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好奇心害死猫?它还扼杀了我们的幸福 -- ::50 来源: 你是否有过分手后偷偷看前任微?这样的好奇心不仅仅能害死猫,还会扼杀你的幸福 It was not my finest moment. Perhaps it was my worst. In the aftermath of the end of my first serious relationship, over a decade ago, I my ex-boyfriend’s email. We’d exchanged passwords when we were very much in youthful love – pre-smartphone, sometimes it was useful to get him to look something up in my when I wasn’t near a computer, or vice versa – and after the breakup, he didn’t change his password. (I asked him to; he replied that he should have been able to trust me not to his email, which was not incorrect.)那不是我最光的时刻,很可能是我最糟糕的时刻十年前,在我第一段认真的恋爱关系结束的那段时期里,我偷偷看了前男友的邮件我们在年少恋爱时交换了邮箱密码-那时候还没有智能手机,有时候我不在电脑边上让他用我的账号查看信息比较方便,或者倒过来也一样-分手后,他没有更换密码(我让他换,他说他应该可以相信我不会偷看他邮件,然而他错了)Heartbroken, I snooped daily, compulsively, ignoring the wise advice of a friend who pointed out that the most I would discover was things that would upset me. If my boyfriend wanted to get back together with me – which is what I desperately wanted – he’d tell me. I wouldn’t learn it from an email he’d written to someone else. I knew that. I just couldn’t seem to help myself.伤心欲绝的我每天抑制不住地去偷看他的邮件,完全不顾好友的建议,他她说我偷看的结果只能是发现那些让我难过的事如果前男友想要复合-那是当年的我拼命追求的-他一定会告诉我的我不可能从他写给别人的邮件里得知我心里也清楚,但我好像无法控制自己Now I know that was because I was only human. A new study published this week by researchers from the University of Chicago and the Wisconsin School of Business demonstrates using science that curiosity doesn’t just murder cats: it murders our happiness. Scientific American sums it up: “The need to know is so strong that people will seek to slake their curiosity even when it is clear the answer will hurt.”现在我明白了,因为我仅仅是个普通的人类本周,在由芝加哥大学和威斯康辛商学院研究人员发表的最新研究中,他们通过科学方法明,好奇心不仅害死猫:它还谋杀我们的幸福《科学美国人总结道:“好奇心是如此强烈,以至于人们总要想法设法满足它,即使很明显会造成伤害他们也在所不惜”In the study, subjects who were faced with the prospect of unpleasant stimuli – small electric shocks, the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard – linked to certain actions (clicking a pen, example) were unable to avoid the temptation to do the actions anyway. Such is the intensity of our craving knowledge, our vulnerability to feelings of wonder: we’re willing to injure ourselves in order to satisfy it.研究中,实验者知道自己将要面对不愉快的刺激-小电击、指甲划过黑版的声音-这些刺激与某种行为相联系(例如敲击钢笔),然而实验者总是无法抵制住做这些行为的诱惑这就是我们对知识强烈的渴望以及对好奇心的脆弱为了满足它,我们宁愿伤害自己If you’ve never wasted any of your life staring at your ex’s Facebook photos, I suppose you can feel very smug right now. the majority of us, however, it’s a bit comting to know that your desire to know whether someone’s new partner is better-looking than you ( example) doesn’t just indicate that you’re pathetic and spineless. The urge runs deep, and universal.如果你从没浪费点时间盯着前任Facebook的照片发呆,我想你此刻一定感到自鸣得意然而对于大多数人来说,了解到你想知道前任的现任是否比你好看(比方说)并不说明你的可悲和没骨气,还是有点令人感到安慰的这种欲望会非常深切而广泛The trouble, of course, is when that desire is felt and fed in a world where inmation is available to us in endless, infinite ways. The internet means that there is little impediment to finding the answer to any question that crosses our minds whenever we want it. Or at least, trying to find the answer – though as another recent study revealed, our haste to Google things rather than wait insights from experts can have a very real and very negative impact on our health.当然,难题在于当这种欲望在充斥着无穷信息的现实世界被感知和胀大后网络意味着你几乎可以毫无障碍地找到任何掠过脑海的问题的-只要你想要或者至少能够试着去寻找-尽管近期另外一项研究发现,我们动不动就求助谷歌而不是等待专家的深刻见解,这种行为对我们的健康产生了非常真实和负面的影响In the sad, secret affair between me and my ex-boyfriend’s email, the study was proven true. My snooping just made me sad, and in one case did some temporary damage to a relationship with a mutual friend who’d written a note to my ex about our split that wasn’t very complimentary to me (of course it wasn’t: he was try to make my ex feel better, not me).