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感谢Thank you.谢谢你。Thanks!谢谢!A:Thank you.谢谢你。B:Youre welcome.不客气。Thanks anyway.不管怎么样都要谢谢你。A:Sorry I dont know.对不起,我不知道。B:Thanks anyway.不管怎么样都要谢谢你。anyway ad. 无论如何与thank you相比,thanks更随便一些,常用于朋友之间。Im very obliged to you.我非常感谢你。Im very grateful to you.我非常感谢你。oblige v. 使感谢,使感激Thanks a million.多谢。A: Sir, here is the change youve left behind in the shop.这是找给您的零钱,您忘在商店了。B:Thanks a million.多谢。I really cant thank you enough.太感谢你了。A: I really cant thank you enough.太感谢你了。B:Thats okay.好啦,没事。Im in your debt.我欠你个人情。A: Im in your debt.我欠你个人情。B: Dont give it another thought.不要再去想它了。Thanks for everything. Thanks for all youve done. Thank you for all of your kindness.谢谢您为我做的一切。A: Thanks for everything.谢谢您为我做的一切。B: Dont mention it.别客气!得到对方的帮助时,应及时、诚恳地表示感谢。Its most thoughtful of you. You are very thoughtful.你想得真周到。thoughtful a. 体贴的,考虑周到的Youre most understanding.你真能体谅人。A: Youre most understanding.你真能体谅人。B:Thats all right.这没什么。Thanks for your time.耽误您时间,在对不起。A:Thanks for your time.耽误您时间,实在对不起。B:Dont worry about it.没关系。I can never thank you enough for your help.我对你的帮助永远感激不尽。I really cant thank you enough for your help.我对你的帮助真是感激不尽。I do appreciate your timely help.我的确很感激你的及时帮助。A: I do appreciate your timely help.我的确很感激你的及时帮助。B:Im glad I could help.能帮助你,我很高兴。appreciate v. 感激timely a. 及时的Id like to express my appreciation.Id like to say how grateful I am.我想表示我的谢意。A: Id like to express my appreciation.我想表示我的谢意。B:Its my pleasure.不要客气。I really dont know how I can thank you enough.真不知道怎样谢你才好。I cant express how grateful I am.我不知如何表达我的感激之情。I have no words to thank you.我不知道说什么才能感谢您。I appreciate your help.非常感谢你的帮助。A: What else can I do for you?还有什么需要我帮忙的吗?B: Nothing more.I appreciate your help.没什么了。非常感谢你的帮助。Its very kind of you.Its very nice of you.你太好了。A:Its very kind of you.你太好了。B: Im very glad you can enjoy it.你喜欢它,我很高兴。Thanks for saying so.谢谢你这样说。Its nice of you to say so.像这样说真是太好了。 /201501/351654。

  • Li:Hi Neil, how are you?Li:你好尼尔,最近怎么样?Neil:Im fine thanks, how are you Li?Im good.Neil:谢谢我很好。小李你怎么样?我很好。Li:Are you free on Saturday evening?Li:你周六晚上有空吗?Im holding a small dinner party.Saturday?我要举办一个小型的晚餐派对。周六吗?Neil:Yeah, that would be fantastic but Id better just check with my other half.Neil:那好极了但是我最好和我的那位确认一下。Li:Your other half?Li:你的那位?Li:What do you mean?Li:什么意思?Neil:Yes Im not sure if my wife has anything planned for Saturday.Neil:是的,我不确定我妻子周六是否有安排。Li:Oh!I did not know you call your wife your other half.Li:哦,我之前不知道你称你的妻子为你的那位。Thats interesting.真有意思。Neil:Yes.Neil:是啊。Neil:Thats a phrase often used by married couples to refer to each other.Neil:这是夫妻之间互相用来称呼对方的短语。Li:Thats useful to know.Li:长知识了。Lets hear some examples:我们来听一些例子吧:A:Hows your other half?你的那位怎么样?Is she feeling better?她好些了吗?B:Yes, she is much better, thanks.是的,她好多了。谢谢。Lady:I like the colour of the car but I should ask my other half before I buy it.我喜欢这车的颜色但是我买之前应该问一下我的那位。A:Fancy another pint, John?再来一品脱吗,约翰?B:Id love another pint but I have promised my other half Ill be home early.我也想但是我已经答应了我的那位我会早点回家。Neil:So, people often refer to their partner as their other half.Neil:所以人们经常用“他们的那位”来称呼他们的伴侣。Li:Can this phrase be used to refer to both a husband and a wife?这个短语即可以用来称呼丈夫也可以用来称呼妻子吗?Neil:Yes, thats correct.Neil:对。Neil:And sometimes a man will refer to his wife as his better half.Neil:有时一个男人也会称他的妻子为“更好的那位”。Li:Better half?Li:更好的那位?Of course the woman is always the better half!当然了,妻子总是更好的那位!would not you agree?难道不同意吗?Neil:Of course!Neil:当然!My wife always reminds me that shes my better half!我的妻子老是提醒我她是我的更好的那位!Li:Lets listen to a couple of examples:我们再来听两个例子吧:A:Oh what a lovely room, youve made a great job of this.欧,多么可爱的房间!你一定花了很多功夫。B:Thanks, but compliments should really go to my better half, she chose all the colours and the furniture.谢谢,但是应该表扬的是我的妻子,是她选了所有的颜色和家具。A:Thanks for dinner last night.谢谢昨晚的晚餐。The food was fantastic!食物太棒了!B:Youre welcome.Im glad you enjoyed it.不用谢,我很高兴你喜欢。It was a fun evening.真是个愉快的夜晚。Im really lucky, my better half is a great cook, I just have to do all the washing up.我真的很幸运,我的妻子厨艺超赞,我只是负责洗碗。Li:Im sure your wife thinks you are the better half although she may not say it.Li:我敢肯定你妻子肯定觉得你也是更好的那位尽管她可能不会说出来。Neil:I hope so.Neil:我希望如此。Li:Well, just check with your better half and let me know if you are coming on Saturday.Li:呃,和你的那位确认一下然后告诉我你周六是否能来。Neil:I will do, thank you.Neil:我会的。谢谢。 /201311/264021。
  • 13. What is your train time?火车什么时候发车?还能这样说:When does the train start?What time does your train leave?应用:start a car 发动汽车;start a baby 已怀;start a fire 点火;start sb. in business 帮助某人开始经商;to start with 首先,第一;起初14. I forgot to get off.我忘记下车了。还能这样说:I didnt remember to get off.I forgot to get down.应用:forget about it 不要介意,算不了什么;不用谢了;别再提了15. You can buy the train ticket one week in advance.你可以提前一周订火车票。还能这样说:You can book the train ticket seven days in advance.The train ticket can be booked ahead of one week.应用:not quite the ticket 有点不对头,不对路;split a ticket 用混合选票进行投票16. All the railway tickets are sold out.所有的火车票已经售完。还能这样说:We have sold out all the tickets.The train tickets are not available now.应用:sell short 卖空;低估,轻视;欺骗;sell up 卖光,出盘;变卖财产;sell well 易于销售,行销17. Once can enjoy the view when he goes travelling by train.乘火车旅行可以欣赏沿途风景。还能这样说:Travelling by train is good to appreciate the view along the way.The virtue of travelling by train is that one can enjoy the view on the way.应用:take a dim view of 不赞成,不乐观;take a grave view of 认为……很严重;take a jaundiced view of 对……存有偏见;take a rose-colored view of 对……抱乐观态度 /201405/301751。
  • Please try to understand my point of view.请理解我的观点。Wait, can I take that back?等一下,我能收回我说的话吗? /201209/200882。
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