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贵阳人流医院哪最好贵阳医学院附属医院在线咨询Well, I mean, apart from the ones I dont like of course!我的意思是,当然除了我不喜欢的人!Secondly, I know Tip Top Trading is one of the fastest-growing companies in London, and I want to be part of that.其次,我知道Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一,所以我想成为其中的一员。Thats absolutely right. Tip Top Trading is the fastest-growing company in the plastic fruits sector.千真万确。Tip Top Trading是塑料水果业发展最快的公司之一。Well said, Anna! If she gets that job Im sure shell be an asset to the company.说的好,安娜!如果她得到这个工作,我肯定她将是公司的骨干。The decision is in the hands of Manager, Paul, who we heard there.我们听到了,决定权在经理保罗的手中。Hes a nice guy really, a little disorganised, but when things go wrong hes got to take charge, a bit like this.他人真的不错,有点儿缺乏条理,但是当事情出错时他就会全权掌管,就像这样。Yesterday was not a great day. Two clients came in with serious complaints.昨天可不好过,有两名客户带来了严重的投诉。Mrs Kumquat received a delivery of imitation bananas that were purple - not very convincing, and Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom!Kumquat女士收到了紫色的人造香蕉,难以相信。Lime 先生定了葡萄,但是收到的是菠萝。汤姆!Yeah, listen...Were you responsible for these errors?是的,听着……-你能对这些失误负责吗?Well...yes, but...是的,但……Look, mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again!错误已经发生了。但是似乎Kumquat女士离开办公室的时候甚至比她进来的时候更生气,并且她说她再也不会光顾 Tip Top Trading了! /201611/479622贵阳阴道紧缩手术多少钱 Bush, Obama Back Financial Bailout布什促国会批准庞大救助市场措施  The Bush administration is asking Congress to let the U.S. government buy 0 billion in bad debt. The huge bailout is designed to calm the turmoil on the world's financial markets. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says he supports the plan. 布什政府提请国会准许美国政府购买价值7千亿美元的不良贷款。美国政府采取这个庞大的救市措施,是为了平息世界金融市场的动荡。民主党总统候选人奥巴马表示,他持这项计划。The proposal introduced on Friday would give the government power to buy bad debt, such as mortgages that can not be paid back, from any U.S. financial institution for the next two years. 星期五出台的这项提案将授权美国政府在今后两年里从美国的金融机构那里购买不良贷款,其中包括偿还不了的房屋贷款。The White House and congressional leaders have said they hope the legislation can be passed as early as next week. Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill have agreed to the broad outline of the program, and are working out the details. U.S. President George Bush says he will work with Congress to have the bill approved quickly. 白宫和国会领导人都表示,希望这项提案下星期就能获得通过。国会的民主党和共和党议员对提案的总体规划,都表示赞同,目前正在拟定有关的细节。布什总统表示,他将和国会一道努力,让提案迅速获得批准。"The systemic risk was significant, and it required a significant response, and Congress understands that, and we will work to get something done as quickly and as big as possible," he said. "There is going to be hundreds of billions of dollars at risk. This is a big package, because it was a big problem." 布什总统说:“整个体制面临的风险非常大,因此需要非常强有力的反应,国会方面明白这一点,我们将尽可能地全力、快速地做出反应;面临风险的涉及数千亿美元;这是一个很大的计划,因为问题很大。”Mr. Bush says this plan requires putting large amounts of taxpayers' money at risk, but a massive response was needed. "I will tell our citizens and continue to remind them that the risk of doing nothing far outweighs the risk of the package, and that, over time, we are going to get a lot of the money back," he said. 布什总统说,这项计划会使纳税人的巨额款项面临风险,但是现在采取大规模的应对措施。布什总统说:“我会告诉我们的人民,并且还会继续提醒他们,无所事事要承担的风险远比这个计划的风险要大得多。随著时间的推移,我们会收回其中大部分钱。”The president says he recognized that Americans were beginning to lose confidence in the country's financial system, and that something had to be done. 布什总统说,他认识到,美国民众已经开始对美国的金融体制失去信心,因此有必要采取行动。"The government needed to send a clear signal that we understood the instability could ripple throughout and affect the working people and the average family, and we were not going to let that happen," said President Bush. 