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有声名著之歌剧魅影 Chapter2 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑 Article/200809/48199I spun around, y to take on what I thought was my brother, but there was nothing. I spun in circles twice before giving into fear. I backed up to the door, desperate to have my cat come and let me know that everything was okay.  "KITTY!! KITTY!! Come HERE Kitty!!" again, the man in front of me this time, is trying to coax me out into the yard, into the dark....  "Yes, come HERE!!"   I almost ran right inside, but was afraid to turn my back on the voice. I stared at nothing for an eternity before my cat streaked up and nestled between my quaking legs, looking stiff and y for attack. He was glaring at precisely the same place that the voice seemed to be coming from. I allowed him to watch my back as I turned to open the door, I scooped him up, turned off the light, slammed and locked the door, then ran into my bedroom where my cat relaxed and curled up in the crook of my arm as I fell back to sleep.   I leave the porch light on every night now, so that when the street lamp goes out, (which is has only done twice since the first experience) I can run to the light and not have to wade through pitch-black shadow to find my way inside. Article/200906/72570

Sometimes I took my camera to the beach and took photographs of some of the boats that went by.I took photographs of the birds on the cliffs.有时我将照相机带到海边,照照过往的船只,照照峭壁上的鸟儿。There were other small islands near our island, and boats with tourists stopped at them.But no boats stopped at our island.They kept away from the dangerous rocks.Tony was right.The island did not have visitors.我们这个岛附近还有些其他的小岛,载着旅客的游船停靠在那里。但没有船在我们这个岛边停靠。船只都远离那些危险的礁石。托尼说的对:这个岛上没有客人来。One day,I was walking back to the house,and had my camera with me.I stopped and looked at the big house.Mr Duncan was working in the garden in front of it.At first,he didn#39;t see me.有一天,我正朝房子走回去,随身带着照相机。我停下来,看着这幢大房子。邓肯先生正在房子前面的园子里干活。起初,他没看见我。lsquo;I#39;m going to take a photograph of the house,rsquo;I thought.lsquo;The sun is in just the right place, and it will make a good picture.rsquo;;我来给这幢房子拍一个照吧。;我想,;太阳正在合适的位置,拍出来会挺不错的。;I looked at the building through my camera,and took the photograph.Mr Ross was coming out of a door.He was in my picture,too,and he looked angry.我把镜头对准了房子,拍了一张。罗斯先生正好从门里出来。他也被拍了进来,他看上去一副生气的样子。lsquo;That#39;s all right,rsquo;I thought.lsquo;It#39;s still a good photograph.rsquo;;那也没什么。;我想,;仍然是张好照片。;But Mr Duncan was running across the grass.He came quickly up to me and said,lsquo;Give me your camera.rsquo;He looked very worried.但邓肯先生从草地上跑过来。他很快跑到我跟前说:;把相机给我。;他看起来很着急。lsquo;Wbat#39;s wrong?rsquo;I asked in surprise.I gave him the camera.;怎么了?;我惊奇地问道。我把相机交给了他。lsquo;Never take photographs of Mr Ross,rsquo;he said.And then he opened the back of my camera and took out the film.;决不许给罗斯先生拍照,;他说。然后他打开相机后盖,把胶卷取出来。lsquo;Hey!What are you doing?rsquo;I said.lsquo;You#39;ll spoil my film!rsquo;;嘿!