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As the market for smart glasses heats up, Google faces the difficult challenge of displaying top-quality visual images on a screen the size of a fingerprint.随着智能眼镜市场逐步升温,谷歌公司(Google)开始面临一个棘手难题——如何在指纹大小的屏幕上显示高品质的图像。Now researchers led by scientists at the University of Oxford in the UK believe they may have made a discovery that solves that problem.现在,由英国牛津大学(University of Oxford)科学家领头的研究者们相信,他们已经找到了解决这个问题的办法。Writing in the journal Nature Thursday, Harish Bhaskaran, Peiman Hosseini and C. David Wright say they have found a way to create pixels just a few hundred nanometers across that could one day lead to high-resolution, low-energy and flexible displays. They could be used in smart glasses as well as synthetic retinas, smart contact lenses and foldable screens.上周四《自然》杂志(Nature)发表了一篇论文。哈利什o巴斯卡仁、培曼o侯赛尼和C.大卫o赖特在文中称,他们已经找到一种方法,可以制造出只有几百纳米的单个像素点,今后就能制造高分辨率、低能耗且可折叠的显示器。这种显示器可以用于制造智能眼镜、人工视网膜、智能隐形眼镜和可折叠屏幕。“Current microdisplay technologies based on liquid crystals, microelectromechanical systems and organic light-emitting diodes are attracting considerable attention because of a growing interest in wearable technology,” the authors wrote in the paper published Thursday.作者在这篇论文中称:“由于市场对可穿戴技术的兴趣日益浓厚,目前基于液晶、微机电机械系统和有机发光二极管的微显示技术正备受关注。”“Key requirements for such applications are high resolutions, high speed and low power consumption, all of which are met by the technology described here.”“这类应用的关键要求是高分辨率、高速度和低能耗,这些都能通过本文阐述的技术获得解决。”Essentially, the researchers have come up with a novel use for phase-change materials, which has been around for decades. They have long been used to store data, especially on rewriteable CDs and DVDs. But until now no one had figured out how to tap into their display potential.实际上,这些研究者所开发的是对相变材料的全新运用方法。这种材料问世几十年了,长期以来一直用于存储数据,主要用于制造可擦写CD和DVD。不过迄今为止还没人想出如何开发这种材料潜在的显示性能。Bhaskaran said he was initially attracted to the material because it was active both optically and electronically. But it wasn’t until he and his colleagues started working with it in the lab that they realized that its optical properties far outperformed what is available on the market today — a resolution that is 50 times better.巴斯卡仁称,最初之所以被这种材料吸引是因为,它的光电特性都很活跃。而直到他和同事开始在实验室对它开展研究时才发现,它的光学性能远超过如今市场上的各种材料——分辨率要高50倍。“The first thing we demonstrated is you can actually get extremely high resolution pixels,” Bhaskaran said. “In our case, the smallest pixels we’ve shown are 100 nanometers or less. Each of those images are 70 microns across, which is roughly the diameter of a human hair.”巴斯卡仁说:“我们首先发现,能获得超高的分辨率像素点。在我们的研究中,最小的像素点只有100纳米,甚至更小。这样,每幅图像就只有70微米宽,大概相当于头发丝的直径。”The researchers have filed a patent on their product and are in discussions with an unnamed firm that specializes liquid crystal display applications, Bhaskaran said. They also have received a grant of 0,000 to develop a prototype from Isis Innovation, which helps Oxford researchers commercialize their discoveries.巴斯卡仁称,他们已为自己的产品申请了专利,正在与一家专业生产液晶显示设备、不便透露名字的公司洽谈合作。他们还从Isis Innovation(牛津大学的技术商业化公司——译注)获得了24万美元用于开发原型产品。后者致力于帮助牛津大学的科研人员将研究成果商业化。Richard Holliday, a technology transfer team leader at Isis, said that the discovery could lead to very “disruptive display technology” if the researchers can find the right use for it. One area worth exploring, he said, is virtual reality gaming.Isis公司的技术转移团队主管理查德o霍利迪表示,如果这些研究人员能为自己的产品找到合适的用途,这项发现将催生非常“具有颠覆性的显示技术”。