他说:“政府需要发出一个明确的信息,这就是,我们知道目前的不稳定可能会扩散到其他方面,而且还可能会影响到普通老百姓。我们是不会允许这种情况发生。”Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says he supports the efforts of the Bush administration's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, and Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, to solve the crisis. In his party's radio address, Obama urged the administration and Congress to follow basic economic principles to restore prosperity to all Americans.  美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马表示,他持财政部长保尔森和美国联邦储备委员会主席伯尔南克为解决目前的危机而付出的努力。在代表民主党对全国发表广播讲话的时候,奥巴马呼吁政府和国会遵守基本的经济规律,让所有的美国人重新享有繁荣。"We need to help people cope with rising gas [gasoline] and food prices, spark job creation by repairing our schools and our roads, help states avoid painful budget cuts and tax increases, and help homeowners stay in their homes," he said. 奥巴马说:“我们需要帮助老百姓应对日益升高的汽油和食品价格,通过修建学校和道路创造就业机会,帮助各个州避免削减预算、避免提高税率,帮助买了房子的人继续拥有自己的房子。”Obama also said the bailout should not favor any particular financial institution or officer. 奥巴马指出,政府在救市过程中,不应偏向特定的金融机构或个人。"And we must also ensure that the solution we design does not reward particular companies or irresponsible borrowers or lenders or CEO's [corporate chief executive officers], some of whom helped cause this mess," he said. 他说:“我们还必须要确保,我们制定的解决方案不偏向某些公司、或不负责任的贷款人、或企业主管。一些企业主管实际上对眼下的这种情形是有责任的。”Democrats want the rescue plan to include mortgage help to let struggling homeowners avoid foreclosures. They are also discussing attaching more middle-class assistance to the legislation, even though President Bush has asked lawmakers to avoid adding controversial items that could delay action. 民主党希望政府的救市计划中包括够帮助那些正在想尽办法、避免因拖欠贷款而被没收房屋的人。民主党人也在讨论将给予中产阶级更多补助的条款加入提案。但布什总统希望议员们不要添加有争议的条款,因为那样的话 ,会拖延采取行动的时间。Relieved investors sent stocks soaring on Wall Street and around the world Friday, after the plan was announced. The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than three percent (368 points) on Friday.  星期五,美国政府宣布了上述计划之后,投资商们松了一口气,华尔街、乃至世界各地的股市都呈现出大幅上扬。道琼斯工业指数上升了368点,升幅超过百分之3。Also, a bankruptcy judge in New York decided Saturday that Lehman Brothers can sell its investment banking and trading businesses to the British bank Barclays. America's fourth largest investment bank filed the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history on Monday, after Barclays declined to buy the entire company. 与此同时,纽约一个负责破产问题的法官星期六裁定,雷曼兄弟公里可以把它的投资和交易业务卖给英国的巴克莱,上星期一,由于巴克莱拒绝购买整个雷曼兄弟公司,导致美国第4大投资申请破产。200809/49769Laura Bush Says US Will Do All It Can to Help Burma Cyclone Victims美国将尽最大努力帮助缅甸灾民   U.S. First Lady Laura Bush says the ed States will do all it can to help the victims of the cyclone that hit Burma on Saturday. Mrs. Bush also said it is troubling that many Burmese learned about the cyclone only when foreign broadcasters like the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia sounded the alarm. There are fears in the Bush administration that Burma's military leaders will not accept the aid. 美国第一夫人劳拉.布什说,美国将尽最大努力帮助星期六遭受热带风暴袭击的缅甸灾民。但是,布什政府担心缅甸军政府领导人不接受美国的援助。First ladies normally do not appear at the White House podium to talk about events abroad. 美国第一夫人通常不会在白宫讲台上谈论外国局势。But Mrs. Bush has made the cause of the Burmese people her own. And it somehow seemed fitting that she became the face of the administration's response to Cyclone Nargis, which Burmese officials say could claim as many as 10,000 lives. 但是布什夫人把缅甸人民的事情当成了自己的事情,而由她出面代表美国政府对纳尔吉斯热带风暴做出反应看来相当得体。缅甸官员说,纳尔吉斯可能导致了1万5千人死亡。"