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贵 阳 哪 个 医 院 妇 科 检 查 比 较 好贵 阳 什 么 医 院 做 人 流 好Terror inCanada加拿大国内的恐怖主义Losing your immunity失去免疫力Attacks on soldiers in a mainly tranquil land stir talk of global action against terror士兵在一片宁静的土地上遭受袭击引发了全球有关反恐行动的讨论IT WAS a sombre Stephen Harper who addressed Canadians on October 22nd. A lone gunman had fatally shot a young soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in the capital,Ottawa, and then entered Canadas parliament building where he was killed. The prime minister linked the shooting to the murder earlier in the week of another Canadian soldier. Both, he said, were a grim reminder that Canadais not immune to the type of terrorist attacks seen around the world.10月22日,加拿大总理斯蒂芬·哈珀向全加拿大人民发表了一次沉重的讲话。在渥太华,一名持者射杀了一位守卫在国家战争纪念碑旁的年轻士兵,并进入附近的会议大楼,最终在楼内被击毙。总理将此次击案和本周早一些的另一起士兵被袭击的案件联系在一起。同时,他说,这冷酷地提醒着我们加拿大无法免疫在世界其他地方看到的那些恐怖袭击。His government would redouble its efforts to work with its allies in fighting terrorist organisations abroad, the Conservative prime minister vowed. It would also “take all the necessary steps” to identify and counter threats at home.保守党首相发誓,他的政府将与其盟国一起加倍努力,打击海外的恐怖主义;同时,他将“采取一切可能的行动”来识别和打击国内的威胁。In fact, this was not the first time Canadas parliament had been a target, nor was it the biggest terrorist attack in the countrys history. An inept bomber intent on killing as many MPs as possible blew himself up in the same building in 1966, and an armed man hijacked a bus and fired shots outside parliament in 1989. The 1985 bombing of an Air India flight to London from Toronto, in which 329 people died, remains the largest terror attack originating inCanada.事实上,加拿大议会大楼不是第一次成为恐怖袭击的目标,这次袭击也不是该国历史上最大的一次恐怖袭击。1966年,为了杀死尽可能多的议员,一架轰炸机在该大楼里引爆了自身携带的炸药;1989年,一名武装分子劫持了一辆公共汽车并在议会大楼外开;1985年,印度航空公司的一架从多伦多飞向伦敦的飞机炸毁,329人遇难,这是源自加拿大的最大的一起恐怖袭击。But two things gave this weeks strike added impact. It badly frightened MPs, most of whom had gathered for weekly caucus meetings in rooms on either side of the corridor where the gunman exchanged fire with security officers. They used furniture to construct makeshift barricades and had to remain shut away for hours. Second, it took place amid a heated debate over the Conservative governments decision to increase anti-terrorist powers at home and to join the military campaign led by the ed States against Islamic State in Iraq.但是有两件事加大了本次袭击的影响力。首先,它极大地恐吓了议员,当时大多数议员正在走廊两侧的房间里开每周例行的党团会议,而走廊里,手正与保安人员激烈交火。议员们用家具抵住大门,阻止手闯入,坚持了好几个小时。其次,此次袭击旨在强烈抗击保守党政府所做的加强国内反恐力量,以及加入美国领导的打击伊拉克极端组织“伊斯兰国”的军事行动的决定。Mr Harper chose to interpret the shooting as part of a broader bid by terrorist groups to bring “their savagery to our shores”. Missives from his office after the attack underlined this message. He had telephone conversations with President Barack Obama, and with Binyamin Netanyahu and Tony Abbott, the prime ministers of Israel and Australia. John Baird, the foreign minister, took up the theme of global solidarity against terror: he said in a tweet that he had told John Kerry,Americas secretary of state, “This is why were with you. This only makes our resolve stronger.”哈珀先生选择将此次击事件解释为恐怖组织“将他们的野蛮带向我们国家”的一次巨大冒险。事件发生后从他办公室流出的信件突出体现了这一观点。他分别与美国总统巴拉克?奥巴马,以色列总统本雅明?内塔尼亚胡和澳大利亚总统托尼?阿特通了电话。外交部长约翰·贝尔德提起了全球团结一致反恐的主题,他在一条tweet(即Twitter上的留言)里说,他告诉美国国务卿约翰·克里“这就是我们要和你们结盟的原因。袭击事件只会让我们更加坚定反恐的决心。”It was unclear as The Economist went to press whether the gunman, a Canadian named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, had links to any terrorist group, but he was described by a person who met him at a mosque in British Columbia as having a “disturbing” side, suggesting mental-health problems. Nor was there any sign of a link to Martin Couture-Rouleau, shot dead by police on October 20th after he struck two soldiers with his car, killing one, near a military academy in Quebec. Mr Couture-Rouleau was under sporadic surveillance and his passport had been seized because he was one of an estimated 130 Canadians whom the security services suspected of terrorist leanings. Mr Zehaf-Bibeau had also been barred from travelling.