其中一个很值得探索的领域就是虚拟现实游戏。“The display market is huge. It’s predicted to be 5 billion in 2017,” Holliday said. “At the moment, we are looking at which segments of that market would benefit most from the unique characteristics this technology has got. One of the most exciting is projection-based displays where you project a small display up into a larger area. Therefore, you need high resolution otherwise you end up with a highly pixilated-type display.”他说:“显示市场规模巨大。据估计,到2017年这个市场的规模将达1650亿美元。目前,我们正在研究其中哪个细分市场能最大程度地从这项技术的特性中获益。最激动人心的一个领域就是投影类显示设备,这种设备可将尺寸较小的画面投射到更大面积的区域上。因此,必须要有极高的分辨率才行,否则只会得到严重失真的投影图像。”Along with its high resolution, Hosseini said another attractive aspect of the technology is that uses much less energy.除了高分辨率之外,侯赛尼表示这项技术另一个极富吸引力的特性就是能耗极低。“One of the advantages of our design is that, unlike most conventional LCD screens, there would be no need to constantly refresh all pixels,” he said. You would only have to refresh those pixels that actually change (static pixels remain as they were). This means that any display based on this technology would have extremely low energy consumption.”他说:“我们这个设计方案的一个优势在于,和大多数传统液晶屏幕不同,它不需要不断刷新所有像素点。只需要刷新那些确实发生变化(静止像素则保留原样)的像素就可以了。它意味着,基于这一技术的所有显示器的能耗都会极低。”When asked about the new technology’s commercial merits, Google GOOG -0.86% said they had “nothing to add here.”当被问及这项新技术的商业优势时,谷歌公司表示“没有什么可补充的”。 /201407/313162Online sales now represent as much as one-tenth of all retail sales in the ed States. This has led traditional stores to seek new ways to keep their customers loyal.目前,网上销售占到了美国零售总额的十分之一。这导致传统卖场需要寻找新的途径来保持客户忠诚度。Lynne Shaner used the Internet to buy everything she needed for her wedding and holiday gifts for her husband and step-daughter. Other than food, 90 percent of her purchases were made on her home computer.Lynne Shaner使用互联网购买了婚礼所需的一切东西,以及给丈夫和继女的节日礼物。除食品外,她90%的交易都是在家里电脑上完成的。;I find that, by being able to go online and choose the things that I need to choose, and have them delivered to me right at my doorstep, I eliminate all the driving, all the crowds, all the noise of that, and I usually get a better selection.;她说,“我发现,通过网上购物和送货上门,我远离了开车、人群、噪音等等,而且通常我能得到更好的选择。”There are a lot of people like her. Experts say American online shopping hit records in both November and December. Fifty-seven percent of Americans have bought something electronically.美国有很多人像她一样做。专家表示,美国网上购物在11月和12月再创纪录。57%的美国人进行了电子购物。Store owners worry that this growing amount of online sales will hurt their business. Cornell University marketing professor Ed McLaughlin says they should be worried. He spoke to VOA by Skype.商店老板担心网上销售日益增长会损害他们的生意。康奈尔大学营销学教授埃德·麦克劳克林(Ed McLaughlin)表示,这些老板们应该为此担忧。他通过Skype接受了美国之音采访。;Anything that can move online, will. And it#39;s just a matter of time.;“任何东西都能转到网上销售,这只是个时间问题。”Professor McLaughlin says traditional stores can keep their customers by selling goods like clothing, which buyers may want to see and try on before purchasing. He says the stores could also offer things that are difficult to ship. He also says some stores can please customers by offering to set up or repair electronic products.麦克劳克林表示,传统商店可以通过销售装之类的商品维持客户,客户购买这类商品前希望亲眼看到并试穿。他说,商店还可以销售不方便运输的东西。他还表示,一些商店可以通过提供电子产品的设置和维修来取悦客户。