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贵阳市第二人民医院做四维彩超多钱六盘水市妇幼保健院网上挂号In the future well tell our robots to clean the house, make dinner (cars coming),even pick up the kids at school. Theyll monitor our families health and home security.在未来,我们可以直接使唤机器人打扫卫生,做饭,甚至接孩子上下学。他们也将监控我们家人的健康和家庭安全。 ;Welcome home Bryan. Catherine has left the house.;“欢迎回家,布莱恩。凯瑟琳出门了。” And if necessary, call 911. Theyll be our live-in nurses, monitoring our vital signs. Eventually they will even replace the doctor.如果有必要,机器人还会拨打911报警。他们将变成我们的居家护士,监控重大疾病的征兆。最终,他们甚至会取代医生。 And as we move towards these intelligent, sort of autonomous domestic robots, in the future, the robots will be able to learn new skills by observing other humans do them or by learning from other robots.随着我们不断研发这种智能,自主家用型机器人,机器人也会不断进化,到时候它能够通过观察人类的行为,或者模仿其他机器人来学习新的技巧。 The day when we all have our personal Asimo is not far off.人人都拥有一个私人助手阿西莫的日子指日可待。 ;Someday in the near future I will be sold to you guys. Im really looking forward to that.;“有一天,在不久的将来,你们就可以买我回家。我真的期待这一天的到来。” Its projected that more than 4 million homes will soon have personal robots. The South Korean government hopes to put robots in every home no later than 2020.根据计划,超过四百万个家庭很快便会拥有私人机器人。韩国政府希望最迟不晚于2020年将机器人带进每一个家庭。 ;If you learn from history, I believe that in the next 20 years the price will be cheap enough that well be able to afford household robots and I believe again it will transform our society.;“纵观历史,我相信在未来20年,机器人的价格会逐渐降低,人们都能买得起。我也坚信这会引起社会变革。” Its predicted that robots with human-level intelligence could arrive as early as the year 2029. A society of smart, undetectable androids in our midst may seem alarming, but for now well still be the ones in charge.据预测,有着与人类智力水平相当的机器人最早会在2029年面世。也许这些聪明,难以探测的机器人看起来是一种威胁,但目前我们仍然是主导的一方。;We can always turn off the power.;“我们总是能关掉电源。” Future robots may become more human, but future humans will also become more robotic. In fact, its aly happening.未来机器人会更像人类,未来的人类也会变得更机器人化。事实上,这已经发生了。原文译文属!201207/190534贵阳中医学院第一附属医院 四维彩超 Did You Know That Moose Can Have Arthritis?糜鹿也有关节炎?It’s easy to tell, even at a glance, that people and moose are pretty different. Moose, at least males, have big, wing shaped antlers. People have no antlers. Moose are herbivores, eating only plants.即便只匆匆一瞥,也能轻易看出人和糜鹿是完全不同的动物。糜鹿,至少是雄性糜鹿拥有大型的、像翅膀一样的鹿角。而人是没有角的。糜鹿是食草动物,只吃植物。We eat mostly junk food. Despite their salad only diet, moose can weigh as much as 1400 pounds. Even the fattest humans top the scales at only around 1000 pounds. The list goes on.我们却几乎总吃垃圾食品。尽管“色拉”是糜鹿唯一的食物,它们的体重却能达到1400磅。而我们人类中最胖的也只有1000磅。两者间的此类差异数不胜数。And yet, in some ways, people and moose are similar. For example, both suffer from arthritis.但是在某些方面,人与糜鹿是相似的。例如,两者都饱受关节炎的困扰。And that’s interesting because how and why moose develop arthritis may be able to tell us something about the pathology of the human variety.这个问题很有趣,因为研究糜鹿患上关节炎的过程和原因,可能有助于我们发现一些人类患关节炎的病理。For example, researchers working in Michigan’s upper peninsula have been studying moose there for decades. And one thing they’ve found is while arthritis in moose is partly genetic, it’s also triggered by the environment.例如,位于密西根湖上游半岛的研究人员已经对糜鹿进行了数十年的研究。他们发现糜鹿患关节炎在一定程度上是由基因引起的,同时也受到环境的影响。Specifically, the researchers have observed that moose that suffer from arthritis seem to have not had access to proper nutrition early in life.特别需要提到的是,研究人员观察的那些患关节炎的糜鹿似乎幼年都营养不良。Perhaps they were born during a drought when there weren’t enough berries and other plants to eat. Whatever the case, even if those moose had plenty to eat later on, their very early nutritional deficits appear to have doomed them to an adult life of aching joints.可能是因为它们出生于旱期,没有足够的浆果和其他植被可以食用。无论情况如何,即便那些糜鹿后来有足够的食物,它们幼年的营养匮乏使它们的成年生活注定与关节疼痛相伴。