The U.S. has offered financial assistance through our embassy," said Mrs. Bush. "We will work with the UN and other international non-governmental organizations to provide water, sanitation, food and shelter." 布什夫人说:“美国通过大使馆提出财政援助建议。我们将同联合国和其它国际非政府组织一道,提供水、卫生设备、食品和住所。”For now, the money is coming out of the embassy's 0,000 emergency fund. The first lady says the ed States wants to do more, but the next step is up to Burma's military leaders. 目前,资金出自美国大使馆25万美元的紧急款项。第一夫人说,美国希望提供更多帮助,但下一步取决于缅甸军政府领导人。"The ed States stands prepared to provide an assistance team and much needed supplies to Burma as soon as the Burmese government accepts our offer," said Laura Bush. "The government of Burma should accept this team quickly as well as other offers of international assistance." 布什夫人说:“美国随时准备著,只要缅甸政府接受我们的帮助,我们将立即派遣一救援队伍和急需的物资前往缅甸。缅甸政府应当迅速接受这救援队伍和其它国际援助。”She says this is an opportunity for the Burmese regime to show it does care about the welfare of its people.  布什夫人说,这是缅甸政府表明它关心自己人民福祉的一个机会。She says the government's performance in the lead up to the storm shows Burma's leaders are inept. 她说,缅甸政府在风暴到来之前的所作所为显示了缅甸领导人的无能。"I think in front of their own people and in front of the world, if they don't accept aid from the ed States and from all the rest of the international community that wants to help the people of Burma that that is just another way the military regime looks so cut off and so unaware of what the real needs of their people are," she said. 布什夫人说:“我认为,面对人民,面对世界,如果他们不接受美国和整个国际社会对缅甸人民的帮助,就会从另一方面显示军政府完全不了解实际情况,完全不了解人民真正的需要。”Mrs. Bush says the Burmese government seems to value its own survival above all else. She says despite all the havoc created by the cyclone, the regime is going forward with a referendum scheduled for this Saturday on a new constitution drafted without input from opposition and minority groups. 布什夫人指出,缅甸政府似乎把自己的生存看得重于一切,尽管热带风暴造成了巨大的破坏,但缅甸政府仍旧要按计划在这个星期六就一部没有征求反对党和少数派组织意见的宪法草案举行公投。"Burma's ruling generals have had their chance to implement the good government they promised to their people," said Mrs. Bush. "If it proceeds under current conditions, the constitutional referendum they have planned should not be seen as a step towards freedom, but rather as a confirmation of the unacceptable status quo." 布什夫人说:“缅甸执政的将军们有过履行诺言、实施良政的机会。如果缅甸政府在目前情况下仍要按计划举行公投,那么这次公投就不应当被看作是迈向自由的步伐,而是要保持目前这种不能为人接受的现状。”Mrs. Bush stresses the ed States has aly placed sanctions on the Burmese government, and urges other countries to do the same. She makes clear Washington will keep the pressure on, noting President Bush will sign legislation Tuesday setting the stage for Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi to be presented with a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the U.S. Congress.  布什夫人强调指出,美国已经对缅甸政府采取了制裁措施,她敦促其他国家也这样做。她明确表示,华盛顿将保持压力。布什总统星期二将签署议案,为缅甸民主斗士昂山素季接受美国国会金质奖章铺平道路。这是美国国会给予平民的最高荣誉。 200805/37956云岩区人民医院妇产科怎样

贵 阳 哪 家 医 院 做 全 身 体 检 好贵阳中医学院第二附属医院在那儿 Obama Rejects 'False Political Attack' by Bush in Israel奥巴马指责布什发动虚假政治攻击 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has accused U.S. President George Bush of launching what he termed "a false political attack" on him. Mr. Obama was reacting to comments Mr. Bush made in Israel about appeasing dictators. The White House denies that the president's comment was directed at Senator Obama, but the remarks have created a political storm among Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill. 民主党总统候选人巴拉克.奥巴马指责美国总统布什对他发动了他所谓的“虚假的政治攻击”。他是针对布什在以色列发表的有关姑息独裁者的做出反应的。白宫否认布什总统的是针对奥巴马参议员。