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How do I let my boss know about my accomplishments without bragging?怎样才能不自夸却让老板知道自己取得的成绩呢?What#39;s wrong with bragging? Mr. Trump#39;s really great at it. You should take a lesson. You know there#39;s a tasteful way to say,;Hey look. Here#39;s what I did. Here#39;s why I think it#39;s a benefit to our company. Here#39;s what it did for us or here#39;s what we accomplished by doing it.; There really isn#39;t anything bad about or negative about letting your boss or your coworkers know about what you are doing if it#39;s of benefit to your company. You are working as a team. So whatever you can do to try to increase your team#39;s assets, to increase your standards, to meet a goal, whatever it is. I#39;m trying to generalize with an understanding that we cover a broad spectrum of trades in the professional workplace. Don#39;t be afraid to toot your own horn.Don#39;t be afraid to let people know what you have done because chances are it#39;s a big deal to you. It#39;s not such a big deal to them. There#39;s a tasteful way to approach that and let people know about your accomplishments. Think of it that way.自夸有什么不对呢?Trump先生最擅长了。你应该认真学习一下。你知道,有一种简单的方法,可以说“看一下,我做的多好,我认为这对我们公司非常有益。这就是我们从中获得的好处,或者这就是我们取得的成绩。”如果确实对公司有利的话,让老板和同事知道你们的辛勤工作没有什么不好的。你们是一个团队。所以,无论采取什么行动来增加整个团队的价值,提高自己的标准,来达到一个目标,一定要去做。我的推论是,我们在工作场所有着非常广阔的交际范畴,不要害怕张扬自己的成绩。不要担心让别人知道你的努力,因为这对你来说是好事,对别人来说则不同。可以思考一下用哪种方法让别人知道自己的成绩最合适。Thanks for watching How To Let Your Boss Know About Your Accomplishments Without Bragging.感谢收看“怎样让老板知道自己的成绩”视频节目。 Article/201212/217078在2012欧洲杯决赛对阵意大利胜利连续第三次问鼎重大国际赛事冠军后,西班牙国家足球在队归国后获得了英雄般的欢迎。After a dominating performance against Italy in the final of Euro 2012 to claim their third straight major international title, the Spanish national football team has been given a heroes welcome upon their return home.Tens of thousands of fans, flocked to the streets of Madrid on Monday to join in the celebration a celebrations that even took on a royal hue.The streets of downtown Madrid were awash in red and national pride as Spainards welcomed back their Euro 2012 wining squad.This is the third time in the last four years Spain#39;s national football team was being feted for a victory -- back to back Euro crowns, plus a World Cup sandwiched in between and the squad can provide a distraction to nation from their economic woes.Yurena, Spanish football fan, said, ;I am extremely proud of being a Spaniard and of everything this team has achieved. I am incredibly proud. There are no words to express what I feel. I am really happy. It is a nice a break during these hard economic times. You see joy and happiness among Spaniards.;Oscar, Spanish football fan, said, ;Now it is time to congratulate the squad. It is a big achievement, three titles in a row. It is the first time they do it and we have to be here and cheer them on.;Now things weren#39;t so extravagant as the city long parade held in the team#39;s honour. Earlier in the day the team met with King Juan Carlos and presented his excellency with a replica shirt of ;La Roja;.Iker Casillas, goalkeeper of Spanish National Football Team, said, ;I want to thank you for your receiving the Spain team after being in Poland and Ukraine. From every one of us, I would like to give you this shirt signed by all of us. This present is for you to have as a souvenir of our victory. And thank you very much for the reception in your house.;King Juan Carlos I, Spanish King, said, ;It is not easy to speak to three times champions. You have given all Spaniards - and us - happiness. Spaniards are proud of you; not only because of your victory, but also because you are great individuals as well as a team. You have known how to blend this. Also, we must give special thanks to Vicente del Bosque, who has faced many difficulties, but everything can be achieved with hard work, and here are the fruits of this labour. Congratulations, and we hope you continue winning. Congratulations from me, my family and Spain. Thank you very much.;Now it was nice to get a meeting with the country#39;s royal family but this is the team of the people and this is how the team chose to celebrate.We give the last word to Andres Iniesta who was named the player of the tournament during Euro 2012.Andres Iniesta, midfielder of Spanish National Football Team, said, ;I#39;m very proud to be a part of this legendary team because they are unique. But I am especially proud t Article/201207/189052

;请把企鹅看成海洋的哨兵,; Dee Boersma说,;它们处于海洋变迁的前沿;。通过分享企鹅的生活和文化,她建议我们聆听企鹅带给我们的启示。 Article/201202/170190

The ;envelope; around the old hunting lodge wascomplete.旧日行宫外的围护结构已经完成Louis#39; ministers were installed in their new apartments,路易的朝臣们搬入了新房and the King began governing from Versailles.国王开始了在凡尔赛宫的统治Now, Louis decided he would make the palace his permanent home,现在路易决定在这里定居and insisted that leading French nobles come and live there too.并要求高等贵族前来入住There#39;s no question that for Louis, the nobility,对路易来说 贵族particularly the court nobility,尤其是王室贵族were an essentialaspectof his kingship.无疑是王权的重要部分They surrounded him with glory and status.他们匍匐在他的尊贵荣光之下This is a state where the ultimate decider在这里on granting favour or refusing favour最终决策者的权力is in the hands of the king.由国王掌握If you were looking for a militarycommand,要得到军队统领权if you were looking for favours for many of your clients,或是为主顾 持者supporters and family,和家庭请愿then the way to achieve this was by getting access to Louis必须直接觐见路易and to a lesser extent或在不得已而为之时by gaining access to the ministers around Louis.觐见路易的朝臣But housing all the nobles would mean yet more building work.然而要接纳所有贵族需扩大宫殿Louis#39; finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert路易的财政大臣让·巴斯蒂特·考伯特worried about the cost.担心开销过大Louis wanted the nobility at Versailles in order路易要求贵族入住凡尔赛宫that he could keep an eye on them.如此便可密切关注他们The message he wanted to give to his nobles was this -他借此向贵族传达这样的信息You don#39;t need to rebel to get what you want.你们不需为自己所欲而反抗What you have to do is come and pay your court to me.你只需来此向我效忠 Article/201204/176359

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