在我偷看前男友邮件这起悲伤又秘密的事件中,研究得到了实我的偷窥只能让我更伤心,有次甚至破坏了一个我和前男友共同朋友的关系,因为他发了封邮件和前男友说关于分手的事,而邮件中对我的描述并不是那么友好(当然也不可能友好:他是试图让我前男友感到好过点,而不是我)In time, I learned to muster the strength to turn away from other partners’ unlocked phones or computers: sometimes, a true mind-over-matter challenge. The acquisition of painful, troubling knowledge cannot be undone; the things we’d least like to know are the hardest to get. Out of kindness to ourselves, it’s worth considering whether we really want to , or look, or ask – sometimes, it turns out, there’s real character and strength in maintaining ignorance. Maybe even bliss.最终,我学会了控制自我,不再偷看其他伴侣未锁屏的手机或电脑:有时候,这真的是场心灵胜过物质的挑战曾经受过的疼痛和纠结不会消失;我们最不想知道的也是最难忘记的出于善待自己的目的,我们确实应该考虑我们是否真的想去阅读、浏览或者向对方询问-有时候,保持无知真的需要力量和勇气,有时,甚至是天赐之福。

朝鲜正以世界级技术大量伪造人民币 --5 18:57: 来源: 据脱北者透露,朝鲜正在最高领导人金正恩亲自主持下,大量印刷假人民币 SEOUL, June 3 (UPI) - North Korea has been printing large amounts of counterfeit Chinese currency under the supervision of Kim Jong Un, a defector group said Thursday.6月3日首尔电(合众国际社)——星期四,据脱北者透露,朝鲜正在最高领导人金正恩亲自主持下,大量印刷假人民币The South Korea-based organization North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity said the inmation is from a source based in North Korea, local news service Newsis reported.据韩国的新闻Newsis报道,在韩国的朝鲜知识分子团结会介绍,他们是从朝鲜得到的可靠消息According to the source, a mint in the North Korean city of Pyongsong in South Pyongan Province specializes in the printing of fake Chinese yuan, the group said.根据该情报,印刷假人民币的中心在朝鲜平安南道平城市的一家造币厂,该厂专门负责印刷假币A secret North Korean task ce called "Unha," under the financial ing department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, is managing the illicit project.朝鲜劳动党中央委员会财政会计部下设有一个代号“”的秘密小组,专门负责管理这一非法项目North Korea began printing the high-quality bills in , and according to NK Intellectuals Solidarity, the task ce has Kim’s approval a "three-step strategy."团结会介绍说,大规模印刷假人民币开始于年,这一金正恩特别批准成立的小组采取的是一种“三步走策略”"The fake currency is first circulated and tested in North Korean markets sophistication, then tested safety in a third country, then distributed in massive quantities in China," the activists said.“首先,假钞是在朝鲜市场上流通,以测试是否会被发现,然后再送到第三国去检测其安全性,最后大规模输入中国”North Korea uses enterprises nested inside its embassies abroad to access the eign exchange, and working together with "eign criminal associations," mixes in the counterfeit currency with other bills in order to place them in circulation.朝鲜使用与其大使馆挂钩的企业建立自己的外汇通道,他们还和“外国犯罪组织”合作,将假人民币和其他假钞投入流通领域The group also said a handful of North Koreans were prosecuted in Beijing in May using fake U.S. dollars in transactions.团结会还说,5月间,有不少朝鲜人因为使用假美元在北京被起诉A North Korean restaurant worker in Dandong, China, is also being investigated on suspicions of using counterfeit cash, the group said.该组织说,在中国丹东朝鲜餐厅的一名工作人员也因为涉嫌使用假钞而受到了调查In April, Hong Kong media reported North Korea has "world-class" counterfeiting technology capable of manufacturing U.S. dollars and Japanese yen, in addition to the yuan.月间,一家香港媒体曾经报道称朝鲜拥有“世界级”的假钞技术,不仅能伪造人民币,还能伪造美元和日元。

粉丝打造“乔治王子”仿真娃娃 -- :9:51 来源: 粉丝打造“乔治王子”仿真娃娃Royals fan spends two months turning £500 lifelike doll into replica of Prince GeorgeAn overjoyed royal baby fan has created a reborn doll that she claims is an exact replica of Prince George.皇室宝宝的一位狂热粉丝打造出了一个栩栩如生的洋娃娃,她宣称这个洋娃娃和乔治小王子简直是一个模子里刻出来的Natalie Lawrence, , ordered the doll's silicone body from Germany bee she spent more than two months painstakingly painting on George's face and sewing on his golden locks with Angora goat hair.现年岁的娜塔莉·劳伦斯从德国订购了洋娃娃的身体部分,材质为硅胶之后,她花了两个月的时间,十分仔细地画出了乔治小王子的面部,还用安哥拉山羊毛给洋娃娃缝了一头金发The mer florist from Barrow-Upon-Soar, Leicester, says she doesn't have any children of her own, so decorating replica babies is something she 'really enjoys'.娜塔莉来自莱斯特郡索尔河畔巴罗,曾经当过花匠娜塔莉说,她自己没有孩子,所以她“特别喜欢”装饰这些仿真洋娃娃Now that her little Prince, worth an estimated £500, is complete, Natalie revels in knitting him replicas of George's real-life clothes - as well as king out designer items to match his real-life wardrobe.