒设备,或是在开车时用它来查看天气。而且我也越来越习惯她犯错的频率几乎与做对的频率一样高。The Watch also has a completely different software design from a smartphone. Though it has a set of apps, interactions are driven more by incoming notifications as well as a summary view of some apps, known as glances. But because there isn’t much room on the watch’s screen for visual cues indicating where you are — in an app, a notification or a glance — in the early days, you’ll often find yourself lost, and something that works in one place won’t work in another.它也拥有与智能手机完全不同的软件设计。尽管它有一系列应用程序,但互动主要来自收到的通知和一些应用程序的摘要视图——这种功能被称作“glance”(瞥一眼)。但是,由于目前手表屏幕上没有太多空间用来放置能说明你所处位置——在应用程序、通知还是“瞥一眼”中——的视觉线索,你经常会发现自己迷了路,而且有些东西在一个地方起作用,但在另一个地方就会失效。Finding nirvana with the watch involves adjusting your notification settings on your phone so that your wrist does not constantly buzz with information that doesn’t make sense on the Watch — like Facebook status updates, messages from Snapchat, or every single email about brownies in the office kitchen. Apple’s notification settings have long been unduly laborious; battling them while your hand is buzzing off the hook is an extra level of discomfort.要想对这只手表驾轻就熟,还需要调整你手机上的通知设置,这样你的手腕才不会因为手表上毫无意义的信息而不停震动——比如Facebook状态更新、来自Snapchat的信息,以及每一封电子邮件——包括那些关于办公室厨房里的布朗尼蛋糕的。苹果的通知设置一直过于繁复;在与它们对抗的同时,你的手还在不停地震动,更是令人不适。Other problems: Third-party apps are mostly useless right now. The Uber app didn’t load for me, the Twitter app is confusing and the app for Starwood hotels mysteriously deleted itself and then hung up on loading when I reinstalled it. In the end, though, it did let me open a room at the W Hotel in Manhattan just by touching the watch face to the door.其他问题:目前第三方应用程序基本没用。Uber的应用程序无法载入,Twitter令人疑惑,喜达屋(Starwood)酒店的应用程序曾莫名其妙地自行删除,当我重新安装时,它又一直停留在加载状态。不过最后,它还是让我在曼哈顿的W酒店打开了房间,方法就是用表面触碰房门。I also used the Watch to pay for New York cabs and groceries at Whole Foods, and to present my boarding pass to security agents at the airport. When these encounters worked, they were magical, like having a secret key to unlock the world right on my arm. What’s most thrilling about the Apple Watch, unlike other smartwatches I’ve tried, is the way it invests a user with a general sense of empowerment. If Google brought all of the world’s digital information to our computers, and the iPhone brought it to us everywhere, the Watch builds the digital world directly into your skin. It takes some time getting used to, but once it clicks, this is a power you can’t live without.我还用它在纽约付了打车费,在全食超市(Whole Foods)结账,并向机场安检人员展示了我的登机牌。当它在这些事情中起作用时,就有种神奇的感觉,好像我的胳膊上就有一把能开启这个世界的密钥一样。关于Apple Watch,最令人兴奋的一点就是,与我尝试过的其他智能手表不同,它能使用户获得一种被赋予能力的感觉。如果说谷歌(Google)把世界上所有的数字信息放到了电脑上,iPhone又使我们能随处查看这些信息,Apple Watch则直接把这个数码世界嵌入到你的皮肤里。要适应这一切还需要一些时间,但是一旦适应,你就会获得一种不可或缺的力量。The New York Times announced last week that it had created “one-sentence stories” for the Apple Watch, so let me end this review with a note that could fit on the watch’s screen: The first Apple Watch may not be for you — but someday soon, it will change your world.《纽约时报》上周宣布,它为Apple Watch创造了“一句话报道”,所以让我用一句可以放在手表屏幕上的话来结束这篇:Apple Watch刚开始可能不适合你——但是在不久的未来,它将改变你的世界。 /201504/369420



