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Since introducing its Camry family sedan in 1983, Toyota Motor Corp. has brought out an all-new version of the model every five or six years, making slighter modifications and enhancements in the interim.This time, Toyota is accelerating the pace of change. Just three years after the seventh generation Camry was introduced, Toyota is revamping the car extensively, in keeping with an exhortation from CEO Akio Toyoda to “make better cars.” While not quite a complete makeover, Toyota has replaced about a third of the Camry’s 6,000 parts and restyled the exterior and interior to make it more eye-catching and less bland.Though Toyota won’t disclose how much it invested, the sum is likely in the neighborhood of 0 million, an unexpectedly large investment to keep Camry at the front of a pack of midsize sedans that includes Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion.“The midsize family sedan segment is three million units a year,” said Bill Fay, group vice president of Toyota’s U.S. sales organization. “It’s still the biggest segment in the U.S. market and very important to us.”Twelve years running Camry has been the No. 1 best-selling car in the U.S. In 2014 it leads the segment again and likely will reign as top-seller for a thirteenth year in a row. Toyota’s decision to invest half a billion dollars in Camry just two years ahead of its likely next full-model change is an aggressive move, difficult to justify on financial grounds alone, yet reflective of the automaker’s determination not to cede leadership.Last April, at the New York Auto Show when the Camry prototype was unveiled, Fay said Toyota knew the car had to be far more visually expressive to compete with bolder styling from Ford’s new Fusion and Hyundai’s new Sonata. The midsize family segment also faces new competition from lower-priced sedans by Mercedes-Benz and other luxury manufacturers.The most noticeable styling change is Camry’s new fascia, which is bold, open and forceful, like a mouth about to devour whatever is in front of it. Except for the roof, the entire exterior is new. Toyota engineers also added to the rigidity of the car’s body with more spot welds, as well as more insulation to make the cabin quieter.Following Akio Toyoda’s ascension to chief executive in 2009 in the midst of the automaker’s sudden-acceleration troubles, his mandate to subordinates was clear: shake up the company and improve the products. Among the organizational changes in the U.S. is a move for the company’s headquarters to Plano, Texas from Torrance, California.Toyota’s impressive financial strength gives it the latitude to embark on a costly mid-cycle upgrade for a key model like Camry. The goal isn’t just to sell more cars and at higher prices: Executives know Volkswagen and General Motors are gunning for Toyota’s title of No. 1 globally in sales.The new Camry symbolizes Toyota’s determination to maintain a lofty status with consumers, reviewers, credit ratings agencies and others who assigned high grades to the company’s vehicles and financial performanceThat won’t be easy: As many big, successful companies have discovered, complacency can be the subtlest and deadliest of enemies.