Bill Martin is the founder of ShopperTrak. His business helps stores learn about their customers. He told VOA by Skype that traditional stores offer a social experience that some people enjoy.比尔·马丁(Bill Martin)是ShopperTrak公司的创始人。该公司帮助商店了解其客户。他通过Skype对美国之音表示,传统商店提供了部分人喜欢的一种社会经历。;There is still a lot of emotion in the buying decision, you know, that takes place. Oftentimes, you know, you need that last sense of ‘Boy, this is exactly what I want#39; -- that feeling before you#39;re y to part with money, and you can#39;t always get that on-line. It#39;s a rather cold process.;“在购物决策中还有许多情感因素起作用。通常情况下,你需要‘小伙子,这就是我想要的’这种花钱前的感受,在网上找不到这种感受。网上购物是一种比较冷淡的过程。”Bill Martin says traditional stores can provide goods to buyers more-quickly than online stores. And some retailers are using websites to persuade people to visit their stores.马丁说,传统商店能够比网上商店更快地向客户提供商品。一些零售商开始使用网站说人们去他们的商店。While e-commerce worries some business owners, the only worry for delivery services like FedEx and UPS is keeping up with the number of packages. UPS Manager Dana Kline says her company is very busy at this time of year. UPS is so busy that it has filled 55,000 temporary worker positions during the holiday season.反过来电子商务也担忧一些企业主,这种唯一对FedEx和UPS这类快递务的担心也随着包裹数量一路增长。UPS经理达纳·克莱恩(Dana Kline)表示,她们公司每年这个时间都很忙。UPS是如此之忙,以至于它们在节日期间补充了55000个临时工职位。 /201301/222317

David Donohue has a tough relationship with his wallet and the items inside it.戴维·多诺修(David Donohue)和他的钱包及里面东西的关系一直不融洽。He has lost his wallet twice in the past year. He has fallen victim to credit card theft three times. On one occasion, a thief plucked a credit card replacement sent to his home directly from his mailbox.他去年两次丢钱包。三次成为信用卡盗窃案受害人。其中有一次,小偷直接从他的邮箱里顺走了一张替换新卡。Mr. Donohue said that is why he was excited to use Apple Pay, the tech giant’s new e-commerce product released on Monday. By pushing a button on his iPhone, he can make a purchase at one of the thousands of retail locations, including Macy’s or Walgreens stores, using the new service. No wallet, cash or plastic card necessary.多诺修说,这就是为什么他热切盼望着用上Apple Pay,科技巨头苹果(Apple)周一发布的电子商务新产品。他只需在他的iPhone上按一个按钮,就可以通过这项新务在数千家零售店铺中买东西,包括梅西百货(Macy#39;s)和沃尔格林(Walgreens)的门店。不需要钱包、现金或塑料卡片。“I’d be beyond thrilled to be walletless, simply because I don’t enjoy carrying one,” Mr. Donohue, 42, who works at a social media marketing start-up in San Francisco, said in an interview. “My dream scenario is to carry only my phone and cash.”“要是能摆脱钱包就太棒了,原因很简单,我不喜欢带钱包,”42岁的多诺修说,这个旧金山社交媒体营销创业公司员工在接受采访时说。“我的梦幻设定是只带手机和现金出门。”Large tech and telecom companies like Google, Verizon and ATamp;T have tried for years to replace the traditional wallet with smartphone apps, having a click here or swipe there replace a credit card or dollar bills at the register. But commerce experts say they believe that the involvement of Apple, which helped revolutionize the mobile industry, could be the impetus that moves mainstream consumers to digital payments — the latest in an evolution of the way people buy goods and services.多年来,谷歌(Google)、威瑞森(Verizon)和ATamp;T等大型科技、电信公司一直在设法用智能手机应用替代钱包,在收银台这里点一下,那里刷一下,取代信用卡或钞票。但是商业专家认为,帮助推动了移动革命的苹果,有望助推主流消费者转向数码付——这是在商品和务的购买方式演化过程中出现的最新动向。Generation after generation of Americans used cash as their primary payment. They then turned to bank checks, later to credit and debit cards. Within a few decades of their introduction, credit cards became ubiquitous: By 2012, nearly three quarters of a billion credit cards were being used in the ed States, according to the Federal Reserve.