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One illustration of the transformational power of technology is in Kibera.一个与科技改革力量有关的例子发生在基贝拉Kibera is one of Africas largest slums.基贝拉是非洲最大的贫民窟之一Its on the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.位于肯亚首都内罗毕郊区Its home to an unknown number of people -- some say between 250,000 and 1.2 million.这里居住的人口数目不详--有人说大约25万到120万人之间If you were to arrive in Nairobi today and pick up a tourist map,如果现在你到了内罗毕,在旅游地图上你会看到Kibera is represented as a lush, green national park devoid of human settlement.基贝拉是丰富的,绿色的国家公园的代表,很少有人居住在那里Young people living in Kibera in their community,住在基贝拉的年轻人,在他们的社区中,with simple handheld devices,都有一些简单的手提设备GPS handheld devices and SMS-enabled mobile phones, have literally put themselves on the map.全球定位系统和手机都准确地定位了他们的位置They have collated crowd-sourced data and rendered the invisible visible.他们比较了许多数据资料,也帮助了迷失的人们找到方向People like Josh and Steve are continuing to layer information upon information,一些人像乔希和史蒂夫不断地收集最新的资料消息real-time information, Tweet it and text it onto these maps for all to use.然后把他们放在电子地图上,让大家都了解到最新情报You can find out about the latest impromptu music session.你可以找到最新的即兴音乐会You can find out about the latest security incident.最新的安全事故You can find out about places of worship.做礼拜的场所You can find out about the health centers.和保健中心You can feel the dynamism of this living, breathing community.你可以感受到社区的活力四射They also have their own news network on YouTube with 36,000 viewers at the moment.在YouTube(视频网站)上,他们还有自己的新闻联播,至今已有36000个观众Theyre showing us what can be done with mobile, digital technologies.他们向我们展示了利用移动通信,数码科技能做哪些事情Theyre showing that the magic of technology can bring the invisible visible.他们向我们展示科学技术的魔力,将无形变为有形的魔力And they are giving a voice to themselves.他们可以向世界说出自己的心声They are telling their own story, bypassing the official narrative.说出他们自己真实的故事,而不是由官方媒体陈述And were seeing from all points on the globe similar stories.我们可以看到许多相同的故事In Mongolia for instance, where 30 percent of the people are nomadic,比如说在蒙古,30%的人是游牧民族SMS information systems are being used to track migration and weather patterns.短信务使他们能够跟着大伙迁移和了解天气SMS is even used to hold herder summits from remote participation.短信务甚至让牧羊人参与远程活动And if people are migrating into urban, unfamiliar, concrete environments,如果那些人迁移到他们不熟悉的现代都市they can also be helped in anticipation with social supporters y and waiting for them based on SMS knowledge.那些事先准备好的社会援者,在短信务的帮助下,也可以尽快帮助他们201606/447425So, enough scientists in other disciplines are really asking people to help, and theyre doing a good job of it.足够多的科学家在其它领域正寻求大家帮忙,而且大伙也干的不错。For instance, theres eBird, where amateur birdwatchers can upload information about their bird sightings.例如,有一种电子鸟,业余观鸟爱好者可以把自己的观察结果上传,And then, ornithologists can go and help track populations, migrations, etc.之后鸟类学家可以从中追踪数量,迁徙情况等。And theres this guy, Mike Oates. Mike Oates lives in the U.K.有个叫迈克·奥特斯的人,他住在英国,Hes a director of an electroplating company. Hes found more than 140 comets.他是一家电镀公司的总监。他发现了超过140个彗星。Hes found so many comets, they named a comet after him. Its kind of out past Mars. Its a hike.他发现了如此之多的彗星,有一颗彗星就以他命名。那些彗星比火星还远,是一个长途旅行。I dont think hes getting his picture taken there anytime soon.我不认为他拍过什么照片。But he found 140 comets without a telescope.