The takeaway for scientists who study arthritis, and doctors who treat it in people, is that how and what we eat, even as babies, may lay the foundation for chronic arthritis and other health problems later in life.研究关节炎的科学家和治疗关节炎的医生得出结论:我们(即便是在婴儿时期)怎么吃、吃什么可能会为后来生活中的慢性关节炎和其他健康问题埋下隐患。And thanks to the moose, those scientists are also beginning to better understand the sorts of diets that could lower those risks.得益于对麋鹿的研究,那些科学家也开始更好地了解能降低患关节炎风险的饮食种类。 /201206/186947In todays Tech Bytes, the Ipad has some new competition this morning. Presales of Dell Streak Tablet begin today with shipment starting tomorrow. Dell is promoting the new touch screen device as a combination cell phone, tablet computer. Its about half the size of an Ipad, makes phone calls and uses Googles Android smartphone operating system. It costs about 300 bucks.欢迎收看今天的Tech Bytes。现在Ipad有了竞争对手。戴尔的Streak平板电脑明天开始预售。戴尔的这款触屏产品融合了手机和平板电脑的功能。体积只有iPad的一半大小,该产品可打电话,它使用安卓智能手机操作系统。Samsung is hitting the 3D TV market with a bang. The company introduced the first protable blue-ray 3D player yesterday. The Samsung, the BDC 8000 has a 10.1 inch screen. It also has built in Wifi access. However, if you want to watch anything in 3D, you have to pipe the content to a 3D capable TV, and of course wear those funky glasses.三星重磅出击3D电视市场。昨天,三星公司出品了首款便携式蓝光3D播放器——BDC 8000。这款播放器拥有10.1寸显示屏,可适用wifi网络。不管怎样,如果你想看3D画面,你必须将文件转化为3D TV可播放的格式,当然,你还要佩带时髦的3D眼镜。If you like football, how about watching a game in 3D? The Verizon FiOS 1 Channel is planning to broadcast the pre-season and a filed game in 3D on September 2nd. It would be a preseason match between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Verizon FiOS customers in New York, New Jersey and New England will be able to watch.如果你喜爱足球,看3D的版本怎么样?Verizon FiOS 1频道计划于9月2日直播季前赛,并通过3D形式播放。比赛将在新英格兰爱国者和纽约巨人队间展开激烈角逐。纽约,新泽西,新英格兰的Verizon FiOS用户将率先使用该3D技术。Well, cant get to the gym to see your personal trainer? How about getting a personal training App instead. A DDCs MiCoach App can help you train to run faster, increase endurance, or even play a better game of football. Nick Bilton of the New York Times reviewed it and noticed that the App gave him some very personal attention.如果你不能到健身馆去找你的健身教练,为什么不在家用一款个人健身的手机应用呢。DDC的这款应用MiCoach可以锻炼你跑得更快,耐力更加持久,甚至是足球踢得更好。纽约时报的Nick Bilton注意到了这款应用能够提供十分个性化的务。;Another interesting feature of the MiCoach application is the ability to tell what kind of sport you are training for. So if you are interested in tennis, or running or even cycling, you can tell the application this, and will train you specifically for that sport. The way it does this is to tell you if you are going too fast, if you are going too slow and as you are running it says speed up or slow down.“它还有一个有趣的特点就是,这款应用可以自动辨认出你正在训练的体育项目。因此,如果你对网球感兴趣,或是跑步,甚至是自行车,你可以直接在这款应用中输入。这款应用还会提示你的进度,如果你太快了或是太慢了,它就会提示你减速或是加速。”MiCoach is just available for Blackberry, Iphone and Ipod Touch. For information of all these stores just log on to the technology page at abcnews.com.这款应用MiCoach现只能应用于黑莓,iPhone和iPod。详细参阅以上信息请登录abcnews.com的科技页面。Those are your Tech Bytes, Im Rob Neilson.这就是今天的Tech Bytes,感谢您的收看,我是Rob Neilson。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/192700贵 阳 市 第 六 人 民 医 院 做 药 物 流 产 多 少 钱