几代美国人都曾把现金作为主要付手段。他们后来改用票,再后来是信用卡和借记卡。信用卡出现后,只用了几十年的时间就变得十分普及:根据美联储的数据,截至2012年,美国境内流通的各种付卡数量已达到7.76亿张。Think of Apple Pay as taking the card out of credit card. After entering their credit card information into the latest iPhones, customers can wave their phone in front of a properly equipped payment terminal at retailers like Whole Foods and McDonald’s. Customers verify the transaction with the iPhone’s fingerprint scanning hardware.我们可以把Apple Pay看成没有卡片的信用卡。在最新款iPhone里输入信用卡信息之后,消费者就可以在零售商的有效付终端前晃动手机来付款了,比如在全食超市(Whole Foods)和麦当劳餐厅(McDonald’s)。顾客可以通过iPhone的指纹扫描器来确认这笔交易。Today, relatively few people buy things with a wave of a smartphone. In the ed States last year, consumers spent .6 billion using contactless mobile payments of the sort allowed by Apple Pay, according to estimates from eMarketer, a market research firm. That is just a tiny fraction of 4.3 billion in e-commerce purchases made last year, and an even smaller portion of .26 trillion in traditional in-store retail purchases.目前通过刷智能手机来购物的人相对较少。根据市场研究公司eMarketer的估计,去年在美国,消费者通过与Apple Pay类似的无接触手机付方式共付了16亿美元。这只是去年2643亿美元的电子商务零售总额中很少的一部分,与传统实体店4.26万亿美元的零售总额相比,就更加微不足道。“Right now, mobile wallets are sort of like e-commerce in 1995,” said John Collison, co-founder of Stripe, a payments processing firm. “Amazon was one of the big companies that made people feel O.K. to put their credit cards online.” Apple, he said, will do the same for the mobile wallet.“手机钱包目前的处境有点像1995年的电子商务,”付处理公司Stripe的联合创始人约翰·科利森(John Collison)说。“亚马逊是让人们感到可以放心用信用卡进行网上付的大公司之一。”他说,苹果将为手机钱包带来同样的改变。But others point to previous mobile wallet efforts from Google, Verizon and Square, among others, all of which failed to gain wide adoption. And Apple’s largest difficulty could be to persuade thousands of retailers to accept Apple Pay at the checkout line.不过,另外的一些人则提到了谷歌、威瑞森、Square等公司之前的手机钱包业务,这些公司的手机钱包都没有被广泛接受。此外,苹果面临的最大困难,是说数千家零售商在款台接受Apple Pay付。“Apart from the cool factor, there’s really not a lot of value for the average merchant at the moment,” said Denée Carrington, an e-commerce analyst for Forrester Research. “Especially when you think about how merchants want to capture more information from consumers with each transaction.” She pointed out that Apple Pay did not connect to loyalty and awards programs that merchants often find valuable.“除了很酷之外,就目前而言,它对普通商家真的没有很大价值,”弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的电商分析师德内·卡林顿(Denée Carrington)说。“尤其是考虑到,商家们都想要从每笔交易中获得消费者的更多信息。”她指出,Apple Pay不会涉及商家往往非常重视的营销策略,比如顾客积分和返利项目。Industry experts, however, say that Apple’s offering has advantages that its predecessors did not.不过,行业专家称,苹果的产品有着之前产品所不具备的一些优势。Accepting Apple Pay and some other mobile payment technologies usually relies on technology inside the payment terminals at registers, like at the stations where a consumer swipes a credit card. By next fall, though, American merchants face a deadline to upgrade their credit card terminals to accept E.M.V. — which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa — a technology that makes credit transactions more secure for consumers. Many believe those new terminals will also accept payments from Near Field Communication-enabled devices like the iPhone 6.是否接受Apple Pay及其他移动付技术通常取决于收银付终端使用的技术,比如在车站收银处,消费者可以刷卡。