在《经济学人》付印时,我们还不能确定那位名叫迈克尔·泽哈夫·比的加拿大手是否与某一个恐怖组织有关,不过,据一个在不列颠哥伦比亚省清真寺见过他的人描述,他是一个“令人不安”的人,可能患有心理疾病。同时,也没有据表示该手与Martin Couture-Rouleau有联系。10月20日,在魁北克附近的军事学院,Martin Couture-Rouleau开着车向两名士兵开,并最终被击毙。Couture-Rouleau先生现在被不定时地监视着,并且被没收了护照,因为安全务部认为有130个加拿大人有恐怖主义领导人的嫌疑,而他是其中之一。Zehaf-Bibeau先生也被中断了旅行。The two main opposition leaders, Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats and Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, avoided making any political hay out of the incident, and neither posited any theory about a terrorist plot. “We woke up this morning in a country blessed by love, diversity and peace, and tomorrow we will do the same,” said Mr Mulcair, leader of the official opposition. Mr Trudeau referred to the gunman as a criminal and said that Canada was a nation of fairness, justice and the rule of law, and should not be intimidated into changing that.两大对立政党的领导人,新民主党的Thomas Mulcair和自由党的贾斯汀·特鲁多,都没有利用这次事件来达到什么政治目的,同时也没有提出任何有关恐怖阴谋的理论。“今天,我们在一个充满爱、多样性和和平的国度里醒来,明天我们仍会如此。”官方反对党领袖Mulcair先生这样说道。特鲁多先生认为手是一名罪犯,并说加拿大是一个公平、正义和法制的国家,不应该因为畏惧而改变这一点。Yet intimidation seemed contagious. Legislatures across the country boosted security, as did some large cities like Toronto. An ice-hockey game scheduled for October 22nd in Ottawa between two National Hockey League teams was cancelled. In the province of Quebec, soldiers were warned they could be targets and should avoid wearing their uniforms when off duty.然而,恐惧是会传染的。立法机构在全国范围内推动加强安全措施,就像多伦多这样的大城市做的那样。原定于10月22日在渥太华举行的两国冰球联盟赛被取消了。在魁北克,士兵们被提醒他们仍有可能是别人的目标,且不当值时最好不要穿制。Such an atmosphere will make it easier for the government to pass counterterrorism legislation which would give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service a freer hand to pursue investigations and work with foreign counterparts. Yet that will not deal with one immediate problem revealed by the gunman—security in the parliamentary precinct. In the days ahead, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the national force responsible for guarding Parliament Hill, will have to explain how it was possible for an armed man to walk across the lawn in broad daylight and gain access unhindered into Canadas seat of government. It should surely be possible to prevent that without a draconian regime.这样的气氛会使政府更容易通过反恐立法,这能让加拿大安全情报局自由地展开调查并与国外同盟合作。然而,这不能解决手带来的一个迫在眉睫的问题—议会分局的安全问题。在未来几天,负责守卫国会山的加拿大皇家骑警,不得不解释一下一个武装分子如何能在光天化日之下穿过草坪,畅通无阻地进入加拿大政府所在地。即使没有一个严厉的政权,这也是可以被避免的。译者:王素瑶 译文属译生译世 /201410/338817贵阳/市友好医院治疗不孕不育好吗 Have a seat Right back at you,Right back at each every one of you坐吧 全数返还 掌声全数返还给现场的每位Thank for that noise,I appreciate you all being here.Yesterday was a big day wasnt it?谢谢各位的掌声与尖叫 很感谢你们的到来 昨天很特殊对不对All of the country people turn out and recognise numbers to do one thing that is to my Portias new book全国的人民 都走出了家门 做了同一件事情 那就是买Portia的新书Unbearable Lightness.The book came out yesterday.Its doing very very well生命不能承受之轻 这本书昨天出炉 卖得很好But enough about Portia,Lets talk about PEOPLE magazine.Portia was on the cover of PEOPLE magazinePortia不要提Portia了 我们来谈谈《人物》周刊 可是登上了封面哦It comes out to stand today.On new stand today.So to be out for a week今天发售 今天新鲜出炉 一旦买了这周的杂志Then that will be in danos office forever ever and ever这书就永久性的呆在你的办公室了 永远If you have not Portias book,It is really its an amazing book如果你还没读过Portia的书 这是本很好的书Its beautifully written and very honest and very touching不仅文字优美 而且是真情实感 触动人心If you could only buy one book this year,Buy Portias如果你今年只能买一本书的话 那就买Portia的And if you would only buy two books Then buy two copies of Portias.Right thats right如果你今年只能买两本书的话 那就买两本Portia的书 没错 就是这样I cant think of any other book will be taken And more great news我想不出来还有什么书值得大家来读了 还有更好的消息Tomorrow Portia will be here to talk about being on the show with me明天 Portia会光临现场来谈 就跟我一起在节目里Talking about,yes thats right You are exciting,She will be here talking about the book谈…很好 大家都好兴奋 她会光临现场来谈书的事情 /201603/431314贵阳/急性乳腺炎

