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Welcome to our factory欢迎参观A: Welcome to our factory, Mr. Hill.欢迎来到我们厂,希尔先生B: Nice to meet you, Mr. Sun.很高兴见到你,孙先生A: Let me show you around the factory. This way please.让我带您到处看看,这边请B: Thank you.谢谢A: How large is the plant?这个工厂有多大?B: It covers an area of 87,000 square meters.面积有87000平方米A: It much larger than I expected. How long has your factory been established?比我们想象的要大多了你们建厂有多长时间了?B: About 30 years. In the late 1970s. Well soon be celebrating the 30th anniversary.快30年了七十年代末建成的我们很快就要庆祝建厂三十周年了A: Congratulations!祝贺你们!B: Thank you.谢谢A: How many employees do you have in this plant?这个工厂有多少员工?B: 600. Were running on three shifts.600个,我们是三班制A: Does the plant work with everything from the raw material to the finished product?从原料到制成品都是工厂自己生产吗?B: Our associates specializing in these fields make some accessories. Well, here were at the production shop. Shall we start from the assembly line?有些零配件使我们的联营单位生产的,他们是专门从事这一行的好了,我们到生产车间了咱们从装配线开始看,好吗?A: That fine.好的 197685.Steve Jobs5.斯蒂芬·乔布斯Steve Jobs is arguably one of the greatest minds of this generation. Not only did he lead Apple in its revolution of mobile technology, but he also played a part in the growth of Pixar as a film company.乔布斯可能是这个时代最伟大的人物这不仅是因为他领导了苹果公司在移动通信技术上的革命,还因为他对皮克斯电影公司的发展也起到非常重要的作用However, his image as a cool inventor who gives gifts to humanity is beyond misleading. Apple is a business and, like any business, aims to make a profit. However, unlike most businesses, Apple ily employs people in sub-human conditions. Steve Jobs didnt see this as a problem, claiming sweatshops ;arent that bad.; Steve Jobs was also not known his charitable giving. Unlike other rich people, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs did not donate his vast wealth to good causes, and when Jobs regained control of Apple, he shut down Apple charity programs.然而,他在人们眼里确实以冷酷的发明家出现他的冷酷无情的这种特质无疑是印了人类性格的多样性,人们对他的这种印象绝不是道听途说的和别的公司一样, 苹果公司也是一家盈利公司,但是跟别的公司不同的是,苹果公司的工作要求和工作环境真的不是为人类而设计的而乔布斯却认为;血汗工厂;并没有什么不对的跟别的土豪比如比尔·盖茨和马克·扎克伯格不一样,乔布斯是一个从不从事慈善事业的人乔布斯不仅没有把他手头上的大笔财产贡献一部分给慈善事业,而且当他重新掌握苹果公司的大权时,他还关闭了苹果公司的慈善部门.Mahatma Ghandi.圣雄甘地Mahatma Gandhi is well known his belief in non-violence resistance and his pacifist nature. However, what is less well known is his devotion to his vow of celibacy and the lengths he would go to confirm it. Gandhi, sexual abuse of his teenage grandnieces was part of that vow. While it is not known whether or not Gandhi engaged in sexual acts with the young girls, he certainly slept naked with them, which is seen as child abuse by both the UK and US Governments.圣雄甘地为世人所熟知的是非暴力抵 抗的信念和他热爱和平的天性然而,他对独身誓言的奉献和他为实现誓言而付出的努力却鲜为人知对于甘地来说,他十几岁的孙侄女的性虐待问题也是誓言的一部分虽然目前还不知道甘地是否曾经与年轻女孩发生性行为,可以肯定的是他着与这些女孩睡在一起,这一幕使得英国和美国政府均认定甘地涉及性侵儿童While this act could be passed off as a difference in culture, there is another side to Gandhi which has even less in common with his popular image. Although Gandhi was famous respecting all races — it was this respect that got him killed, after all — he was less than sympathetic towards the Jews who were being persecuted at the time. Following his belief in non-violent resistance, Gandhi claimed that the Jews would be better off killing themselves. Failing that, they should have allowed themselves to be killed. Despite a view that, at the very least, condoned the Holocaust, Gandhi was not a Nazi and actively opposed Nazi plans. However, this didnt stop him from praising Hitler, once describing the Fuhrer as the ;defender of the Fatherland,; and saying he wasnt as bad as people made him out to be.虽然这种行为可以被解释为文化的差异而一带而过,但是甘地还有一面和通常的形象相差甚远虽然甘地因尊重各个种族而著名 ——也正是因为这种尊重使得他被夺走生命,但是毕竟——他对当时正遭受迫害的犹太人却少了份同情和尊重,照他非暴力抵抗的信念,甘地认为当时犹太人自杀是更好的选择如果下不去手,就应该无怨被杀尽管一种观点认为,甘地虽然纵容大屠杀,但是最起码他不是纳粹,并且积极反对纳粹的计划然而,这并没有妨碍他赞美希特勒,他有一次描述希特勒为;祖国卫士;,并说希特勒远没有人们编造的那么糟糕3.Mohammad3.穆罕默德The prophet Mohammad lived in the Middle East during the 6th and 7th centuries, and from his work grew the world second largest religion, Islam. However, while many Muslims today follow a peaceful brand of Islam, as practiced by Mohammad it was far from civil. During the faith early years, Mohammad often sp Islam by ways of ce and, when not sping the word, would often raid trade routes that other groups relied on, just to get revenge.