Speaking to Israel's parliament Thursday, President Bush strongly rejected the idea of negotiating with foreign leaders or radicals that are considered enemies of the ed States. 布什总统在以色列议会强烈反对与被认为是美国敌人的外国领导人和激进份子举行谈判。"Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along," said President Bush. "We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is - the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history." 布什说:“有些人认为,我们应该与恐怖分子和极端分子谈判,似乎用一些巧妙的辩解就能够让他们承认自己是一贯错误的。我们以前曾经听到过这类愚蠢的幻想。当纳粹坦克1939年越境进入波兰的时候,一位美国参议员宣称: ‘主啊,如果我当时能够和希特勒谈一次话,这一切本来都是可以避免的。’我们有责任指出真相以正视听。这种自欺欺人的、貌似有理的绥靖政策已经一再被历史明其荒谬之处。”President Bush did not mention any names, but a number of prominent Democratic leaders perceived the remark as a veiled attack on Senator Obama, who has said if he was president he would be willing to negotiate with Iranian leaders if they would end their nuclear weapons program and support for terrorists. 布什总统没有提到任何人的名字,但有些人认为这些是不点名地批评了正在竞选美国总统的参议员奥巴马。 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the president's comments were beneath the dignity of the office. Democratic Senator Carl Levin also responded. 美国众议院议长佩洛西表示,总统的有失白宫的尊严。"For him to use purple prose such as somebody is appeasing, it seems to me is totally inappropriate," said Senator Levin. "And if there was any effort to suggest that the difference over how to fight terrorism amounts to anything other than a difference over tactics rather than a difference over goals, is way out of place, wrong inappropriate, and I would hope that that is not what he said." 民主党参议员卡尔列文作出回应说:“他用夸张的文学语言说有人主张绥靖,在我看来,这是完全不适当的。我们在如何打击恐怖主义方面的差异仅仅在于采取战略的不同,而不是目标的不同,如果布什总统的话意图超出这个范畴,那他就是完全乱了方向,错误而不当,我希望他没有说这样的话。” Senator Obama issued a statement saying "the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel." 参议员奥巴马发表声明对布什总统的作出回应。他在声明中说:“布什总统把外交政策以及恐惧政策极度政治化并不能向美国人民或者我们的坚定盟友以色列提供安全。” Senator John Kerry, who lost the 2004 presidential election to President Bush, said if the president believes engagement with Iran is appeasement, he should demand the resignation of members of his own cabinet, since Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice have both favored negotiations with Iran. Obama has said that a complete refusal to meet with those leaders who are at odds with the ed States does not help solve diplomatic problems. 奥巴马曾经说,断然拒绝与美国对立的国家领导人会面无助于解决外交难题。 White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters in Israel that Mr. Bush's comment was not a reference to Senator Obama, and said the speech was not about 2008 politics.  白宫女发言人佩雷诺对记者说,布什总统在以色列发表的意见所指并非参议员奥巴马。她说,布什总统的讲话并不是关于2008年的政治。 The rhetorical clash comes just hours after Obama picked up a long-awaited endorsement from his one time Democratic rival for the nomination, former Senator John Edwards. The endorsement aly seems to be paying off for Senator Obama, who has picked up four of the former senator's 19 delegates and the endorsement of the ed Steelworkers Union, which had formally supported Edwards. 在发生这场言词冲突的几个小时之前,奥巴马从前参议员约翰.爱德华兹那里获得了期待已久的持。爱德华兹曾是竞争民主党总统候选人提名的对手。爱德华兹宣布持奥巴马有利于加强奥巴马的优势地位。奥巴马获得了这位爱德华兹原来获得的19张党内代表人票当中的四张,他还获得美国联合钢铁工会的持。联合钢铁工会本来持爱德华兹。 200805/39104贵阳治妇科病哪家妇科医院好

