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Item Five.Vocabulary. communicable, SARS, Vietnam-France Hospital, Hanoi, Carlo Urbani.On February th, , the Vietnam-France Hospital in Hanoi asked Carlo Urbani help.The Italian doctor was an expert on communicable diseases.He was based in Vietnam the world Health Organization.The Hospital asked Dr Urbani to help identify an unusual infection.He recognized it as a new threat.He made sure other hospitals increased their infection-control measures.On March th, Dr Urbani developed signs of severe acute respiratory syndrome.Four days later, the World Health Organization declared it a worldwide health threat.Carlo Urbani was the first doctor to warn the world of the disease that became known as SARS.He died of it on March 9th, .He was 6 years old. 353653。

Livy:Tell me again why were here on a Saturday afternoon.里维:再对我讲一遍为什么周六下午我们要来这里Nicholas:Youre going to love this museum.尼古拉斯:你会爱上这座物馆的It has artifacts and exhibits from all the major periods in history, from prehistoric days to the present.这里展出的是人类历史上所有主要时期的工件和展品,从史前时代到现在一应俱全Livy:Hmm, fascinating.里维:嗯,引人入胜哈Nicholas:It is, isnt it?尼古拉斯:是不是?We follow the timeline of human history from one room to the next. See?我们会遵循人类历史的进程一个接一个的房间看看到了吗?This room is devoted to ancient history and ancient civilizations.这房间是古老历史及古文明Livy:Is there a gift shop?里维:有礼品店吗?Nicholas:Sure, there one on the way out, but let me show you a few things in this room.尼古拉斯:当然,我们会遇到的,但让我给你看下这房间里的一些东西It all about the Middle Ages.这里涵盖中世纪的全部Check this out. Doesnt it blow your mind?看看这个有没有点错乱的感觉?Livy:Yeah, wow, great. Actually, it all kind of dull.里维:是的,哇,太棒了实际上,都有点无聊Isnt there something more exciting to see?没有更令人兴奋的了吗?Nicholas:You want excitement?尼古拉斯:你希望寻求刺激?Then let skip ahead to the rooms on the Renaissance. Look at this!那我们直接去文艺复兴的房间看看这个!Livy:This is all great, but Ive seen enough. Let keep going.里维:都很棒,但我已经看够了我们继续下一个吧Nicholas:Were rushing past the best exhibits, but if you want to keep going, I guess we can do that.尼古拉斯:我们会错过最好的展览,但如果你执意这样,我想也可以These next rooms are devoted to more recent history, the Industrial Revolution and pre- and post- World War years.下面的房间是近代历史,工业革命和世界大战前后的展览Livy:Is there anything else?里维:还有什么?Nicholas:You mean youre done looking at over 3,000 years of historical exhibits?尼古拉斯:你的意思是看完了拥有3000多年历史的展览吗?This is one of the best museums in the world.这是世界上最好的一座物馆I could spend all weekend here.我整个周末都可以在这里Livy:That because youre a history buff.里维:因为你是个历史迷Hey, that room is about the Inmation Age.嘿,那个房间是信息时代的展览Do you think I can check my email in there?你觉得我可以在那里查看下我的电子邮件吗?Nicholas:sigh.尼古拉斯:唉 009。

B. Keywords.up, gained, lost, down, profit, earnings.Vocabulary.batter, profit taking, turnover, London 0 Share index, Nikkei Share Index, FT 0 Index, CAC Quarante, DAX, Hang Seng Index, Wall Street.Youre going to hear 5 more brief news items. Pay special attention to the numbers and percentages.Circle the up arrow and down arrow on the billboards. And fill in the missing numbers and percentages.1. The dollar is trading at one German Mark seventy-three point three and at 6.9 Japanese yen.The pound buys one dollar sixty-two point four.In New York, the Dow Share Index closed at 5 higher at 6,783.Earlier London 0 Share Index ended higher at ,390.In Tokyo, the Nikkei Share Index is closed a holiday.. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 96 points at ,6.The standard and Poor 500 index gained 6 points to close at 1,5.But the NASDAQ Index lost 1.5% as high technology and Internet stocks were battered. 0。

yrB,-Ofo[@iGngS-YX+elOYxYrCb(jT.MxqIonv;T9CvrWilliam looked at his bowl of soup. It was chicken soup. There was white rice in the soup. William liked rice. There were pieces of chicken in the soup. William loved chicken. The pieces of chicken were white. They were small and square. They weren’t big and round. There were pieces of orange carrots in the soup. William didn’t like carrots. He picked up a piece of carrot with his fingers. He put it on the table next to his bowl. He took all the pieces of carrots out of the bowl. He put them all on the table. Then he ate his soup.zB1O0W7~.5fUA9YE-8%hMKcV.fu;VR%F~g,IKg_o[T[mbxe~91qA.H7EFX 38668。

Movies-A Streetcar Named Desire; Bryce Canyon National Park; lockout versus walkout versus strike; Sweet Sixteen, Elite Six, and Final Four; to dote on Words:permanceto adapt leave of absenceto intimidate controversial censor national parkpioneer rock mationhoodoo geologist hiking lockout walkout strike sweet elite final to dote on 396966。