贵阳/市妇科医院的微创手术怎么样you have written a book ;In defense of a liberal education;,and a little bit is coming from,你写了一本书《捍卫文科教育》 有一部分原因是因为theres been in your opinion a bit of an attack on a liberal education.Is that true?你觉得有人攻击文科教育 是这样的吗President Obama himself said something recently.What is that he said?奥巴马总统本人最近说了一些话 他说了什么He said,well you know,kids nowdays should stop majoring in subjects like art history.他说 如今的孩子们 应该停止学习艺术史等课程They could get much better jobs if they were to go into skilled trades.如果他们学习技术性劳动会找到更好的工作There are governors in Florida,a lot of Republican governors,who are saying were not going to fund any of these humanity majors.佛罗里达州有些官员 很多共和党的官员说我们不会给人文专业资助Who knows what they lead to.We want to fund stuff that gets you a job.谁知道它们会导致怎么样 我们想资助能让你找到工作的专业Theres this idea that the broad general education,that really is Americas distinctive contribution.大家有这么个想法 觉得广识教育 这真的是美国独特的贡献This is what American colleges do better than anybody else in the world.We have the best colleges in the world.美国大学在这一点上比世界上其它的大学都更好 我们拥有世界上最棒的大学The idea is we should abandon all of that and start becoming chinese.And I think thats a mistake.他们的观点是 我们该放弃那一切 开始模仿中国的做法 我觉得那是个错误If you want to study science and be an engineer,great.如果你想学科学 成为工程师 那很棒But the great thing about the Amercian education system is it really encouraged broad general training,但是美国教育系统的优秀之处 在于它十分鼓励广识教育history,english,science and then you can go and specialize and do,you know go out into the workplace.历史 英语 科学 然后你可以进行专业发展 去工作场所I think you and I both had a liberal arts education.what did you major in?I majored in history.我觉得我们都有过文科教育 你的专业是什么 历史As far as I understand,the legend has it,you majored at the Harvard Lampoon and hung out and partied and wrote jokes,据我所知 据传言 你主修的是哈佛讽刺文社 你经常出去玩 参加派对 写笑话But its worked out all right for you,so Im not going to criticize.但你现在过得挺好 我就不批评你了201609/465718贵 阳 做 人 流 去 哪 家 医 院 比 较 好 Everybody,settle down.Its a talk show,ok.大伙们 你们够了 不就是个脱口秀吗Its like were here to see a cage match.Theyre going nuts.感觉好像我们是来看铁笼擂台赛的 他们好疯狂啊I think they are here to see a cage match.I could fight the guestes.我觉得他们真是来看铁笼擂台赛的 我可以跟嘉宾打架啊In the middle of the monologue,Ill hit but a folding chair.你独白说到一半 我会拿折叠椅打你Now we have a show worthy of that enthusiasm.Tonight will be fantastic and violent,so thank you.我们节目就值得大家如此热情 今晚会很精 很暴力 谢谢They really are an angry mob.a lot of them were eating chunks of meat in the audience.真是一群愤怒的暴民 好多人在观众席上大口啃肉呢Excellent show.Lots to get to tonight,lots to talk about.Yeah,thanks for agreeing.今晚节目很精 很多事要做 很多话题可聊 嗯 多谢同意There is talk of mitt Romney running for president again.Did you know that?That is a big news.有传闻称米特·罗姆尼将再次参选总统 你们知道吗 这是则大新闻Well,this will go well when he watches it.等他看这节目的时候一定很开心I think I watched Conan to see what people thought about me running again.Click.我要看看《柯南秀》 看看大家对我再次参选的反应 点击Thats not good.People saying hes going to run again,people referring to mitt Romneys possible presidential run as mitt3.0.不妙啊 有传闻称他将再次参选 大家把米特·罗姆尼的可能参选称为米特3.0Coincidentally mitt3.0 is also the name of Romneys third son.They are like yeah.巧的是 这也是罗姆第三个儿子的名字 大家都不置可否Hes a toaster oven with nice hair.mitt3.0.他就是个发型不错的烤炉 米特3号201609/466334贵阳/友好妇科医院在哪里

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