贵州贵阳友好医院预约电话Former Japanese Foreign Minister Likely to Assume Leadership各界预期麻生太郎将出任日本首相  Former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso is widely expected to assume the post of Prime Minister this week. Aso is a pro-American leader whose party faces a serious political challenge if it does not address domestic economic fears. 外界普遍预计,日本前外相麻生太郎这个星期将出任首相职务。麻生是一位亲美的领导人,不过如果他所在的政党不解决国内民众对经济的担忧,那就会面临严峻的政治挑战。Taro Aso's grandfather, Shigeru Yoshida, and father-in-law, Zenko Suzuki, were both Prime Ministers of Japan. Now, the former foreign minister is overwhelmingly likely to assume the top job himself. 麻生太郎的外祖父吉田茂和岳父铃木善幸都出任过日本首相。现在,这位前日本外相自己也极有可能担任这个最高职务。Members of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, or LDP, are expected to elect him president of the party in Monday's upcoming election, lining him up to become prime minister. 日本执政党自民党党员在星期一举行的投票中预期会选举麻生太郎担任该党总裁,进而顺理成章地成为日本首相。Despite his privileged background, Aso is widely seen as a having a populist appeal. He is a former Olympic sharpshooter who enjoys Japanese comic books and speaks with what some describe as a blunt style. 尽管麻生来自特权阶层,但人们普遍认为他有民粹主义的色。他曾经是奥林匹克神手,还喜欢日本漫画书,有人说,他说话从来不转弯抹角,而是直言不讳。Taniguchi Tomohiko, an adjunct professor at Tokyo's Keio University, says Aso is likely to cooperate closely with the ed States. 日本庆应义塾大学副教授伊藤友彦认为,麻生有可能跟美国密切合作。伊藤友彦说:"He's not a shy person to acknowledge that the ed States is the first, and second, and third, and fourth most important nation for Japan," said Taniguchi Tomohiko. “他会毫不掩饰地承认,对于日本来说,美国是头等重要的国家。”Taniguchi says Aso will push hard to break a legislative stalemate that halted Japan's role in refueling vessels assisting U.S.-led stabilization efforts in Afghanistan. Washington views Tokyo's contribution as important and has called for it to resume as soon as possible. 伊藤友彦说,麻生将会极力设法打破日本在通过一项立法方面陷入的僵局,这一僵局使得日本无法为船只加油,以协助以美国为首稳定阿富汗局势的努力。华盛顿认为东京在这方面的贡献非常重要,并要求日本尽快恢复加油。Aso has angered Beijing in the past with statements of support for Taiwan, which governs itself but is seen by China as a breakaway province. Jeffrey Kingston, Asian Studies Professor at Temple University in Japan, says Aso is likely to temper his China views to accommodate the ed States."Washington wants to make China feel like a stakeholder in the international system," said Kingston. "And, I think if Aso does indeed win, we're going to see a toning down of his rhetoric and moderation of his views."The LDP has governed Japan for nearly all of its history following defeat in World War Two. However, Kingston says the party is expected to face its most serious challenge yet, in general elections expected to take place later this year. 日本自从二战战败之后,自民党几乎一直是日本的执政党。然而,金斯敦认为该党在预计今年晚些时候举行的大选中可能将面临从未遇到过的最严峻挑战。"The LDP is definitely on the ropes. There's just been a series of blunders, mistakes, and setbacks," added Kingston. "And they haven't really addressed the issues that people really care about - you know, the b and butter stuff." 金斯敦说:“自民党肯定将面临岌岌可危的处境。日本目前存在着各种各样的失误、错误和挫折。他们还没有真正解决这些人民切实关心的问题,就是面包和黄油这样的问题。”Japan's stagnant economy is the dominant political issue right now, and the country's two previous prime ministers resigned abruptly over perceived mishandling of economic affairs.  日本停滞的经济是目前主导性的政治问题,两位前任首相据说是因为处理经济问题不当而突然辞职。Aso has vowed to stimulate Japan's domestic economy, possibly by increasing government expenditures. Opponents say he will slow the pace of economic reforms Japan sorely needs. 麻生承诺要刺激日本国内经济,有可能会通过增加政府开来实现。反对人士认为,麻生会放慢日本迫切需要的经济改革步伐。200809/49763 Maoist Victory in Nepal Could Prompt New Era for Relations with India尼泊尔毛派将进政府印度称愿合作 India is expressing a willingness to work with the Maoists in Nepal, who are in line to form the new government in Kathmandu, based on election results so far. A Maoist victory could mean a lessening of Indian influence over its smaller neighbor to the north.  印度表示愿意跟尼泊尔毛派组织合作。就尼泊尔目前的选举结果看,毛派将会进入尼泊尔新政府。毛派的胜利有可能意味着印度对这个北部邻国的影响力越来越小。 