Other areas in the market include the organic produce area. Fruit and vegetables in this area are grown without any insecticides or chemical fertilizers and are called organic. The General Merchandise section includes things such as clothing, shoes and jewellery.市场还有有机产品区这个区域出售的蔬果在种植期间没有使用杀虫剂和化肥,这种产品就称之为有机产品杂货区出售衣、鞋和珠宝等And Vic Market also has great places to sit down a nice meal such as a pizza or a well cooked steak with chips and salad. And to finish your meal, you must have a real Melbourne coffee.维多利亚女王市场里有很多美食,这里有批萨、美味的牛排、薯条和沙拉吃完时一定要搭配纯正的墨尔本咖啡Of course Melbourne has many, many shops and shopping centres, but a real adventure when buying your fresh food the week, the Queen Victoria Market is the place to go in Melbourne.虽然墨尔本有很多商店和购物中心,但是要买新鲜食物,那就一定要去墨尔本维多利亚女王市场If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave it in the comments box on my website at www.slowenglish.info. You can leave your comment in English or in any language and I will translate it. Or, you can send me an email at rob@slowenglish.info. I would like to hear any suggestions you may have. I would especially like your suggestions podcast topics. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言你可以用英语留言,也可以用其他语言留言,我可以自己翻译或者大家也可以发送邮件到rob@slowenglish.info我希望听到大家的建议我特别希望大家在留言中写下对播客主题的建议下期见Rob.罗布译文属 66。

John Stuart Mill约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒John Stuart Mill was born on May, 18 in London. His father was the influential radical thinker James Mill. In his Autobiography, Mill gives one of the most famous s of a childhood, certainly of a philosopher’s childhood. Interpretations have differed radically but everyone, including Mill, agrees that he had an extraordinary childhood, and that it shaped his later life as a thinker. Essentially, Mill tells us how his father educated him at home from an extremely early age until he went off to work in his father’s office at the age of 18. John Stuart Mill did not go to school or university. Instead his father established him a unique experiment in education. At age three, Mill was learning ancient Greek and arithmetic. Soon he was being taken by his father on walks across the fields and reciting the evidence of his day’s ing.约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒于18年5月日出生于伦敦他的父亲是当时非常有影响的激进主义思想家詹姆斯·穆勒在穆勒《自传一书中,有一段非常著名的、对童年生活的描述,当然,那是一个哲学家的童年尽管对这本书的和解释有着一些截然不同的版本,但包括穆勒在内,所有的人都认为他有一个与众不同的童年,这也对他日后成为一个思想家有很大影响很重要的一点是,穆勒给我们讲述了他父亲是如何教育他的,从很小的时候在家中受教育直到18岁他到父亲的办公室上班约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒从来没上过中学或大学,都是在父亲独特的教育方式下学习三岁时他就学习了古希腊语和算术不久后,父亲带他到田野上散步,并且要求他背诵他一天当中所阅读的文章At the age of eight, Mill began Latin, and this part of his life story is a long list of books in different languages. Several of these childhood texts are directly relevant to On Liberty, particularly ancient works of political theory by Plato, Aristotle and Cicero. From the age of twelve, Mill was taught logic, on which, in adult life, he became a leading authority.八岁时穆勒开始学习拉丁语他的这段生活就是一长串各种不同语言所写的书籍的清单童年时期阅读的这些书籍对后期《论自由的完成有直接影响,尤其是柏拉图、亚里士多德、西塞罗等所写的关于政治理论的古代著作对他影响较大从岁起穆勒开始学习逻辑学,长大之后,他成了这方面的权威Mill also draws our attention to missing elements in his education, notably the absence of religion, which he remains grateful. On the other hand, he does look back on a more damaging absence, the lack of affection. some ers, notably Mill’s friend Carlyle, this is the of a nightmare childhood. others, such as the contemporary philosopher Jonathan Riley, the verdict is more mixed, as it seems to have been Mill himself. Many of his father’s political ideas continue to find expression within On Liberty, but in other ways, as Isaiah Berlin observes, the book can be seen as a reaction against an upbringing— given its emphasis upon the well-being of the individual and upon the need people to find their own way of living and thinking.穆勒也将人们的注意力集中到他在教育上缺失的那部分,尤其是宗教部分的缺失,为此穆勒很庆幸从另一方面讲,他也确实回忆过他童年一种更加有害的缺乏——缺乏爱对于许多读者,特别是穆勒的朋友凯雷来说,那简直是噩梦般的童年而对于其他一些人,就像当时的哲学家乔纳森·莱里,他的评价就有点复杂,就像他是穆勒一样而父亲的政治观点也持续影响着他的写作,在《论自由中都有所体现但以赛亚·伯林从另一角度出发,他认为我们可以把这本书看成是穆勒反抗其成长方式的体现——强调个人的幸福生活,强调人们对于寻找自己的生活和思考方式的需要 6353。