先知穆罕默德生活在公元6到7世纪,他通过不断的努力才有了今天世界第二大宗教——伊斯兰教然而,尽管今天许多穆斯林遵循伊斯兰教的和平理念,穆罕穆德当初实行的理念还远谈不上文明 在成立伊斯兰教的最初几年里,穆罕默德经常以武力的方式来传播教义,并且当传播受阻的时候,他只是为了报复会经常突袭其他群体所依赖的贸易路线Mohammad was also guilty of what can only be seen as war crimes. After his group conquered a Jewish tribe, it was ordered that ;all the able-bodied male persons belonging to the tribe should be killed.; But Mohammad orders did not end with murder. After conquering tribes, Mohammad often allowed his men to rape the women that were captured, as long as they werent Muslims. There are also claims that Mohammad raped a 6-year-old girl. Some may argue that it was a different time, but that is no better an excuse than ;I was just following orders.;穆罕默德还犯了只能被视为战争罪行的罪行部分伊斯兰教徒征了一个犹太族部落后,他下令;这个部落所有身强力壮的男人都要被处死;但是穆罕默德的命令并非仅此而已征部落之后,穆罕默德还允许他的部下强奸俘获不是穆斯林的妇女也有很多人说穆罕默德自己也强奸了一名年仅6岁的小女孩有些人可能会认为这是不同的时间发生的事情,但是这拙劣的借口倒不如;我只是奉命行事;来得更好一些.Jimmy Savile.吉米-萨维尔Jimmy Savile was one of Britain favorite and most successful radio and TV broadcasters, with a career that lasted over 30 years. During that time, he was well known his charity work and often raised large amounts of money, as well as hosting a TV show where kids (and some adults) could have their dreams come true. his work, Savile received an OBE, and most people thought it was well earned. However, what the public didnt know was that Savile was using his influences as a celebrity a much darker purpose. A year after he died, it was revealed that Savile had sexually abused over 0 underage victims, many times offering them a place on his show in return sexual favors. To add to his dark nature, the UK police have looked into claims that Savile abused young patients at a hospital he was a volunteer at. Savile was able to get away with these crimes years because he wore the disguise of a generous carer so well that none questioned his motives, and he successfully hid his dark side from the public until after he died吉米-萨维尔是英国最受欢迎、最成功的电台电视台播音员在吉米-萨维尔30多年的职业生涯中,他因做慈善事业,筹集了大量资金而为众人所知,同时他也主持了一档让孩子和一些成人可以实现梦想的电视秀因其工作成就,吉米-萨维尔被授予官佐勋章(OBE),多数人认为这是他应该得到的荣誉然而,公众所不知的是,吉米-萨维尔利用其名人的外衣做了很多见不得阳光的事在他死后一年,吉米-萨维尔性侵0多名未成年人的事实被揭露出来,作为性侵的交易,吉米-萨维尔多次为受害者提供上电视秀表演的机会英国警察调查了解到在吉米-萨维尔在一所医院做志愿者时曾虐待年轻病人,这又强化了其邪恶的本性吉米-萨维尔多年来之所以能够逃避罪行,是因为他以慷慨的护理者的身份很好地伪装了自己,致使没人怀疑他的动机吉米-萨维尔成功地对公众隐藏了他的阴暗面,一直到死也没有被发现1.Walt Disney1.华特·迪斯尼America own beloved ;Uncle Walt; made millions of dollars with great cartoons, animated features, and a family-focused entertainment company that continues to entertain millions to this day. He built Disneyland as a tourist destination and laid down plans a Florida-based theme park that many around the globe consider ;the happiest place on earth;. Why, what could possibly be wrong with Walter Disney? Racism, one. At least in modern eyes, some of Walt decisions and comments would be considered everything from questionable to highly offensive – like referring to the dwarfs in Snow White as an n-word pile and buddying up with known anti-semites in the Motion Picture Alliance the Preservation of American Ideals. He even personally welcomed Nazi film director Leni Riefenstahl at his studios 1 month after Kristallnacht. There are also rumors of sexism, mostly relating to his refusal to hire women in the creative process. Most people who knew Walt Disney claimed that he really wasnt aggressive in his racism, certainly in comparison with the times he lived in, but it does call into question some of his motivations his decisions.深受美国人喜欢的华特迪士尼凭借其设计的经典卡通形象、拍摄的栩栩如生的动画片而赚得盆满钵满,他开创的以务家庭为第一目标的公司迪士尼至今依然是很多人快乐的源泉他将迪士尼打造成旅游胜地,其建立在佛罗里达的迪士尼综合主题公园至今仍被很多人称作快乐的天堂说了这么多,像华特大叔这样的人又能做什么不好的事情呢?一定难以想象吧,种族歧视就是其中之一至少,在现代人的眼中,华特迪士尼的很多决定与言论是具有高度攻击性的:例如在《白雪公主与七个小矮人中,他将小矮人称作;黑鬼;,另外,他与美国电影联盟中著名的反犹分子交好他甚至在1938年纳粹党策划的反犹太集会活动才过去1个月的时候,就邀请纳粹导演蕾妮瑞芬舒丹到他的私人工作室工作对于华特大叔,还有些传闻指出他有性别歧视,在一些创造性的项目上,他拒绝女员工的加入许多知道华特迪士尼的人都为他辩驳称他的种族歧视并不严重,考虑到当时那个特定的年代也许确实如此,但是他做许多决定的动机确实令人怀疑他是坚定的种族歧视者翻译:哈利小王子 杜琪 来源:前十网

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