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贵阳/看妇科炎症多少钱贵阳/哪家妇科看的好All of the information going over those cables所有经过这些光纤的信息is able to be replayed over the course of three days都能在接下来的三天里重播so you can rewind and see因此你可以回放并看到what was going over the internet at a particular moment.在某一个特定的时刻互联网上发生了什么Analysing this amount of data is an impressive achievement分析这些庞大的数据是一项令人瞩目的成就but it also attracts criticism.但这同样会招致非议When you see the capacity and the potential for that technology,当你意识到了这项科技的能力和潜力and the fact that it is being used without transparency并且得知它的实际使用过程并不透明and without very high levels of accountability,同时也没有较高的问责制时it#39;s incredibly concerning because the power of that data这便十分令人担忧 因为这些数据to predict and analyse what we#39;re going to do is very, very high能极其准确地预测和分析我们的行动and giving that power to somebody else,如果把这个权力交给其他人regardless of the original or stated intentions,不论是原始意图还是声明意图如何is very worrying.都十分令人担忧We only know about the GCHQ project thanks to documents released从美国泄密者爱德华·斯诺登泄密的文件中by US whistle-blower Edward Snowden,我们才知道英国情报机构政府通讯总部的窃听计划and the revelation has begun to change the way而这次泄密事件已经开始改变many people think about privacy and the internet -大多数人对隐私和互联网的认知among them the inventor of the World Wide Web,这其中就包括万维网的发明者Tim Berners-Lee.蒂姆·伯纳斯-李重点解释:1.able to 能做 ...例句:I may be able to help you in some way. 我也许可以从某个方面去帮助你。2.regardless of 不管; 不顾例句:She is determined to do regardless of all consequences.她不顾一切后果,决心这样做。3.know about 知道例句:I#39;d love to know about the plan.我想知道这个计划。 Article/201612/482148贵阳/治子宫糜烂要多少钱 Hush, little baby don#39;t you cry宝宝乖不要哭Mama#39;s gonna sing you a lullaby妈咪唱首摇篮曲给你听And to help give mom a lift为了帮妈咪分忧解劳Daddy#39;s gonna take the late night shift爸比必须值夜班认真拼命And although it isn#39;t fair, your sister#39;s gonna have to learn to share虽然这样不公平,但你的必须学会分享玩具And before he#39;s at your door, your uncle swears he won#39;t smoke anymore在你叔叔见到你之前,他发誓不再抽烟And cause stories will help you sleep, soon your grandma will learn to 因为读床边故事可以让你好眠,你的祖母很快就会因此而识字And to keep the harm away, the doctor#39;s gonna work hard night and day为了要让你健健康康,医生会日夜努力工作And when in your line of sight, enemies will choose to end the fight在你看得到的地方,死对头都会和解,不再恶言相向And though he#39;s got no time to spare, the stranger#39;s gonna help you climb each stair即使陌生人忙到一刻不得闲,他还是会停下来,让妈咪行动更方便And in case you#39;re feeling down, today the businessman will be your clown万一你心情不好,商人叔叔会假扮小丑,把悲伤都赶跑Drivers will slow down for you, pets are gonna be extra careful, too司机都会为了你放慢速度,猫猫们也更小心翼翼Guards will try to make you laugh, workers will pause on your behalf守卫会扮鬼脸逗你笑,工人们也会因为你而暂停手边工作And though it seems it#39;s almost done, this lullaby for you has just begun这首摇篮曲看似即将结束,但是你的人生才正要起步Hush, hush now, you know it#39;s true, there is nothing we wouldn#39;t do.宝宝乖,你知道的,没什么是我们做不了的。 Article/201704/502831贵阳/哪家医院看妇科权威

