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2018年04月25日 18:20:25

Japan#39;s major mobile game provider DeNA has put on display the country#39;s first driverless robot bus which is to become operational next month.日本主要移动游戏厂商DeNA推出国内首辆无人驾驶巴士,下月起开始正式运营。The Robot Shuffle is to begin full service by transferring people in the Aeon Shopping Mall in Chiba#39;s Makuhari district.;Robot Shuffle;无人驾驶巴士将在日本千叶市永旺梦乐城购物中心全面开始客运务。DeNA, which showcased the Robot Shuffle last Monday, is set to provide the service in a joint venture with the French firm EasyMile.上周一,DeNA展示了;Robot Shuffle;无人驾驶巴士,并将和法国公司EasyMile投资合作,提供务。EasyMile#39;s testing chief Francois Charlot said actual passenger service requires that ;we drive safe without any accidents.;EasyMile的首席测试工程师弗朗索瓦·夏洛特表示,现实中的客运务要求我们驾驶平稳,不出任何意外。DeNA#39;s Robot Shuttle group leader Takashi Tsujiguchi assured that the project is surefire as the vehicle meets all safety measures. We have lasers at each corner which are really detecting obstacles. #39;We have new sensors coming as well to make it even safer, so it is safe#39;, he said.DeNA的;Robot Shuttle;无人驾驶巴士研发组领导村上隆保此项目安全可靠,因为该车满足了所有的安全措施要求。他表示:;我们在每个角落都安装了激光器来检测障碍物。我们也会安装新型传感器提高安全性。所以,它真的很安全。;The Robot Shuttle can seat up to 12 people, and travel at a speed of up to 40 kph. Greece and Switzerland are among other countries testing with driverless buses.;Robot Shuttle;无人驾驶巴士可乘坐12人,运行速度可达每小时40km。希腊、瑞士和其他一些国家也正在测试无人驾驶巴士。 /201608/460050贵 阳 做 人 流 手 术 到 哪 个 医 院 好贵阳最好治疗妇科的医院Scientists have found the key to artificial life after creating yeast from manmade DNA.在用人造DNA生产出酵母之后,科学家们打开了一扇通往人工生命的大门。The synthetic yeast could be used to create painkillers biofuel b better able to withstand high temperatures and cheaper beer for the brewing industry.合成酵母可以用来生产止痛药、生物燃料、面包,更能为酿酒业提供廉价而耐高温的啤酒。More importantly yeast shares a quarter of its genes with humans so may allow biologists to build whole sections of DNA to prevent devastating diseases like cystic fibrosis.最重要的是,这些酵母有四分之一的基因与人类基因相同,生物学家以此可生成一整个DNA组,用于预防囊性纤维化一类的可怕疾病。Artificial yeast could be used for b-baking as it is more resistant to high temperatures.人工酵母对高温的承受能力更强,可以很好地用于烘焙,It could also make beer brewing cheaper by using yeast which is more tolerant to alcohol.它对酒精的耐受性也更高,能够使酿酒过程变得更加经济,It could also be used to manufacture painkillers antibiotics and biofuels which separate studies show could replace petrol and jet fuel.还用于生产止痛药、抗生素,以及被广泛认为可以替代传统燃料的生物燃料。Baker#39;s yeast is similar to human cells but simpler and easier to study.烘焙用的酵母与人类细胞相似,但其结构更简单,易于研究。Synthetic DNA created in the same way could be used to replace faulty DNA which causes diseases like cystic fibrosis and Down#39;s syndrome.用同样方法制造的人工合成DNA可以用来代替缺陷DNA,缺陷DNA会导致例如囊胞性纤维症和唐氏综合症这样的疾病。An international team of scientists successfully replaced almost a third of the genetic material in baker#39;s yeast after creating five new synthetic chromosomes with DNA made from chemicals in the laboratory.一个国际科学家团队用实验室化学合成的DNA制造了五个新的合成染色体,已成功替换了烘焙酵母差不多三分之一的基因材料。The team including researchers from Imperial College in London yesterday announced they plan to create entirely manmade yeast by the end of the year.这个包含有伦敦帝国理工学院研究者的团队在昨天宣布,他们计划到年底前制造出完全人造的酵母。The breakthrough will reignite the debate over GM food as artificial yeast could in future be used to make b more nutritious.这个突破会重新激起转基因食品的争论,因为人造酵母在未来可以使面包更有营养。It also raises fears over bioterrorism as the same DNA-swapping methods could be harnessed to create extra deadly viruses.这同样带来了对生物恐怖主义的担忧,因为相同的DNA交换方法可以用来制造更有杀伤力的病毒。However the researchers involved say it is a major milestone in the race to create the first fully artificial complex living organism.