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遵义市余庆县吸脂多少钱激光脱毛遵义【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Oh, what happen to you? Last time I saw you, you were a toddler.2. Hey, I was sorry I’m late . I was working on this baby and I kind of lost track of time. 3. Seems like, uh, I gotta tune it up every third fire. /200606/7388遵义美容祛斑 17. Give my regards to... 向······问好。 用法透视 这是让对方代自己向别人问好时的用语。也可以说"send my regards to"。 持范例 1. Do give my regards to Harry. 请一定代我问候哈利。 2. We're sorry not to have seen Mary. Tell her we send her our regards. 很遗憾我们没能见到玛丽。告诉她我们问她好。 3. Please give my sincere regards to all the members of your family. 请代我向你全家致以诚挚的问候。 会话记忆 A: How are your parents these days? 最近你父母身体好吗? B: Oh, they're fine, still very active and enjoying their retirement. 哦,都很好。他们依然很活跃,退休生活过得很愉快。 A: Oh, good. That's nice to hear. Please give my best regards to them when you're home. 那太好了。这真让人高兴。你回家时请代我向他们问好。 B: Sure, thank you. 一定。谢谢你 /200705/13096VOA流行美语 64: MAKE A KILLING / BREAK EVEN今天李华和Michael在讨论做生意的事。 李华会学到两个常用语:to make a killing和to break even.M: Li Hua, what are you looking at on the Internet?L: 噢,我想在网上买个做豆腐的机器。我和一个朋友想做了豆腐周末拿到农民集市上去卖。 你说有人会买吗?M: Of course people would buy your tofu! You'd make a killing!L: Make a killing? 做豆腐和杀人有什么关系?M: No, I said you'd "make a killing". "To make a killing" means to earn a lot of money quickly through some kind of lucrative business.L: 唷, to make a killing就是通过做生意赚了许多钱! Michael, 这么说,你认为我们这个生意能做得成,是吗?我不知道美国人是不是爱吃豆腐呐。M: Of course! A lot of people who don't eat meat, or who want to eat healthy foods eat tofu. Also, there are a lot of Chinese in this part of town. I'm sure you'll make a killing.L: 对,好多美国人现在健康意识很强,不吃肉,爱吃豆制品。Michael, 你说得没错,这一带中国人也很多,肯定有人会买新鲜豆腐的。Michael, 你能不能再给我举一个例子呀?M: Well, for instance, my uncle Roger made a killing in real estate. A few years ago, he bought a lot of land and then rich people started building houses in the area, and he made a lot of money.L: 你叔叔几年前买了好多地,然后有钱人在这些地上盖房子,所以他就通过房地产生意赚了好多钱!他可真有远见呐!M: You can also say to make a killing in the stock market, in the insurance business or even in the tofu business!L: 噢,to make a killing in the stock market就是通过买卖股票赚了好多钱,in the insurance business就是保险业。可是,我想靠卖豆腐大概不会make a killing --赚不了太多钱。******M: Don't worry about losing money, Li Hua. At the very least, you will break even.L: 你说我至少会什么?break even?M: "To break even" means to neither lose nor gain money. If you do some business and are able to cover the costs of the business, but don't make a profit, you are breaking even.L: 噢,那就是既不赚钱,也不亏本。做豆腐的机器不是太贵,所以,你说得对,要做到收相抵, 也就是break even, 应该不会有问题。M: Even if you don't earn a lot of money, if you break even you lose nothing, plus you get to enjoy lots of fresh tofu.L: 唷,你倒想得好,不赚不赔没什么损失,还能吃好多新鲜豆腐!你不就是想不出钱白吃豆腐嘛!对不对?M: What? I don't care that much about tofu. Stop being silly and use this phrase in a sentence.L: 嗯...有了。我和我的朋友Regina上星期第一次去大西洋赌城玩。开始我们各自出了50 美元,可是不到一小时全输光了。后来我们两人各出10美元,合在一起,结果终于把100美元又赚了回来。所以,In the end, we broke even.M: (Sarcastically) Wow. . Good thing you were able to break even, or you'd have to sleep in a cardboard box on the sidewalk.L: Michael, 别小看人哪!输了50美元,我就得睡在马路上的纸箱里呀?哎,不过,说实话,50美元是不少钱,我本来就不该去赌钱。今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:to make a killing, 意思是做生意在短期内赚了很多钱。另一个是:to break even, 意思是做生意没有亏本,也没有赚钱。 /200602/3139遵义丰胸