现在,估价为500英镑的乔治小王子仿真洋娃娃已经完工,娜塔莉开始仿照乔治小王子现实中穿过的衣,为洋娃娃缝制衣此外,为了与现实生活中乔治王子的衣柜相匹配,她还大手笔购买名牌衣Her ultimate dream would be to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge so she could show them her princely creation.她的终极愿望是见一见威廉王子和凯特王妃,好让他们看看自己亲手做的小王子洋娃娃Talking about what inspired her to create Prince George, Natalie said: 'Whenever, there's a new royal baby I get really excited. He has such a gorgeous face that I just had to try and make him.'谈到创作灵感时,娜塔莉表示:“不管什么时候,只要有王室宝宝降生,我就会特别兴奋何况乔治小王子还是个小帅哥,所以我就要试试做个仿真洋娃娃啦!”When she was ordering the base doll from Germany, she sent off a newspaper cutting featuring a photograph of the young Prince so manufacturers could match his eye colour. She said: 'Prince George has got such unique chocolate brown eyes. I sent them a cutting from the paper so the glassmaker could get them just right.'娜塔莉从德国订制洋娃娃主体部分时,还附带了一张从报纸上剪下来的乔治小王子的照片,这样生厂商就可以参照他的眼睛颜色娜塔莉说:“乔治小王子的眼睛是独特的巧克力棕色,所以我才把那张照片给他们,这样玻璃工人做出的眼睛颜色就恰到好处了”When it came to the hair, Natalie bought four different colours of Angora goat hair to get mimic Prince George's blonde tones. Each hair then had to be inserted into the silicon base separately by a needle.至于头发,娜塔莉买了四种颜色的安哥拉山羊毛,混合搭配出了像乔治小王子一样的金发娜塔莉是用针把头发一根一根缝到洋娃娃上的'I'm a real perfectionist. All in all it took me four weeks just to get his hair right,' Natalie said. 'And I wanted to get his skin tone just right, which took 7 layers of specialist paint.'“我是个不折不扣的完美主义者光是头发缝就整整花了我四周时间,”娜塔莉说,“我还希望洋娃娃的肤色和真人最接近,所以又给它刷了7层特制涂料”Natalie bought some of the doll's clothes - such as a Ralph Lauren T-shirt - but she's also had some of his clothes handmade.洋娃娃的一部分衣是娜塔莉买的,比如拉夫·劳伦的T恤,还有一些是自制的Natalie says she would love to take her mini Prince George out and about, but he's just too precious. 'I'd be devastated if he got damaged, so I just keep him in the house, and sometimes sit out in the garden with him.'娜塔莉说,她倒是很想带上“迷你小王子”出去溜溜,无奈它太珍贵了“如果洋娃娃什么地方被弄坏了,我会崩溃的所以,我还是把它珍藏在屋里吧,偶尔带它到花园坐坐就够了”In the past, Natalie has sold her reborn dolls hundreds of pounds but this time around she has no intention of letting George go. She concluded: 'From all of the work I'd put in someone would have to pay at least £500 him. He's so special to me I wouldn't dream of giving him away.'娜塔莉以前做的仿真洋娃娃卖出去好几百英镑了,不过这次她不打算卖掉“乔治小王子”她总结道:“鉴于我花了那么多心思做这个洋娃娃,想买的人起码要给我500英镑对我来说,它是独一无二的,我从没想过要把它交给别人”Vocabularylock: 一缕(头发)revel in: 沉醉于k out: 大把掏钱英文来源:每日邮报译者:许晶晶58英语网编辑:bruce。

澳洲年度人物呼吁工作场所不说guys -- :36:6 来源:chinadaily Australian of the Year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term "guys" in the workplace.澳洲年度人物大卫bull;莫里森发起了一项运动,反对人们在工作场所使用guys(意思是家伙,男人)的称谓The #WordsAtWork campaign by the country's Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups.由澳洲多元化协会发起的“工作用语”运动旨在呼吁人们避免使用这类把少数群体排除在外的词语Using "girls" women, and "walk the talk" to people in wheelchairs, are among terms they say are offensive.称女性为girls,把坐轮椅的人称作walk the talk,多元化协会成员认为这两个称谓都具有冒犯之意Mr Morrison was awarded the role of Australian of the Year partly his equality campaigning.莫里森先生当选澳大利亚年度人物,部分原因在于他一直致力于追求平等的斗争The mer military man - once chief of the Australian Army - admitted he had used some of the terms himself.这名退役军人曾是澳大利亚陆军司令,他承认他过去也说过类似的不礼貌的言辞But of "guys" Mr Morrison said "I have now removed that from my lexicon as best I can. I think it's important."但提到guys时,莫里森先生表示:“现在,我已经尽可能地不再使用这个词语,因为我认为将它从我的个人语库中移除非常重要”Insisting the campaign was not intended to create a "language police", he said: "People use language to denigrate others and to take away their self-respect. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, but the effect is the same."莫里森表示,该活动的初衷并非是塑造一个“语言警察”,他说:“人们用语言诋毁他人,伤害他人的自尊尽管有时是无意之举,可造成的后果是一样的”While some praised the inclusive language drive, not everyone agreed that "guys" was offensive, or that it was the most urgent problem that the Australian of the Year could be tackling.