  Thousands of Apple Macbook owners are campaigning for action over reported issues with the laptop’s retina screen .They are reporting ;horrific stains; sping across screens, in the forms of spots and patches。数千名苹果电脑用户因报道的视网膜屏幕问题,共同采取了行动。他们表示屏幕上出现了“可怕的斑迹”,或是斑点或是斑块。Phi Chong, a software engineer, told the B he has had to replace his screen twice in the last two years. He said he had been told Apple would not carry out further screen repairs。软件工程师Phi Chong接受B采访时说道,过去两年间,不得不更换两次屏幕。此外,他还被告知,苹果公司将不再对屏幕进行进一步维修。The firm told the users should contact its Apple support centre.One Macbook repair specialist indicated that this was not a common problem.But users who have been affected are concerned they will face expensive service fees once their warranties and/or extended AppleCare protection plans expire。公司告诉用户应联系苹果持中心。一名苹果电脑维修专家表示这并非是常见问题。但是受影响的用户担心,一旦超出保修期,将面临高昂的维修费用。A website called ;Staingate; has been set up by a group unhappy with Apple’s response. Some of them say they have been told they will have to pay 0 for repair work。一些对苹果公司回馈不满的用户创建了网页Staingate。其中一些人表示被告知将付800美元的维修费用。A Facebook group formed by people experiencing problems with their Macbook screens has 1,752 members, and Staingate claims to have been contacted by more than 2,500 people so far.US legal firm Whitfield Bryson amp; Mason has contacted the Facebook group offering to investigate。1752名苹果电脑出现问题的用户共同组成了一个脸书网组织,网站 Staingate。该网站表示到目前为止有2500人互相联系。美国律师事务所Whitfield Bryson amp; Mason已开始与该脸书网组织联系,提供调查。The group has also set up a petition on the Change.org website which asks Apple chief executive Tim Cook to ;take immediate action; to address the issue.Some people say problems with the screen can start appearing within a few months of purchasing the laptops。该组织还在网站Change.org上,发起请愿活动,要求苹果总裁 Tim Cook就此“立即采取行动”。一些人表示购买之后的几个月中,屏幕就会出现问题。While many people on the Facebook page are reporting that Apple stores around the world - including in Berlin, Hong Kong and New Zealand - are agreeing to carry out free screen repairs outside the warranty period, others said they had been told it was ;cosmetic damage;, which is not usually covered。但是很多人在脸书网页上表示全球各地的苹果专卖地,如柏林、香港以及新西兰的苹果专卖店都同意在保修期外为用户提供免费屏幕维修,但是也有人表示这属于“外表损伤”,不包括在维修范围内。Apple has not confirmed whether there is an issue with the screens, or what might be causing the damage. Its 2013 models seem to be worst affected, but there are online forums discussing the problem dating back to 2009.苹果公司还未确认屏幕是否有问题,或者造成这种问题的原因。2013年的屏幕损伤最严重,但是2009年时网上就有网络论坛对此进行探讨。;Customers who experience problems with their Apple products should contact AppleCare,; a spokesperson told the B。一名发言人接受B采访时表示:“发现苹果产品有问题的用户请于苹果售后联系。” /201507/385620


  Do Peru#39;s potatoes have the right stuff?秘鲁的土豆能经受住考验吗?That#39;s the question scientists will be asking in Lima next month, when a selection of tubers will begin undergoing tests to determine whether they#39;re fit to grow on Mars.这是下个月科学家将要在秘鲁首都利马问的一个问题,届时,经过精心挑选的土豆块茎将接受测试,以确定它们能否在火星上种植。NASA, the US space agency, is conducting the pioneering experiment together with Lima#39;s International Potato Center (CIP).美国航天局(NASA)将与利马国际马铃薯中心(CIP)联手,进行这一开创性实验。They will cultivate a hundred selected varieties aly subjected to rigorous evaluation in extreme, Mars-like conditions that could eventually pave the way to building a dome on the Red Planet for farming the vegetable.他们将对100种精心挑选的、已在类火星极端环境下严格评估的品种进行培育,而这最终将为人们在这颗红色星球上建立蔬菜种植“大棚”铺平道路。The selection was made from a total of 4,500 varieties registered at CIP, a nonprofit research facility that aims to reduce poverty and achieve food security.国际马铃薯中心是一个致力于削减贫困、保粮食安全的非营利研究机构。这些土豆是从在国际马铃薯中心登记注册的4500个品种中挑选出来的。