但到明年秋天,美国商家面临更新信用卡付终端,采用EMA规范的最后期限,这种技术使消费者的信用卡交易变得更加安全,EMA代表Europay、万事达(MasterCard)和Visa。很多人认为,这些新终端也将接受iPhone 6等近场通讯设备的付款。“Apple’s timing here is an astute stroke of brilliance,” said Norm Merritt, president of ShopKeep, a start-up that sells point-of-sale products for small businesses. “People will aly have to invest in new E.M.V.-enabled machines. N.F.C. is just a few bucks more.”“苹果推出付系统的时机把握非常明智,” 初创公司ShopKeep的董事长诺姆·梅里特(Norm Merritt)说。“人们需要购买新的符合EMV规范的设备。近场通讯功能只要额外的几美元。”该公司向小型公司出售销售点终端。Apple is also promoting Apple Pay’s security measures, calling it far safer than the credit cards consumers use on a daily basis.苹果还在宣传Apple Pay的安全举措,称该系统比消费者每天使用的信用卡安全得多。“We’re totally reliant on the exposed numbers and the outdated and vulnerable mag stripe,” Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in Cupertino, Calif., last month. “Which all of us know aren’t so secure.”“我们完全要依靠露在外面的卡号,以及过时、容易破解的磁条,”苹果公司首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)上个月在加利福尼亚州库比提诺表示。“我们知道这些都不安全。”Apple is working with major credit card companies like Visa, American Express and MasterCard to integrate a so-called tokenization system into Apple Pay. The technology sends a secure code to merchants instead of a credit card number, which experts say will make credit card data theft less likely. Every transaction will also come with a unique encoded passcode that will help determine whether a transaction is legitimate.苹果正在与Visa、美国运通公司(American Express)和万事达等主要信用卡公司合作,将所谓的标记化系统整合进Apple Pay。这项技术将安全的代码而不是信用卡号发送给商家,专家称这将降低信用卡数据被盗的可能性。每一笔交易都会有一个独一无二的加密代码,该代码可以帮助判断交易是否合法。“Their brand, their technology and their choices in security made it compelling to us,” said James Anderson, senior vice president of emerging payments at MasterCard, who also pointed to Apple’s fingerprint identification system in the iPhone 6 as an impressive additional way to fight credit card fraud.万事达负责新兴付业务的高级副总裁詹姆斯·安德森(James Anderson)说,“他们的品牌、技术,以及对安全手段的选择吸引了我们。”安德森还表示,iPhone 6的指纹识别系统也是一种防止信用卡诈骗的新方法,让人印象深刻。Still, consumers can use Apple Pay at a physical retailer only if they have the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. More than half of American smartphone owners use an Android device, which does not work with Apple Pay.不过,消费者只有拥有iPhone 6或者6 Plus,才能在实体商店使用Apple Pay。美国智能手机用户中有超过一半的人使用Android设备,Apple Pay不适用于该系统。 /201410/338478

韩国怀疑朝鲜“对首尔发动猛烈的网络攻击”来源:Times Online 编辑:Vicki美国独立日当天,韩国和美国的政府机关,和企业网络均受到攻击瘫痪,朝鲜成为最大嫌疑犯。从7月4号开始,美国队财政部和特勤处,韩国的总统府,议会,国防部及外交部均受到一系列网络攻击,如果这次事件真是平壤所为,那么事件就相当敏感了,从年初开出,朝鲜一直对美国和韩国进行一系列的挑衅动作,包括试射导弹。North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul'North Korea is the main suspect behind a campaign of cyber attacks that have paralysed (麻痹,瘫痪)the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses since American Independence Day. News of the campaign — which would be the first such large-scale attack attempted by the dictatorship (独裁)— emerged yesterday as an ill and emaciated (衰弱的)Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance. US government agencies, ranging from the Treasury Department (财政部)to the Secret Service(特勤处), and South Korea’s presidential office, parliament and defence and foreign ministries were among those hit by the attacks, which began on July 4. The South Korean intelligence agency told members of parliament that it believed Pyongyang or its agents abroad were behind