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毕节治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的贵阳女性做无痛人流Next time you feel stressed and reach for your favorite comfort foods, do yourself a favor and consider a healthy choice with the power to reduce tension.下次你再感觉到很大压力的时候,可以享受你最喜欢的食品,款待一下自己,考虑一下能够减缓压力的最健康的选择吧。Step 1 Reach for complex carbs1.复杂的碳水化合物Reach for complex carbs to reduce your stress. Whole grain bs, cereals, and pastas help your body produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical.吃一些复杂的碳水化合物来减缓压力。全麦面包,谷类食品和面食可以产生让身体感觉比较好的化学物质5—羟色胺。Step 2 Load up on magnesium2.含镁食品Load up on magnesium-rich foods such as spinach, soy, and apricots to help your system control cortisol. These foods serve as a natural muscle relaxant.准备一些含镁丰富的食品,例如菠菜,大豆和杏,帮助身体控制皮质醇。这些食物都是天然的肌肉放松剂。Eat several small meals throughout the day to maintain stable blood sugar levels. This helps you better manage stress.日间多进餐几次,保持稳定的血糖水平,这样可以帮助你更好地处理压力。Step 3 Make a turkey sandwich3.制作火鸡三明治Make yourself a turkey sandwich, even if it#39;s not Thanksgiving. Turkey is high in L-tryptophan, which releases serotonin.为自己制作一个火鸡三明治,即使不是感恩节。火鸡中含有丰富的左旋色氨酸,可以释放出5-羟色胺。Step 4 Grab an orange4.橙子Grab an orange for a dose of Vitamin C, another stress-buster.吃个橙子来补充维他命C,这也是减缓压力的佳品。Step 5 Avoid sweets and sodas5.避免糖果和汽水Avoid sweets, sodas, and simple carbs. They give you a quick serotonin boost, but also cause an unpleasant crash.避免糖果,汽水和一些简单的碳水化合物。这些食品可以迅速增加5-羟色胺,但是也会迅速降低。Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body deal with stress and keep your immune system strong.维持健康的饮食可以帮助你的身体应对压力水平,保持免疫系统强壮。Step 6 Pour a glass of milk6.一杯牛奶Pour yourself a glass of warm milk at bedtime. The serotonin-inducing drink will provide a calm trip to dreamland, so you#39;ll be y for a bright new day.上床睡觉之前喝一杯温牛奶。这种可以释放5-羟色胺的饮品能够让你平静地进入梦乡,有利于迎接光明的新一天。Serotonin influences moods, and experts link an imbalance of serotonin levels in a person to depression.5-羟色胺会影响情绪,专家认为人体内5-羟色胺水平失衡与抑郁情绪有关。 /201301/222724贵 阳 人 工 流 产 技 术 贵 阳 哪 个 医 院 看 妇 科 看 的 好

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贵阳医院无痛人流多少钱Today in History: Monday, December 10, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月10日,星期一On Dec. 10, 1964, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize during ceremonies in Oslo, Norway.1964年12月10日,牧师马丁·路德·金在挪威奥斯陆接受诺贝尔和平奖。1520Martin Luther publicly burned the papal edict demanding that he recant or face excommunication.1520年,马丁·路德公开烧毁要求他撤回或面临逐出教会的教皇法令。1817Mississippi was admitted to the union as the 20th state.1817年,密西西比成为联邦第20个州。1948The U.N. General Assembly adopted its Universal Declaration on Human Rights.1948年,联合国大会通过普世人权宣言。1965The Grateful Dead played their first concert, at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.1965年,感恩死乐队在旧金山菲尔莫礼堂举办第一场音乐会。1967Singer Otis Redding died at age 26 in the crash of his private plane in Wisconsin.1967年,在威斯康辛州,26岁的歌手Otis Redding在自己的私人飞机上坠机遇难。