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2017年10月18日 21:05:14

本期内容:Understand yourself in order to better understand others.知己方能解人 我们来学习一个短语,in order to do sth为了做什么in order to understand others 为了更好的理解他人 知己知彼,才能战无不胜。关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201612/481386南 明 区 四 维 彩 超 哪 家 医 院 最 好 的讲解文本:casual 非正式的,随意的,休闲的,轻松的When I dont work, I like to wear casual clothes.不工作的时候,我喜欢穿的休闲一些。Business casual is the dress code at my office.我们办公室的着装要求是商务休闲。Its difficult for me to be casual about that.要我轻松面对那件事很难。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201608/460524贵阳/市花溪区人民医院产科怎么样Vella: Hey Daniel. So I was wondering can you remember any time when you were really mad, sad or embarrassed?维拉:你好,丹尼尔。你还记得那些你很疯狂、伤心或是尴尬的时候吗?Daniel: Well, I think I have a couple of those, a couple of each of those actually. But I dont know recently, Ive, well I had an episode that I was really sad and it was that I was applying to, I was applying for a scholarship and I was putting all the effort and I spent a lot of time and a lot of energy in it and finally it was rejected so that, that was really, really bad for me and for that year and I was really sad and I was really angry because that was my big project for that year so the fact that I couldnt get it, it made me really sad.丹尼尔:我想我都经历过一些。我不知道……之前有一件事让我非常伤心,我之前申请了奖学金,我付出了一切努力,投入了大量的时间和精力,可是最后我的申请被拒绝了,这对我来说太糟糕了,那一年很糟糕,而且我又伤心又生气,因为那是我那一年的一个重要计划,可是最后我并没有申请到奖学金,这让我非常伤心。And also you asked me about being embarrassed. I think most of the times when I was embarrassed when I was a little kid, I always was trying to do cool stuff, I dont know, hang out with friends but something, like all the time, something went wrong. For example, I dont know, I remember I was trying to play football or something and suddenly I just fell and I dont know once actually I broke my hand and that was pretty embarrassing in front of all my mates in school.你刚问我尴尬的时刻。我想我大部分尴尬的时刻都发生在小时候,那时我一直想尝试酷一些的事情,喜欢和朋友们一起出去玩,不过总是会出现问题。我记得有一次我好像是在踢足球,突然我摔倒了,然后手骨折了,我记得那时在学校朋友面前我感到很难堪。Vella: OK, so you say you were really mad and angry because you didnt get the scholarship, I was wondering how do you usually express your anger?维拉:嗯,你说因为你没有得到奖学金,所以感到很生气,那你通常怎么表达你的愤怒呢?Daniel: Well, its, I dont think its better to find that out. I was very bad at it. I was, I used to express it like, I dont know, shouting or hitting stuff but now that Im a bit older I learned how to control that and I learned that not always things depends on you. Sometimes you get the results from like, I dont know, from other factors so you have to take it and you have to learn to live with that and, but that takes time. So, yeah, at the beginning I was really mad and I was really sad but then I understood that probably it wasnt the time so when you understand and when you go through that kind of stuff you learn and then you learn not to get that emotional at the beginning and to think over it.丹尼尔:我觉得让你发现那个不太好。我做得很不好。我表达愤怒的方法就是大喊或是砸东西,不过现在我年龄大了一些,我学会了控制脾气,我也明白不是所有事都由我决定。你要接受因为一些原因而造成的结果,你要学会忍耐,不过这个过程需要一些时间。一开始,我非常生气,也非常难过,不过在我理解了那可能不是最佳时机以后,在理解以后,在经历过那些以后,你会学会不要一开始就变得情绪经,要仔细思考。Vella: I agree after you learn from those experiences and you just become better.维拉:我同意你的观点,你从这些经历中吸取了经验,你会越来越好的。Daniel: Well, I dont know if better but I definitely learned something.丹尼尔:我不知道会不会越来越好,不过我的确学到了一些东西。Vella: Youll know, you know, how to handle things when you face them again.维拉:当你再次面临相同的情况时,你就知道要如何处理了。Daniel: I hope I dont have to handle that kind of stuff again but in case I do I think Im prepared to do it now.丹尼尔:我希望我不要再应对同样的事情了,不过万一要是再遇到,我想我现在已经做好应对的准备了。译文属 /201611/47610910.Asking Questions at the Polling Place 10.在投票站问问题A: This is my first time voting and I need some help.A:这是我第一次投票,我需要一些帮助。B: Ill be happy to help you. Whats your name and address?B:我很乐意帮助你。你的名字和地址是什么?A: Heres my identification.A:这是我的身份。B: You are in the right place.B:你是在正确的地方。A: How do you know?A:你怎么知道?B: Your name is right here. Sign next to the image of your signature.B:你的名字就在这。在你的签名旁边签字。A: Okay, sign here. Then what?A:好吧,在这里签字。然后呢?B: Then you are y to vote.B:然后你准备投票。A: Where do I do that?A:我在哪里投票?B: You can use that empty booth right behind you.B:您可以使用在你身后的空投票箱。A: You are so helpful.A:你是如此乐于助人。B: Im just doing my job as a poll worker. B:我只是在做我作为一个调查工人的工作。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428831贵阳/观山湖社区医院妇科哪家好