虽然有人持这场运动,提倡中性语言,但也并非所有人都觉得guys是一种冒犯,或者认为这场运动是“澳洲年度人物”的当务之急Some wondered if the thoroughly Australian greeting "mate" - often used by and men - would be next.有人提出,澳洲男性常用的对其他男性的称呼mate是不是会成为下一个争议对象Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis also questioned whether "guys" was still a gender-specific term, telling Australia's A that "you guys" was now widely used of all genders.澳大利亚国立大学语言专家凯瑟琳·特拉维斯也对guys是否具有性别针对性提出了质疑,她告诉澳大利亚广播公司,you guys这一说法现在被各种性别的人所广泛使用There was broader agreement on some other terms though, including against using "gay" in a negative fashion.不过,针对其他某些词语的使用,人们达成了更广泛的共识,比如反对在表示负面含义时使用gay英文来源:B译者:杜馨乐(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

女士穿长裤违法 世界9大奇葩法律 -- :59: 来源:   Here is a collection of some of the eccentric laws in the world. We can laugh, we can gasp, we can only wonder…  今天小编给大家介绍世界上一些国家或地区的让人或可笑、或吃惊的奇葩法律法规  1. Think bee you chew  新加坡:嚼口香糖,你就违法了  In Singapore, chewing gum is prohibited. This rule was introduced because of the high cost and difficulty in removing stuck chewing gum from public premises. In particular, chewing gum stuck on the Mass Rapid Transit train doors stopped the trains from moving. It happened a few times and those were a few times too many.  在新加坡,嚼口香糖是被禁止的制定这项规定是因为公共场所的口香糖清理工作非常困难且花费太高另外,因口香糖黏在快速轨道运输车的车门上而阻停列车运行的事情时有发生,所以新加坡制定了此项规定  . Lighten up  丹麦:白天行车也得开大灯  Drivers in Denmark are supposed to drive vehicles with their headlights on. You’d think this law would apply to night driving but it doesn’t. It is considered essential during the day as well or they may face a fine of up to Java版权大战:谷歌胜诉甲骨文 --7 19::5 来源: 近日,在和软件公司甲骨文的版权大战中,谷歌获得了胜利,陪审团裁定谷歌不存在对甲骨文Java代码的侵权行为Oracle had argued that Google had infringed its copyright and had sought nearly bn (euro 6bn) in damages.之前,甲骨文曾声称谷歌侵犯了其著作权,并向谷歌索赔90亿美元(约合60亿欧元)赔偿金The outcome was eagerly awaited by software developers who feared that a victory Oracle might encourage more such legal actions.许多软件开发人士都非常关注这一诉讼的审理结果,因为他们担心一旦甲骨文胜诉,将来也许会出现更多此类法律行为The company says it will appeal against the decision.甲骨文表示他们将上述Google uses Java in its Android smartphone operating system which powers about 80% of the worldrsquo;s mobile devices.谷歌在其安卓智能手机操作系统中使用了Java语言,可以持全世界80%的移动设备The company had argued that extending copyright protection to pieces of code called APIs (application programming interfaces) would threaten innovation.谷歌贬称说,如果将版权保护扩展到;应用程序接口;的代码片段的话,创新能力将会受到威胁The jury in San Francisco agreed that copyright law allowed ;fair use;rsquo; of the Java elements as they were only a part of a larger system Google had created a new purpose.三藩市的陪审团认为版权法允许对Java语言的;合理使用;,因为在谷歌为新目的而创建的一个更大的系统中,Java只是一部分而已;Todayrsquo;s verdict that Android makes fair use of Java APIs represents a win the Android ecosystem, the Java programming commy, and software developers who rely on open and free programming languages to build innovative consumer products,; a Google spokesperson said in an emailed statement.一名谷歌发言人在邮件中声明到:;今天的判决指出lsquo;安卓合理使用Java应用程序接口rsquo;对于安卓生态系统、Java编程社区、以及依靠自由开放编程语言来构建创新消费产品的软件开发商来说,这是一个胜利;The legal battle began in and the two firms first faced each other in court in May . A federal judge ruled against Oracle, but the company then appealed. After legal wrangling, the case was sent back to court.这场诉讼开始于年,谷歌和甲骨文在年的时候第一次对簿公堂一名联邦法官曾裁决甲骨文败诉,但是后来甲骨文又上述了在经过法律纠纷后,这份案件被发回法院重审Despite Thursdayrsquo;s outcome, Oracle lawyer Dorian Daley said it would pursue the matter further.尽管甲骨文在周四败诉了,但是据该公司律师多利安;戴琳透露,甲骨文会进一步追究此事;We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market,; he said.戴琳表示:;我们坚信谷歌非法剽窃了Java的核心科技,以此来开发自己的安卓系统,并凭此进军移动设备市场;;Oracle brought this lawsuit to put a stop to Googlersquo;s illegal behaviour. We believe there are numerous grounds appeal and we plan to bring this case back to the federal circuit on appeal.;;甲骨文此次诉讼的目的是制止谷歌的非法行为我们相信有很多可以上诉的理由,而且我们计划将这起案件上诉到联邦巡回法院;. Studies have shown that this has helped a lot to avoid road accidents in Denmark.  