云岩区治疗痛经多少钱Bruce, on the other hand, was still a winner.Over seven years, he regained his kingdom.而另一方面 布鲁斯仍然是赢家 他用七年时间 重新赢取了统治地位So, by 1314, the English only controlled Bothwell, Berwick, Jedborough and the key, Stirling castle now besieged by the Scots.到1314年为止 英格兰只控制着 斯韦尔 贝里克 捷德布勒夫 而兵家必争之地 斯特林城堡 现在已被苏格兰人所包围Faced with complete humiliation in Scotland,Edward II finally acted and marched north.因苏格兰令其蒙受奇耻大辱 爱德华二世终于按捺不住 向北发兵He met his nemesis in a muddy field along the banks of the BannockBurn.在班诺克布恩河沿岸的泥沼中 两军发生遭遇战It was not to be the usual story of charge, arrows away, slash, victory.But a relentless two-day affair.这场战争不像通常那样 先是冲锋 放箭 陷阵 最后某一方取得胜利 而是一场长达两天的持续战Outnumbered three to one,Bruce did get to choose the battlefield.面对三倍于己的敌人 布鲁斯选择了这个战场Knowing that even Plantagenet war machines.Don#39;t work well on wet ground.他深知即使是金雀花王朝的战争机器 在泥泞战地亦不能很好地发挥作用However, it was almost all over before it had begun.然而 这场战役差点没有打成The young Henry De Bohun, English knight,Caught Bruce unawares and unarmoured on his little mount,Some way off from his soldiers.年轻的英格兰骑士 亨利·德·亨 发现布鲁斯疏于戒备 毫无武装地骑着马 脱离了自己的大部队So Henry missed the noble king,and he standing in his stirrups当亨利一击未中 布鲁斯站上自己的马蹬With an axe that was both hard and good.Struck him a blow with such great force手握一柄锋利的战斧 全力朝亨利砍去That it cleaved the head to his brains.斧起头落 脑浆四溢The shaft of the axe left broken in Robert#39;s fist.罗伯特的手里还握着斧头的断柄Skirmishing followed as the short june night fell,Bruce reminding the Scots.战争在仲夏夜的黄昏拉开帷幕 布鲁斯向苏格兰士兵做战前动员The English are bent on obliterating my kingdom.Nay, our whole nation.英国人决心消灭我们的王国 不只这样 是消灭我们整个民族The English knights charge.The sodden ground and ;Schiltron; Hedgehogs of 1,500 men, each holding a twelve-foot spear defeat them英格兰骑士冲锋 泥泞的战场和长矛阵 多达1500人的长矛阵 每人手持 一把12英尺的长矛击退了英军的进攻 /201611/475310贵阳/市金阳医院在哪里 Yet if Henry suspected Thomas of getting above himself and if he did, he wasn#39;t alone 而如果亨利怀疑托马斯自视甚高 若真是如此 并非他一人作此想法It didn#39;t get in the way of Becket coming to mind for the top job in the country,这也未能阻碍贝克特 获得举国高位的决心the newly-vacated post of archbishop of Canterbury.即最新空缺的坎特伯雷大主教一职In fact Becket#39;s worldliness must have made him seem precisely the right man事实上 贝克特的老成持重 使其看上去是最适合的人选for the job Henry wanted to do which was to put the church in its place.亨利对于此项职位的要求 是希望教会与他立场一致Monarchs had long taken it for granted that they were directly anointed by god, safely above the church.长久以来 君王都理所当然地认为 他们直接由上帝挑选 地位高于教会But the popes of this period begged to differ.但那个时期的教皇则意见相左Kings, they said, reported to popes, not the other way round.他们认为 国王应听命于教皇 反之则差诶This wasn#39;t just an academic quibble.This was a fight to the death.这并非学术争论 而是生死之战There were two flashpoints.有两个敏感问题The first was whether law-breaking clergymen could be judged in the King#39;s courts like everyone else.首先是违反法律的牧师 是否该如同大众 由国王的法庭审判The second was whether bishops had the power to excommunicate royal officials.第二则是主教是否有权 将王室官员驱逐出教By making Becket archbishop of Canterbury,认命贝克特为坎特伯雷大主教Henry believed he could depend on someone who shared his view of the subordinate relationship of church to state.亨利相信 他可以指望对方与其在 宗教国家的从属关系方面达成一致The King was in for a shock.结果却令他大吃一惊 /201609/465760贵阳/市妇科医院怎么样

贵阳/哪家看妇科比较好Bryan fights back.布赖恩还击了He undertakes the country#39;s first whistle-stop press tour.他开创了在小地方短暂停留发表演说的先河Criss-crossing the nation and speaking directly to the people.他巡回全国各地与人们直接交谈The tour becomes the model for the way Presidential campaigns are conducted to this day.这种巡回演讲模式直到今天都是总统竞选的惯用方式Bryan gives over 500 speeches to huge crowds across the country.布赖恩面对人山人海在全国做了五百多场演讲I will put rings in the noses of these hogs.我会给这些畜生系上绳子Publicly attacking the nation#39;s richest and most powerful men and vowing to usher in a whole new era.公开抨击国家最富有最强大的人 并声称要引领一个全新的时代As Bryan#39;s campaign gains traction, the nation#39;s leading industrialists turn to fear tactics.随着布赖恩的竞选势头加快 这些领头的实业家转向了恐惧策略Many big employers-- many big industrialists said, ;if Bryan wins this election, business is going to be so bad we#39;re simply closing shop.许多大雇主 大实业家说如果布赖恩赢了这次选举 生意就没法做了 我们只是关门So, if Bryan wins on election Tuesday, don#39;t bother showing up for work on the next day because there won#39;t be jobs.;所以如果周二的选举布赖恩赢了 第二天就不用来上班了 因为工作都没有了Well, if you#39;re a worker and this is something that confronts you, you#39;re going to think very seriously--even if you had been intending to vote for Bryan, which way does...maybe your heart leans towards Bryant, but where does your pocketbook point.你要是工人而又举棋不定的话 你可要想清楚了 就算你本来准备选布赖恩 心理上倾向于他 但是你的钱袋又倾向于谁呢 但是 你的钱袋子呢On election day the lines are drawn.选举日那天分成了两大阵营It#39;s Wall Street versus Main Street, rich versus poor.是华尔街与缅因街 富人与穷人之间的较量One of the things of an evolving society is that--is the wealth distribution and it#39;s clear that we argue about today has a corner in every politics.社会的发展总会面临财富分配的问题 显然这是我们当今争论的焦点 是政治的核心所在Is it better with wealth in the hands of a few, versus distributing among the many, whether from a moral or an economic point of view.财富是集中在少数人手中好 还是在众人之间分配的好 这是道义上以及经济上的一大问题 Article/201606/451375 贵 阳 哪 里 能 做 人 流 手 术贵 阳 友 好 妇 科 医 院 孕 前 检 测 多 少 钱

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