但是,相关研究者说,第一次全合成一个复杂的活性微生物是一个巨大的里程碑。They not only inserted new DNA into yeast but removed that which was unnecessary showing scientists can speed up evolution by taking the building blocks of life and rearranging them.他们不仅将新DNA插入酵母,而且去除了一些不必要的DNA,结果显示科学家可以利用生命的构造模块(DNA),同时利用这些模块的重新排列来加速进化。 /201703/499060Human Rights 美国人对人权的看法 The time is 1905. A steamship sails on a vast ocean. "Daddy, will we ever get to America?" asks a weary lad. "Soon, my child, soon," his father replies. "We've been on this ship for weeks. I wish we were back home in Russia," complained the boy. "Son, you know how they persecute Jews there. We can never go back," the father reminded him. "Will things be better in America?" the young boy asked. "I hope so," his father sighed. "Look! The Statue of Liberty!" the boy shouted. "Just like in the picture!" His father smiled. "Yes, my son," he said. "I think she's waving to us." 时间是在一九○五年,一艘汽船航行在浩瀚的大海上。「爹地,我们到底到不到得了美国啊?」一个小男孩疲惫地问道。「快到了,我的孩子,快到了。」他的父亲回答。「我们已经坐了好几个礼拜的船了,我真希望我们现在是在苏俄的家里。」男孩抱怨着。「孩子,在那儿他们怎么迫害犹太人,你是知道的,我们绝对不能回去。」这位父亲提醒着他。「在美国情况会比较好吗?」小男孩问道。「希望如此。」他的父亲叹气道。「你看!自由女神!」男孩喊着:「跟图片里的一模一样!」他的父亲微笑着说:「是啊,孩子。我想她正向我们招手呢。」 America has long been a haven for immigrants from around the world. Until the 19th century, the majority of immigrants were from northern Europe. By the mid-20th century, they were coming from all over the globe. In recent years, scores of refugees from Southeast Asia and Latin America have fled to American shores. Why? To find a sanctuary--a place where human rights are respected. 美国长久以来一直是世界各地移民们的避难所, 在十九世纪之前, 移民主要来自北欧. 到了二十世纪中期, 移民则来自全球各地. 近几年来, 很多来自东南亚和拉丁美洲的难民都逃往美国. 这是为什么呢? 为了要寻找一个避难所 -- 尊重人权的地方. The American idea of respecting human rights came from several sources. First, the colonists had been persecuted and deprived of their rights in the Old World. They realized that people's rights must be preserved. Moreover, the Bible and literature from Greece and Rome taught that people are born with basic rights. English writer John Locke emphasized that governments should protect these rights. As a result, the Declaration of Independence reflected the belief that God created all people equal. The U.S. Constitution included 10 amendments to guarantee citizens' basic rights. This "Bill of Rights" promised freedom of religion, freedom of speech and of the press, the right to bear arms and the right to a fair trial. 美国人尊重人权的概念有几个起源。首先,移民们在欧洲的旧世界中曾被迫害并被剥夺权利,因此他们深觉保护人权的必要。再者,圣经以及希腊罗马文学中都教导他们人类与生俱来的一些基本权利。英国作家约翰?洛克强调政府应保障人民这些权利。于是,独立宣言中便反映出神造世人、生而平等的意念。美国宪法中包含了十项保障国民基本人权的修正案,这些权利法案承诺给予人民信仰的自由、言论及新闻的自由、拥有武器的权利,以及拥有公平审判的权利。 Throughout American history, the belief in individual human rights has influenced government policies and laws. Slavery opponents argued that even slaves had rights as human beings. Finally, after the Civil War, slavery was outlawed. As industries developed, many people protested the poor working conditions. 纵观美国历史,尊重个人人权的信念一直影响着政府的政策和法律。反黑奴政策者认为甚至连奴隶都该拥有作为人的基本权利。终于在美国南北战争之后,法律便禁止奴隶制度的存在。随着工业的发展,很多人抗议不良的工作条件。 Eventually, laws were passed guaranteeing workers fair wages and working hours and prohibiting child labor. The Civil Rights Movement used human rights arguments in the fight against discrimination. Even today, U.S. trade relations with other countries depend on their having a positive human rights record. 最后,终于通过法案保障工人合理的工资、工时、并且禁用童工。在美国民权运动中,也以人权的基本论点来抗议各样的歧视和差别待遇。甚至在今天,美国与其它国家的贸易关系如何,也视对方是否拥有良好的人权记录而定。 