在丹麦开车,司机必须开着车前大灯你可能会以为这是针对夜间行车,但事实可不是这样的该国法律认为打开车前大灯在白天也是必须的,如果违反规定,司机将面临多达0美元的罚款研究显示这样的规定使丹麦的交通事故大幅减少  3. To fail > to jail  孟加拉:考试敢作弊?那就坐牢去吧  In Bangladesh, children and older can be put in jail cheating on their final examinations. Every year, Bangladeshi government takes strong measures to stop cheating and carries out a massive media campaign to ewarn students through print and television.  在孟加拉,岁及以上的儿童如果在期末考试中作弊则会被罚入狱每年,孟加拉都会制定严厉措施来防止考试作弊,并通过报纸、电视等媒体进行大量宣传以对学生提出预先警告  . Picky about chicks  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦:不准给小鸡染色   According to Akron- Ohio Act 95.6, No person, firm, or corporation shall dye or otherwise color any rabbit or baby poultry, including, but not limited to, chicks and ducklings. No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer sale, expose sale, raffle, or give away any rabbit or baby poultry which has been dyed or otherwise colored.  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦市规定,任何个人、公司或企业都不允许在小兔子、小鸡、小鸭及其他家禽幼崽身上染色而且任何个人、公司或企业都不允许买卖或遗弃已经被染色的兔子等其他家禽幼崽  5. Keep the change  加拿大:硬币留着容易花着难  In Canada, Currency Act of 1985 prohibits consumers from using unreasonable amounts of coins to pay purchases. This means you can’t pay an item in all coins (especially if it’s over $). Even the use of dollar-coins is limited. The shop owner has the right to choose whether or not he wants to take your coins but doesn’t have to.  在加拿大1985年的货币法案中规定,消费者禁止在购买东西时毫无原因地使用大量硬币这意味着你买东西不能全部用硬币付,即使是买价格不到美元的东西也不行美元的硬币也被禁止使用商店的卖家可以自行决定是否接受你的硬币,但并不强求   6. Sue them pants!  法国:女士禁止穿长裤  In France it is still against the law women to wear pants. The law reportedly has been on the books since 1800.It was amended several times: once in 189 to allow women to sport trousers while riding horses and again in 19 to permit the ladies to wear pants while on bicycles.  在法国女士穿长裤仍然是违法的这项规定始于1800年,之后几经修订:189年时允许女士在骑马的时候穿运动裤,19年时又允许女士在骑自行车的时候可以穿长裤  7. The law with a flaw  美国佐治亚州:关于自行车改装的奇怪规定  In Georgia no bicycle shall be equipped, modified, or altered in such a way as to cause the pedal in its lowermost position to be more than inches above the ground, nor shall any bicycle be operated if so equipped. The question is: Who would ride such a bike?  美国佐治亚州规定,任何自行车的脚蹬不得被加装、改装至最低高度在距离地面英寸以上,如果有类似改装行为,则该自行车不允许上路那么问题来了:谁会把自行车脚蹬改的那么高啊?  8. One Two Three GO!  美国马萨诸塞州:守丧期间吃三明治不能超过三个   In Massachusetts at a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches. It is one of those laws that was written in books and never removed since then. Bad manners, one might consider it, but in Massachusetts it is a criminal offense.  在美国马萨诸塞州,守丧期间的悼念者吃三明治不得超过三个这条法规自被写入法典后就从未被改变过你可能会觉得有点变态,不过在马萨诸塞州,如果违反那就是犯罪  9.ImPie-ous Christmas  英国:圣诞节当天不准买肉馅饼  In Britain, it is illegal to consume a mince pie on Christmas Day. It is one of the odd old laws on the statute book, although rarely enced by even the keenest police officer. It was brought to existence by Oliver Cromwell, self proclaimed Lord Protector of England. Festivals that promoted gluttony and drunkenness were against the righteous Christian ethics, including Christmas.  在英国,圣诞节那天不允许买肉馅饼这条奇怪的规定很早就被记录在是法典中了不过即使是最负责的警察也很少执行过该项规定它由自称为“英国护国公”的奥利弗·克伦威尔制定的任何会引起暴饮暴食的节日都是违背基督教的道德观的,包括圣诞节。