他发现的140颗彗星,并没有用望远镜,He downloaded data from the NASA SOHO satellite, and thats how he found them.而是从NASA SOHO卫星下载数据分析出来的。If we can find comets without a telescope, shouldnt we be able to find words?如果我们可以不用望远镜就能发现彗星,为什么我们就不能发现单词呢?Now, yall know where Im going with this.现在你明白我的立场了。Because Im going to the Internet, which is where everybody goes.我要去互联网,就像大伙那样。And the Internet is great for collecting words, because the Internets full of collectors.互联网非常合适搜集单词,因为互联网上有很多搜集者。And this is a little-known technological fact about the Internet,这是一个关于互联网的不为人知的技术事实,but the Internet is actually made up of words and enthusiasm.互联网实际上是由单词和热情组成的。And words and enthusiasm actually happen to be the recipe for lexicography. Isnt that great?而单词和热情正好是字典编纂的膳料。那不是很好吗?So there are a lot of really good word-collecting sites out there right now,现在已经有很多单词搜集网站了,but the problem with some of them is that theyre not scientific enough.只是它们中有些还不够科学,They show the word, but they dont show any context. Where did it come from? Who said it?有些显示了词,没有显示上下文。词从哪里来?谁说的?What newspaper was it in? What book? Because a word is like an archaeological artifact.源自哪张报纸?哪本书?因为一个词就像一个考古学产物,If you dont know the provenance or the source of the artifact, its not science, its a pretty thing to look at.如果你不知道起源或源头,这就不够科学——这是应该去考究的。201704/504581【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. No, it’s a closed-circuit TV system Underwater cameras fore and aft.2. Well, I paid for this mostly myself, actually.3.That makes a lot of sense. /200606/7383

I think this was synthesized from tractor fuel three days ago So instead, what I implore you to do 我猜 这是三天前用拖拉机燃料合成的 相反 我请你们去做的是Is believe that if you make courageous choices and bet on yourself 相信只要你们作出了勇敢的选择 赌自己能行And put yourself out there that you will have an impact as a result of what you do 放开手大干一场 你们所做的必将具有重要影响And you dont need to know now what that will be or how it will happen because nobody ever does 只是你们现在无需知道 那会是怎样的情景 因为没人做过So I like to think of you guys in the metaphor of my early improve days as having been backstage preparing 所以说 我愿意把你们看成是早期即兴演出 站在后台做准备的那个我And you are here now and look at everything youve accomplished Its remarkable 你们现在都在这里 看着自己获得的成就 这很了不起You are just also amazing to me and Im so proud of everything youve done But as you get y to walk out under the bright lights 你们很让我惊叹 我为你们所做的感到自豪 但你们现在要步入到聚光灯下Of the improvisational stage of the rest of your life I implore you to remember those two lessons I learned years ago 踏上人生下一阶段的即兴演出舞台 我请你们记住我多年前的那两点经验教训Be bold make courageous choices for yourself 要大胆 为自己作出勇敢的选择Be in the Keebler Elf Factory, what are you afraid of? And secondly, dont always worry about what your next line is supposed to be 就当是在奇宝饼干厂 有什么好怕的 第二 不要总想着下一句台词应该是什么What youre supposed to do next, theres no script Live your life, be in this moment 不要想下一步应该怎么做 没有剧本 过好生活 只想此刻Be in this moment, now be in this moment. Twenty years from now 只想此刻 现在 只想此刻 二十年后的今天You will be sitting in a different seat in this stadium and you will be lying in a field looking up at the clouds 你们会坐到体育场的不同位置 你可能正躺在一块场地上 仰望云端And you will be holding a patients hand walking into surgery and you will be grading or evaluating a students essay 你可能正握住病人的手 走入手术室 你可能在给学生的论文打分And you will be sitting on the sidelines of your daughters soccer practice and you will be standing behind this podium 你可能在旁观子女的橄榄球训练 你也可能站在这个讲台之后Be right there and nowhere else in that moment soak it all in and remember to say thank you 那一刻 你只用想那一刻的光景 沉浸在那一番情景中 记得说声谢谢Thank you, hashtag, go blue谢谢大家 #GO BLUE(前进 蓝色 蓝色是密歇根大学象征色)201607/45437894. Not really. 