Human rights have become a global concern. The cruelty of Nazi Germany illustrated the danger of not protecting human rights. As a result, the ed Nations was established in 1945 with a belief in the basic human rights of all people. Three years later, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document stated that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Later, groups like Amnesty International were formed to keep an eye out for human rights abuses wherever they occur. 人权已成为全球各国关注的焦点,德国纳粹党的残酷史实即说明了罔顾人权的危险。于是,联合国在一九四五年设立,该组织深信所有人类都应拥有基本人权。三年之后,联合国正式通过世界人权宣言。这一份文件提出「所有人类生而拥有尊严及权利的平等和自由」。稍后,国际特赦组织成立,以监督防止任何违反人权的事件发生。 Most nations in the world today would agree that human beings have basic rights. Of course, different countries have different perspectives about the issue. Some governments feel the need to restrict individual rights to protect the rights of society. They resent being forced to accept America's definition of human rights. But to Americans, no matter how you define the issue, people deserve to be treated like people. 今天,世界上大部分的国家都认同人类应拥有基本的权利。当然,不同的国家会用不同的角度来看这件事。有些政府觉得有必要以限制个人权利来保障社会权利;他们痛恨被迫接受美国的人权定义。然而对美国人而言,无论你如何定义这个主题,只要是人就应该以人的方式对待他。 /200804/33377贵阳妇保医院治疗妇科炎症好吗

贵 阳 子 宫 肌 瘤 手 术 要 花 多 少 钱贵阳哪家医院看妇科炎症好HONG KONG — In China, cheap smartphones made by relatively obscure companies aping branded designs are ubiquitous.香港——在中国,相对不知名的公司模仿名牌设计生产的廉价智能手机随处可见。Usually it is the major brands that go after the smaller companies for patent infringement. But one of China’s low-cost phone makers recently filed a patent complaint against Apple in the city of Beijing — and for now, it has won.通常是大品牌追究小公司侵犯专利的责任。但最近,中国一家低价手机生产商在北京对苹果(Apple)提起专利申诉——目前暂时取得了胜利。With an appeals process ahead, the ruling is unlikely to have a major impact on Apple. Still, the action spotlights the growing number of cases of municipal patent offices in China backing local companies against larger, international brands.由于接下来将进入诉讼程序,这项裁决不太可能给苹果带来大的影响。但这起案件突显出在和更大的国际品牌的对抗中,本土公司得到中国地方专利局持的案例越来越多。According to a statement from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Apple infringed on a design patent used in a phone called the 100C, made by the Chinese phone maker Baili. The statement ordered Apple to stop selling certain older versions of the iPhone within Beijing, though an appeal of such a ruling to the courts in China usually forestalls any sales injunctions. 北京市知识产权局发布的一则通告称,苹果侵犯了中国手机生产商佰利生产的100C手机使用的一项设计专利。通告下令苹果在北京停售iPhone的某些较老的型号,不过在中国,这类裁决被告上法庭后通常会先停止销售禁令。Apple said it had appealed, and a sales clerk at the Apple Store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing said on Friday evening that the store had received no instructions to stop selling the iPhone models and that “it is business as usual.” At the store, a handful of iPhone 6 models stood mostly unused as shoppers tapped on the newer 6s models at a nearby table.苹果称已提起诉讼。周五傍晚,北京市三里屯苹果店的一名销售人员称该店未收到停售相关iPhone产品的指示,表示“照常营业”。店内,几部iPhone 6基本上都闲置着,顾客在体验旁边一张桌子上的新款iPhone 6s。“IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE models, are all available for sale today in China,” Apple said in a statement. “We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month, and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing I.P. Court.”“IPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,以及iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus和iPhone SE今日在华均有售,”苹果在一则声明中称。“我们对北京一个地区性专利机构上月发布的行政命令提起了诉讼,因此该命令还需接受北京知识产权法院的审查。”The new headache for Apple comes after increased regulatory pressure and problems in China. Recently, a Chinese company won the right to sell leather goods under the iPhone trademark after years of legal back and forth. And Apple’s movie and book services were shut down in the country shortly after they were introduced, a sign of more serious scrutiny from China’s media regulator. 