the attacks. “This is not a simple attack by individuals,” Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) (国家情报院)said in a statement. “The attack appeared to have been elaborately(苦心经营地) prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state.” The Yonhap news agency(联合新闻社) ed an unnamed member of parliament who said that the NIS had suggested that the attacks were the work of North Korea or “a pro-North Korean force”. Experts said that there was no indication of data theft, but because the websites were still affected four days after the attacks began, an unusually sophisticated denial of service attack had probably been used. Thousands of computers were infected by a virus that flooded websites with traffic, then overloaded their servers and forced them to shut down. South Korean and US authorities were working to identify the creators of the virus, the NIS said. US officials would not speak publicly about the attack but an emergency notice has been sent to federal departments advising them of precautions(预防措施). One theory is that they were tests of American and South Korean cyber defences. Security experts warned last year, amid an attack linked to China, that America remained more vulnerable to cyber-terrorism than any conventional form of attack. President Obama announced the establishment of an inter-agency cyber-security office(机构间网络安全办公室) in May and the Pentagon(五角大楼) added a military Cyber Command (军事网络指挥中心)to supplement the civilian effort last month. South Korea had warned of the danger of cyber-espionage (网络间谍)by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command said last month that it was logging attempts to penetrate military networks at an average rate of 95,000 a day. If the attacks this week are the work of North Korea the timing is significant. Pyongyang has staged a series of verbal and physical provocations this year, including an underground nuclear test and the launch of an intercontinental rocket(洲际火箭). The aggressive attitude suggests that it has abandoned expectations of negotiation with the international community in favour of whipping up (激励,鼓励)nationalist fervour (热情)at home. /200907/77414Which brands most improved their reputations in social media in 2012? And which companies made them worse?2012年有哪些品牌通过社交媒体提升了它们的声誉?哪些公司则越来越差了?We asked the Dachis Group, a social media measurement agency, to tell us which brands got the biggest increases in consumer love, and which lost the most ground.我们咨询了社交媒体评估机构达奇斯集团(Dachis Group),问它哪些品牌最受消费者的喜爱,哪些品牌失去了大部分市场。First, the companies that gained the most consumer love ...首先,最受消费者喜爱的公司是:1. Apple. Brand love: 57% / Rank: 321.苹果。 品牌喜爱度:57%/排名:32Dachis says: The end of year iPhone 5 and iPad Mini releases overcame early controversies in overseas manufacturing and any lingering effects from the death of Steve Jobs to make Apple the biggest mover of the year.达奇斯说:年底iphone5和迷你ipad的发布,消除了海内外制造业和乔布斯死后遗留影响的争议,这使得苹果成为年度最大的赢家。2. LinkedIn. Brand love: 47% / Rank: 3092. 邻客音(LinkedIn)。品牌喜爱度:47%/排名:309Dachis says: Strong financial performance combined with a slew of new features made LinkedIn a magnet for positivity in 2012. Positivity like this could help the company move from stern business network to lively communications platform in 2013.达奇斯说:强大的财务性能和一系列新的特性使得邻客音成为2012年吸引用户的公司。这样的吸引力有助于公司在2013年从专业的业务网络转向活跃的交流平台。