贵阳市息烽县人民医院治疗霉菌性阴道炎Deadline for striking miners extended 罢工最后期限延长Striking miners in South Africa say they earn ,000 dollars a year versus miners in Australia that earn 0,00 a year. 南非罢工矿工抱怨他们每年只挣9,000美元,而澳大利亚矿工每年挣11,000美元。Thousands of miners have gathered in an open field, not very far from where 34 of their colleagues were shot dead by police last week Thursday. They are still standing the ground, they say they are not going to go back to work, despite the fact that Lonmin Plantinum Mine has acctually extended that ultimatum that they want to the miners to be back today or faced being fired. Now Lonmin Mine is saying they understand these very extraordinary circumstances and theyve given miners till tomorrow to return to work. These miners that I have been speaking to say thats not gonna happen until their demands have been met, Michael.上千名矿工聚集在一块开阔处,距离上周四警察开射死他们34名工友的位置不远。矿工们仍然站在原地,他们表示不打算返回工地工作,尽管隆明公司实际上已经发出最后通谍,希望矿工今天重返工作岗位,或者遭遇解雇。隆明矿业公司表示理解目前这种极端情势,因此他们已经允可矿工明天再回来工作。不过和我交谈的这些矿工表示,除非满足他们的要求,他们不会回去工作。迈克尔报道。And meanwhile, what about those demands? I mean these men do work in very very uncomfortable besides at least the situation. What is the company saying about their demands? 那么,他们的要求是什么呢?我的意思是,除了此次事件,这些矿工在极其恶劣的条件下工作。公司对矿工的要求如何表态?You know, very very tough circumstances under which these miners work, and Michael, if you consider how dangerous how the situation is underground. In other countries their skills are thought after. In Austrilia, for example, in 2010 the average miner, somebody willing to work under those conditions was paid 0,000 a year. These miners tell me they are getting ,000 a year, many of them saying they were exploited during a partage. They expect a better treatment in the Democratic South Africa.你知道,这些矿工在极端艰苦的环境下工作,如果你能设想一下,在井下工作是多么危险。其他国家需要这些矿工的采金技能。例如在澳大利亚,如果愿意从事这种工作,2010年平均每位矿工的年薪为110,000美元。南非矿工告诉我,他们一年的收入是9000美元,许多人还说他们在分配时也受到剥削。这些矿工期待能够在南非受到的待遇会有所改善。201209/198625贵阳市金阳医院人流能当天安排吗 遵义市第二人民医院网上挂号电话

铜仁市妇幼保健院预约四维彩超 Science and Technolgy科技The evolution of co-operation合作关系的演变Make or break?建立还是终止?Social networking tames cheats社交网络驯欺骗者HOW people collaborate, in the face of numerous temptations to cheat, is an important field of psychological and economic research.在无数互相欺骗的诱惑中,人们如何建立合作关系?这是心理和经济学研究的一个很重要的领域。A lot of this research focuses on the ;tit-for-tat; theory of co-operation:关于这个领域的很多研究都集中在;以牙还牙;的合作理论:that humans are disposed, when dealing with another person, to behave in a generous manner until that other person shows himself not to be generous. At this point co-operation is withdrawn.那就是,一个人在处理和另外一个人的关系时,开始都会选择慷慨的态度,直到对方显露出不慷慨的迹象,这个时候也是合作关系终止的时候。Fool me once, in other words, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.用另外一种话说,就是;欺我一回,罪过在你,欺我二回,罪过在我。;When he encounters such a withdrawal of collaboration, the theory goes, the malefactor will learn the error of his ways and become a more co-operative individual.当遭遇这样的一次合作终止,如理论所说,作为合作规则的破坏者,他会开始反省他处事的过错,并且开始变成更加乐于合作的个体。And there is experimental evidence, based on specially designed games, that tit-for-tat does work for pairs of people. Human societies, though, are more complex than mere dyads.在特殊设计的游戏基础上得出的实验据显示,;以牙还牙;理论在两个人的关系中确实奏效。And until recently, it has been difficult to model that complexity in the laboratory.然而人类社会关系远比两两之间更为复杂。But a paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Nicholas Christakis and his colleagues at Harvard has changed that.直到最近,这种复杂的关系还难以在实验室中模拟出来。但在这周,哈佛大学Nicholas Christakis和他的同事在;国家科学院院刊;上发表的论文改变了这个状况。Dr Christakis arranged for a collaboration-testing game to be played over the web, with many participants.Christakis士在网上安排了一场多人参与的实验测试游戏。As a result, he and his team have gained a more sophisticated insight into the way co-operation develops.经过这个实验,他和同事对人际合作发展方式有了更深的理解。Dr Christakis used what is known as a public-goods game for his experiment.Christakis士在这个实验中采用称为;公共利益;的游戏。At the beginning of such a game, points are doled out to each participant. During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours.游戏之初,每个参与者分发到少量的分数。在接下来每一轮游戏中,参与者都有机会赠送分数给他的邻居。Points so donated are augmented by an equal number from the masters of the game.