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Thank you.Thank you very much.I live in new york.I got gresh haircut.New york.谢谢 非常感谢 我住在纽约 刚剪了个头发 纽约Fresh haircut before the show,before I left.上节目前剪了个头发 我离开之前I said to the barber,somewhere between a new jersey wedding D.J and department of homeland security.我跟理发师说 介于新泽西州婚礼DJ 和国土安全部官员的发型Ill be honest with you.He nailed it.He did a great job.我说实话 他搞定了他做得很好So I want you to be entertained but I want you to feel safe.我想让你们开心 也想让你们安全Safety is my priority up here.安全是我的第一要务As a volunteer firefighter,I see a lot of things that are unsafe in society.作为一个志愿消防队员 我在社会上看到了很多不安全的事I see this father walking around with a baby in pouch attached to the front of his body,我看着一位父亲走来走去 他的身前挂着一个育儿袋which is so cocky.which says,look,I get women pregnant,I make them have the baby,then I wear the women as jewelry.这太炫耀了 意思是 瞧 我让女人怀了 我让她生下孩子 我把孩子当首饰一样戴I say sir,please remove the baby.Thats not safe.Im a volunteer firefighter.我说先生 请放下孩子 这不安全 我是志愿消防队员You know,he said to me,Im an actual firefighter.why dont you get out of my face?他对我说 我是个真正的消防队员 你别烦我了行吗I said maybe you dont hear what I said,bro.volunteer firefighter.我说也许你没听到我说的话 哥们 志愿消防队员That means I could do your entire job in my spare time.Thank you.那就是说我业余时间里 能做你的所有工作 谢谢Then I stopped,dropped and rolled my way out of the conversation.然后我停了下来 不再跟他继续交谈Proving that Im a volunteer firefighter.明我是个志愿消防队员I fly a lot.I dont mind if its first class on the plane.我经常坐飞机 我不介意坐的是不是头等舱I dont want to have to walk through it to get to my seat.I sit in zone three.我不想走过头等舱 才能到达我的位置 因为我坐在第三区And when I walk through first class,I see a lot of things that make me angry.我走过头等舱时 我看到了很多 让我愤怒的事情They have a lot of extra leg room.eating a five course meal.他们的腿部空间大得多 吃着五道菜的正餐Drinking mimosas.Im not on the plane yet.Thats disrespect.喝着含羞草酒 我还没上飞机呢 这很不尊重201607/456103

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Its like November in September as absentee ballots in Michigan are in the mail and, for some, voting has aly begun.If history is any guide, about a quarter of Michigan voters will vote using an absentee ballot, even though some will probably lie to do it because not everyone can legally cast an absentee ballot in Michigan.You are allowed to vote absentee in Michigan if youre 60 years old or older, unable to vote without someones help, in jail awaiting trial, a poll worker at a different precinct than your own on election day, if youre going to be out of town, or because of a religious obligation.Otherwise, you have to show up at the polls on Election Day.Its Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick PlutaNow, we know, as absentee voting becomes more popular, some people simply make up a reason. So why not change the law?Other states have made absentee voting easier. Three states conduct their entire elections with mail-in or drop-off ballots. Its called ;convenience balloting.; In Michigan, its called no-reason absentee voting. An absentee ballot for any registered voter who wants one.Democrats here in Michigan are all for this idea. They are all about making voting easier because Dems typically do better when turnout is higher.Republicans, meantime, have favored more restrictive voting rules. But some Rs are coming on board including Governor Rick Snyder, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and State Representative Lisa Lyons. Lyons chairs the state House Elections Committee and says theres no reason not to allow no-reason absentee voting.;Providing voters with the ability to vote absentee without having to provide a reason isnt pro-Republican. Its not pro-Democrat. Thats a pro-voter and as more and more of our voters are casting ballots via absentee that makes them not have to lie if they dont fall within those six reasons for absentee voting. It just makes good common sense,; Lyons explains.But theres still a critical mass of Republicans who say ‘not yet. Count Republican state Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof among them. He says more absentee voting could lead to more cheating. ;It has to be secure. Thats the biggest part that Senate Republicans are worried about.;What it would take to make it more secure, we dont know.But, even with Michigans conditional absentee voting, we know it will be decisive. Like we mentioned, roughly one in four votes cast in Michigan will probably be absentee.The absentee voter will be a big deal. And the campaigns know that. So they will keep track of who requests an absentee ballot (thats a public record).Those voters will get mailings, maybe a phone call, maybe someone knocking on their door.201609/468599

All right, we love this school and so do our friends at Target.好了 我们喜欢这所学校 塔吉特百货也是For years,Target has has committed giving a billion dollars towards education so far,近些年 塔吉特一直致力于向教育事业捐款 目前已达到10亿美元They know its important for kids to have the right school supplies.他们知道孩子们能拥有学习用品至关重要So Target is 700 backpacks to fill the school supplies each student up academy.所以塔吉特为UP小学的700名学生每人提供一个装满学习用品的书包That is amazing.Also, also Genie.Yes, Ellen.All right.太棒了 还有 吉妮 怎么了 艾伦 好的Also Genie, every student is also gonna get a 100 Target gift card.还有 吉妮 每位学生还将获得一张100美元的塔吉特礼品卡Make sure they know that.I would take a break, could be right back.告诉他们这个消息 广告过后 马上回来Thank you vey so much.It’s a big day for those kids in Up Academy.非常感谢大家 今天对于UP小学的学生们而言是美好的一天We are back with Nicole Bohlmann.How many um teachers are there?我们继续采访妮可·波乐曼 你们学校有多少位老师There are 70 teachers. - 70 teachers.Yes.70位 -70位老师 对Well, we have learned that the average teacher spends at least 0我们了解到每位老师平均花500美元 都是他们自己的钱out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right?来付教室的费用 是吗 /201601/419235

He is looking and go And that‘s paparazzi right there.他看着那人 想着 那人一定是仔Do you see?do you see there is a curtain there?你看到了吗 那个帘子Thats just have flap happen to fly up.帘子正好飘起来Thats when the guy,the little wesley guy in the boat.就在这时 仔就是船里那个带着婴儿 who has a baby on board to pretend they are just ;fishing;.假装他们正在钓鱼的狡猾的家伙Wow - So gross these people Thats... - I know I know.But wait a minute.哇哦 -这些人太恶心了 这 -我知道的 但 等等So he was just waiting thinking that...他就站在那儿等着Yeah. It was a windy particular windy day,and it flapped up.对 那天风很大 把帘子都吹起来了So thats how they got their little moment.所以他们才抓住了这个机会So Justin was just staring at that flap before he came up?所以帘子飘起来之前 贾斯汀一直盯着那块布吗He was standing there staring at the flap?Justin was having..yes, deep thoughts.他就一直站在那儿盯着那块布吗 他正在 思考人生Hes in deep thoughts and he is just sort of stares out.贾斯汀沉思时就会盯着一些东西看And if there was the ocean, he would been stare at that.如果是大海 他也会盯着看的Anything - The thoughts was so interesting,任何东西都可以 -他的想法很有趣he didnt care what he is staring at.他也不在乎他在看什么 /201512/417941

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