3. JetBlue. Brand love: 40% / Rank 2183. 捷蓝航空(JetBlue) 品牌喜爱度:40%/排名:218Dachis: JetBlue started the year with some tough moments (a pilot’s panic attack gave them a rough start), but customer satisfaction and excellent social service during the busy holiday travel season carried the brand to success in 2012.达奇斯说:捷蓝航空在2012年初遇到过很多困难(一名飞行员在飞行途中突然精神崩溃,这让公司这一年的开头极为艰难),但是在繁忙的假日旅行期间,顾客的满意和优秀的社交务把这个品牌带入了成功的行列。4. Adidas. Brand love: 35% / Rank 254.阿迪达斯。品牌喜爱度:35%/排名:25Dachis says: Adidas added more than 34 million new fans and followers in just 12 months this year. The company put that audience to good use and benefited from high levels of positive discussion all year long.达奇斯说:阿迪达斯在今年的12个月里增加了3400万名新粉丝。公司把粉丝们带动了起来,粉丝们一整年都在进行积极的讨论,公司因而从中受益。5. Starbucks. Brand love: 26% / Social Business Index Rank: 265.星巴克。品牌喜爱度:26%/社交商务指数排名:26Dachis says: Starbucks is a perennial top-performer in social and 2012 was no exception. The company’s social savvy earned it 19 million new fans and followers in 2012 and its push into at-home and on-the-go products gave all those people something fun to talk about.达奇斯说:星巴克在社交方面总是排名前列,2012年也不例外。公司通过社交在2012年赢得了1900万新的粉丝,它针对用户在家和出门的产品也成为用户津津乐道的谈资。And now for the companies that lost the most love ...再来看一下流失顾客的公司吧。1.Mitsubishi. Brand love: -12% / Rank: 3601. 三菱。品牌喜爱度:-12%/排名:360Dachis says: The news just keeps getting worse for Mitsubishi. Low sales triggered a decision to pull out of the European market and if the levels of negative discussion are any indicator, 2013 doesn’t look to be any better.达奇斯说:三菱每况愈下。低销售量使得公司作出决定,退出欧洲市场。如果负面的讨论可以看成是失败的迹象,那么公司在2013年看上去也不会有多好。2. Dominos. Brand love: -11% / Rank: 622. 达美乐(Dachis) 品牌喜爱度:-11%/排名:62Dachis says: 2011 saw a huge bounce for Dominos in brand enthusiasm from their brand relaunch which 2012 just couldn’t match. It’s a shame they can’t redesign their recipes every year.达奇斯说:2011年达美乐的品牌热情大幅度增长,但是2012年无法与之相提并论。他们不能每年都重新设计食谱,真是太可惜了。3. Kraft. Brand love: -10% / Rank: 113.卡夫品牌喜爱度:-10%/排名:11Dachis says: Kraft took a stance in support of genetically engineered foods midway through the year and the decision turned their brand into an overall loser for 2012.达奇斯说:在这一年中,卡夫持转基因食物,这个决定使得这个品牌成为了2012年的输家。4. Fiat. Brand love: -7% / Rank: 854.菲亚特 品牌喜爱度:-7%/排名:85Dachis says: Fiat suffered through a slow global sales year in 2012. Sluggish sales were reflected in sluggish social activity as the company went in reverse on positive discussion around the web.达奇斯说:2012年菲亚特销售不旺。销售疲软体现在社交活动低迷,网络上大都是负面的讨论。5. Zynga. Brand love: -5% / Rank: 55.星佳(Zynga)品牌喜爱度:-5%/排名:5Dachis says: Zynga struggled to maintain its momentum and diversify its business in 2012. The difficult year was evident in reduced brand discussion and an increase in negativity from product shutdowns that leave the game company with a lot of work to do in 2013.达奇斯说:星佳在2012年努力保持势头并进行多元化经营。关于公司的品牌讨论明显减少,产品停产的负面消息不断增长,这使得这家游戏公司在2013年有很多工作要做。 /201301/220212