当面拒绝太尴尬?求助Ghostbot吧! --9 :6: 来源: 当面拒绝不喜欢的追求者使社交关系变得非常尴尬,突然消失倒成为了一个不错的法子,而一款具备此功能的应用Ghostbot开始流行起来 Can’t handle the thought of rejecting someone to his or her face? Luckily technology is the best wing man.当面拒绝不喜欢的人实在说不出口?幸运的是,科技如今能助人们一臂之力了Ghostbot is a new app that detects incoming texts from a person you’re hoping to not communicate with and sends an unenthusiastic automated response on your behalf.新推出的手机应用Ghostbot能检测接收到的短信,如果使用者不愿和此人继续交流,Ghostbot会自动回复一条态度冷淡的信息Ghosting is the trend of disappearing from a relationship – common among a generation of online daters.在网络约会成风的时代,Ghosting(不接电话,不回信息)已成为了结束一段恋爱关系的主要趋势The texts Ghostbot will send are automated and unenthusiastic – meant to encourage the recipient to ‘get the hint’ that you are not interested.Ghostbot会自动发送态度冷淡的短信,意图令对方察觉到你不感兴趣的“暗示”Example: If the suitor were to ask a date, Ghostbot might reply: “Nope.”下面举几个例子:如果追求者想和你约会,Ghostbot可能会这样回复:“不啦”“I just have no time right now.”“我现在没时间哎”“Sorry, just me and pizza tonight.”“抱歉,今晚只想和披萨为伴”The creators say that sometimes simply blocking someone creates awkward social circumstances.软件的开发者表示有时直接屏蔽追求者会变得非常尴尬Ghostbot helps you go through the motion of ghosting someone without negative consequencesGhostbot能帮助使用者逐渐甩掉自己并不喜欢的追求者However, Ghostbot might send the poop emoji or the thumbs down sign when it detects a lewd comment or a “booty call” text.如果Ghostbot检测到含猥亵或约炮内容的短信,则会自动回复大便或拇指向下的表情The creators don’t recommend using Ghostbot ending long-term relationships.开发者不推荐人们使用Ghostbot结束一段长期的恋爱关系。

NASA发布照片:冥王星给了我们最大的惊喜! -- :36: 来源:   During a news briefing at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on Tuesday, NASA scientists revealed what they've gleaned from the latest photos of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft was set to make its closest approach of the dwarf planet on Tuesday, and while scientists wait confirmation of that flyby -- and the months worth of data that it will bring.  周二,约翰霍普金斯应用物理实验室举行的发布会上,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的科学家透露,他们已收集到来自冥王星的最新图像计划设定,新视野号飞行探测器会在周二近距离飞掠这颗矮行星,届时将向在地面等待确认飞掠的科学家传回历时个月所收集到的数据  Remember Pluto's heart?  还记得冥王星的心吗?  Well, it's broken.  好吧,它的心已碎  What you're looking at is an image of Pluto with heavily exaggerated color data -- like when you amp up the saturation on an Instagram. It's a bit hard to see (sorry) but one side of the "heart" is much bluer than the other. In fact, the left-hand side seems prettybeige-y.  你所看到的冥王星图像,附带有极度夸张的色数据,就像你在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)上放大图片的色饱和度那样图片让人看起来(抱歉~)有点儿费力,但你还是能看到这颗“心”的一边要比另一边蓝得多实际上看,左边的部分看起来更偏于米黄色   This seems to confirm something that the NASA scientists suspected based on recent photos of the "heart" feature: It's actually two features. In the latest images, it looks like the left half of the heart is smoother than the right, the team said at the briefing. It's possible that some texture has been lost in the compression of the image, but it could also mean that one side of the heart is a different geological feature than the other -- they're just both very bright, compared with the rest of the surface.  这似乎实了NASA科学家们基于这颗“心”的近照所作出的猜测,即实际上心有两部分组成科研团队在简报会上指出,根据最新的图像,似乎这颗“心”的左半边要比右半边平滑的多很有可能是在图像的压缩过程中丢失了某些质地,但这也有可能意味着,这颗“心”的一边与另一边地质特征存在差异相对于冥王星表面的其他部分而言,这两部分都很明亮  And speaking of Pluto's features, NASA scientists are now giving unofficial names to some of the things they've spotted -- names they can submit to the International Astronomical union official approval. They're sticking with the trend of underworld creatures and gods -- Pluto, after all, was the Roman god of the underworld -- and have tentatively named a previously observed dark, whale-shaped splotch (just to the left of the broken heart) after "Cthulhu," the dark deity invented by author H.P. Lovecraft.  谈到冥王星的特征,NASA科学家们正准备给一些他们发现到的东西进行非正式命名他们可以将这些名字递交给国际天文学联合会以获得官方认此次命名将延续以往的传统,以阴间神灵命名毕竟,冥王星就是以罗马神话中掌管阴间的冥王所命名的科学家们已打算将前不久观察到的一块鲸鱼形深色暗斑区域(就在这颗破碎的“心”的左边),命名为“克苏鲁”(由作家H·P·洛夫卡拉夫特创作的一个邪神)。