黔 东 南 州 妇 幼 保 健 院 做 彩 超 多 少 钱贵阳/市友好妇科医院医院四维Todd: So, Phil, we both live and work in Japan. Were both teachers in Japan. Now are you homesick. Are there things that you really miss about England?托德:菲尔,我们现在都在日本生活和工作。我们都在日本从事教师工作。你想家吗?你最想念英国的什么地方?Phil: The thing I miss the most, and its going to sound really sad, is my cat.菲尔:这听起来会非常伤心,我最想念的是我的猫。Todd: Oh, thats cute.托德:哦,有意思。Phil: Yeah, I love my cat. I dont know why. Im a bit sappy like that, so I really miss my cat.菲尔:嗯,我爱我的猫。我也不清楚原因,不过我有些多愁善感,我真的很想我的猫。Todd: Oh, well talk about your cat. Whats your cat like?托德:哦,我们来谈谈你的猫吧。你的猫什么样?Phil: My cat is black, very fat, very stupid like most cats but very lazy like me so we have a lot in common but just she likes to wake me up at six oclock in the morning and I really curse her and hate her. Still, I cant be angry about it.菲尔:我的猫是黑色的,非常胖,像大多数猫一样愚笨,像我一样懒,所以我们有很多共同点,我的猫会在早上六点把我弄醒,那时我真的会骂它,而且讨厌它。不过我却并不生气。Todd: Yeah, right.托德:嗯,好。Phil: And sometimes shell bring a bird in, and she thinks shes having a great present by brining us a bird and my mom gets really angry and...菲尔:有时它会叼只鸟进来,它认为给我们带回一只鸟是件很棒的礼物,不过我妈妈对此非常生气……Todd: Ooh! Wow! Your cats still primitive. It still goes out and kills birds.托德:哦,哇!你的猫还具有这种原始本能啊。它还会出去捉鸟。Phil: Oh, yeah, yeah, and occasionally mice because we live in the country so theres a lot of animals nearby and my cat will always try and catch them.菲尔:哦,对,没错,有时它也会捉老鼠,因为我们住在乡村,有很多动物,所以我的猫经常会捉一些小动物。Todd: Oh, cool... So whats your cats name?托德:哦,真酷……你的猫叫什么?Phil: Chaz.菲尔:查兹。Todd: Chaz?托德:查兹?Phil: Yeah. We got her from a charity called the Cats Protection League in England.菲尔:对。我们是从英国爱猫联盟领养的它。Todd: Oh, Im sorry. Whats that? Can you explain?托德:抱歉,那是什么?你能解释一下吗?Phil: The Cats Protection League is basically, theres a lot of homeless cats in England. People abandon them because they cant look after them or whatever reason and they will take them in and they will give them food and try to find them new homes and we found our cat from there.菲尔:爱猫联盟……英国有很多流浪猫。可能有的人无法再照顾他们的猫,或者是其他原因,他们会抛弃这些猫,爱猫联盟会收留这些流浪猫,给它们提供食物和新家,我们就是在那里领养的查兹。Todd: So you saved Chaz?托德:那是你救了查兹吗?Phil: Kind of, yeah. I think we saved her. Maybe or maybe we condemned her. Im not sure.菲尔:可以这么说。我认为我们救了它,也许是我们强迫了它。我也不确定。Todd: So, whats cool about your cat, Chaz? I mean, why do you have this bond with your cat?托德:你的猫查兹有什么特点?你为什么会和你的猫有这种纽带关系?Phil: I dont know. Maybe were on the same level. We both like to spend our weekends sleeping all day and doing as little as possible, eating and sleeping so maybe were just on the same level, but Im not really sure. Were just both as stupid as each other I think.菲尔:我也不知道。也许是因为我们有很多共同点。我们都喜欢在周末睡上一整天,尽可能少地做事情,基本上就是吃饭睡觉,所以也许是因为我们有这些共同点,我也不太清楚。我觉得我们两个都很愚笨。Todd: So, you would say youre definitely a cat person and not a dog person?托德:那你是爱猫人士,而不是爱人士吗?Phil: Yeah, yeah. I like dogs but I think cats are actually more intelligent on a... like if you throw a stick for a dog, the dog will always fetch it. The cat will look at it and fetch your own stick you idiot.菲尔:对,没错。我也喜欢,不过我认为猫更聪明一些,如果你把棍子扔出去,会一直把它们叼回来。而猫会一直盯着看,好像是在说:笨蛋,自己去捡回来。Todd: Thats true. Thats true. Well, anyway, hopefully youll be able to see Chaz soon.托德:没错。的确是这样。好,希望你很快能见到查兹。Phil: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I hope so.菲尔:嗯,好,好。希望如此。 译文属 /201508/39569714. Having a Cold 14.感冒A: Im so sick of being sick.A:我真讨厌生病。B: Have you been taking any medicine?B:你吃药了吗?A: I have taken every over-the-counter medicine in the pharmacy.A:我已经吃了药店的非处方药。B: Maybe you need a prescription for an antibiotic.B:或许你需要一个处方去买抗生素。A: I went to the doctor, and he says its viral so no antibiotic will help.A:我去看了医生,他说是滤过性毒菌引起的所以抗生素没用。B: Have you tried any home remedies?B:你试过什么家庭疗法吗?A: What do you suggest?A:你的建议是?B: You can try sitting in the bathroom with the shower running so its all steamy.B:你可以试着坐在洗手间淋浴,让热气蒸。A: What will that do?A:那会有什么用?B: It will help with the congestion.B:会对充血有帮助。A: Yeah, but I cant sit in the bathroom all day.A:是的,但我不能一天都坐在洗手间里。B: Do it in the morning and before you go to bed. B:早上和睡觉前这么做。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421604贵阳/市花溪区中医院体检中心电话贵阳/医学院附属医院可不可以做超导可视无痛人流

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