Of the selected candidates, 40 are native to the Andes Mountains, conditioned to grow in different ecological zones, withstand sudden climate changes and reproduce in rocky, arid terrain.在获选土豆中,有40种是安第斯山脉土生土长的品种。这些品种可在不同生态地区生长、对气候的突然变化具有耐受性,并可在多岩石的干旱土壤中生长繁育。The other 60 are genetically modified varieties able to survive with little water and salt. They are also immune to viruses.另外60种土豆均为转基因品种,能够在缺水和低钠的环境中生存。此外,这些品种还对病毒免疫。Those that pass the tests must meet a final criterion—they must be able not only to grow well on Mars but also reproduce in large quantities.这些品种最终必须达到一个标准:不仅能在火星上茁壮生长,而且还能被大量繁育。;We#39;re almost 100 percent certain that many of the selected potatoes will past the tests,; said Julio Valdivia Silva, a Peruvian NASA astrobiologist who is taking part in the ambitious project.参与美国航天局此项宏伟计划的秘鲁裔太空生物学家胡里奥·瓦尔迪维亚·席尔瓦说:“精选出来的土豆中,将会有不少品种通过测试,对此我们有百分百的把握。”The scientists hope the experiment will also help address the earthly scourges of hunger and malnutrition by identifying varieties suited to growing in harsh conditions.科学家还希望通过该实验找出适合在严酷环境下生长的土豆种类,来帮助解决地球人口饥饿和营养不良的难题。;We must be prepared for the future,; said virologist Jan Kreuze, a scientist at CIP. ;To respond to desertification, rising temperature and high salt content in the soil.;“我们必须为未来做准备”,国际马铃薯中心的科学家扬·克鲁兹说。“准备应对沙漠化、气候变暖和高盐分的土壤。”Vegetable of the future未来的蔬菜The soil in La Joya Pampas—a sector of the Atacama Desert in southern Peru that#39;s considered one of the driest places on earth—is very similar to that found on the Red Planet.位于秘鲁南部阿塔卡马沙漠的潘帕斯德拉霍亚地区被认为是地球上最干旱的地方之一,那里的土壤与人们在火星上发现的非常相似。The scientists plan to transport 200 pounds (100 kilos) of it to a CIP laboratory in Lima that will simulate the complex Martian atmosphere -- which contains mostly carbon dioxide—and expose it to extreme ultraviolet radiation.科学家计划将大约200磅(100千克)土壤运送到利马国际马铃薯中心的实验室中。在那里,他们将模拟火星上二氧化碳居多的复杂大气环境,并将土壤暴露在极端紫外线照射中。;We#39;ll have more concrete results in one or two years, Valdivia said, adding that it will take more than five years to launch an unmanned mission to Mars.瓦尔迪维亚说:“未来一两年内,我们会得出实验的具体结果。我们还将花至少五年的时间向火星发射无人探测器。”The potential future space crop is also one of the oldest.土豆这种未来极有可能占领太空的作物,也是地球上最古老的作物之一。Records of potato cultivation date back to 2500 , when the indigenous Aymara Indians farmed it in modern-day Peru and Bolivia.种植土豆的记载可以追溯到公元前2500年,那时勤劳的艾马拉族印第安人就在现在的秘鲁和玻利维亚种植土豆了。If the varieties selected for next month#39;s experiment don#39;t adapt to the desert soil, the researchers will introduce nutrients and subject them to radiation.下个月,这些选出的土豆品种将参与实验。如果这些土豆不能适应沙漠土壤,那么研究人员将对它们施以养分并将其置于紫外线照射下。;If that doesn#39;t work,; Valdivia said, ;we#39;ll administer a new method the CIP is using called aeroponics.;瓦尔迪维亚说:“如果还是不行的话,我们会采用国际马铃薯中心使用的一种名叫‘气栽’的新方法。”The technique, used for cultivating plants without soil, would expose roots inside a sphere or cube that is sprayed with nutrients and contains a system for removing toxins.这是一种无土种植技术:将植物的根部置于球体或立方体容器中。容器中原本已喷洒了营养剂,并内置了一套去除毒素的机制。In future years, NASA plans to build a Mars research center in the Peruvian desert.未来,美国航天局还计划在秘鲁沙漠中建造一座火星研究中心。It would create a perfect replica of the Martian landscape and atmosphere for future research into space farming that could serve manned missions to Mars and other planets in the solar system.该研究中心将逼真还原火星的地貌和大气状况,以供未来太空种植研究之用。太空种植将为探测火星等其他太阳系行星的载人任务提供补给。 /201602/427873

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