The days of squinting at a map or the screen of your smartphone when you’re lost will soon be over – thanks to new shoes that tell you which way to turn.手捧地图或拿着手机找路的时代马上就要结束啦!这要归功于智能导航鞋的问世。The shoes use a Bluetooth link to communicate with your mobile’s mapping system.导航鞋利用蓝牙链接手机中的地图导航系统。The mobile works out which route you should be following and the shoes then emit a discreet vibration in either foot telling you when and where to change direction.手机负责导航,而需要改变行走方向时,鞋子就会轻微振动以发出提醒。The shoes will also count the number of steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned – and they’ll even buzz to warn you you’ve left your phone behind, or to alert you when you’re travelling past an interesting landmark.导航鞋还可以计算你行走的步数以及消耗的卡路里。如果你忘记带手机了,或者走过了某个旅游名胜,导航鞋就会发出声音提醒你。#39;They are as easy to use as a tap on the shoulder,’ said Krispian Lawrence, 30, who developed the shoes with partner Anirudh Sharma, 28, in Hyderabad, India.这项技术的开发者是两个印度青年,39岁的克里斯潘-劳伦斯和28岁的阿尼路德-夏尔马。劳伦斯说:“这双鞋用起来很简单,就像有人拍肩膀提醒你一样。”‘You can even communicate with them using hand gestures and finger snaps because the shoes have sensors that can pick up movement and sound.#39;“你甚至可以用手势或响指对它发出指令,因为鞋子里有动作和声音传感器。The Lechal shoes go on sale worldwide in June but Lawrence and Sharma’s company, Ducere Technologies, has aly taken more than 3,000 pre-orders.导航鞋将在今年6月全球上市,而劳伦斯和夏尔马的公司目前接到的预订单总量已经超过了3000双。Lawrence believes the shoes will also improve road safety. ‘If I’m on my bike or motorbike, I don’t want to stare at my phone – it’s dangerous,’ he says.‘I’d rather be guided by my footwear.’劳伦斯认为,这种鞋还可以提高道路安全。他说“如果我正骑着自行车或托车,就不会去看手机,那会很危险。我宁愿让鞋子来导航。”He believes his innovation will prove invaluable for the visually impaired and has pledged that every mainstream pair sold by Ducere will subsidise a cheaper pair for a visually impaired person.他坚信,这一发明将大大帮助视力有损伤的人,并承诺给他们提供折扣。Footnav technology does not impress explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, however.‘What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned map?’ said the 70-year-old when told of the shoes.但也有人对“鞋子导航技术”不以为然。英国探险家,70岁的雷诺夫法因斯就说道:“传统地图有什么不好?”‘If you rely too heavily on technology you’re heading for trouble. Too many people have forgotten the basics: how to a map and a compass.’“如果过于依赖科技,反而会带来麻烦。很多人已经忘记如何看地图,怎样用指南针了。” /201404/288109日前,美国福克斯新闻评选出了;改变世界的十四大发明;,从阿司匹林到抽水马桶、从车轮到胸罩,上榜的发明涉猎范围广泛、时间跨度巨大。中国人发明的指南针和纸也没有被;遗忘;,成功入选了这个榜单。What#39;s the greatest invention since sliced cheese? Wait: Why is sliced cheese so great in the first place? Here are 14 inventions that REALLY changed the world ; cheese not included.自从切片奶酪问世以来,最伟大的发明是什么?等等:为什么切片奶酪如此伟大呢?以下是实实在在改变了世界的14个伟大发明;;当然不包括奶酪。 /201112/166317

Digital technologies are the new medicine, as doctors and physicians turn to health apps and services to improve health outcomes.当医生们开始启用保健类应用程序和务来提升保健效果,电子技术也就成了一味新药。With over 13,000 health apps in the Apple app store, it’s not a case now of finding an app, but finding the BEST one, and – given that this is a health issue – one that is accurate and safe.如今在苹果应用程序商店里有超过1.3万个保健类程序,现在我们不是要找个程序,而是找到最好的程序,鉴于这关系到健康的问题,我们要找的应该是准确又安全的保健类应用程序。So in 2013, expect consumers to turn to the medical profession and medical institutions to certify and curate these products, with doctors also #39;prescribing#39; them, much as they prescribe medicines, as part of a course of treatment. And for health providers, these digital ‘medicines’ promise to reduce costs by making consumers more aware of their health, improve compliance, and allow remote monitoring that can pick up warning signals earlier.2013年将有望看到消费者找医学专业人员或医疗机构验和鉴别上述程序产品,医生们自己也会像平时开药一样自行开出一些保健类程序,作为治疗的一部分。对医疗务提供方来说,这些电子药方会让用户更加注意自身健康、与医生配合度更高,且可远程监控以尽早发现健康预警信号,医疗成本必定会降低。 /201301/220723

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