India is putting its best face forward in reacting to the Maoists lead in the balloting for Nepal's special assembly. The results will determine the fate of the world's last Hindu kingdom. A Maoist victory is expected to doom the monarchy, and may see Nepal pursuing a foreign policy more independent of New Delhi.  印度尽量以积极的姿态来处理毛派组织在尼泊尔特别议会选举中取得领先地位的局面。这次选举结果将决定世界上最后一个印度教王国的命运。毛派的胜利将宣判尼泊尔王室的灭亡。尼泊尔有可能寻求更加独立于新德里的外交政策。India's external affairs minister calls the results a "positive development" because the Maoists kept their pledge to participate in the election. India's ambassador in Kathmandu says his government will accept the mandate given by Nepal's people. 负责印度外交部长把尼泊尔的选举结果称为“积极的进步”,因为毛派兑现了他们参加选举的承诺。印度驻加德满都大使说,印度政府将接受尼泊尔人民的选举结果。It is not just geographic ties - such as Indian rivers with sources in Nepal, and a porous border - that closely bind the two countries. Many Nepalese are ethnic Indians, and both countries have a Hindu religious majority.  印度的一些河流起源于尼泊尔,两国间还有松散的边境线。但是把印度和尼泊尔紧密联系在一起的不仅仅是地理因素。很多尼泊尔人是印度裔,而且印度教在两国都是主要宗教。India's government paid little heed to the growing clout of the Maoists as the rebels fought a decade-long civil war to rid Nepal of the monarchy. The executive director of India's Institute for Conflict Management, Ajai Sahni, says no one in New Delhi expected the Maoists to perform so well in a free election.  尼泊尔毛派作为反叛组织为废除尼泊尔王室进行了长达10年的内战。在这期间,印度政府对毛派影响力的增长并没有给予多少关注。印度冲突管理研究所执行主任阿贾.萨尼说,谁也没有料到毛派会在一次自由选举中取得如此胜利。"Certainly this has come as a shock to the establishment here," he said. "It was the Indian intelligence establishment and the Indian diplomatic establishment which had, in a sense, mid-wifed the agreement between a completely emasculated political formation, the seven-party alliance and an extremely violent and dominant Maoist grouping, without really thinking out the consequences."  他说:“当然,印度当局对此感到吃惊。从某种意义来说,印度的情报机构和外交机构在尼泊尔完全弱势的政治七党联盟和一个极端暴力、强势的毛派组织之间进行斡旋,促成他们至协议,但他们却没有真正考虑后果。”That 2006 peace pact resulted in the Maoists, which the ed States still regards as a terrorist group, laying down their arms and pledging to continue their battle through the political process.  2006年的和平协议规定毛派必须放下武装,并承诺藉由政治程序持续其诉求。毛派依旧被美国视为恐怖组织。Analysts say a Maoist victory in Nepal will boost the hopes of India's Maoist rebels that they can eventually be victorious, as well. 分析人士说,尼泊尔毛派的胜利,将增进印度毛派反叛者的希望,使他们觉得最终亦可获得胜利。With that in mind, India's establishment continued to ally itself with the Nepali Congress Party and the unpopular King Gyanendra, who has been stripped of power. But Congress Party politicians suffered stunning losses to the Maoists in many key districts in last Thursday's national election. An intellectual with a history of serving as a middleman between Indian officials and Nepal's Maoists, Bishnu Pathak of the Conflict Study Center in Kathmandu, says two-way communication is currently under way. 长久以来充当印度官方与尼泊尔毛派协调人的学者,加德满都的冲突研究中心的比须努.帕塔克说,双边的沟通已经在进行。"Maoists will not be that much offensive to this Indian government and Indian people too. Maoist and Indian diplomats are trying to have their improved relations to each other," Pathak said.The Maoists have long called for renegotiating the 58-year-old India-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty. That agreement allows nationals of both countries to freely move across the border and own property. The pact has also effectively placed Nepal under India's security umbrella and prevented Nepal from making strategic ties with China, its other giant neighbor. 毛派老早就已经提出就已有58年历史的“印度-尼泊尔和平与友谊协定”重新进行谈判。根据这项协定,两国国民可以自由跨越边境并且购置资产。此协定实际上同时将尼泊尔至于印度的安全保护伞下,并防止尼泊尔与中国进行战略结盟。200804/34884贵 阳 做 处 女 膜 修 复 手 术 的 医 院贵阳人流费用多少钱

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