自1983年凯美瑞(Camry)系列轿车诞生以来,丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Corp.)每隔五六年就会做一些微小改动和增强,在此基础上推出一款全新车型。不过这一次,丰田加快了更新的步伐。为了响应社长丰田章男的训诫:“做更好的汽车”,第七代凯美瑞推出不过三年,丰田就对其进行了大规模的改进。尽管这并非一次彻底的改造,但丰田替换了凯美瑞6,000个部件中的大约三分之一,改变了汽车的内外风格,让它变得更加吸引眼球,而不是平淡无奇。尽管丰田并未透露具体的投资额,但这次改造的花费很可能在5亿美元左右,这是一笔出人意料的大投资,目的是为了让凯美瑞在包括本田(Honda)雅阁(Accord)、日产(Nissan)Altima、雪佛兰(Chevrolet)迈锐宝(Malibu)和福特(Ford)Fusion在内的中型轿车市场保持领先地位。美国丰田销售公司副总裁比尔#8226;费伊表示:“美国每年要卖出300万辆中型家用轿车,这仍然是美国汽车市场中最大的一块,对我们而言十分重要。”凯美瑞已经连续12年成为全美最畅销汽车。2014年,它再次在该领域名列前茅,很可能将连续第13次摘得销量桂冠。丰田决定在凯美瑞上投资5亿美元,并将可能进行的下一次产品更新提前两年,可谓是进取心十足的举动。我们很难单从经济效益的角度对其做出判断,但此举体现出了丰田不愿意将领先优势拱手让人的决心。在今年4月的纽约国际汽车展(New York Auto Show)上,丰田展示了新款凯美瑞的原型。费伊表示,丰田清楚这款汽车在外型上还需要更具视觉冲击力,才能与风格鲜明的新款福特Fusion和新款现代(Hyundai)索纳塔(Sonata)抗衡。中型家用轿车市场也面临着来自梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)和其他豪华汽车厂商低价车的竞争。最引人注目的风格改变出现在凯美瑞的新仪表板上,它的设计大胆开放,充满力度,就像一张将要吞噬面前一切的大嘴。除了车顶以外,汽车的外表有了彻底的变化。丰田的工程师增加了车身的焊点,使得车身硬度增强,此外还强化了其隔音效果,使车内环境更加安静。在2009年丰田深陷汽车突然加速的麻烦时,丰田章男接任社长。此后,他对下属的指令就十分明确:重组公司,改进产品。而丰田在美国进行的重组中,有一项就是把总部从加利福尼亚州托伦斯迁到德克萨斯州普莱诺。丰田强大的财力让他们有能力对凯美瑞这样的关键车型进行价值不菲的中期升级。公司的目的不仅是以更高的价格卖出更多的汽车:高管们都知道,大众汽车(Volkswagen )和通用汽车(General Motors)都在努力从丰田手中夺取全球销量第一的宝座。新款凯美瑞象征着丰田的决心:维持公司在顾客、员、信用评级机构和其他对丰田汽车及其财务业绩赞誉有加的人士心中的崇高地位。这点并不简单:正如许多成功的大型企业发现的那样,自满可能是最隐蔽却最致命的敌人。 /201409/332268

Baidu isn#39;t quite China#39;s Google. 百度(Baidu)还不能说是中国的谷歌(Google)。 China#39;s Internet giant has managed to replicate Google#39;s dominance of Internet search, with 85% of the market by traffic in the first quarter, according to web analysis firm iResearch. But with rivals vying for control of the gateway to search in web browsers and smartphones, that dominance can#39;t be taken for granted. 这家中国互联网巨头复制了谷歌在互联网搜索市场的主导地位。据网络分析公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据,按流量计算,一季度百度在搜索市场占有85%的份额。不过,在竞争对手们纷纷争夺网络浏览器和智能手机搜索通路的控制权的情况下,百度的主导地位并非高枕无忧。 The clear and present danger comes from online upstart Qihoo 360 Technology QIHU +4.33% . Earlier this month, Qihoo launched its own search function and made it the default option on its popular browser. The most obvious loser is Google, which until now was Qihoo#39;s default search provider. But Baidu also stands to lose market share. 一个显而易见也是迫在眉睫的危险来自网络后起之秀奇虎360科技有限公司(Qihoo 360 Technology)。上个月,奇虎360推出了自己的搜索务,并将之设置为其颇受欢迎的浏览器上的默认搜索选项。在奇虎360的这番举动中,最明显的输家是谷歌,在此之前,谷歌一直是奇虎360的默认搜索引擎。不过,百度也可能失去部分市场份额。 With more than a decade of experience in search, Baidu has quality on its side. In 2011, it outspent Qihoo on research and development by more than three to one. It#39;s difficult to believe that the new kid on the block will be able to compete on performance. 百度在互联网搜索领域拥有10余年的经验,质量是它的优势。2011年,百度的研发出比奇虎360高出两倍有余。很难相信搜索领域的“毛头小子”能够在搜索性能上与百度相抗衡。 But with more than 20% of China#39;s browser market, Qihoo has a powerful distribution network. That doesn#39;t guarantee success. Tencent Holdings#39; TCEHY +0.53% hundreds of millions of instant messenger users haven#39;t translated into market share for its search function. But assuming at least some users are too lazy to change the default, Qihoo should gain some search-market traction. 