1980Rep. John W. Jenrette, D-S.C., resigned to avoid being expelled from the House following his conviction on charges related to the FBI#39;s Abscam investigation.1980年,众议员John W.Jenrette,D-s.C因Abscam指控遭联邦调查局调查有罪,为避免众议院驱逐而辞职。1984South African Bishop Desmond Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize.1984年,南非主教德斯蒙德接受诺贝尔和平奖。1994Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin received the Nobel Peace Prize.1994年,阿拉法特西蒙·佩雷斯和拉宾接受诺贝尔和平奖。1998Six astronauts opened the doors to the new international space station.1998年,六名宇航员打开通向新国际空间站的大门。1998The Palestinian leadership scrapped constitutional clauses rejecting Israel#39;s right to exist.1998年,巴勒斯坦领导层取消拒绝以色列生存权的宪法条款。2001;The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,; the first in a three-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien#39;s epic fantasy trilogy, premiered in London.2001年,由J.R.R. Tolkien史诗奇幻三部曲而改编的三部电影中的第一部《指环王:魔戒现身》在伦敦首映。2002Former President Jimmy Carter accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomacy in the Middle East in the 1970s.2002年,美国前总统吉米·卡特因其在1970年代中东地区外交上做出的贡献接受诺贝尔和平奖。2007Former Vice President Al Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize with a call for humanity to rise up against a looming climate crisis.2007年,前副总统戈尔接受诺贝尔和平奖,呼吁人类一起应对迫在眉睫的环境危机。2007NFL star Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for bankrolling a dogfighting operation and killing dogs that underperformed.2007年,美国职业橄榄球联盟球星迈克尔·维克因其为斗活动提供资并残杀表现不佳的被判入狱23个月。2007Cristina Fernandez was sworn in as Argentina#39;s first elected female president.2007年,克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯宣誓就任阿根廷首位民选女总统。2009President Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.2009年,巴拉克·奥巴马总统接受诺贝尔和平奖。2009James Cameron#39;s 3-D film epic ;Avatar; had its world premiere in London.2009年,詹姆斯·卡梅隆的3 D史诗电影《阿凡达》在伦敦举行全球首映。 /201212/213289 Lucy May from the Organic Cookery School shows you how to make tasty lamb meatballs, or kofta.有机烹饪学校的露西#8226;梅尔教你轻松制作美味羊肉丸的小窍门。Ingredients所需原料1/2 tsp cumin seeds1/2匙孜然1/2 tsp coriander seeds1/2匙芫荽籽300 g minced lamb300 g羊肉馅1 clove garlic, minced1瓣蒜,拍碎1/4 red onion, diced1/4红洋葱,切成小块1 fresh mint, chopped1个新鲜的薄荷,剁碎1 fresh parsley, chopped1棵新鲜香菜,剁碎1 sumac1漆树1 small egg1枚小鸡蛋salt盐pepper胡椒Method制作方法:Dry fry the cumin and coriander seeds, then grind them into a powder using a pestle and mortar.干炒孜然和芫荽籽,然后用杵和臼磨成碎末。Mix all the dry ingredients together with the lamb mince.将所有的原料与羔羊肉混合在一起。If you can#39;t find sumac, you can use lemon zest.如果你没有漆树、你可以用柠檬汁代替。Blend the mince, spice mixture and egg well using your hands.用你的手搅匀肉糜,香料和鸡蛋的混合物。Shape the mince into sausage shape pieces with your hands.用手制作成肉香肠形状。Wet your hands slightly first, to make it easier to shape the kofta.首先浸湿你的手会更易于塑型。Cook on a hot griddle pan for 10 to 15 minutes, turning them every few minutes to make sure they are cooked on all sides.放入热烤盘烤制10到15分钟,每隔几分钟进行翻面,以确保它们每一边都能够被烤制。You can also barbecue them, with or without a skewer in the middle.你也可以进行烧烤,将肉丸串成串也是不错的选择。 Article/201207/191944贵阳中医治疗妇科炎症遵义妇产科医院

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