在这件令人头疼的事情发生之前,苹果在中国面临的监管压力和问题正在加剧。前不久,一家中国公司赢得了使用iPhone商标销售皮具制品的权利。在这之前,双方的法律纠纷持续了数年。苹果的电影和图书务也在引入后不久被关闭。这个迹象表明,中国媒体监管机构的审查变得更加严厉。The Baili patent case pales in comparison to those troubles, though it underscores the day-to-day annoyances that can come with running a tech business in China.和那些问题相比,佰利专利案微不足道,但它突显了在中国经营一家科技企业可能会频频遇到的麻烦。The country has had its fair share of cases in which low-level manufacturers take on global brands. In perhaps the most famous, Apple paid million to use the iPad trademark. 在中国,低端生产商挑战国际品牌的案件相当多。在其中一起或许最为人所知的案件中,苹果为使用iPad商标付了6000万美元。Patent issues like the one Apple has with Baili are common enough that a recent paper in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law examined the topic. While the paper found that China’s patent system was not structured to benefit Chinese companies, it said there had been a number of recent “high-profile patent suits filed by relatively unknown Chinese firms against high-profile foreign tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Dell.” 像苹果和佰利之间的这种专利问题非常普遍。最近发表在《范德堡大学科技法期刊》(Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law)上的一篇论文对此进行了研究。尽管文章认为中国专利制度并非朝向有利于中国公司的方向进行构建,但它表示最近“相对不知名的中国公司对苹果、三星(Samsung)和戴尔(Dell)等著名外国科技公司提起了大量广受关注的专利诉讼”。Once a local intellectual property office in China finds an issue of infringement, companies can decide whether to appeal the matter. At that point, the issue typically is litigated or resolved via a settlement of some kind.在中国,被地方性的知识产权局认定侵权后,公司可决定是否申诉。如果申诉,往往会将问题诉至法院或是达成某种和解。 /201606/450368贵阳市流产哪家好Many Olympic movies have been made, trying to capture those universal themes of excellence, commitment, and personal sacrifice. The best of the bunch is Chariots of Fire, a fascinating tale of two completely different British runners who compete for gold at the 1924 Olympics. Here are the 11 best movie es about the essence of Olympian ideals."It doesn't matter tomorrow if they come in first or fiftieth. Those guys have earned the right to walk into that stadium and wave their nation's flag. That's the single greatest honor an athlete can ever have. That's what the Olympics are all about." Cool Runnings (1993) – Irwin Blitzer (John Candy)"Well, as they say in the Olympics, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts."Sleuth (1972) – Milo Tindle (Michael Caine)"Where does the power come from to see the race to its end? From within."Chariots of Fire (1981) – Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson)"Once in a generation an athlete pits himself against such overwhelming odds that even the most jaded spectator finds himself cheering breathlessly." Iron Will (1994) – Harry Kingsley (Kevin Spacey)"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."Grease (1978) – Principal McGee (Eve Arden)"The high jump is a masochist's event - it always ends in failure."Personal Best (1982) – Terry Tingloff (Scott Glenn)"Fear is not what's important, it's how you deal with it. It would be like asking a marathon runner if they feel pain. It's not a matter of whether you feel it, it's how you manage it."War Photographer (2001) – James Nachtwey (himself)"The Olympics, the NBA, the NFL, all filled up with children who didn't have fathers. You may be a flawed character, but you're building hers."Jackpot (2001) – Lester (Garrett Morris)"I don't want to win unless I know I've done my best."Without Limits (1998) – Steve Prefontaine (Billy Crudup)“A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without one, you'll never be enough with one.” Cool Runnings (1993) - Irwin Blitzer (John Candy) /200808/45692贵阳看妇科病

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