大堡礁珊瑚白化现象持续 35%珊瑚死亡 --31 :8:6 来源: 澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁 At least 35% of corals in the northern and central parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by bleaching, Australian scientists say.澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁The experts from James Cook University (JCU) say it is the most extreme case of mass bleaching they have ever measured at the World Heritage Site.詹姆斯库克大学的专家表示,这是他们在大堡礁测量中发现的最严重的白化现象大堡礁已被列入世界自然遗产名录Bleaching occurs when warmer water causes coral to weaken and lose the colourful algae that provide oxygen and nutrients.海水温度变暖,导致为珊瑚提供氧气和营养来源的共生藻死亡或离开,仅剩下透明的珊瑚虫的现象,就是珊瑚白化It has been linked to climate change.珊瑚白化与气候变化有关"We found on average, that 35% of the corals are now dead or dying on 8 reefs that we surveyed along the northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef, between Townsville and Papua New Guinea," Professor Terry Hughes, the head of the ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies at JCU, said in a statement.詹姆斯库克大学ARC珊瑚卓越研究中心主任休斯表示,“根据我们对汤斯维尔和巴布亚新几内亚之间的大堡礁北部和中部8种珊瑚的调查,我们发现,平均来讲,35%的珊瑚现在已死亡或正在死亡”"This year is the third time in 18 years that the Great Barrier Reef has experienced mass bleaching due to global warming, and the current event is much more extreme than we’ve measured bee.”“由于全球变暖,这已是大堡礁在过去18年来第三次出现大规模的珊瑚白化现象目前的状况比我们以前所了解的更为极端”"We’re rapidly running out of time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."“减少温室气体排放,我们所剩时间已经不多了”The scientists warned that the recovery of coral cover is expected to take a decade or longer, but it would take much longer to regain the largest and oldest corals that have died.科学家警告说,大堡礁珊瑚恢复生机大概需要十年或更长时间不过,对那些已死亡的最大和最老的珊瑚群来说,恢复生机要花费更长的时间Their study was released after months of intensive aerial and underwater surveys.科学家进行了航拍及水下调查,长达数月的集中研究后,他们发布了这项结果Mass coral bleaching大规模珊瑚白化现象Coral bleaching is caused by rising water temperatures resulting from two natural warm currents珊瑚白化是由于两个自然暖洋流汇聚导致水温升高而发生It is exacerbated by man-made climate change, as the oceans are absorbing about 93% of the increase in the Earth’s heat.人类导致的气候变化令珊瑚白化情况更加糟糕,因为地球增加的热量的93%被大洋所吸收Bleaching happens when corals under stress drive out the algae known as zooxanthellae that give them colour海水变暖令珊瑚感到压力,导致为珊瑚提供色素的藻类被排走,从而使珊瑚白化If normal conditions return, the corals can recover, but it can take decades, and if the stress continues the corals can die如果正常环境得以恢复,珊瑚会恢复生长,但这得花上数十年时间;如果珊瑚生长的压力持续,珊瑚就会死亡The current worldwide bleaching episode is predicted to be the worst on record.据预测,目前的大堡礁珊瑚白化现象将是有史以来最糟糕的。

份意想不到的工作让你年薪万+美金! -- :: 来源: 在美国,你以为在华尔街工作才能获得高薪吗?来看看劳工统计局给出的结论,份意想不到的工作给你意想不到的高薪! You don’t have to work on Wall Street to earn a fat paycheck.你不一定非要在华尔街工作才能赢得高薪Several lesser-known jobs, including physician assistant and special agent, have a median annual salary of <牛人_句子>,000 or more, according to a new Glassdoor report.据Glassdoor最新报告显示,像医师助理、特工等一些鲜为人知的工作,其平均年薪可达万+美金The jobs search site examined hundreds of thousands of compensation reports from U.S.-based employees over the past two years. It identified the following jobs where you can earn a six-figure salary.这家职位搜索网站调查了过去两年来成千上万美国员工的薪酬报告,并确认了以下份能够拿到六位数年薪的工作Reservoir engineer油藏工程师Median annual salary: ,000平均年薪:.3万美元Reservoir engineers attempt to "extract the maximum amount of energy without over-tapping the reservoir," the Glassdoor report says. "In order to fill this role, professionals need a degree in chemical engineering plus experience in a field that is highly technical and nuanced."油藏工程师的工作是努力“在不超采的情况下最大限度提取能源”,Glassdoor报告称“为了胜任这个职位,专业人员需要化学工程学位以及在高技术和能辨别细微差别的领域具有足够的工作经验Software architect软件架构师Median annual salary: ,000平均年薪:.9万美元If you like to code, you’re in luck. These tech-savvy workers make big bucks, and there is high demand the profession, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most need a bachelor’s degree in math or software engineering and should know how to work well with others, Glassdoor says.如果你热爱编程,那么你走运了据美国劳工统计局称,那些精通科技的员工都挣了大钱,而且目前对该领域专业人才的需求非常大他们大多需要数学或软件工程的学士学位,并且要懂得如何与他人良好合作,Glassdoor称Airline pilot航空公司飞行员Median annual salary: ,000平均年薪:.