赠送者的分数能够在游戏管理者那里得到与之舍出分数相等量的增长。If everyone co-operates, then, everyone ends up richer. A ;defector; who refuses to donate to his co-operating neighbours will, however, benefit at the expense of those neighbours.如果参与者都合作的话,每个人最终分数都会比最开始的多。而拒绝赠送分数的;破坏者;却从他邻居们的损失中获益。At the games end, the points are converted into real money, to ensure that proper incentives are in place.为了保适当的奖励到位,游戏后这些分数可以变换成钱。To play his large-scale public-goods game, Dr Christakis recruited 785 volunteers via Mechanical Turk—a service provided by Amazon, an online retailer, that works by farming out small tasks to an army of individual workers.为了展开这个大型的;公共利益;游戏,Christakis士通过网上零售商亚马逊提供的土耳其机器人网络务招收了785名志愿者。这是个发包小任务给个体劳动队伍的务网络。Each volunteer was randomly assigned links to, on average, eight other players. Together, they played repeated rounds of one of three variations of the game.在这个网络上,每个志愿者大约和八个随机分配的参与者连接组队,并根据三种设定的游戏模式重复开展。In the first, participants always interacted with the same group of people.第一种模式,参与者总是和同一组人合作。In the second, the connections were randomly reshuffled after each round.第二种模式,每一轮游戏后合作者都随机重组。In the final version, one-third of the possible pairings between participants were chosen at random after each round (such pairs may or may not, therefore, have been dealing with each other in the previous round).最后一种,每一轮后,三分之一的组合将被选中并随机重组(因此这些重组的组合中可能有人在前面的游戏中已经合作过了。)。One player from each pair was first told or reminded of how the other had behaved in the previous round, and was then asked whether he wanted to break his connection with that player, if he aly had one, or form a new connection, if he had not.组合中一人会被告知或提醒他的合作对象在前面一轮游戏中的表现,他可以选择是否解除和这个人的合作,如果他已经有一个合作对象的话;如果他没有合作对象,他则可以选择是否建立新的合作联系。In all versions of the game, roughly 60% of players started out co-operating.在所有三种模式中,大约60%的参与者最开始都是遵守合作规则。However, in the first two, this decreased over time as the pernicious influence of the freeloaders sp.可是头两种模式中,随着吃白食恶劣影响的扩展,遵守的人数也跟着下降。The larger the fraction of a subjects partners who defected in a given round, the less likely that person was to co-operate in the next—classical tit-for-tat.一个参与者合作过的对象中破坏规则的人数比例越高,这个参与者在下一轮的游戏中越不可能遵守合作规则-典型的;以牙还牙;。However, this tit-for-tat retaliation was not enough to save co-operation, and after a dozen rounds only 10-20% of the players were still willing to co-operate.然后,这种;以牙还牙;的报复并不能拯救合作的持续,在十几轮游戏后,只有10-20%的参与者还愿意合作。In the variant where participants had some choice over whom they interacted with, though, the amount of co-operation stayed stable as the rounds progressed.然而在参与者可以选择合作对象的模式中,合作的人数随着游戏的进行保持稳定。When Dr Christakis and his team looked at how the relationships between players were evolving in this third version, they found that connections between two co-operators were much more likely to be maintained than links that involved a defector.Christakis士和他的团队观察第三种模式中参与者的关系如何演变时,他们发现没有碰到过破坏者的组合更容易保持合作。Over time, the co-operators accumulated more social connections than the defectors did.在游戏中,合作者比破坏者积累了更多的合作关系。Furthermore, as they were shunned, the defectors began to change their behaviour.而且,被拒绝后,破坏者也开始改变他们的行为。A defectors likelihood of switching to co-operation increased with the number of players who had broken links with him in the previous round.在前面一轮游戏中和他中止合作的人越多,他越有可能转向合作者。Unlike straightforward tit-for-tat, social retaliation was having a marked effect.不像简单的以牙还牙,社会报复有一个标记作用。The next question, then, is whether such a mechanism holds outside the laboratory.接下来的问题是,这样的一个机制在实验室外是否可行?To find out, Dr Christakis has forged links with some anthropologists.为了找出,Christakis士已经和一些人类学家取得联系。They hope to report the answer soon.他们希望能够很快得出结论。 /201210/205226安顺市医院做人流手术多少钱贵阳市第一人民医院妇科哪家好

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