不过,凭借其在中国浏览器市场逾20%的份额,奇虎360拥有强大的分销网络。但这并不能保奇虎360能在搜索市场取得成功。腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings)拥有数亿即时通讯用户,但这并没有使其搜索务所占市场份额大幅扩张。不过,假如一些用户懒得改变默认设置,奇虎360应该能够在搜索市场夺取一定的份额。 Investors aren#39;t taking any chances. Baidu#39;s stock price has fallen 16% from its mid-August high. Qihoo#39;s stock is up nearly the same amount over the same period. That seems like an overreaction to the immediate threat. But even if Baidu manages to see off Qihoo, the sneak attack is a reminder that dominance can#39;t be taken for granted. 但投资者则相当谨慎。百度股价较8月中旬的高点跌了16%,同期奇虎360股价则上涨了几乎同样的幅度。这看似是对即刻的威胁反应过度了。不过,就算百度能够击败奇虎360,奇虎360的偷袭也提醒人们主导地位并不是天经地义的。 Google has spent big on developing its own Chrome browser - now the most used in the world, according to web analytics company StatCounter - and Android mobile operating system. That has been expensive. But that means that it controls the routes into search from computer and smartphone. Google+ hasn#39;t enjoyed the same success but shows it is responding to the threat from social search as well. 谷歌一直在斥巨资开发自己的Chrome浏览器和安卓(Android)移动操作系统。据网络分析公司StatCounter的数据,Chrome目前是全球使用最多的浏览器。谷歌的这类研发花费不菲,但这也意味着谷歌能对电脑和智能手机搜索的通路拥有控制权。谷歌社交网站Google+则没有这么成功,但也显示出正在对来自社交搜索的威胁做出反应。 Baidu, by contrast, has been relatively timid in expanding beyond the core search business. Its PC browser has attracted relatively few users. Its social offering got the cold shoulder from China#39;s Internet users. Market share in mobile search is below that for PCs, though Baidu is moving aggressively to turn that around. 与此相反,百度对其核心搜索业务之外领域的涉猎一直相对谨小慎微。百度个人电脑浏览器吸引的用户数量相对而言微乎其微,其社交网站则受到中国互联网用户的冷遇。百度在移动搜索市场的份额低于在个人电脑搜索市场的份额,不过百度正在积极扭转这一局面。 Qihoo#39;s smash-and-grab raid might not have a lasting effect, but it shows Baidu is vulnerable to those who control the pathways to search. 奇虎360的袭击可能不会产生持久的效果,但这却显示出在那些控制着搜索通路的公司面前,百度也是有弱点的。 /201209/197949

Customers in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong began snapping up Apple Inc.#39;s (AAPL) iPhone 5 amid signs of strong demand for the high-profile handset, despite a widening controversy over its mapping features.澳大利亚、日本和香港的消费者开始抢购苹果公司(Apple Inc.Apple Inc)的iPhone 5。有迹象显示,虽然地图功能引发的争议越来越大,这款举世闻名的手机还是迎来了旺盛的需求。The action began in Australia, first on Apple#39;s schedule for kicking off sales in stores at 8 a.m. local time Friday. Hundreds of people turned out in Sydney, some waiting as long as 68 hours for the newest version of the popular Apple smartphone.根据苹果的安排,澳大利亚是第一个通过专卖店开售iPhone 5的国家。当地时间周五上午8点,大戏开幕。悉尼的销售现场聚集了数百人,一些人为买到苹果热门智能手机的最新款,最长等了68个小时。Lines at the signature store in Sydney#39;s Central Business District stretched around the corner as consumers rushed to buy the phone. Enthusiasm was so high in Australia that online betting site Sportsbet.com.au was taking bets for how long the line in Sydney would be and what would be the most popular apps downloaded.在悉尼中央商务区风格独特的苹果专卖店,随着消费者蜂拥前来购买,队伍已经排过了街角。