万美元Pilots "need to be seasoned managers and savvy communicators who are comtable with a non-standard schedule," the report says. Commercial pilots usually have a bachelor’s degree, an Airline Transport Pilot certification and a commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration. Some colleges offer pilot training as part of a two- or four-year aviation degree, the BLS reports.飞行员“需要是经验丰富的管理者,懂得沟通,并且能够适应非标准工作时间”,该报告称民航飞行员通常都有学士学位、飞行员资格以及联邦航空颁发的民航驾驶执照据美国劳工统计局报道,有些大学开设了飞行员训练课程,是两年或四年制航空学位的一部分Dentist牙医Median annual salary: ,968平均年薪:.9968万美元Bee getting licensed, candidates need to have an undergraduate degree in pre-dentistry or another scientific field, score well on the Dental Acceptance Test and complete a doctoral degree in dental surgery or dental medicine.在取得从业资格之前,应试者需取得牙医预科或其他科学领域的学士学位,在牙医入学考试取得优异成绩,并获得口腔外科或牙科药学的士学位Special agent特工Median annual salary: ,000平均年薪:.5万美元It’s not just a job movie actors. Being a special agent is a high-adrenaline job you could land a government organization like the FBI or a private company. Candidates usually have a law encement background or military experience along with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice. Nontraditional and on-call hours are part of the game.这并不是只在电影中存在的职业特工是件非常刺激的工作,你可以为政府组织效力-比如联邦调查局,或者你也可以为私人公司效力候选者通常有执法背景或军事经历,另外还要有刑事审判学士学位非传统工时以及随时待命是这份工作的要求之一Geophysicist地球物理学者Median annual salary: ,380平均年薪:.938万美元If you’ve always been interested in nature, this job could be you. Geophysicists use seismic, electrical and magnetic tools to study the Earth.假如你一向对自然兴趣浓厚,这份工作很可能适合你地球物理学者运用震测、电气科学以及地磁科学工具来研究地球Drilling engineer钻井工程师Median annual salary: ,500平均年薪:.65万美元Drilling engineers can have a lucrative career in oil, gas or water drilling. The job requires a bachelor of science degree in petroleum or mechanical engineering. Candidates should be great communicators and have experience in the field, according to the report.钻井工程师可以在石油、天然气或水资源钻探领域找到高薪工作这份工作要求有石油或机械工程方面的理学学士学位候选人应善于沟通并在该领域有工作经验,据这份报告称Regional sales executive区域销售主管Median annual salary: ,500平均年薪:.35万美元These professionals oversee regional operations and sales their company. "Regional sales executives are stellar communicators with a knack spotting opporties," the report says. "They are always looking to grow their business and expand their customer base."这些专业人才负责他们公司在某个区域内的运营和销售“区域销售主管是一流的沟通者,并且有着发现销售机会的卓越能力”报告称“他们无时无刻不在寻求增长业务和扩展客户基础的机会”Nurse practitioner护理师Median annual salary: ,600平均年薪:.美元If eight years of medical school deterred you from becoming a doctor, then you may want to look into becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are qualified to perm physical exams, treat common injuries and illness and prescribe some medications. They have at least a master’s degree in nursing, and some individual states may require additional certifications.如果八年的医学院生涯打消了你做医生的念头,那么不妨考虑做个护理师护理师有资格进行健康体检、处理常规外伤和疾病,并且能够开些处方药他们至少要获得护理专业的硕士学位,美国有些州可能还需要其他资格Physician assistant医师助理Median annual salary: <牛人_句子>,39平均年薪:.9万美元A physician assistant works under the supervision of a physician to provide medical and surgical services. Unlike doctors, a physician assistant does not have to specialize in one area of medicine and has significantly lower education requirements — a master’s degree or equivalent. Demand physician assistants is high in rural areas in the U.S. that face a shortage of doctors.医师助理在医师的监督下提供医疗和外科手术务和医生不同,医师助理不需要在某个领域有专门研究,对学历的要求也低很多-硕士学位或等同学历即可美国农村由于缺乏医生,对医师助理的需求量非常大Equity research associate股票研究助理Median annual salary: <牛人_句子>,000平均年薪:万美元Equity research associates analyze and report on financial trends using complex models. "While the position incorporates much of the excitement and rewards of investment banking, it is less demanding as much of the workload involves generating inmation," the report says. Top candidates typically have a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or a similar field.股票研究助理利用综合模型分析经济形势并作报告“一方面这个职位包含了投资所需要的和薪酬,另一方面它的大部分工作涉及到生成信息,因而需求量并不大”报告称优秀候选者通常在财务、经济或类似领域获得学士学位。