你干什么呀?;我说,;你会毁了我的胶卷的!;But he didn#39;t stop.lsquo;Sorry,rsquo;he said, and he put the film into his pocket.lsquo;But no pictures of Mr Ross. He doesn#39;t like people to take pictures of him.rsquo;可他不停手。;对不起,;他说,并把胶卷装进了他自己的衣袋里。;可不许给罗斯先生拍照。他不喜欢别人给他照相。;Mr Ross was watching us.He saw the camera and he saw Mr Duncan take out the film,but he said nothing.Then he turned and went back into the house.罗斯先生正看着我们。他看见了照相机,也看见了邓肯先生把胶卷取出来的过程,可是他什么也没说。然后他转过身就回到房子里去了。Later,I told my mother about Mr Duncan and the camera.lsquo;He spoiled my film,rsquo;I said.过后,我把邓肯先生和照相机的事情告诉了妈妈。;他毁了我的胶卷,;我说。lsquo;I don#39;t understand,#39;she said.lsquo;Why did he do that?rsquo;;我不明白。;她说,;他为什么要那样做呢?;lsquo;I don#39;t know,rsquo;I said,lsquo;but there#39;s something strange about Mr Ross.rsquo;;我不知道。;我说,;可罗斯先生这个人真有点儿古怪。;About a week later,I finished work early one day and came back to the house.My mother was working in her small room,next to Mr Ross#39;s office. Mrs Duncan was in the kitchen.Greta Ross was painting in her room upstairs.大约一周之后,有一天我很早就干完活儿,回房子里去了。我母亲正在罗斯先生办公室旁边的她那个小房间里工作。邓肯太太在厨房。格里塔;罗斯在楼上她的房间里画画。I went to my room and began ing a book.I was sitting beside the window.After half an hour,I got tired of ing.I looked out at the rain,and the grey sea and rocks between the trees.我去了自己的房间,开始读书。我坐在窗子旁。半个小时后,我读腻了。我向外望去,看外面的雨,看隐蔽在树木之间的灰蒙蒙的大海和岩石。lsquo;My book isn#39;t very interesting,rsquo;I thought.;我的书不很有趣,;我想。I got up and went out of my room.I walked along the passage and turned a corner.Then I saw the door at the end of the passage.There was a large plant in a plant pot outside the door.我站起来走出房间。我顺着走廊走,拐了一个弯。然后我看见走廊尽头有一扇门。门外的花盆里有一株很大的植物。lsquo;Where dogs that door go?rsquo;I thought.lsquo;I haven#39;t seen it before.rsquo;I remembered the face at the window in my first week on the island.lsquo;Perhaps it#39;s the door to that room,rsquo;I thought.;这门通哪儿呢?;我想。;我先前没见过它。;我记起了我到岛上的第一周看到的、那扇窗子旁的那张脸。;可能这就是通向那个房间的那扇门,;我想。I walked along to the door and turned the handle.The door didn#39;t move.It was locked.我一直走到房门前,转了转门把手。门没动,是锁着的。lsquo;What are you doing?#39;said a voice behind me.;你在干什么?;身后有人问我。I turned round quickly and saw Greta Ross.She looked angry.我赶紧转过脸,看到了格里塔;罗斯。她显得生气了。lsquo;That room is private,#39;she said.;那是私人专用房间,;她说。lsquo;I#39;m sorry,rsquo;I said.lsquo;I didn#39;t;rsquo;;对不起。;我说,;我不;;;lsquo;Stay away from there,#39;she told me.;离那儿远点,;她对我说。I told my mother about the locked door.我把那扇锁着的门的事情告诉了我妈妈。lsquo;What#39;s behind it?rsquo;I said.lsquo;Is it a secret?rsquo;;那扇门后有什么?;我说,;是秘密吗?;lsquo;I don#39;t know,#39;said my mother.lsquo;It doesn#39;t matter.Mr Ross can have locked rooms if he wants them.rsquo;;我不知道。;我妈妈说,;那没什么关系。罗斯先生要是想的话,当然可以有锁起来的房间。;lsquo;I think he does have secrets,rsquo;I said.lsquo;There#39;s something strange about him There#39;s something strange about this island.Somebody isn#39;t telling us something.Something important.rsquo;;我想他一定有秘密。;我说,;他这个人有些古怪。这座岛有些奇怪。有人有什么事情瞒着咱们。是重要的事情。;My mother laughed.lsquo;Stop playing detective,Carol,#39;she said.我妈妈笑了。;别玩侦探游戏了,卡罗尔,;她说。 /201204/179303

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