悉尼消费者的热情如此之高,网站Sportsbet.com.au都在设局,赌悉尼的队伍会排多长,以及下载最多的应用程序会是哪些。Todd Foot, representative of mobilephonefinder.com.au, claimed to be the first person in the world to purchase an iPhone 5 Friday morning, after waiting in line since Tuesday. He said he had aly detected flaws with mapping features in the iOS 6 mobile operating system that comes with the phone.网站mobilephonefinder.com.au的代表福特(Todd Foot)声称自己是周五上午世界上第一个买到iPhone 5的人。从周二开始,他就一直在排队等候。他表示自己已经注意到新款iPhone的操作系统iOS 6上地图功能的缺陷。;Apparently it#39;s not 100% accurate, in fact the shop across the road here is the Darrell Lea store and that#39;s actually listed as the Apple store at the moment, through their own maps software, so it#39;s a bit of a joke going around,; Mr. Foot said.福特说,它好像不是百分之百的准确,事实上马路对面的那个店铺是巧克力店“Darrell Lea”,而通过苹果自己的地图软件,目前标的却是苹果专卖店,这差不多已经成了一个笑话。In Japan, the second market where the iPhone 5 went on sale, avid Apple fans-some in homemade gear such as sandwich boards fashioned to look like iPhones-also eagerly welcomed the new product.日本是第二个开售iPhone 5的市场。当地翘首以待的苹果粉丝也急不可耐地欢迎新产品的到来。一些粉丝带上了自制的装备,比如在身上挂上做成iPhone样子的广告牌。About 750 people lined up outside Apple store in Tokyo#39;s posh Ginza neighborhood as of ten minutes before opening time, chanting with a revved-up fanfare. A few blocks away a digital countdown clock ticked outside a Softbank Corp. store where several hundred more iPhone fans had lined up.东京高档社区银座的苹果专卖店外,在离开门营业还有10分钟的时候,就已有750人左右在排队,人们还伴着热烈的节奏高呼口号。几个街区之外软银(Softbank Corp.)的一个门店外,立着一个数字倒计时时钟,也有几百名iPhone粉丝已经在排队。Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of Softbank Corp. (9984.TO)-one of two carriers that service Apple products in Japan-led a ceremonial cheer when the count reached zero and people could buy the slimmer, longer device.软银是日本两家出售苹果产品的运营商之一。当倒计时结束、这部更细长的手机开售时,软银创始人兼CEO孙正义(Masayoshi Son)率领众人一起欢呼庆祝。;It#39;s lighter than I thought it#39;d be and the screen is big. It#39;s easy to hold,; said Mitsuya Hirosa, white iPhone in hand. The 37-year-old Tokyo resident was the first one in line outside the Apple store in Ginza. He had claimed his coveted sidewalk turf six days ago.37岁的东京居民Mitsuya Hirosa手拿白色iPhone说,手机比我想象的轻,屏幕很大,拿起来方便。他是银座苹果店外排在队伍最前面的一个,六天之前,他就占据了人行道上很多人都想占领的那块地盘。;To be the first person in line at an Apple store has a lot of meaning (as an Apple fan),; said Mr. Hirosa who works in mass communications. The iPhone is a part of my life. You never get tired of it even after using it for a long time, the design is good and it#39;s easy to use.在大众传媒行业工作的Hirosa说,成为在苹果店排队的第一人,对一个苹果粉丝来说意义非凡;iPhone是我生活的一部分,就算用了很长时间,你也从不会厌倦,它设计漂亮,使用方便。This will be his fourth iPhone model. Mr. Hirosa said he is most looking forward to using the new camera.这将是他拥有的第四款iPhone。他说,他最期待的是使用手机上的新摄像头。In Hong Kong, the scene was somewhat more subdued, with more than a dozen security guards helping to control more than a hundred excited people who gathered outside an Apple store inside a shopping mall in Hong Kong#39;s International Finance Center building.香港的场面相对冷清一些。一百多人兴奋地聚集在国际金融中心(International Finance Center)购物广场内的一家苹果专卖店外,十几位保安在帮助维持秩序。 /201209/201478

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