并不完全······ 用法透视 如果你认为某事并不是百分之百正确,就可以用该句型来表达。 持范例 1. Do you hate other's smoking in the office? Not really. 你讨厌别人在办公室抽烟吗?不完全是。 2. Do you think we can get to the station on time? Not really unless we take a taxi. 你觉得我们能按时到火车站吗?不坐出租车的话不行。 3. Your parents must be worried about you. Not really. I'm not a little girl, anyway. 你父母一定很担心你。不完全是这样。我毕竟不是小孩子了。 会话记忆 A: The road ahead is blocked. There might have been an accident. 前面的路被堵住了。也许出了事故。 B: Are there many accidents in the city every day? 城里每天有很多交通事故吗? A: Not really, but they are on the rise. 并不是很多。不过正在不断上升。 B: Please drive slowly, we've got lots of time. Safety first. 请慢慢开,我们有很多时间。安全第一 /200706/14633

Sir,先生,Everyone seems to agree upon the necessity of putting a stop to Suffragist outrages; but no one seems certain how to do so.大家似乎都认同终止这场女权运动的必要性,但似乎没人知道要怎么做。There are two, and only two, ways in which this can be done.有两种方法,也只有两种方法可行。Both will be effectual.这两种方法都是有效的。1. Kill every woman in the ed Kingdom.1. 杀掉英国的所有女性。2. Give women the vote.2. 赋予女性投票权。Yours truly,谨启,Bertha Brewster伯莎·布鲁斯特201706/5128514_11 Are you all packed? Are you all packed? 你全都打包好了吗? Are you y to go? 你好了没有? Make sure you have everything.确定你东西都带齐了. Don’t forget anything. 不要忘掉任何东西. Don’t leave anything behind.不要忘记带走任何东西. Take a second look around. 再到处看看. Check again. 再检查. Check one more time. 再检查一次. Better safe than sorry. 安全总比后悔好. /200706/14157You can’t say it, but you know it is true.你们不会这么说,但你们知道这是真的。Good evening everybody.大家晚上好。It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last White House correspondents’ dinner.很高兴来到我最后一次也可能是史上最后一次白宫记者晚宴。You all look great. The end of the Republic has never looked better.你们看起来都很漂亮,共和国的末日看起来从未如此美好过。I do apologize. I know I was a little late tonight.抱歉我今晚有些迟到。I was running on CPT, which stands for jokes that white people should not make.我是按照CPT时间来的,意思是白人不能讲的笑话。That’s a tip for you, Jeff.给你的小贴士哦,Jeff(收到)。Anyway, here we are, my eighth and final appearance at this unique event.好了,这是我第八次也是最后一次参与这特别的活动。And I am excited. If this material works well, I’m going to use it at Goldman Sachs next year.我很兴奋,如果我的段子很出,明年我留着到高盛再讲一次。Earn me some serious Tubmans.赚点银子。That’s right. That’s right.没错,没错。My brilliant and beautiful wife Michelle is here tonight.我聪慧美丽的妻子米歇尔今晚也来了。She looks so happy to be here.她看起来挺开心。It’s called practice.其实这叫熟能生巧。It’s like learning to do three-minute planks.跟练习三分钟平板撑差不多。201607/454436

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 11 /200707/15456第17课Wow! Holy cow! 真是太棒了! 17.喜怒哀乐表示感情的方法,惊讶Surprise、生气和快乐Happy的心情。哎呀、哇噻、火了、太棒了。) 57、Wow! Holy cow! That''s great!   哇噻!太好了!真棒! (Holy 是圣经里的圣的意思,圣牛)表示兴奋之情。 58、Oh! No! That''s terrible! 噢,太糟糕了! (中国队(男足)老输球就可以这么说)沮丧 Oh no!Aww no!That''s terrible. 59、What the heck is that? 究竟是怎么一回事? (感到疑惑,无法理解) What the heck! 无奈感叹 60、Hey,what the heck is going on?   嗨,究竟发生了什么事?(你朋友的动作比较奇怪的时候,你说) 61、Darn it all! Gush! Darn it! 该死的! (表示生气,愤怒,气愤不已)Dam it all! gush!Dam it! Darn it all! Gush-darn it! 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2924

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