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3. answer (undertake responsibility , be liable , take charge ) 对…负责.。

  • 欢迎学习新东方四级词汇词根+联想【第节】1.jerk n.v.猛地摇晃,急拉,急抽Tom tried tojerk away the coming bus.but it was too late.汤姆试图猛地躲开迎面而来的汽车,但为时已晚.disgrace n.丢脸,耻辱;失宠 vt.失势儿使丢脸,使受耻辱;使失去地位【记】联想记忆:dis(没有)+grace(优雅)一没了优雅--丢脸Many people considered such behavior asa disgroce.很多人认为这种行为是一种耻辱You have disgraced me so that l am ashamed to meet my friends.你使我蒙羞,我现在没脸去见我的朋友们了【用】disgrace指失去别人的尊敬或是感到耻辱,固定用法为fall into disgracc with sb.,表示“失宠于某人;失去某人的欢心”【派】disgraceful( adj.丢脸的,可耻的,不名誉的)【辨】degrade,disgrace,humIHate,debasedegrade常用来指坏的习惯和行为毁坏了某人的品格,使人退化并降低了地位,如:You degrade yourself when you tell a lie.;disgrace措使某人在别人心中的评价降低;humiliate主要指使人感到羞耻或不好意思,如:1 was humiliated by his laughtcr.;debase常用于物,强调贬低某事物的价值或质量,用于人时,一般指降低了道德水准,如:debase oneself money3.ckussify v.把…分类,把《货物等)分等级;把…归入某类;(美)确定…为机密【记】联想记忆:class(类别)+i毋(…化)一类化--把…分类I think we can clossjfy this as an emergency situauon.我认为我们可以把这看作紧急情况【派】classification(n.分类,分级;【生】分类法;类别,等级);classified[ adj.分类的,被归入类别的;(政府情报等)机密的,保密的]【辨】classify,categorize, recognize,distinguisbclassify指对某种对象等级或类别进行分类;categorize指将某事物归类;recognize表示识别;distinguish袁示区分.consecutive adj.连续的.接续的【记】词根记忆:con+secut(跟随)+ive--一个跟着一个的--连续的,接续的It has been raining three corrsecutive days.雨已经连续下了三天了5.mechanics n.力学,机械制造学;结构,技巧The mechanics of making the china are very complicated.制造瓷器的技巧很复杂6.signifcant!siginifikantl adj.重要的,重大的;有特殊意义的【记】联想记忆:sign(记号)+ifc(做)+ant--做了记号一有特殊意义的The Intemet is the most siguificant progress in the field of communications.互联网是通信领域最重大的进步(听力)【派】signifIcance(n.意义,意味;重要性)7.disappoint vt.使失望,使扫兴,使(希望等)破灭【记】联想记忆:dis(不)+appoint(任命)一溲被任命,所以失望一使失望Late delivery of the goods has caused us to drsappoirrt several of our most valued customers.发货的延迟使得一些最尊贵的顾客对我们失望了()【派】disappointing( adj.令人失望的,使人扫兴的);disappoinrment(n.失望,扫兴)8.antique adj.古时的;古式的 n.古物,古玩【记】词根记忆:anti( ante.前)+que--以前的--古时的I found an interesting arUique store on my way home.我在回家的途中发现了一家有趣的古玩店【派】antiquity(九,古老,高龄;古物,古迹)9.uproot v.将(植物)连根拔起;根除,灭绝【记】联想记忆:up(向上)+root(根)一根朝上一连根拔起A football team is to up not from its current home and move to a new site the start of next season.一足球队即将离开目前的主场,到斯的地方开始下一个赛季的比赛The collect way to modemize a culture is toremitstradition rather thantouproot its tradition.使文明现代化的正确方式是改革传统,而不是根除传统【用】uproot sbjoneself (from...)表示迫使某人(自己)离开出生地或定居处.peril n.严重的危险;危险的事物【记】联想记忆:per(表加强)+il(看作ill,病的)一病情恶化一危险的事物All the soldiers kept calm in the hour of perd.所有的士兵在危险面前保持着冷静学习更多《新东方四级词汇词根+联想记忆发。
  • 四十年前他们刚到这个世界上,那时父母们还年轻、还在享受爱情比起后来的记忆中堕落的状态,那是一段伊甸园一般的美好时光。
  • To construct our measure of unrest, we looked at five indicators: riots, anti-government demonstrations, general strikes, political assassinations, and attempted revolutions. In a typical year and country, there are about 1.5 incidents of this type. The more you cut, the more incidents you get. By the time austerity measures hit 3% or more, the number of incidents has doubled. Interestingly, the UK, the pattern is even stronger: every percentage point of cut-backs, instability surges by more than it does on average in the rest of the countries. Importantly, these effects are in addition to the well-known relationship between lower growth (associated with more unemployment) and higher instability.。
  • 3. comparative a. 比较的,相对的。
  •   district n 行政划分的区(比region小),(市内的)区。
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