遵义桐梓县哪家割双眼皮比较好遵义市桐梓县人民医院双眼皮多少钱 遵义淡斑

遵义美容哪个好Have you ever been asked by your Chinese friend,你有没有被中国朋友问过;What is your zodiac sign?;“你的生肖是什么?”Dont think they are making small talk.不要以为他们只是寒暄If you say, ;Im a Monkey,;如果你说:“我属猴”they immediately know you are either 24, 36, 48 or 60 years old.他们马上就可以知道你多大年纪。Asking a zodiac sign is a polite way of asking your age.问生肖是问年龄的礼貌方式By revealing your zodiac sign, you are also being evaluated.知道了你的生肖,还可以对你进行评估。Judgments are being made about your fortune or misfortune,可以预测你幸运与否your personality, career prospects and how you will do in a given year.你的性格,职业前景,接下来一年的运势走向。If you share you and your partners animal signs,如果你分享了你和爱人的生肖they will paint a picture in their mind about your private life.甚至可以想象你的私人生活。Maybe you dont believe in the Chinese zodiac.也许你不相信中国的生肖,As a quarter of the world population is influenced by it,但是鉴于全球四分之一的人受它的影响youd be wise to do something about that.你最好还是知道一些相关的知识。So what is the Chinese zodiac, exactly?到底什么是中国的生肖呢?Most Westerners think of Greco-Roman zodiac, the signs divided into 12 months.大多数西方人听说过希腊罗马12星座,这些星座把一年分成12个月。The Chinese zodiac is different.中国生肖不同。Its a 12-year cycle labeled with animals,中国生肖是以动物命名的,一个12年的循环starting with a Rat and ending with a Pig,以鼠开始,以猪结尾。and has no association with constellations.它们与星座没有任何联系。For example, if you were born in 1975, you are a Rabbit.比如你出生在1975年,你就属兔。Can you see your zodiac sign there?大家可以看到自己的生肖么?Our Chinese ancestors constructed a very complicated theoretical framework中国的老祖先建立了一套非常复杂的理论框架。based on inner yang, the five elements and the 12 zodiac animals.以阴阳,五行和12生肖为基础Over thousands of years, this popular culture has affected peoples major decisions,千百年来,这种流行文化影响着人们的大部分决定such as naming, marriage, giving birth and attitude towards each other.比如起名,婚介,生产,甚至对彼此的态度。And some of the implications are quite amazing.其中一些涵义令人称奇。The Chinese believe certain animals get on better than the others.中国人相信某些生肖与其它生肖比较好相处。So parents choose specific years to give birth to babies,所以夫妇选择特定的年份生孩子because they believe the team effort by the right combination of animals can give prosperity to families.因为他们相信特定的生肖组合会让家族更加繁荣We even refer to the zodiac when entering into romantic relations.甚至谈恋爱的时候也会参考生肖。Im a Pig; I should have perfect romance with Tigers, Goats and Rabbits.我属猪,我最好的恋爱对象是属虎,羊和兔的人。Chinese people believe some animals are natural enemies.中国人相信有些生肖天生相克。As a Pig, I need to be careful with a Snake.对于属猪的人来说,我要小心属蛇的人。Raise your hand if you are a Snake.各位属蛇的人请举手。Lets have a chat later.我一会有话跟你们说。We believe some animals are luckier than the others, such as the Dragon.我们相信有些生肖更加好运,比如生肖龙。Unlike the Western tradition, the Chinese Dragon is a symbol for power, strength and wealth.不同于西方传统,中国龙是权力,力量和财富的象征。Its everyones dream to have a Dragon baby.每个人都希望有一个龙宝宝。Jack Mas parents must have been very proud.马云的父母就非常自豪。And they are not the only ones.这种现象非常普遍。In 2012, the Year of the Dragon,2012年是龙年,the birthrate in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan increased by five percent.中国香港和台湾的婴儿出生率提高了5%。That means another one million more babies.比正常多出了一百万新生儿。With a traditional preference to baby boys,加之生男孩的倾向明显,the boy-girl ratio that year was 120 to 100.那年的男女比例为120:100。When those Dragon boys grow up,当属龙的男孩长大,they will face much more severe competition in love and job markets.他们会面临更加激烈的婚姻和职场挑战。201607/454754 英语日常口语 43:Exam revision本单元是关于复习考试的对话Michal: Oh dear I have my exam today. I'm really worried. Helen, will you practise with me please? Helen: You must be joking! Michal: Alice?Alice: Oh Michal, you know I'm just back from a night-shift. I'm exhausted, sorry. Tim: Don't worry mate, you'll be all right. Just relax, be yourself... Michal: But I did very bad in my practice test last week. Helen: I told you Michal, it's important to revise for exams but you went out every night this week. Michal: Yes I know but it's a speaking exam so I had to talk to people. Won't anyone help me? Thanks Bronka, that's a big help!Vocabulary:(词汇)a night-shift: (夜班)a period of work that takes place during the nightexhausted: (精疲力尽)very tired to revise for exams: (为准备考试而复习)to do special preparation for an exam, when you look back at your earlier work本单元的语言点是 homophones, 在英语里有时候有两个完全不同的字 - 拼写不同、字义不同 - 却有相同的发音。这就叫做 homophones 。举例来说, mail 和 male , practice 和 practise。这是因为英文字并不完全按照声音来拼写。英文里估计大约有 400 组同音字。HomophonesIn English it is possible for two different words - words with different spelling and different meaning - to have the same pronunciation. These are homophones. For example, mail and male and practice and practise. This occurs because English is not written in a strictly phonetic way. There are more than 400 pairs of homophones. Common homophones:(常见同音字)mail and male The first means post and letters, the second is the opposite of femalebrake and break The first stops a car or bicycle from moving, the second means to damage somethingwait and weight The first is what you do at a bus stop, the second is measured in kilogrammes and red The first is the past simple of 'to ', the second is the colour of dangerbuy, by and bye The first is to obtain something using money, the second is a preposition, the third is a shortened form of 'goodbye'sore and soar The first means something hurts, the second means to fly high in the skypause and pawsThe first is a short gap in speech, the second are animals' feet pores and pours The first are small holes in the skin, the second is from the verb 'to pour water from a jug'Verb and noun homophones:(动词与名词同音字)practise and practice Both mean to do something to get better at it. The first is the verb, the second the nounlicense and licence Both refer to official permission to do something. The first (in British English) is verb meaning to give the permission, the second is the noun and refers to the official document of permissionContractions (e.g. he's, I'm) homophones:(缩写同音字)aisle, isle and I'll The first is the gap between columns of seats, the second is a small island, the third is a contraction of 'I will'heel, heal and he'll The first is the back of the bottom of your foot, the second means to repair an injury, the third is a contraction of 'he will'your and you're The first is a possessive pronoun, the second the contraction of 'you are'there, their and they're The first is an adverb, the second a possessive pronoun, the third a contraction of 'they are' /200707/16047遵义务川县中医院治疗狐臭多少钱遵义汇川区开个眼角多少钱



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